How to call a baby rabbit to you.

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I was out by my garden when I saw this baby rabbit so I sat down and called it to me.

Ariane Bolt
“What’s your name?” “Bun. James Bun.”
Justin Y.
These live action Disney movies are getting out of hand
Amanda Caribbean baby
My bunny not even wild and he won't reply to that :/
Supashya Roy Chowdhury
Legend has it that he is still trying to figure out baby rabbit's name.
"Eh, what's up doc?" - Baby Bunny
Rebecca Holden
Are you a Disney princess?
Billuminati Cat Cipher
I did this and my house bun just flopped over
It doesn't work if you're not a Disney Princess
This is some major league bunny whispering.
Kool-Aid Man
How to call a baby rabbit to you? “Come here!” Ok thanks, pretty straight forward.
Hi what’s your name? My name is Jeff
Julius Wicked
I did the same thing and It followed me around for a long time
Ballie Bunny
That is a puppy, not a bunny.
Sophie Filo
Just saw a rabbit 20 minutes ago. YouTube recommended me this too late...
Arianna Brey
he said hi whats your name 😂😂
izzy loops
I tried this....and it ran😢😢😢
Taylor Bean
When you're just casually Jesus
I'm gonna leave this playing on a loop all night and my apartment better be filled with bunnies when i wake up.
Awwwwww! The baby bun-bun is so cute! I can't believe you were able to get it to come that close to you!
purple dragon audios
i like how he is not picking him up and scaring it :) you shouldn't pick up a baby bunny or you might scare it to death
KC Nham
It replies, "My name is Gangstabunny, where da carrot at, fool!?"
Blossom Buddies
Aw what an adorable little rabbit! So sweet! Baby rabbits are just the CUTEST little "things"!
Demon Dark Stars
it's like a little furry frog
Anna Schuster
awwww da little ears and face take it home
Saucey Pants
My heart just melted ❤️
Furry Fox
“Hey, wait a minute…you’re not my mommy!” 😠
Hanna G
Teach me please It’s really cool though, Since even baby bunnies usually keeps to themselves to Stay out of danger. But I guess you suceeded in imitating the sound of a mother rabbit?
Dakota Z
Well the most likely reason the rabbit came to you was because you were on the ground. Rabbits become much more relaxed when this happens. And even amongst humans and animals we become somewhat frightened and intimidated by one who is currently taller or bigger than you, in which is the main reason why many animals puff up their fur or do something similar to make themselves appear bigger when hostile. I am only assuming that you were probably in a calm, relaxed, and happy posture that the rabbit managed to understand. Plus, if you were a wolf or other land predator of any land prey, you seem more likely to attack and strike when standing up. When sitting or laying down, you are very likely to go into a more relaxed posture without you even realizing it and you will appear to be relaxed as well. Even if you were to go after something as it approached/approaches, it is extremely easy to tell that you are about to get up and even if they didn’t realize it... they still receive much more time to escape at a moment of you getting up in which is nearly impossible to not see. AND... you tense up more when getting up because your using your muscles to get up, also, they STILL have time to escape when you get up because it takes a few seconds for you to stabilize yourself after laying down.
I think it is a very weird question "what's your name?" to bunny
Madeline Russell
Me..." How did he do that?!"
WELL... Don't just sit there! Throw a pokeball at it's face!!
Aileen Bae
Imagine @ 0:15 the rabbit says " My name is Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas" 😂😂😂🤣
Bass anglers Tv
Is it a wild rabbit
Team awesome!
How do you call a bunny
Angelica Preston
A wild Pichu has appeared
Octipus Crime
Its the bunny whisperer :P
Missy Marie
Omg ThAT is too Flippin cute. That’s tamer than the “pet” bunny we had who just thumped and lunged at us, with an occasional bite when he felt like it. This little guys head looks bigger than his dimensions...maybe the larger brain mass is what makes him so friendly😬 (Or maybe we just had a spoiled, mean-ace bunny)🤔
BlueShadow Gaming and Animations
Sasha Saffi
are you sure this is real because so many rabbits come to my backyard and I always try this and it never works the just run😥😥
Christianna Casto
aww I love da baby!😁😁😁
Wolfychu Ortiz
Sooo cute! I have 2 baby bunnies
why does something thats so cute have to be so tasty?
Mason's Blueberries
😍 that is a cute bunny
★ Technomancer's Museum Of Mediocrity ™ ★
*Indescribable envy!*
Idza Grey
Oh my god it is so cute ♡
Warrior'ƨ Ɯιиɢƨ
Those tiny little hops had me SQUEALING.
Kitsune Overlord
what a cutie~
Baaaw, cuute, that's a dead hare walking tho lmao. Too much curiosity, not enough caution.
Gwynvere Daniels
Tried this and some rabbit came up to me and called me doc. 🤔
What wonderful luck 💕💕💕💕
"I am General Woundwort, and I will rip out your throat and feed it to my Owslafa!"
Cloudy paw
Bunny just takes off at the last second 😂
Doggo Smoggo
Ha I bet Justin Y won't find me, don't tell him I'm hiding from him I see him to recently...
Samantha 1
Dude, you're the Bunny Whisperer!!! 🤣
vinoop wilson
how ? when they just see me they just stare and if i move an inch they run :c
What area do you live in? Like what state? I ask because strangely enough ever since I moved to Colorado a lot more wild animals seem okay with me being within Arm's Reach of them...
Holly & Schlumpi
Jesus Christ
Instructions unclear, just caused an earthquake in Guatemala.
Karen Lee
Cute thing but you shouldn't do this because it's wild it will see you as a source of food
Youtube suggested me.this after watching 'catching a screaming baby rabit'
Elizabeth Rathbone
I can see the new Loony Tunes live action now.
Another Cat
Akul Jamwal
How to call an adult rabbit?
stan marsh
Man come here :) Bunny eee whats up dack Man whats your name ? Bunny bugs Lol
Stressed Out Azim
holy crap, he is UNDER your leg???
Hey bunny you want some carrots. Hop in my van I got plenty
Tejon Kennedy
I actually caught a rabbit doing this way before I watched this video my natural instinct was to make that noise cause I assumed what sound it made and I was right in just looking at other people do this but one thing is I got myself a pet bunny and oh it's licking me right now anyways it does not work on my bunny
Now please do a tutorial on how can I call my wife.
Shuloh Mantock
aww numerator
A a.H
lovely baby
Thomas Miller
Rad moment there..
lacroix g
lol wut
Brazzer Bressy
So cute
Layla Calgar
I Think it lost his mother ...and searching for help
How sweet! It looks like he felt safe😊
Nada Dealer
The ending was just like “lol byE”
Natali Zamzara
How adorable -w-
ƒɑíԵհ 2019
*omfg let me try*
Brenda Beltran
I did that once
Oh mi gosh it so kawaii 😭😆😆
wolfie doggo mlg studios
How to kidnap rabbits 101
Tueuse Survivor MW
Awwww 😍😍😍
Mariana Izaguirre
So cute!!
Michigan Aquatics
thats so cool
farthest star
He hop
Ddd Ddd
My pets online -Питомцы онлайн
OMG So cute^^
White Fox
Plot twist: Its name is tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.
shoor asserts
Black Cxrpse
i got my rabbit at an auction and they abused him as a baby and it took me two months to get him to trust me
TheDisabledOne :3
Oh how bouncy!
Jose Carlos. L.g.
I ❤ that bun🐰😄😄😄🐇 Be carefull whit them
He asked what its name is lol
empty milk
Awwwww kawaii
Lildic Boy
Imma snatch him up and care for him
Drazenko Idzan