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Archduke of Belgrade
*BEST FEMALE GRAMMY PERFORMANCES EVER! WHO IS YOUR FAVE* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw1tcjoBhYk
Gaga & Whitney are the best.
Whitney is the only one that give me chills
Wave Man Mike
1.Whitney 2.Mariah 3.Beyonce
meriam claire Roa
I dont understand myself. All are good. Divas! But when it was Whitney's turn... It was different. She is really The Queen. Wow!
Nika Da'ves
Whitney Houston will always be #1 to me. She was the best of the best
Ely Quiriatain
Whitney Houston is the best
Bull Winkle
Such a silly question. We all know Whitney's rendition of the National Anthem will remain the GOLD STANDARD. When God heard her rendition, even he chanted "USA! USA! USA!"
Patricio Golden
Mariah and Whitney forever
Tony Hardy
This isn't even a serious question. Whitney Houston's version so moved us as a nation that it was recorded and went on to go multi-platinum. None of the other contenders can say that. Whitney hands down gave us the greatest rendition of the Star Spangled Banner with Lady Gaga coming in second place. End of discussion. Next topic.
Adia Williamson
Whitney always makes me tear up. She is the standard and did it effortlessly. Everyone is trying to beat that. She’s still known for that. Nobody else.
lisa Ceda
Lol. No brainer. Whitney Houston hands down. Will never be performed like it ever again
Your mother hoe.
How dare you compare Whitneys performance to anyone.
Kj H
Whitney Houston the best.
Nicasio Saavedra
Whitney Houston = the best ever
Pop Land
I think Whitney's version is really the golden standard. She played around with it, but didn't over-sing. She showed her own originality but still respected the melody. It was in impeccable taste with such a great technique. I admire her version so much.
Tish Tish
Whitney stands alone.... they are all talented.... but you have to take Whitney out of this contest she in a different class , it’s like comparing apples and oranges.
B• Bree
Whitney Houston was the best to me
muro eristavi
Bodybuilder Friends
Whitney Houston made all sound like amatuers! 😃
Whitney Houston is simply unmatched it's hard to compare the others after her performance and even without her being on the list you would impatiently wait for her to sing which would spoil the other performances anyway.
Dahenzi Music
i'm not an American citizen so i'm mostly judging based on vocals but i can't help but notice that though Gaga's vocals was perfect but still no one can beat Whitney Houston. However, Lady Gaga was looking more committed during her rendition of the anthem and was performing with more character than anyone. So, Lady Gaga wins ;)
Coron Mains
Whitney Houston is by far the best to ever sing the National Anthem
James Blue
Whitney is the standard. Everyone else is an imitation, never a duplication.
Archduke of Belgrade
My opinion. Whitney Beyonce Faith Hill Mariah Jen Hud Jessica Sanchez.
Shubham Ark
Whitney Houston
Without even listening I know it was Whitney all the way.
Whitney always, she's the most power voice of all time !!!
Glory Mosby
Oh please!! Whitney Houston hands down!! The greatest rendition of all time
Drew Thomas
Best of 90s = Whitney easily Best of 00s = Beyonce/Jennifer Hudson easily Best of 10s = Gaga easily
Alan Soul
Whitney'national anthem marked how to sing it , anyone cant sing it even close her
Patti, Whitney, and Jennifer Hudson are the best ❤ #WemissyouWhitney
Black Broly
Whittney takes the W
Hey fool
Sorry but no one in this life time will sing it better then Whitney Houston. I'm so glad I got to see it when she actually did it. She put her own swing to it and everyone tried to copy but never did it better.
Sebitas Coy
Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston ❤❤
Peggi King
Whiteny,Lady gaga,Beyonce,and Mariah
Wayne Taurino
Lol this is irrelevant, a non contest list. Everybody sings Whitney's version. There is only one vocal Queen!
Hannah Cole
We all know Whitney was the one
A Han
Whitney is the gold standard . Mariah is second.
Aura Monroe
This right here ladies and gentlemen is why Whitney is THE G.O.A.T!!! Hundreds of renditions yet none half as powerful and breathtaking as THE VOICE. Everyone has their opinions about who they favour and whatnot but this receipt right here is PROOF tells all ya'll that Whitney will ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE THE GREATEST SINGER OF AWWLLLLLLL TIIIIMMMEEEE!!!!! #BarNone #BowDownB#tches
Norma Demata
Whitney for ever.
Ana-Marija Dzakula
Ash Vic
Damn! hearing whitney right after taylor swift was just too overpowering lol hands down Whitney. Donna Summer sounded really good too!
Shakur Wright
Whitney got the most votes. She got 49 percent of the votes. The people vote Whitney and they're not wrong. 😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕
TayTay BeyNippy
Whitney and Beyonce easily
Julz Krystal
Whitney ALL DAY
Gabrielle/Jazzy 160
Carrie Underwood and Ariana Grande and Demi and Whitney.
I think the one thing that bugs me about when most women sing the anthem is that they try to dress it up with a bunch of crazy runs and such, but the anthem is already insanely difficult because of the extreme jumps between notes, they don’t need to try to make themselves shine, it’s the song that is supposed to be what people are focused on, not the performer trying to outdo anyone else. That is why Whitney’s version is the best. She can do vocal runs like no other, but she didn’t do that here, she sang the song in a simple, powerful and majestic way that will likely not be topped.
