600HP Lancer EVO IX Launch Control 0-270km/h

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I have filmed an insanely fast Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX tuned up to around 600hp by Cambiocorsa Performance, an italian tuner specialized in Japanese cars. Video shows some loud launch control starts of the EVO including a full throttle acceleration 0-270 km/h on a closed course. Cambiocorsa Performance official Facebook page: /> Follow me also on: - Facebook: />- Google+: />- Twitter: />- 2nd Car Channel:

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Dude that is the most violent shifting that I have ever heard
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0-270 km/h acceleration with launch control actived in a 600HP Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX Don't forget to leave a thumbs up if you enjoy the content!
Chat Nigga#38
When you wanna make a great video, but your almost out of gas
Jourdan Johnson
7K clutch dump, I'm done here bye...😩😩
Kit Haddon
I wonder how long the gear box and clutch will last, launching the car at 7000 rpm :O
меня тут прокатили на девятом с 400 с хвостиком коней. я бы обосрался со страху, но от перегрузки какашку обратно в задницу затолкало
Dear Jesus...I wish Santa was real. Amen. Dear Santa....
I will forever love the evo's
Michael Bailey
It really doesn't look that fast honestly
Kaloyan Barekov
if u look closely u can see his fuel gauge go down
если бы я видел в этот момент что происходит за окном, я бы насрал в штаны)))
traffic grannie 52
If thats 600 bhp it certainly isnt at the wheels. I built up an evo 7 in a friends garage and that was 412bhp at the wheels and it would piss over that 9 all day long haha.
b .saman
BigShot_ Blake
you are a god
Queste "prove" andrebbero fatti in pista non in autostrada...
Vince Marchesini
Anyone else hear the rattle snake at 0:32
side Dark
부우~~~~~~ 뚜두두뚜~~~~부우우우응!
ow_hi_there k
i dont know why but every highly modified evo I heard under heavy acceleration theres this very skippy wind noise coming from the exhaust. Ive heard similar noise on a different car but it wasnt skipping around, could it be just the shape of the muffler tip that makes that noise?
Low on gas buddy.
This is amazing, fast acceleration!! Thumbs up for the launch... Love the idle sound too, cams for daaays!!!! (/^_^)/
Chris Davies
Sounds like a bag of metal bits thrown off a cliff.
Hassan Khan
450hp maximum
Nidals Abou
Nice lance evo , very good video !
Biohaz1rd 褪色 iiFaDe
where was the control ? it was a launch
I help anytime
I only listen to real music.
Obviously not an MR.
James Vang
Nice video, but you're almost out of gas. :/ haha
Reiq Qu
I think it's stock
Hugo Masaryk Parra Luis
Thiago J.D.
john jay
*tell me please,how long hours of running time or km/miles do these engines last before needing a rebuild? or ANOTHER ENGINE in there... I am so tempted by these cars but a lack of reliability keeps me away from them... that and the fact I am so in love with my 1990 BMW E34 520i wich I drive daily for about 2 years! and has never broke down so far in about/almost 22000 km! thanks!*
Di D
have the same noise when acceleration like 0:35.. who knows what's that noise?
I make 360HP on mine I can't believe 600hp would handle.
Stefano Re
UN MOSTRO!!...e grande video (come sempre)
Easily the best sounding 4cyl engine there is
Manuel Obermayer
What exhaust do you have?
mi*chia che macchina XD ottimo video, davvero bello...aspetto gli altri video su questo :) spero ci saranno...
Marian Sramko
Very nice EVO!! Transmission from Evo 9 RS?
Adam Amato
Running a little low on gas buddy other than that great video. I love lancers and I love STIs.
Francesco Morelli Ciarelli
ma la evo 9 non ha 6 marce? io ne ho contate 5 
Marko Lazic
Insane! :)
what happened in 5th gear? just died then got it up
Brian Ang
What is the figure from Vbox??
Andrea Tiraferri
what wheels + tires are on this beast?
Özgün Demir
now THIS is a proper sport car
NAD boyz
Now thats insane 
francy906 Racing Channel
Amazing car
Edwin Au Yeung
Omg that's fast
Gv dd
Rap kapot
Alessandro Zoofilo
Bravo ragazzo che si ascolta radio 105
Sergio Gomez
I am 13 years old, my birthday is on the 26 so soon to be 14. I am already saving up money and thinking what parts to put on the Evo 9 that I am going to buy in the future. I hope that they still sell these four years from now, if they I will be stuck with one of today's cars which I hate, especially when they all look the same.
