I Love The Way She Moves Lyrics Zion Ft. Akon

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Michelle N. Velez
Am I the only one who still jams to this? 😅😭😂
Anime is Bae
Who came here from the Yuri on ice crack?
Zayda Medina
Throwback to when this song used to be on my iPod Nano. 😂 I thought I was hella fresh.
yourWorstNightmare Hacker
am I the only one listening in 2016
Ghost face
take me back in time please
Gerardo Sandoval Hernandez
She doesn't speak spanish xD por qué dice don't
Anyone who could translate the spanish part for me?
Krystal Perez
2018 who still listening
beauty child
OMG My Childhood ♥♥♥
Manu Birhade
nice song
Lisa Jacobs
✗_O motorhero ssr ✗_O
2010 memories <3...i use to sing this song alone in the room xD from ps3 hahah :')
Crystal Zepeda
i love this song since i was a kid cause i did'nt know wat it ment
suvy t
Almost forgot what was this song called :') Haha good thing it ft.Akon that is all I remember. I remember I use to ply this a lot like a lot when I was little :]
Dynn The Innkeeper
this song has been stuck in my head all day
maldito me encanta esta canción :D i luv dis songgg !!!
Awesome!, Love it.
Anoo Matasi
Michelle N. Velez
2k13 <3.<3
I Remmber When I Was 11 Me & My Older Brother Made A Dance To This Song <3 I Miss Those 2007 Day's I'm 15 Now Btw , <3 & Amazing Videoo :3
Phil Montana
best song :D !!
Raquel Jada Cruz
Juan Castillo
love love love!
Arch Angel
Lyam Torrens
@LinaBailarinaa Yes it is.another support for mamita not bonita. Im Cuban...I know things!
Lyam Torrens
@DanneThaGood He says.."She looks really good, I wanna take you out of here. If you didn't know it, tonight,".... youre gonna end up with me.
Natalia Stones
@xXaNnAzLuHvSuXx - it's actually BONITA* get your facts rigght;) go eat some mcdonalds;)
Samantha Garcia
... 0:42 ' dance, dance baby I wanna see you hit the dance floor You're such a tease Out of all of em' you're the most seductive' ×2 ... 1:32 'The night is good to do some experiminting' - 'No stopping' 1:40 ... 2:21 'She looks the finest Wanna take you out of here' ... 2:28 'Just in case you didnt know This night' you're gonna end up with me (Rough translation hope it helps)
Alexander Cruz G.
Me Encanta Esta Cancion XD¡¡
Natalia Stones
@xXaNnAzLuHvSuXx and it's actually BONITA* get your facts rigght stupid american. go eat some Mcdonalds.
angie carter
i was drinking cream soda as i listend to this
Faith Sabik
@tiinybehlokitah lol im gonna throw a dictionary at you ! :D jk jk jk jk jk
Angeles Ortiz
@OhMuhLawd you did really good i nnever noticed anything wrong with it but love it make more plz :)
@xXaNnAzLuHvSuXx It is mamita. I am from Puerto Rico so I also know things
Bernadette Youna
LOVE THIS SONG!!!! havnt heard it in ages <3
meri natsvlishvili
I still listen and enjoy this song,it reminds me my teen ages😁😍
Faith Sabik
@Stefan9519 Konvict Ilove the way she moves i see the way she's coming i want to rock her body i know she's waiting for me zion #1- dance mommy dance you want to see you're breaking the track abusadura well all the more tempting seductress (x2) zion #2- at night to experience this good cause me and you nonstop together ohh akon- it is not the rather want you out of here if you did not know
King Coool KC loveee ittt ilyy
Faith Sabik
@xXaNnAzLuHvSuXx its mamita listen to the song
Faith Sabik
when i was 7 i could sing ALL the words .... im Puerto Rican but i aint fluent
Gabriela Maria
This song is so awesome!!!!
Kat Kovalenko
2018 anyone?
Achraf Sbaii
good song !!
Hussein Rizk
i loved his spannish part im just listening to it over and over love zion
mahira spahic
oh mg!! I've missed this song,,,,, love it so much!! it is time to dance now,, here I gooooooo shakey shakey hahahahaha!! ;)
Kris Chilamootoo
Still listening to this song in 2017
Omg i just love this song XD Ugh! hearing them sing spanish!!! LOL! AWESME!
Anna Bagramyan
its so catchy
Zel Underwood
@alanimarie111 Can't you type like a human being?! Not that your comment's message isn't good, but WHAT is the point of typing like a brain-dead squirrel on steroids?!
GotzeN HayabuzA
Like si la sigues escuchando en el 2013 *-*
Cryystal Ciaraa
makes me dance , every time <3
david king Cedeno
2.30 love this part
@xXaNnAzLuHvSuXx Actually is mamita u retard
melanie vargas
i love the way i move i love this song
cynthia nieves
2012~ :D
mari nvt
@xXaNnAzLuHvSuXx bonits ? that word does not exist in Spanish. bonito that exists only means cute or nice. and believe me because I am a Spaniard. so stop hating and pretending you know everything, because you do not know. Oh well this song is super.
Lauren Reyes
awezum zonq..!
Tristian Bergin
deadly song i love it
pavani rathnayake
wow cool song
Sarah cuz
bro sick song love it
Cristina barcelona
excuse me akon, let me help you out, she don't speak no english.. hjahahaha vaya pikeee lokoo xd
yasmine bieber
i love this song so much and i danced this at the club with my bf it was so cool and i shaked my booty
Robert Knight
Sang the Akon part of this for a school event...it was hard XD
Anthony Feliciano
Baila Baila Baila Mamiitah qe t kiero verrr (8) (;
Francisco Briceño
2013 #FAIIL!!! jajajaja
Nanii Fuentez
ik thts RIGHT !!!!!
Mariana MonroeMslw
I love this song. ;)
Nashaly Luciano
Rock her boby
Tristian Bergin
dealy song love it :D :D
M.d. Dewmini Chizuru Perera
Ella no habla singles?