Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, 2013 - Event Archive

Fortnite Stream: /> Feb 15,2013 - A "small" meteorite streaked through the skies above Russia's Urals region. The blast, equivalent to 300,000 tons of TNT, shattered windows, damaged more than 3,000 building and injured over 1,000 people. 8 months after the incident, the meteorite, weighing in at 570 kg, was pulled out of Lake Chebarkul, making it one of the biggest meteorites ever recovered.

Gibbet Hoskins
I love how Russians under-react yo things ...if this was America ever video would be like Ooooooooooooh Maaaaaaaaaa Gaaaaaaaawd x 200
I threw a stone 6 years ago...I think that's mine..sorry
Sincerely, Mika
_Why are the most beautiful things so deadly._
Suraj Raut
Aliens love America Meteors love Russia
Alaskan Boi
*russia declares war on space*
nico h
7:52 lmao that one man just keeps standing there
"We could die a second from now, let's keep driving, blyat."
Romit Parmar
Something happen in other country Russian be like: First time?😌
Just another day in Russia
Victor Lord
Americans:OMG A METEOR I WILL DIE! Russians:what is this sound? Oh it is just a meteor
Eog Peepsシ
Russians: sees meteor Russians: 𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐬 𝐕𝐨𝐝𝐤𝐚 𝐀𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐨𝐫
cool pikachu 34563
I love how the people who was driving didn't give a freak.
Warr_Toast _
In Soviet Russia, meteor did not crash into Russia,.... Russia crashed into meteor
Why they acting like this is a normal thing
mmmi tfyu
Meteor: Yeah, I'm coming to destroy!!! Russians: *nobody cares* Meteor: Am I a joke to you?
Sam Jackson
And we worry about nuclear weapons??? Say hello to Mother Nature.. she loves Russia btw 😉
Pama Levi
lucky its small, what will happened if it so big !!!
Nat Mendoza
Americans:Run!!! Russia Run!! Russians:Whats That? A Rocket Ship They Launched?
Phil Coma
Whos here after watching Rated K... Lol
sweet pie
Youtube: 2013: no 2014: no 2015: no 2016: no 2017: no 2018: no 2019: HEY wAtSuPp
Sebastien Dimonde
Russians look at meteor . Meteor looks at Russians meteor:hell no I'm out.
Even the bloody primary school kids barely flinched. Russians may not be human.. evolved into super human.
xeno morph
Autistic kids in Comments like: "dID iT hIt tHe TiLtEd tOwErS"
Billy Spell
They cover their ears if a meteor is loud but not a tank
Meteor : I will come back and destroy you Russia 😯😯 Meteor : 👅👾👽👌
Ivy Edwards
1:10 *meteor falls from sky* *casually turns up radio*
Fabian Van Der Elst
In Soviet Russia, you chase meteor.
Brandon Villatuya
Is it me or does everyone in Russia seem extremely calm when crazy things happen.
It didn't even fall on the ground..
Manzar Ali
Hotel : crack People : calm Hotel : trivago
Guys dont worry it's captain Marvel coming to earth to defeat thanos
Your Princess
0:35 "быстрая доставка" *летит метеорит * Я:Ну я вижуу
Grigory Volkov
Жители метеорита с ужасом наблюдали приближение челябинска...
America: Kids come to the house, Quick! Russia: Ayee... it's new year!
Jonas Timones
NASA just failed to detect the meteorite
Large Moni
That light is a falling stars from the sky.. Russia is above all the surface of the world close to sky level that is why the heavy could get off by the wind before landing on ground..
Amethyst Splendor
Glory in heaven.....would you believe, that was just a!
Other countries: A METEOR! RUN Russia 🇷🇺: sick moon
"The Biggest meteor damaged buildings and injured people" Puts fortnite stream
Space Mochii
Kimi no nawa??? The meteor Anyone?? A fan of that anime movie ? Welp I guess I’m alone Edit : hiiii :)
Wilfred Myers
Happy Birthday to those lucky folks.
Meteor: Hits Russia Russians: *BLYAAAAAAAAAAATTTT*
Angry White dude
In Soviet Russia, space explores you
Kenjie Mandeve
Meterite: Here I comes. Russia: (Taking a cup of coffee or tea)
《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》
Everyone: OMG IM SO SCARED! Me: Yeah get him Goku!!!!!
Brother Malcolm
They have tasted Tsar Bomba... So meteor is nothing to worry in Soviet Russia...
gerson Davinci
America: Wahh !!! run for you lives! Iraq: Allahu allahu akbar! Russia: What is that? oh a meteor ( gets phone and records it)
C Dom
In Soviet Russia space explore you
Deadrix Lore
Russia’s more like America but more vodka involved
noobmaster69 Ibrahim Hamzah
No wonder my country was very hot in 2013! A Meteor just burnt Russia. Oh BTW Meteors effect the whole earth, n-not just Russia.
