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Bane Crashing This Plane Scene | The Dark Knight Rises (2012) IMAX Movie info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Matthew Modine, Cillian Murphy, Alon Aboutboul -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: />► Facebook: />► Instagram: />► Google+: />► Scopian01: />-------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Warner Bros. (2012) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Bane Plane Scene 4K Ultra HD

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This character isn't an accurate representation of Bane, but he's still one badass villain.
Utopia Lord
Bye bye little finger.
Mr. Aziz
for you.
Random DuDe
United airlines in a nutshell
This scene is so fucking impressive.
So wat was the point of the blood transfusion?
Lord Reyne of Castemere
WB: Joel, what you intend with Batman and Robin? Joel Schumacher: Crashing this franchise! Until the next reboot!
I wonder if Nolan knew how many memes would spawn from this scene.
Emilio Hidalgo
The moment you realize Bane kills both Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish AND Director Orson Krennick in this movie.
Bill CIA Wilson
Doctor Pavel! I'm CIA.
baagii puugii
Remember kids, no CG was used
Dragon Ball 603
-You're a big guy. -For you.
3:53 Find it amazing that a member of his gang would just submit to die for him just like that. Shows the amazing charisma/authority of the man. Bane.
Spherical Boss
Here's an incredible fact about this scene. They didn't use any CGI or green screen to complete this scene. They did all of this in the sky without any special effects. That's how impressive this movie is.
No one cared who i was until i took it up the ass.
Tri Trinh
Forensics 's gonna be like:" This plane crashed funny"!
Cygnus Antenna 12
When all you did was press B in the search history immediately says 'Bane Crashing This Plane. " Might as well "
bangsa art
I like his voice tho
Postman Chat
Crashing this plane...
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Does Tom Hardy’s Bane Accent sound like an overacted impression of Sean Connery’s voice?!😂😂😂😂
Danny N.
Absolutely insane how they actually did this in real life to actually film the scene
"You're a big guy" What did he mean by this?
Kal-El fan 49
"Crashing this plane... with no survivors" He and his men survived it :p
someone tell zack snyder to go back and watch any of the batman movies: batman begins, the dark knight, or the dark knight rises and learn how to tell a coherent story
Kelvin Mendez
It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.
Ismail x
Am I the only human who doesn't hate his voice?
Mah name a Jeff
This entire scene is far better then that cRap that Who-fleck pulled in BVS.
Oh man, the number of memes from this scene is unreal.
This movie and Dark Knight had two of the best opening scenes ever.
Proud Kiwi
Because I'm 6 ft 3 and built like a tank (137KGs) everytime people say some think like "Jeeze you're a big dude." I always reply "For you."
Rainbow 6 Siege: Operation ‘Crash The Plane’ When the gunmen came it reminded me of rainbow 6 when they shot through the window
Britney Chase
It amazes me that the one guy who was told he had to die did it without complaint or question
Matthew Johnson
First he played Bane and now Venom. Tom Hardy, you’re an amazing actor
Bane: "they exspect one of us in the wreckage brother." Guy: "why?" Bane:"...................."
Dan Parker
I just noticed the gun didn’t eject a round
Experiment 75
1:40 there's always a bigger fish... Or in this case, a plane.
How did Chris come up with this scene? "Let's bring in a C-130 then have it flip and haul a small Embraer plane. Oh and how about we blow off the tail and have the mercenarys enter through there? Yeah, that's good!"
Wuz uploading in 4K part of yo plan??
4:18 Gay...
Could you upload more of the Ra's Al Ghul scenes from Batman Begins? Specifically when he burns down Bruce's house, that scene is LIT.
Trigger Happy
Around 0:37 he doesn't pull the trigger, the gun doesn't move and no shell is ejected yet a gunshot is heard.
Agratha Orange Hoo
4:03 Earrape music
Can we get 100,000 subscribers?
Bane would win PUBG before anyone would even land on an island.
Alex Robinson
Someone has to stay for the crash sight
Llama Lloyd
If I pull that off will you die??
