Harrison Craig Sings Broken Vow: The Voice Australia Season 2

Harrison Craig conquers all with his rendition of 'Broken Vow' by Josh Groban for his Blind Audition. For more visit on web, tablet and mobile or buy the track on iTunes /> /> #thevoiceau />

dian andari
Real life disney prince.
Doddie Baga
4:11 love at first sight 😂 Who still watch this in 2019 🤗
Larry Baley
Has any man ever been so loved by his younger brother. To look up to brother with that much feeling, is really special and rarely seen. The only attention I get from my younger brother is a direct hit on the back of the head with his dirty socks.
Muhammad Sulthon
He's a real life disney prince.
Imti Jamir
It seems like it's always the humble ones who are the most talented.
his smile, his eyes, his face, his voice, his sweet personality.
christi_ngn offical
I met Harrison today at National Young Leaders Day Edit: He doesn't stutter anymore
caroh githire
2019....Still watching When others reject you and look down on you....God gives you a global platform
Kiyah Marie
When I saw his brother start crying my heart melted.
His eyes are so beautiful. If I could see an angel's eyes, maybe they'd look exactly like his eyes 😍
Minna Piña
He is a very handsome young man who has a beautiful voice...
Dan M
Ok I'm four years late to the game finding his brilliance but I just downloaded his album on ITunes and it's artists like him and the support of his family that make the world a better place
Yulianto Kurniawan
he just like a prince and his voice so great and touch the heart whoever listen it!
Tommy Taylor
4:11 Ricky Martin had found his new love.
john balme
the love in that family is just beautiful, his brother realy loves him
Thanks Pete
My step- mum taught him when he went to school. She says that his stutter was huge when he was younger, and that he could barely speak.
Consolacion Puso
Almost 2019 but never get tyired of watching him ,,he is like a prince a gentle prince ,love him
Michael Poyntz
Those first few seconds after he began to sing.....the complete silence in the audience and judges as they tried to figure out if this voice was even possible on The Voice. Harrison's voice is beyond amazing..it is spectacular!. He deserves every single reward that comes his way!
I always get tears in my eyes while listening to his audition, his voice is so beautiful.
maryjoy diano
2018...still watching this..am touched specially with his lil brother..
Matt Thambirajah
I feel for him, but at the same time I am proud of him. As a stutterer myself, having the low confidence, the bad experiences at school, and not thinking that I will amount to anything.....its so hard. Living many years thinking that no girl would want me, dealing with anxiety and depression - its a bitch of a thing to have. But this is proof that nothing can break us down unless we let it
Dewi Kartika
Oh GOD i'm falling in love. truly you are the most beautiful creature of God
Ken Grantham
Michael Buble, Jr.!! This young man is awesome...good heart, great voice, charismatic smile, and a sweet, sweet spirit!!!
Maximiana Paredes
I still cry every time I watch this clip. I think it's because I'm seeing such a lovely family. Their family bond is amazing! 😄
Jennie All can’t
So handsome ❤️❤️❤️ MY PRINCE 🤴
so what if he stutter, he has a great voice and his also very handsome...
mohlodi tshimollo
Well Seal fulfilled his promise.
ethan efron
I've watched this video so many times, I cannot even remember. Love Harrison. He's like an angel, he has a noble and beautiful soul. God bless you Harrison !
Marcell Bolyos
Seal’s face when he turns around is just priceless 😂
he is an angel his eyes, his voice, everything
John Baldino
God's gift
Malia Nisha
Magda Samuels
Harrison you are a very special young Man ,you are going to become a great Star .God has given you a special Talent .This Grand Mother Loves You my you be Blessed 💞💞💞💞💞🇨🇦
r e g i n a
ricky fell in love. everyone fell in love. we all are ricky. we all are the coaches😍😍
He is definitely international choice I liked him and definitely his voice the very first time, great gift
Mark Everhart
Harrison has the wonderful brother!!! I have tears in my eyes seeing his brother...
Emy Sanchez
Your voice is my stress reliever stay sweet and humble
Oh I love his little brother... I just wanna give him a hug.
Albert Maringka
2018 supportive brother love and tears
Erica Hennessy
I’m actually in love with this man how can he be so incredibly perfect
C2 GiN
That reaction is priceless from the first judge felt like whaaaaattttt for the very long time ive been waiting...3:20
Ricardo Mauricio Zazueta
Great Singer, great voice!!!! Hugs from Mexico!!!
He is gorgeous, with the voice of an angel and the manners of a gentleman. How could you not love him? And his brother...the love he has for him. People like this make me want to live on this planet. Some here wrote, that it's awkward when his brother tells him he loves him. Well, people.....LOVE is never awkward, only for those who don't feel it.
Zaeem Ahmed
The love and joy in seal's eyes 😊😊 then near the end Ricky cums when he turns around lol
inday de lunas
very beautiful voice ...stay humble Craig
What an amazing young man and such a powerful, wonderful voice. Well done Harrison!
Riashad Hassan
Jo Galbraith
He sounds like he could be a perfect singing voice for a disney Prince common disney get your butt over here and hire this guy!
