Another Top 10 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

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Brynhill Gabrielle
I don't watch the movie I just watch dead meat
DIO Brando
1:33 Close your eyes and listen... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I don't know if Michael's sister was moaning or trying to scream.
levi brown
the sixth sense??? really??? Lost me there....good movie but not that scary
Dead silence is a quality horror movie !
I have a really small penis, but
3:04 a meme was born
J Gregory
Grave Encounters scared the living hell out of me
Howard Wilson
Evil Dead....was AMAZING!!!
No High School Musical 2??
nat alia
I watched almost all of these movies alone. When i was 14-15 years old 😂
Shawnie Boy
i always watch horror movies alone... at bedtime.
Mr. iMxga
How about High School Musical 2? YOUR FORGETTING THE SCARIEST ONES...
Mousumi Ghosh
Drag me to hell was very nice
Sinister should be #1. I like the Babadook but it didn't stay with me as hard as Sinister. Those films are unforgettable.
Sees the scene from the thumbnail in the video. “I’ve seen what I wanted to see” *leaves*
Gil T
I just watches the scariest movie ever made. It's called Trampy becomes president. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I am surprised that 'The shutter' movie is not in the list, there are some scenes which are more creepier and horror than the grudge movies, honestly shutter movie should be in the list, anyway grudge movies scared me most than any other movies.
anyone else laugh their head off in drag me to hell when the goat is possessed lmao
Best movies iv'e watched is Jigsaw, Evil Dead, Greta, The boy, Annabelle okay and you get the drill :D
Anirudh Purohit
This Video singlehandedly took my anxiety to a whole new level. And For that,, I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank you.
Tara Marquez
Horror movie logic[people hear a creepy noise.split up and fallow noise]
Leandro Machado
The demon of insidius looks like Darth Maul!😂😂
angela palmer
Candyman, The Conjuring, The Orphanage...Silence of the lambs, to mention a few more!
Gunners Game
top 10 movies you should watch alone
Nicole Brown
I watched "drag me to hell" on my own when I was about 11 and I couldn't sleep for a week!🤣
chloe y
am I the only one who thinks the 6th Sense isn't scary?
Robloxmaster11201 Roblox lover
Ryan NatoOo0oR
"dont watch 'the shining' alone!" Me: are u f****** kidding ?
essa Iqbal
I do agree with the list almost,but I think that "DRAG ME TO HELL" should have stood on #1 position
Angela Samson
The babadook isn't scary I've seen it like 200 times by myself and I'm 10
I can't take The Shining seriously after The Simpsons parodied it XD
Guilherme Rodrigues
The Descent ❤❤
Rima Maroc
Thank you , I will watch them with.. Annabelle 👭
Victoria Guzman
I agree with you quite a lot on the Number 1 pick, a particular scene made me jump
Robert Falkenberg
I watched babadook and I didn't think it was really good in my opinion.
JRockSamurai Shane
Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone?? * Frozen * Highschool Musical * Batman and Robin * Catwoman
LifeAs Jason
Top 10 comments that you shouldn't read alone. BTW insidious should be top 1
Alyssa Black
“Hide and Seek” wasn’t that scary IMO. DeNiro and Dakota Fanning did admirable jobs (as did Famke Jansen) but it could’ve been creepier had they gone more into the villain’s psyche. I watched it alone and was totally fine
Kelvin Anarchy99
I had already watch all the movies mention above all alone by myself at night w/ light off.. Just saying...
Chuggy Huggy825
I'm my opinion I think they should of had the Exorcist
Antonio Castro
The Exorcist 1973 anyone?
When you thought you were watching alone and there was someone else with you in the room...
I always watch Halloween (1978), Hide And Seek and Sixth Sense alone.
The FirstBourne
I dunno...I thought Drag Me to Hell was kinda funny. I remember that also being kinda the point.
Evil dead wasn’t scary it was disappointing I loved the original the reboot didn’t do it justice
Rheanon Jasmyne
I love The Descent, but HATE the sequel ! What happened to The Exorcist ?
I found a not so new movie called THE CEREMONY it was low budget but wow had me turning the lights on. Good stuff
What You See ?
*What the hell is going on the thumbnail?*
Andii The Yandere
You're mad if you think I'd turn off the lights
Gavan Diamond-Smith
30% of these movies aren't scary. 70% of these movies are scary. Determine what your percentage of these 10 horror movies scares u or not.
