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This character isn't an accurate representation of Bane, but he's still one badass villain.
So wat was the point of the blood transfusion?
Mr. Aziz
for you.
Utopia Lord
Bye bye little finger.
Random DuDe
United airlines in a nutshell
Lord Reyne of Castemere
WB: Joel, what you intend with Batman and Robin? Joel Schumacher: Crashing this franchise! Until the next reboot!
Can we get 100,000 subscribers?
Bane would win PUBG before anyone would even land on an island.
This scene is so fucking impressive.
Emilio Hidalgo
The moment you realize Bane kills both Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish AND Director Orson Krennick in this movie.
Spherical Boss
Here's an incredible fact about this scene. They didn't use any CGI or green screen to complete this scene. They did all of this in the sky without any special effects. That's how impressive this movie is.
No one cared who i was until i took it up the ass.
baagii puugii
Remember kids, no CG was used
I wonder if Nolan knew how many memes would spawn from this scene.
Convention Expedition
Does Tom Hardy’s Bane Accent sound like an overacted impression of Sean Connery’s voice?!😂😂😂😂
Tri Trinh
Forensics 's gonna be like:" This plane crashed funny"!
Dragon Ball 603
-You're a big guy. -For you.
Ismail x
Am I the only human who doesn't hate his voice?
3:53 Find it amazing that a member of his gang would just submit to die for him just like that. Shows the amazing charisma/authority of the man. Bane.
Cygnus Antenna 12
When all you did was press B in the search history immediately says 'Bane Crashing This Plane. " Might as well "
bangsa art
I like his voice tho
Bill CIA Wilson
Doctor Pavel! I'm CIA.
Danny N.
Absolutely insane how they actually did this in real life to actually film the scene
Postman Chat
Crashing this plane...
someone tell zack snyder to go back and watch any of the batman movies: batman begins, the dark knight, or the dark knight rises and learn how to tell a coherent story
"You're a big guy" What did he mean by this?
This movie and Dark Knight had two of the best opening scenes ever.
Kal-El fan 49
"Crashing this plane... with no survivors" He and his men survived it :p
Kelvin Mendez
It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.
Oh man, the number of memes from this scene is unreal.
Phillip Matchitt
This entire scene is far better then that cRap that Who-fleck pulled in BVS.
Proud Kiwi
Because I'm 6 ft 3 and built like a tank (137KGs) everytime people say some think like "Jeeze you're a big dude." I always reply "For you."
Just noticed at 4:19 that they are motionless dummies lol... like the more you look at it the more you can tell... pretty cool how they didn't use green screen or CGI.
Rainbow 6 Siege: Operation ‘Crash The Plane’ When the gunmen came it reminded me of rainbow 6 when they shot through the window
Bane: "they exspect one of us in the wreckage brother." Guy: "why?" Bane:"...................."
Britney Chase
It amazes me that the one guy who was told he had to die did it without complaint or question
Experiment 75
1:40 there's always a bigger fish... Or in this case, a plane.
How did Chris come up with this scene? "Let's bring in a C-130 then have it flip and haul a small Embraer plane. Oh and how about we blow off the tail and have the mercenarys enter through there? Yeah, that's good!"
4:18 Gay...
Could you upload more of the Ra's Al Ghul scenes from Batman Begins? Specifically when he burns down Bruce's house, that scene is LIT.
Logan with lightsabers
"Nows not the time for fear that comes later" Awesome line
Matthew Johnson
First he played Bane and now Venom. Tom Hardy, you’re an amazing actor
Trigger Happy
Around 0:37 he doesn't pull the trigger, the gun doesn't move and no shell is ejected yet a gunshot is heard.
Dan Parker
I just noticed the gun didn’t eject a round
Justin Garrett
Anyone here after venom?
gerardo lopez
This Movie is Good, I think People just hate it because it doesn't have any reference to the Joker.
Ndumiso Thobela
Best Villians of all time Bane Thanos The Joker
Przemysław Baniewicz
Probably my favourite line in this movie: -What's the next step of your master plan? -Crashing this plane... ...WITH NO SURVIVORS!
