For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky Star Trek Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition Extras

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/> About 10 years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel acquired syndication rights for the original Star Trek television series. For years, the shows had been cut down to fit the amount of commercial time needed for current day programs (there was less commercial time during the original 60's run). Sci-Fi fixed this problem by making the time slot a full hour and a half. Dubbed "Star Trek The Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition", the episodes would be supplemented with original interviews with the cast and crew discussing each episode. The interviews and extra bits were especially entertaining since it featured more than just the standard cast but also highlighted guest actors, writers, etc. I taped each and every episode as they aired (even though sometimes I hit record a little late and missed a minute or two). The interviews and extras really are neat, and since I've never seen them on youtube, I decided to dig out the tapes and start grabbing out all of the extra bits. I've found probably 75% of the tapes so far, and I hope to find the rest eventually. I hope it's okay with Sci-Fi if I post these. I'm just trying to get them out there for those who may have missed these years ago.... These are the extra bits from the episode "For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky". Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to catch them all. Oh, and if you have time, check out my daily blog on all things Trek:

Gotta love Dee Kelley.
Anton Nym
Kirk didn't have a Priscilla, he may have been thinking of Drucilla from Bread and Circuses