Liam Banner
And AlSO it's pronounced ba-ba-duke
Phoebe Davies
The Shining will forever remain no.1
Yellow Guy
I can't be the only one that thought the thumbnail was something completely inappropriate.
Layla Reynolds
Stop talking during the movie
You actually chose the really, REALLY badly done remake of evil dead over the original? Blasphemy!
I Am The One Who Knocks
If you glance at that thumbnail too quickl???😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Albert
if insidious happened in the yard would it be outsidious?
Jeepers creepers? Was hilarious.....
True Abbas
*I Love These Horrors Movies So Much I Love Horror Movies And Horror Games* 💗💗💗💗💗🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
Turtle Gaming
Im actual scarred because of Dead Silence, my fear of dolls might be why.... IDK THO cause i cant sleep without the lights on now :3
Ju-On: The Grudge, the original Japanese version.
Grey Wolf
Sees 'Top 10 movies you shouldn't watch alone' Me: Challenge accepted
Giggles giggles
5:36 how will I sleep?...
Georgee The GeNeSiS
Out of all of these I'd point out Evil Dead, Sinister, and The Babadook, with the latter 2 being downright depressing.
Ok, why is The Shining talked about so much? I cant believe it has EVER been scary! ^^
Nathan Alexandre
I'm annoyed because I'm immune to these scares. (sigh)
Satans Blog
"Here's Jonny!" *stabs him in the face*"Shut up."
Munkee Munks
Drag Me To Hell is really fucked up. Just take the bad news and move on! it's not that scary, it's one of those film that made me angry. xD
What Kubrick did to Shelly Duval is unconscionable.
Jokes on you, my basement door doesn't have a lock. *_Oh..._*
Renmar Soreda
Mine: 10:28 Weeks Later 9:Annabelle Creation 8:V/H/S 7:The Sixth Sense 6:The Shining 5:Get Out 4:The Conjuring 3:It Follows 2:Insidious Chapter 2 1:Insidious HM:28 Days Later , Rec , Carrie
Labeeb Tahir
actually, I have watched a lot of these movies, ALONE, WITH THE LIGHTS OFF!!
Martin Kronström
Babadook preach, I'm in trouble deep!
Sher Bear
Babadook isn't at all scary. More suspense then scary
Baobai Vue
Drag me to hell is my top favorite theater memory lmfao
Dagger Kid
Dead silence is the reason I can't look at dolls the same way ever again
Synchronized Cell
Cant move and Edit: turn off the lights and go to bed
Abhishek Singh
I'm seeing it as "Top 10 Horror movies I'm gonna watch alone". 😎😂
Drag Me to Hell was OK. It is not one of my favorite Sam Rami films.
Karen Coaching For positive health!
Halloween 3 made me feel physically sick. So did Martyrs 😣😣
Mada T
13 ghosts. That movie is art. Horror art
jairo nunez
The Shining?? I play it in the background to fall asleep to. I find it very relaxing.
David Townsend
Damn I saw thumbnail and thought this was porn.
Beth Hill
Well I've watched every single film on the list on my own, and I seem to be just fine
Kevin Hone
Well we do know that "The Shining" appeared in "Ready Player One".
2pac is back
u shouldn't watch "the shining" alone wtf it isn't scary
Kirbo Fawxtwat
I still want to see Part 2 Jason VS Mike Meyers
Carcrash 537
Advise* don’t eat cereal while watching this video 😖😖
Even though it doesn't have _supernatural_ elements _per se,_ what about _The Orphan_ ??
Milagros Sagana
i dont want to wach ANY OF THESE if iddo ill be feeling haunted for a year and im 10!
Maximum Matrix
Surprisingly enough, I watched all of these movies by myself.
Akuma Kanji
Seriously? Babadook in first place???
Rubina Akab
I've watched The shining Drag me to hell Evil dead The sixth sense Insidious Annabelle Dead silence The babadook
Rafael Negret
The thumbnail is something i would watch alone
Janell Draper
The Babadook was possibly the dumbest of all those.
The Babadook almost killed me
Anthony Gaming
Babadook will leave you shook and Gordon Ramsay is a baba cook
Julio Villanueva
One day I watched a horror movie alone no lights baysment open