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Kalvins Garage
So when we chillin? Lol cars lookin great boi
We only get to see a few minutes of wiring,you have to do it for HOURS. We can handle the few mins man. Keep doing what your doing! (I personally like the wiring aspect)
Omg found you through BQR and have just noticed been watching your videos non stop for like 4 hours
You make wiring look so easy lol
Yariel Aponte
I dont mind the wiring process! Gives me confidence to do it to my miata. I get a chance to since I have to pull the engine! Keep up the good work
I have so much respect for anyone with the patience to fuck with wiring at all, I hate having to wiring even an aftermarket stereo lol
Matthew Pearce
I take back what i said on the previous video about the only thing id change about this car being RPF1s! Those r33 wheels are awesome and im crazy jealous of your car!
Hussein GT86
never do the ground later you will never do it
Reaz Mohammed
Hey Jimmy ...what you do really inspires me...I love the sr20 motor so much ...the only YouTuber that delivers on it ...keep up the good work hope the st runs again soon...👍
i never comment. more wiring, do more.
Tesa tape would look much better.
Lex-Life Garage
Dude them wheels look sooooooooo Fire! Man you make me want to work on my car everyday! Great feels coming from that Shop"
Trevor Torrens
If jimmy oakes was from the midwest would he be jimmy opes?
Jimmy do a QnA, or a podcast with all the guys. Please! Who agrees?
tattooist lilchris
Back at it again with wiring and brakes
David Pacheco
You should look for Tesa Tape. It’s 1,000 times better. It’s self adhesive and doesn’t leave the sticky residue on everything and gives it a legit OEM look cause it’s a felt style tape.
Untamed Izanagi
You’re destroying my sleep pattern. Don’t care.
hunter mcleod
should get your calipers powdered same green as valve cover
OMG that car is awesome!! You are a super mechanic! Wauw! Just one word.. WAUW!!!
I luv wiring cars lol🔥🔥🔥👍🏾🍍💯
Destin Ginnis
Hell yeah dude stoked for this! Good job grinding on that shit hard man! Love the wiring videos I also love the metal work videos lol.
Daniel st-pierre
lol jimmy my 180sx was on jackstand too for like 3 month and get it on road yesterday ahha
Drew x jimmy “ it’s pretty tucked “ t shirt , I imagine tucker standing between the Twin Z’s 😍
Peter Guthrie
1J with a W58? This man is brave, I'll give him that.
YoLo MoD Shop
learning things even tho it's boring but still learning
Sur Official
I love you Jimmy keep up the good work homie!! Btw I love wiring
steven dahill
i actually like wiring lol
Hotboi Flexxer
Dylan never wears shoes lol
Drew Servis
Good shit jimmy keep putting in work
Dan Tregale
I hate looms.. had to use a diff loom and ecu from my uk s14 when I used the motor in my e30... my 14 was originally auto so ecu and loom were auto.... all good now though.. might put the vid up of its first time out the workshop
While I'm sure some people hate wiring, I love watching you do it. You make it look easy, and a lot less intimidating on doing the wiring on my own projects. I don't go near as far as deleting stuff from the harness but I can definitely appreciate the difficulty of it all. Car is looking FIRE. One step closer!
Riley Kneale
I love when Dom gets out and does something nice for Jimmy. Jimmy deserves so much from his bros he’s always going extra ham for
I bugged off the video at the beginning, just to watch it later this evening.
MR moola
Hi Jimmy o.. U jst uploaded 45 minutes ago.. & I don't click off the video when u do wiring.. I always watch all the way through incase there's something important 4 me 2 learn.. 👍
Jacob Fisher
Wtf I’ve been working on my sr for the past 3 months and still haven’t got it in the bay and you already have yours on the ground in 3 days tf
Juan Martinez
Like my comment if jimmy should get sponsored by konig wheels!!!!
James Lewis
You doing a wiring Video is like MotionautoTV doing a primer Video lmao
Laura Suarez
Jimmy is the only car channel I watch that makes u learn more about cars not just hack the hell out of them
The drift car has become nicer than many of the show cars I've seen, always impressed with the work Jimmy
markus jacobsen
Finally dude im soo hyped for your 240sx and you slayin it any adwise with drifting?
Rvckvs ink
I like the wiring videos bro it's all good information if you show what your doing and how your doing it
the w in w58 stands for wrong
Rice Drifter
Get the wiring done big Jim
evan hasner
I could watch a jimmy oakes video of paint drying. Wiring aint nothin! Its you that makes it enjoyable jimmy. Keep it up man!
jeremy r
I wish I was half as smart as jimmy!!!!