I'm in love 
mohammed jizal
Ozum !!
Antonis Petrou
Why most Evo IX have only 5 speed gearbox? Mine VIII is a 6 speed gearbox. 5th gear is a long ratio in this video
VERY fast EVO!  Love the sound of it too!  Great filming!
They don't know how to launch. You don't just dump the clutch, you release it gradually. 
Tofan Baskoro
See the fuel indicator, slow but sure its goes down.
Mehmet CENAN
This car need a gearbox tuning for more speed
Chesca Torres
I hate those person who called Evo IX as Sleeper Car 😑😑
Paynekill Media
its funny because that was actually 280 not 270 so you did more then you expected lol beautiful car
Vynz Brah
60km/hr in 1st gear in a split second WTF
Инокентий Кеша
та я на своей апргейженой ладе, на своей ласточке 200км/ч за 10,56сек набираю
Nicki B
Shubham SDR
I think I'm addicted to this video
che mostro!!! impressionante!!
Sr Pandita
Eso no tiene 600 hp ni en pedo
Tesla Model X
To me I like the way I the way how the sound is.
Hi guys, i am just curious, i heard it few times in tuned Evo´s and STi´s, you can hear it between gear shifts, starting from 0:51....its like hitting gas between shift or what, i dont know :D What is that ?
geography physics
This is the nicest car I have ever seen! From Japanese
Alena Budnikova
Митюбиси топ! 😎👍
Один хуй не едет он)
Bacha at ti to neurvé vajca kokot
wow... like those exhaust sound.
Mamma mia, è sempre tanta roba la Evo !
Peter Muelltonner
He obviously uses a 2-Step-Launch Control. It limits the RPMs while pressing gas and clutch pedal at the sime time to a programmed RPM like a common LC would do in sports cars. Besides, a 2-Step-Launch Control provides also a No-Lift-Shift-feature. This means you are able to hold down the gas pedal while pressing the clutch and shifting gears so you don't loose boost by shutting the throttle body and forcing the blow off valve to dump the boost. Throttle body is fully opened while shifting and the RPMs are controlled by ignition cuts which we hear while the driver is changing gears (also known as WOT-Box; Wide Open Throttle). The gasoline lights off in the hot exhaust manifold what causes the bangs. But my question is: For example I shift up. RPM drop from 6500 to 5000 (you can set the RPM to hold for example to 5000 while shifting without lifting). But... when I shift 1 - 2 the RPM gonna drop maybe 3000, 2 - 3 2500, 3 -4 2000 and so on. Can I set each RPM to hold at each gear change? And if I dont shift exactly at 6500, let's say I shift at 7000, the RPM will drop to 5000 (what I set) by ignition cut. But that doesn't fit perfectly when I shift at 7000, it only does when shifting at 6500. How do you guys out there solve this problem?
Фил Сайфутдинов
Зверь бля)))
Yebany xd
ayhan kahraman
Japan 👌👌👌
what's with all the weird sounds in the cockpit view? first at 0:34, then 0:35, before each shift etc etc. every sound except engine sound, what's up with that? 
nur fachruddin
bensin mu entek pak
Janina Schmith
Some wannabe's tend to preach about cars but all they boast us a already done, just an expensive powerful car, yes but thats it, you are not a racer, you are just a driver biatche, all race real race! Tge fun is speed yes, but also the customizing  and modification part, so why not just enjoy your already fast v6 camaro and enjoy being just a driver then die of envy....
100-200 timeslip?
Сreative Game
нужно тоже прямой выхлоп ставить а то душат ебан е катализаторы
Robert Lunatic
600hp?? for real?? not even close dude! i got 520hp/650NM on the hub,  i run 0-200KM/H GPS speed  in under 7 sec
whats that hissing noise when he's in boost? it doesn't sound like turbo spool actually it sounds like a maraca lol
Karthik DATTA.G
Very nice! But why there was such drop from 4th to 5th gear!
Danial Aqil
my favorite car is evo not Lamborghini or ferari just evo ny favourite
mennn2 Novák
a moje Fabie jede 120 i do kopce
Dont see that motor lasting too much longer.
сука, нахуя ты трогаешься с 7к оборотов еблан
772 000 km, not bad bro.