Dream The Endless
I'm surprised I haven't noticed banes plan would have been foiled by a slight tilt of the flight stick from the pilot.
Just noticed at 4:19 that they are motionless dummies lol... like the more you look at it the more you can tell... pretty cool how they didn't use green screen or CGI.
Pagan Pride
Apparently littlefinger couldn't manipulate Bane lol
Syed Haider
man this scene is so weak. I wish Nolan had continued making what he made first: Following.
Logan with lightsabers
"Nows not the time for fear that comes later" Awesome line
Alex Lee
0:38 why did nothing come out of the gun lol
Justin Garrett
Anyone here after venom?
gerardo lopez
This Movie is Good, I think People just hate it because it doesn't have any reference to the Joker.
Cold B
Damn, Bane even outsmarts Littlefinger...
Mat Ignatyev
Sh*t I didn't realize that was lord baelish until now
Nagito Komaeda
God the CIA agent is such a terrible actor
Shaheda Shirin
how the hell he eats ?
2:23 I don’t think that was supposed to happen
Kevin C
2:32 why do these soldiers beat bane's brothers?
Ork Striker
0:38 the shooting fire of the gun is not there?
sunnydeyali official
lord baelish was not wise back then
Damn I love bane's accent
Anthony Germana
Has it really been 6 years
Vlad Fureyster
Nothing like the Iconic Villan's that the Batman series gives us. its too Good. 1st is the Joker and then Bane. those are my top 2 Favorite. Christopher Nolan surely Perfected the Batman trilogy in My Opinion.
Kalyan Sai
2:15 Its Showtime
Darth Aech
Am I the only one who thought the music in this scene suited it perfectly?
Don Juan
Always bothered me the guns showed no smoke or anything. Just sound effects. Even when shot no bullet marks or anything.
Romeo Williams
Who was better the joker or bane or maybe even two face
Bane missed something off his shopping cart when planning this op. He needed another body so he didn't have to leave his man in the plane
Nicolas Ariel Ruiz
That voice
Joey O'Brien
How could DC go from such amazing movies to the crap modern DC movies? Hopefully the new Joker origins movie fixes this. They need quality movies like this again, no more 15 characters forced into a shitty movie.
Wait why’d they put the blood in that Dr guy?
Daniel Cannata
William Davies
One cinemas greatest entrances!!! Bane was phenomenal thanku Tom Hardy
The Unusual Dispenser
Few things I would change in this scene: 1. Instead of cable ties, bane would break actual handcuffs to show his real strenght 2. Bane’s first punch would atleast knock the guy and his teeths out. 3. The Navy seals would look a little more professional and have some resistance against the terrorists 4. That the CIA’s boss wasn’t some curlyhair girly boy waveing his gun like an amateur.
The employee help video for united airline employee
Guess rorke from ghost copied bane
It’s so distracting how the guns have no recoil
M Kannan
Have we started the fire ? Yes..the fire rises...that pretty much sets the tone for what's coming next.
Dylan Thobe
Christopher Nolan NEVER disapoints us with his Batman villains!😍😍😍
I just realized that that's Peter Baelish.
unniraja c
Tom hardy the mastercraftman of acting
Look that title rhymes
Brandon Laroche
Lon ho
I was wondering why people hate nolan movie ? Any ideas ?
charles d
That acsent though at times it's weird
Brown Fish
When you realize Morgan Freeman is actually a white boy.
Experiment 75
when they dont hand peanuts on the plane so you trash the plane instead.
sese miranda
I never understood the blood transfusion can someone explain wtf it was for ?
Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door !
For you
Jareth The Goblin King
Im surprised they don't have this level of action in more movies
I wish banes voice was different from this
Just like Call of duty ghosts
Poor dude he hit his face at 2:24
Not giving a fuck
0:37 lol pussy
Young Sasuke
When you fly Spirit
Dan Ivanov
wait why did he do a fake gunshot out the plane?
Kunal Mirani
1:09 , was the reason they took Tom Hardy as Venom.