Daniel Tellez
Sweet Jack Stand delete Jimmy... That s13 is getting close to being tommyfyeah spec
Damn Jimmy! its looking great!
Rice Drifter
Wish I was that confident with wires
Prakash Roy
Smashed it ten times!!
Fernando Roque
My boi jimmy O 👌🏽
My boy jimmy putting in work.
Banks3hunnid !!!
Notificationgang 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Drift Theory Garage
Using this video for my sr harness to -capone bike co
Hittin on all 4 #litty
Kevin S
Best money I ever spent was on a ratcheting crimper with removable jaw inserts. You can do factory style connections with weather pack connections and you'll never have wiring issues again. Butt connections are a joke after you go with weather pack connections. If you search hard enough you can even re pin your factory connections
Formula 1Fan
Jimmy it looks so much better than even the loom on my 1 year old Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer SRi 1.4 Turbo (150PS) that looks like a full pan of spaghetti has been thrown under the Bonnet.
Brendon Kamp
Enjoy watching your videos and I have a 300zx myself. Just a little piece of advice never start your lug nuts with an impact it's just an easy way to cross thread. I learned it the hard way a long time ago.. Otherwise keep up the good work..
Jamie Toolin
wasn’t that much of a wiring video tbh, more of a shop hang/s13 video. Either way, I’m like you when it comes to wires, if I’m doing it might as well go all out.
Zachary Giordano
Where is the best place to buy a stock not beaten on “hopefully” sr20? Junkyard? Jdm of California? eBay? Craigslist?
Dons face 😲 lol
Billy Beane
Harbor freight supplies like tape and sand paper are junk not worth it if it's free. I've had half ok half junk from there. They are trying revamp and some of the new stuff is getting better.
Lol @ Dons face when you said he stole the slave cylinder. Engine bay looks the goods but green is a unlucky colour in motorsport just remember.
Gannerz Lad
Anyone else here Irish and who's going to the donegal rally ?
Ryan D
Your wiring videos helped me muster the confidence to essentially redo my whole harness. At the end of the day, you make videos about what you want and your true homies will watch. Killer job my bro, so stoked for you 🤘
Abir Ahmed
Boringggg only talks no driving inspite of having nice cars
Franklin Harris
I’ve been slacking on my s14 sooo bad lately but I’m ordering the parts this weekend! Thanks for inspiring me !!
Go in depth about wiring up the car I really want to get better at wiring I have no idea what I’m doing with electrical
Anthony Nieves
Been a sub a good couple of months now i watch every video start to finisb keep doing what you do this is easily my favorite channel
Marcus Ames
i love the wiring. ive actually learned alot from your wiring videos, i actually need to learn to re pin then ill be set!
Yo Jimmy, If you're gonna be looming wires, use hockey tape or cloth loom tape. Vinyl electrical tape gets all gooey especially if you get any solvents on it.
Matt Weaver
Love those wheels looking good
Look up tesa tape on Amazon you can get 3 rolls for $10. It's the same stuff bmws and higher end cars use for harnesses.
Mr Easy
After finishing this car can you paint the bmw? I hate to see that car in that color
Jorge Gil
Keep up the good content man shout out from Cali 👍👍👍👍
bo hoe
Big Keg
Wiring ...... A necessary evil 👍👍
Wiring is the most irritating thing to do but has the most satisfaction when it's done
Tom Williams
Jimmy are you just running a dual cam KA throttle cable?
Try the ls400 big break kit nothing fits around those
406 nova
What the hell happened to Donald
cant drew make his own youtube channel about his dirtbikes?
Lukas Smith
Try using a seam ripper out of a sewing kit for de-looming. Works great!
Alberto Hetcher
Am i the only one that likes wiring? Lol
Nick Cleroux
Loving the time these vids get posted..right before my lunch so i get to chill amd watch some good content and i hate wiring but man you make it look easy xD
Jimmy and his wire fetish. :P
Today with jimmy O we are rooting and rerooting (I know how you feel bout that). Also my dude making me wish my “weekend” away cause you jipped us on that startup 😂
ady-B David
There's something satisfying about wiring...
Sakis Geo
What happened to that RX7
justin jones
The new wheels make it look lower i think
wobbly sauce
What about the people that love the Wiring?
Noah Sutton
The true fans watch the wiring videos!
iban lomeli
You should buy some cobra wheels for the s13 as drift wheels
I wish i knew how to clean up wiring like you do... makes such a huge difference to the bay.
carl fitzpatrick
Still prefer the Silvia grill I wish it makes a come back
Brey Kruskie
You need to boost that bmw man it was super weak when you tried to drift it lol
"I wish it was like 4 inches longer... but I'll take it"