Team Icon
In order: #1 Whitney #2 Gaga #3 Beyonce
Travis Wade
Put Whitney Houston and Marvin Gaye together
Whitney Houston is the best!
Kayla Carey
1: Lady Gaga 2: Whitney Hudson 3: Beyoncé 4: Mariah Carey 5: Taylor Swift :)
Cherry Berry
Spoil alert 🚨 miss Houston who is an amazing singer lip synch they said it was pre recorded but it still don’t take away from she did a hell of a job it still was still her
Whitney👑 and GAGA👑 😃
PussycatDolls Fanatic
My Top 10: 10. Aaliyah 9. Ariana Grande 8. Kelly Clarkson 7. Taylor Swift 6. Nicole Scherzinger 5. Jennifer Hudson 4. Mariah Carey 3. Beyonce 2. Lady Gaga 1. Whitney Houston
No one can top Fergie’s most recent preformance
Kayla Carey
people i made a mistake in my recent comment its Whitney that was suppose to me first one
Whitney, Whitney, Whitney. Then Gaga.  Then everyone else waaayyyy behind.  Some of these singers made my ears ache.
iLuv Celebs
no competition.... Whitney Houston
Tata Silva
It's very simple. There is before Whitney and after Whitney. You can research. The way national anthem was sang before and how all singers do now. And Gaga, wasreally good. But her reference was Whitney. You can see this clearly.
Charleston Irebaria
Lady Gaga And Whitney Houston For The Win!!!!!!!
Michael Sali
All of them are the best. Especially Lady Gaga,Mariah Carey, Beyoncé,Jennefer Hudson, Destiny child,Dixie Chicks,Faith Hill,Whitney Houston (Best singer) and more (etc)
A Delicious, Irresistible, Steaming Bowl of Shit
Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston are great contenders but I don't think anyone will ever be able to top Roseanne Barr.
come here
I cry every time I hear her. There's never been a greater voice nor will there ever be!!!😊 go Whitney!
Stina Hunter
Whitney rip bbyg😫😫😍😍😍🙏🙏
Michael Nowik
Rosanne 1st Fergie 2nd!!! !!! Hahaha just kidding... Whitney Houston, not even close case closed. Before even looking at this video whitney was the one i remember and after seeing it i remember why.
Random guy On the internet
Y’all know Whitney Huston was the best But I think Amber Riley did pretty good in my opinion.
Peter Tj
Whitney Houston #1 The voice, soul and the expression wow Goose Bump ...Lady Gaga , Donna Summer, and Mariah comes close , but couldn't top Whitney
Whitney of course! (even though it was pre-recorded 😏) Then Lady Gaga, Jessica Sanchez, Jennifer Hudson. (And actually Kelly Clarksons version was great if you watch the whole thing!)
Johanna Miranda
🥇🏆Whitney 🥈🏆Gaga 🥉🏆Demi Levato
Naruto Uzumaki
1. Whitney Huston 2. Mariah Carey 3. Jennifer Hudson 4. Beyonce
Glenndear diva Pinder
Whitney first,Maria Carey Cher, everyone has their own unique voice but Whitney maria and celion Dion and Jennifer Huston strong black women. The rest hitting their voice
Lamont Lewis
Why would anyone want to sing it after hearing Whitney's performance?
Joseph Press
obviously the 2018 NBA all star game Fergie one
Camar Dunkley
Only fools would want to compare anyone to Whitney!!!
ピカ ピカ
Whitney win win win win win win win
Adriana Guardado
Whitney Houston sang the best 😄
Víctor Moreno
Whitney, Gaga & Jennifer Hudson unbeatable
Joann Malauulu
There is no competition if Whitney Houston is in it.
Tatum Gracey
Girl you know Whitney killed it
Bayu Febriansyah
1.whitney 2.mariah 3.Ariana💕💕💕💕💕
Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson slayed! The rest just cannot match that level. Sorry.
Xtina Fan
I understand why you put Whitney right after Taylor Swift. It was genius
L.A. Picasa
No one can, has ever, or ever will top Whitney's voice.So natural for her. RIP ❤
Chavareay Arrington
Whitney Houston's #1
I have disqualified most for yelling and screaming
Cap One
They shouldn't have even had Whitney Houston in this. She was on a completely different level than everybody else.
Not fair Whitney Houston isn't human! She's got an angels voice no way can she be compared. Lady Gaga is number one on the list. Whitney doesn't count. (She's too good and automatically wins)
Whitney and gaga
Asia l
1. Whitney Houston 2. Mariah Carey 3. Beyonce
muro eristavi
Kage Krôss
You called yourselves singers when you can't even sing your national anthem properly! I only liked Gaga's version-less screaming.
Justin Rosos
lol when it went from Taylor Swift to Whitney Houston, 0-100 real quick😂😂
Angel Ngilosi
Whitney and Gaga
Phillip Hamilton
didn't even watch the video whitney won.
Gel Santos
Beyoncé is the best!
Renan Lima
Greg Hunt
okay, let's just remove Whitney out of this because hers is the Gold Standard by which all are compared. There will never be another.
Tessie Dobey
Whitney cannot be touched! THE END!!!!!