Saved by Grace
I love how passionate Seal was for his craft and how this kid chose him. This was one of the top auditions.
Ali Jsh
April 2018, anyone? I love this guy! Have watched it countless times.
All the judges are in awe and they should be. You just know it when you see talent like that in a young singer!
Dora Tiscareno
When i was younger i remember my father had a good friend that would come over to our house and Sing 🎶 for us... on different occasions.... and for just because... Anyway...Hes was such an AMAZING SINGER...HE TOO HAD A STUDDER...HE STUDDERED WHEN HE TALKED BUT NEVER WHEN HE SANG...🎶 It is a beautiful memory
Koreyrogne Rogne
3:21 Seal's face looks like he just witnessed the birth of Jesus or something lol
Back again. LOVE THIS GUY!
Alexander Iskandar
I love his voice, AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL 👌💯 Not to mention his Disney-Prince-like looks ❤ And his personality is somewhat cute and quirky as well as humble 🙌
what an amazing voice nice greetings from Germany
Phuong Lam
Such a young gentleman
Salesi Taulepa
That was one of Best Performance Of The Series
rosh& rosh
Perfect Prince Charming!
Mike Jaqua
I've watched this many times. Just can't get over what a GORGEOUS voice he has.
Lots of people won’t believe me but here it goes... I was an usher for the Racing’s Night Of Champions, (this is in Australia and is a fundraiser for the Prince of Wales hospital, where my parents work) which meant I needed to be there early and help set up. There was also an entertainer... and guess who it was... THIS GUY... so anyways I was done setting up and I went to watch him rehearse. Then he saw me dancing and singing along so he came up right next to me and started singing. At this point I nearly fainted. It was the best.
Jenny DOKyungsoo
He's really freaking talented, and really hardworking.....not to mention handsome af.
Khalil cirej
This was 5 years ago and I am.still touched when I watch this audition of Harrison Craig. His voice strikes your heart and soul.
Yunnita Winny Runturambi
OMG.....So beautiful
Emma Jones
Handsome boys beautiful voice 🤗
Dilsha Nirmani
Wow his great voice+ sweet nature+ disney prince look ❤️❤️Perfection
Madridista Girl
also he's so beautiful, he has a face if an angel
His voice is amazing! I lost it when his brother lost it 😭💞😍
maryjoy diano
ive watch this several times and I always get the same feeling...his smile is so angelic...and he have such a lovely family...
Rebecca Hoffmann
He looks like the male Miley Cyrus..very handsome
Angelica berry
Well done young man ,your a credit to your self and family 🦋🦋🦋
The bond he has with his family is unreal. Mad respect to his mother and brother.
Cheryl Smith
2018; I'm still watching every day!!!
Toothless Cutie
Harrison gives me the disney prince vibe *Back here in 2019❤*
Joyax Catley
so lovely, so beautiful how Harrison`s sang this song..just perfect for him..never had a mistake in every tone..
Zhang John
What a beautiful guy
Gambit Arkana
I love the look on Ricky's face after he turned.
Revon Weerawardana
5 years and this is still my favourite audition video ever 💙💙
Yeshika vikato Awomi
This Boy is very genuine
g g
All of us ladies are loving you and your voice from the San Francisco Bay Area May 2019. Keep the songs coming sweetie💞💕💞😘 by the way what a lovely family you have kudos to them as well😍
I love the judges reactions, and Delta is a friggin smokescreen damn she is gorgeous. He nailed this friggin song.
Steven Butler
I am an American, going on 70 years old. I have spent the last two weeks watching and listening to the tv show the voice, many countries have the show including Russia, Holland, China, and many others. The things I noticed besides the great talent was the facts that, when it comes to music, people almost everywhere are the same. It brings feelings from the heart. No politics, no greed, racism, just a lot of good feelings! I’m thinking that perhaps Heaven is something like this.    
Lisa Siffles
Absolutely love this young man's voice.
Analyn DA
❤️❤️❤️ I wish ur having a good life, years passed so quick. May all ur dreams come true😘
Is there any way I could marry him?
I'd love to hear him sing a duet with Beau Dermot from BGT 2016. Fabulous voices.
Ricky Martin felt in love at 4:12
Ubayy Icardi
Im still watching him in 2018 😂
Jean Nel
Shit!He took my heart💝💝💝😁😁😁😁
Cole Rivers
I though he is a fairytale prince 😱
Armand Rochefort
There is 2.6 thousand tone deaf idiots out there.
I love his little brother. That is even more beautiful than the singing, seeing his little bro cry because he loves  and wants his brother to do well.
medylin baranet
One of my fav❤️❤️❤️
Mary Ann B
2018 still watching....great harrison
Lorna Carlock
He has a beautiful voice. I would buy his records!
Possessed Fox
He's the definition of Handsome 😍☺
This guys biggest fan is his little brother. You can tell how he cares for his older brother like he is the older one. It's a really sweet thing to see their family love with just the three of them there.
M Stapleton
Listen to that voice...wow, he's so gifted yet humbled. He's a real life Prince Charming
Josephina Abigail
He's beautiful!