XxLuna_ MoonXx
what a normal day of me being calm while driving and seeing meteors fall down
HAZXRIES hazxries
*meteor hits Russia* Russia Peapole:cyka blyat!!!!
I'm so impressed to hear almost no screaming, no one over-reacting.
Suraj Rawat
Who is watching in 2k19 👍👍👍
Korina D
Russians: Look, what's that? Croatians: JEBEM TI ZIVOT BJEZITEE UMIREMOO
Raptor San
Great footage and keep in mind that thing was only 20m
Ben Kibo001
2013:no 2014:no. 2015:nah 2016:no,no. 2017:never 2018:hummm 2019:let's put this is everyone recommended! -Cost like please- I'm not bagger😂😂
Genos One
Americans : Run for your lives ! Russians : Seats down and watches the whole show *Russians : What a normal day*
Sapa Holliday
Good video, I like how it built up from far off to point zero.
Damn Russians calm even when a deadly meteor is coming their way 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Eric Powell
3:06! You can pick up the shock wave being absorbed.
Nauman Ashraf
Russians be like ... "Oh just another rock falling from space."
Tutur W
I am suprise there are no screaming or over reacting they just.....chill, absolute madlad.
Swapna Shende
Tony Stark would be really smacked if he had seen an another moon falling on him (i know it's a meteor)
Ashley Kinan
This asteroid falling star is like the sun
Ahhh Unagi
Would’ve loved to have seen this! What an experience!
AR Animates
Holy Ship i remember when this was just yesterday, now we're in 2019 *already* ??
BuzzFeed Green
The meteorites must have drank vodka and listened to hardbass
Surrinder J
Earth 🌍 got in the way of a meteors tradectory. Peace ✌️ out people 🌍
Donna's fancy videos
In London: when is a tornado going to come **a baby tornado** SAVE URR LIVEEE FROM RUSSIA: METOER HITS THE GROUND? PEOPLE. OH what a beautiful day
Lost Dark
The Sound was Like Minecraft TNT 😂
Recommended 2013: no 2014: no 2015: no 2016: no 2017: ye- nevermind 2018: maybe, nvm no 2019: no 2020: ye
Bruce Cook
I wonder how flat earth theorists has to say to explain this? So much for the genesis account of a protective dome dividing and protecting us from the watery heavens from above. I'de say there are other things from beyond the earth to worry about besides water.
Imagine if it flew past NYC like that, would have bankrupted insurance companies
Mark Sardilla
It is true?? Oh my god!.. I never seen that one, in real life Thanks God for My daily life.
The funniest part was that nobody even seemed to care like if it's everyday for them
Other people: thats scary Me: aww man they're so lucky
Kaneki Itsuka
The explosion is good for earape!🤣
Fabian Van Der Elst
Russia be like: Ghello my friend! Ghow are you doink?
Nobody: Russian dash cam videos:
Radical Patriotic Conservative.
crazy to think that Meteor could have been travelling for millions of years, back before humans even existed.
Acil Dasweri
Doesnt meteor fall it explode her.. *BABYZ?*
BlackOut GStar
the meteorite didnt streak through russia russia streaked through the meteorite vodka for life
Saim Tahtalı
Amariganın oyunu hep bunlar, dıj güçler Rusyayı da istemii
《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》
I love those booms sounds like a fight between Goku and Frieza.
In Russia, they don't go to space. They bring SPACE to THEM! :)
Anton Hermawan
itu saja menakutkan bagaimana kalau lebih besar lagi
It Got Super Bright When It Entered The Atmosphere
Draconian Playz
This "SHATTERED" my expectations... 6:13
Ibemhal Oinam
Meteor doesn't destroy Russia,Russia destroy meteor Russia:Wow!! look someone hit a ball from America to Russia homrun!!👏👏👏👏👏
Drew Jackson
meanwhile in Russia...
Carleymiralexi xXMidnightGirlXx
Poor russia... I live in philippines... but i feel bad for russia...
Everyone:AHHH A METEOR Russians be like:hey guys look a meteor let’s keep calm and die
Mr. D A N K
it Vas Soviet russia the meteor didn’t hit russia russia hit meteor
matthew -_-
it's just a ki blast,chill dude
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
They could just repair it with *Flextape*
Jaycee Mah
I used to say to my parents I SEE A SHOOTING STWAR I CAN WISH but I was looking at a star XD
Play Geetar
In soviet russia, vodka drink you!!
Russia From The Inside
I think if USA received the meteor It'd accuse Russia at the very first second.