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This character isn't an accurate representation of Bane, but he's still one badass villain.
Convention Expedition
Does Tom Hardy’s Bane Accent sound like an overacted impression of Sean Connery’s voice?!😂😂😂😂
Can we get 100,000 subscribers?
Bane would win PUBG before anyone would even land on an island.
Ismail x
Am I the only human who doesn't hate his voice?
Android 16
Was becoming a meme part of your plan?
So wat was the point of the blood transfusion?
• •
“No one cares who I was till I put on the mask” Such an iconic line
Alguien con un videojuego
-Who are you? -We are Venom.
Matthew Johnson
First he played Bane and now Venom. Tom Hardy, you’re an amazing actor
this scene >>>>>>> entire new DC movies
Lazer Pro
Tom Hardy is the Heath Ledger of banes. no one can be better.
Proud Kiwi
Because I'm 6 ft 3 and built like a tank (137KGs) everytime people say some think like "Jeeze you're a big dude." I always reply "For you."
So they made holes into the fuselage to strap the plane to their plane, then cut off the wings, cut off the tail and shot all the guys inside the plane. The pilots were sending of a may day. All the pieces of the plane landed extremeley widespread. They then escape with Dr. Pavel. And to not get anybody suspicious about the plane crash, one has to be left behind, so that the numbers will add up. I am 100 % confident, nobody will ever have any questions about this plane crash.
Yan Chu
Why Batman movie always has the coolest villan
Lord Reyne of Castemere
WB: Joel, what you intend with Batman and Robin? Joel Schumacher: Crashing this franchise! Until the next reboot!
Callum Reid
What's the next step for Star Wars, Abrams? "Crashing this franchise. With no profits!" "No! They expect one SJW in the cast, director." "Then we have started the fire?" "Yes, the fire spreads."
3:06 such a badass moment to me and I can't explain why. Maybe it's because he dropped and caught himself in what is essentially an iron cross position and it shows how strong and fearless he is.
Przemysław Baniewicz
Probably my favourite line in this movie: -What's the next step of your master plan? -Crashing this plane... ...WITH NO SURVIVORS!
Rebeca Lozada
Tom hardy is the best actor hands down
20000 Subscriber Man with little videos
Bye bye little finger.
Raghu Seetharaman
Scariest thing is that one of the members who follow Bane decided to go down in the wreckage *with no hesitation or fear.* That is the astronomical level of influence Bane has on his followers. It even extends beyond the Joker since the Joker mostly recruited the mentally ill.
Damn I love bane's accent
so um i never watched this movie but why did bane draw blood from that guy? that was so unexpected lol
jimbo nutrin
Hardy did such a good job
Harry Pig Orr
I’m always in two minds about the “For you” line. I don’t know if he’s saying in response to “you’re a big guy” as in Banes a big guy compared to him, or if Bane is following on from his last line “it would be extremely painful”. I like to think it’s the latter honestly
"It would be extremely painful... for you."
What Happened Today
Am I the only one who noticed when one of the guys ziplined down onto the plane he smashed his face on the window and try to play it off ? 😂😂
Ndumiso Thobela
Best Villians of all time Bane Thanos The Joker
Mr. Aziz
for you.
Aaron Agnew
I still want to know how they got these guys on a plane without noticing that one of them was wearing a freakin' mask.
Kevin C
2:32 why do these soldiers beat bane's brothers?
2:23 I don’t think that was supposed to happen
Cinyx GP
Everyone: The Jokers entry into the Dark Knight was the most impressive and dopest scene in film history Bane: Hold My Beer Darth Vader: Excuse Me? What?
baagii puugii
Remember kids, no CG was used
Austin Davis
Only problem with this scene is 2:30 , "oh shit we getting shot from people on the plane!" BEATS THE RESTRAINED GUYS UP
Sergio Ramirez
Trigger Happy
Around 0:37 he doesn't pull the trigger, the gun doesn't move and no shell is ejected yet a gunshot is heard.
Cold B
Damn, Bane even outsmarts Littlefinger...
Brandon Robinson
United airlines in a nutshell
Agratha Orange Hoo
4:03 Earrape music
Anthony Germana
Has it really been 6 years
Zahid Khan
Do you feel in chaaaarrge?
Alex Lee
0:38 why did nothing come out of the gun lol
Dragon Ball 603
-You're a big guy. -For you.
It’s so distracting how the guns have no recoil
Justin Garrett
Anyone here after venom?
Joey O'Brien
How could DC go from such amazing movies to the crap modern DC movies? Hopefully the new Joker origins movie fixes this. They need quality movies like this again, no more 15 characters forced into a shitty movie.
IT DOESNT MATTER WHO WE ARE, WHAT MATTERS IS OUR PLAN. and folk think they are woke talking about the illuminati. Lol. This whole scene is important. ......WITH NO SURVIVORS.
Spherical Boss
Here's an incredible fact about this scene. They didn't use any CGI or green screen to complete this scene. They did all of this in the sky without any special effects. That's how impressive this movie is.
There is help, get help
did he just kill his brother when crashing the plane and why?
Kunal Mirani
1:09 , was the reason they took Tom Hardy as Venom.
Have we started the Ice? Yes the Ice Freezes. Batman: Fire and Ice A Christopher Nolan Film.
Omer Mohamed
2:22 this dude hit his head on the plane xD
No one cared who i was until i took it up the ass.