Tom Forbes
You're a big guy For you
Have we started the Ice? Yes the Ice Freezes. Batman: Fire and Ice A Christopher Nolan Film.
Alguien con un videojuego
-Who are you? -We are Venom.
Alex Robinson
Someone has to stay for the crash sight
Mat Ignatyev
Sh*t I didn't realize that was lord baelish until now
edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd
I was on same flight and service is awful. Next time i gonna take Finnair.
Sergio Ramirez
Something about the "For you" just makes me laugh
sunnydeyali official
lord baelish was not wise back then
Llama Lloyd
If I pull that off will you die??
Bewilder Beast
For me 01:20 02:13
Salman Memehood
never noticed this scene had so much detail like Bane transfusing Doc's blood
Cold B
Damn, Bane even outsmarts Littlefinger...
Joey O'Brien
How could DC go from such amazing movies to the crap modern DC movies? Hopefully the new Joker origins movie fixes this. They need quality movies like this again, no more 15 characters forced into a shitty movie.
KiIler Bear
Did I just saw some character from the maze runner?
Nagito Komaeda
God the CIA agent is such a terrible actor
Alex Lee
0:38 why did nothing come out of the gun lol
Seth Robinson
This was the hardest intro til dreams and nightmares dropped
Rebeca Lozada
Tom hardy is the best actor hands down
Dave Raya00118
“Why shoot a man before throwing out of a plane” Also the gun never fired lol slide or hammer never moved
• •
“No one cares who I was till I put on the mask” Such an iconic line
Android 16
Was becoming a meme part of your plan?
dj w
1:38 "Would you like some fries with that?"
Best. Trilogy. Ever.
Harry Pig Orr
I’m always in two minds about the “For you” line. I don’t know if he’s saying in response to “you’re a big guy” as in Banes a big guy compared to him, or if Bane is following on from his last line “it would be extremely painful”. I like to think it’s the latter honestly
It’s so distracting how the guns have no recoil
Experiment 75
when they dont hand peanuts on the plane so you trash the plane instead.
Kevin C
2:32 why do these soldiers beat bane's brothers?
Not giving a fuck
0:37 lol pussy
Bo Rood
Lame villain.
Agratha Orange Hoo
4:03 Earrape music
Thought Pool
This scene parallels to Batman's escape from China. I just realized that.
Deepak P
The intro Music , gawd , just loved it
Deepak P
The intro Music , gawd , just loved it
Wait why’d they put the blood in that Dr guy?
Shaheda Shirin
how the hell he eats ?
Eight Trailer
Breaking news: Plane crashed this morning 4 survivors are Dead
Mister Peachy
“Calm down Doctor this is not the time for fear.. that comes later” what you should tell a friend that’s watching a horror film with you lol
Don Juan
Always bothered me the guns showed no smoke or anything. Just sound effects. Even when shot no bullet marks or anything.
Aaron Agnew
I still want to know how they got these guys on a plane without noticing that one of them was wearing a freakin' mask.
ballisticjacoby gaming
Is it just me or do I remember bane saying “now’s not the time to scream” not “ now’s not the time for fear”
le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins
hundreds thousands of dollars were wasted which ended up being a meme
"It would be extremely painful... for you."
There is help, get help
did he just kill his brother when crashing the plane and why?
Daniel Cannata
IT DOESNT MATTER WHO WE ARE, WHAT MATTERS IS OUR PLAN. and folk think they are woke talking about the illuminati. Lol. This whole scene is important. ......WITH NO SURVIVORS.
Small Might
So let me get this straight.... you put a sack on his head, but did nit fuking noticed he was wearing a mask? or did he hide the mask somehow XD ?
Ris Raid
No CGI / Green Screen found in this scene.
Austin Davis
Only problem with this scene is 2:30 , "oh shit we getting shot from people on the plane!" BEATS THE RESTRAINED GUYS UP
Alexander Gevurat
Bane sounds such like a nice guys, he sounds like a 48 year old wise man who gives devise for a living
gabriel landaverde
is anyone else thrown off by bane's voice? I can't help but notice it was recorded post production. It's too loud and clear for its environment.