Something about the "For you" just makes me laugh
Not giving a fuck
0:37 lol pussy
Mister Peachy
“Calm down Doctor this is not the time for fear.. that comes later” what you should tell a friend that’s watching a horror film with you lol
ATryHard Junky
2:23 DID THAT HURT?😭😭😭😭
Rusdani Budi Wicaksono
Oooookay, let's see if I can address how this scene supposedly work and arguments: Blood transfusion: The idea here is that the corpse, after enough doctoring (including removing all the blood, bodily fluid and most places where DNA can be easily extracted) (yes, that meant they should actually removes all the hair. Shut up, that's artistic license) basically being 'contaminated' by Dr. Pavel DNA, which will show in _some_ bits after crash that would (hopefully) break most bodies beyond recognition. Dental record for the most part didn't matter; as long as there's several bits with Pavel DNA in it, he would be thought as dead. Black powder and other sign of violence inside plane: Basically, without access to black box, most would assume: 'There's fight in plane, and some dumbass killed the pilots and the plane losing control, stalled, losing their wing because extreme dive and crashed'. Of course.... Tail opening: Guess where black box usually stored? 😜 "It would be appears that the tail is damaged by explosive!" Well, plastic explosive _did_ have chemical trails easily identified, but who said those shaped charge are plastic? Who said they weren't, say, nitroglycerin in diatomeace sand? Planes debris had unnatural patterns: Well, two things at play here: because this is clandestine CIA operation, most likely they cannot be investigated properly without raising some political kerfuckle, that would slow down investigation and giving time for 'doctoring' the site. Two: the plane caught the smaller plane only need to make circular cruise to make sure most plane debris stay in plausible place. Okay, let's see if I make any mistakes....
Dave Raya00118
“Why shoot a man before throwing out of a plane” Also the gun never fired lol slide or hammer never moved
Free Bird
*When the flight attendant in 2001 asks what you intend to do during your time in NY...*
I wonder if Nolan knew how many memes would spawn from this scene.
M Kannan
Have we started the fire ? Yes..the fire rises...that pretty much sets the tone for what's coming next.
Tom Forbes
You're a big guy For you
charles d
That acsent though at times it's weird
Thomas Lawson
The only thing I loved about the dark Knight trilogy was the villain. Christian Bale to me did not play a very Batman abyss suit sucked. Ra's al ghul was awesome I love the actor that played him, The joker was f****** crazy I love the actor that played him, and I especially love Bane the actor that played him did a good job🤔
3:53 Find it amazing that a member of his gang would just submit to die for him just like that. Shows the amazing charisma/authority of the man. Bane.
edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd
I was on same flight and service is awful. Next time i gonna take Finnair.
RANDOM Searcher
Guess rorke from ghost copied bane
It’s crazy to realize that this guy is the same guy who played Venom
Danny N.
Absolutely insane how they actually did this in real life to actually film the scene
gabriel landaverde
is anyone else thrown off by bane's voice? I can't help but notice it was recorded post production. It's too loud and clear for its environment.
@2:10 CIA: "Now what's the next step of your master plan?" Bane: "Have you met Howard?"
Stir It Up
How hard would it be to defeat a man who needs a respirator?
dante jason
somehow I've never laughed at bane posting (because I've never seen the scene before) and now watching this scene I am laughing hysterically
It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan
Josh Shapiro
AMERICA: Well, congratulations, you got yourself elected. Now what's the next step of your master plan? DONALD: Crashing this economy. With no survivors!
Bane should have been 6 foot 7 to 6 foot 9, and build like a truck, the best actor for Bane would have been Martyn The Monster Ford along with proper directing of his acting, and a real looking Bane mask and Venom tanks on his back, my God then this movie would have been special.
krx xx
Bill CIA Wilson
Doctor Pavel! I'm CIA.
3:12 when the explosion will be showing the plane it was a shooting error
Dan in a pan
4:27 watch with titanic music lol
Robot Zombie
Littlefinger wanted to "make them fly"🤣 Get it?
When you realize call of Duty Ghosts payed homage to this scene in the mission The hunted
Seth Robinson
This was the hardest intro til dreams and nightmares dropped
KingCookie 30733
I love the intensity in Banes eyes when he says "Crashing this plane."
Ero Sennin
Its always funny to me the way he says "crashing this plane...with no survivors" ... and ..."it would be extremely painful...for you" 😂😂😂
Wanted Leprechaun
Emilio Hidalgo
The moment you realize Bane kills both Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish AND Director Orson Krennick in this movie.
Bogdan is not just code name, *it is REAL name!*
Smokey Bear
All this does is remind me of South Park now lol.
Lord Baelish : "if you tell me where Sansa Stark is, all of you get to stay on my airplane !" Bane : " No one cared till i became a faceless man " Lord Baelish : "And who the hell are you ?" Bane : " No One !"
Ghost Ranger
3:00 - Everyone falling into the pit. And Bane looks below. Foreshadowing - me thinks?
Ms Sasquatch
His look at 2:13 so sick
Still to this day I never understood this scene; still cool though!
Zander Silva
Did anyone notice how the gun didn’t kick back
*What was the point of doing that blood transfusion crap?*
Cygnus Antenna 12
When all you did was press B in the search history immediately says 'Bane Crashing This Plane. " Might as well "