Lily The Dog's Strange Head | Wild Things

Lily is a beautiful 2 year old dog, but upon closer inspection she has a bizarre skin condition on her head and has to be taken to the Animal Madhouse. Click here for more clips and full length documentaries: /> For any enquiries, please contact [email protected]

ill just skip lunch...
Jennifer Sentman
wtf my only question is 2 years with these lumps they could be cancerous lumps and bumps NEED to be checked
Cathie Huxtable
I would have had that seen to much earlier than this poor dog
Bryan Lee
Is he a vet or a drama queen?
Avis Holt
If this was noticed when she was a pup, WHY hasn't she seen to it before????? and she's worried about the vet clipping too much hair off the dog .. OMG!
JoJoZep ofthejungle
I love the way this dr brings the worst pet owners to you tube; "does it seem to hurt her"? "Oh yes it does" how he doesn't continue with "well why have you just helped the dog today & not when it was a pup is beyond me
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
when I vet put faces like that, you want to take your dog to someone else, a little of professionalism will never hurt
If the dog is BORN with it, why did they wait so long to see a vet??!!.
James Cutler
@0:39"does it seem to hurt her at all?" "Yes" *proceeds to squeeze it*
What bothers me most is how the Vet reacts. Our vets have seen it all, smelled it all, and they tackle every challenge with enthusiasm. If they appeared to be grossed-out, it would upset me.
hate when they don't show the full episode.
sherri meehl
That dog is so precious!!!
D Lynn
Miss Nic
less talking more removal. frustrating vid
Jessica Guardado
there is no way i could of let my dog have this for 2 yrs!!!
Seventh Sinner
0:50 The "Okay" sounded like Doctor Who... Anyone?
You think that’s strange look up a pit bull chihuahua mix
Atheena Wolf
omg when the stuff started coming out I was like: @[email protected] stop it! stop its gross stop it! (*´>д<)
Lillys like what r u humana doing up there!?
Tessie Mae
This video has the most idiotic comments ever on YT-and that is saying something. Almost everyone commenting here is unbearably stupid and ignorant.  A) She had taken the dog to vets who could not tell her what it was. B) Vet fixed the underlying problem of overactive sebaceous glands by the procedure. This would NOT happen if he simply popped each one. They'd have come back.
The doctor Sounds like Dan TDM
bird squad
i feel bad 4 lily🙏
Rahul Modgil
stop pulling and jerking the damn leash .
Sue Alonzo
poor fog
Poor Lily 😢
Yosemite Sam
the vet makes his assistant sniff it to see if it smells.
Lais Rubio
pessoal para de fazer isso os bichos se beijam é Felipe e que se ligar no Viber problema não vai ver nada só você pegar pulga carrapato e nem deixa ele fugir pra rua pecado deixa eu machucar indelicato
Holly Jaye
@Isis R.~You might look up the word congenital. Has NOTHING to do with the breeders or quality of the dog. It's a freaking CYST...can be surgically removed, doesn't effect the dog's brain at all. Maybe look up CYST, too, since you are not knowledgeable.
the dog is like "get this over with"
Jack Griffin
Kimtastic VandenBerg
There are TONS of YouTube videos of people "popping" these on both animals and people!
When I watch stuff like this... If I feel something grazing my skin... I nearly throw my laptop on the ground to slap my skin... Is that bad?
Wafaa Darwish
how she now ? I wish she its okay
Sheila Mccorkle
Please don't talk to your pet like that! She loves you why don't you get on the damn collar let me pull you!!!!
Bouchta Bourhalem
Storm Stocks
please help me
Poor puppy
Bruce Kyle
Bless Lily,these poor animals needs human help,and bless the owner and the vet as well!
Chris Corbett
lily was very calm a such a good dog don't know about the rest of them the vet!!! and his assistant? are playing to the camera pulling faces when n smelling the puss you are supposed to be professional don't smell it then. merry xmas to all my fellow poppers
interSpeces Family
Wondering what this "vet" thought he was getting into when he chose his career. This precious dog has something found in humans also. Never could understand why people just delay sorting things out.
Why not marsupialise the skin? Instead of the grafts he mentioned, marsupialise it open.
Ísis R.
It is congenital, she should denounce the place where she bought her. Breed sick animals is a crime!
Golden lotus
I WAS GOING TO EAT BUT MAYBE NAH! Also why not go when the poor dog was a PUP?!
Even though the lumps are tender, the vet has to palpate it to try to determine the consistency of the mass to aid his diagnosis. Same reason why a doctor will palpate a swollen joint on a human.
Dan Kirchner
vegemite football
That Lily is such a beautiful dog! Poor thing. I'm glad they fix it!
Dora Glasberg
I had a cat with a few 1/2 cysts under her fur on her back. We just left them alone,  I always though they were just filled with blood.
helge herrmann
Poor Lily, I can't imaging what she went through.
Shelly Elmassmoudi
Why would wait sooo long to take your dog to the vet? This didnt happen overnight.
Yummy I'll eat that for supper
so, it's like a boil on the top of your head...
David Lowe
looks like bubonic plague.
Content Pig
Dogs CAN get MRSA a family friend who is veterinarian just lost a pup to it, I gave her my Zyvoxx I had left over since I had MRSA and had my leg amputated due to a 13 year battle with vome infections from a surgery to fix a clubbed foot due to spina bifida. Any she gave him zyvoxx, did transfusions, dialysis, everything she could but in the end the MRSA just kept coming back amd he was suffering. If you see any kind of boil isolate dog amd wear gloves till seen by a vet.
rogelio Gonzalez
who else's throw Ed up
kay cooper
I'm excited to know the outcome! Good luck Lily!
Cute girl...wonder if she's single? ;)
Renegade The Arctic Fox
Emily Lopez
She is so cute,poor baby 😍💖
Toy Mm
Elaine Aparecida ; lilica Da Silva
Elaine Aparecida ; lilica Da Silva
Poor little dog 😲😢
Aritma Alvarez
Omg why are they smelling it I bet it Smells really nasty
Isn't it a steatocystoma if hair is contained?
Mamadou Sacko
María Jesús ANDRES
app fptshop
Dyann Joyce
Vet seems lil a moron. Of course it smells stupid. And the owner us a moron, dog had those since a pup and never treated? One of my dogs has a bad cyst on her back but the vet didn't want to mess with it because it sits over her spine and she's an older dog. Doesn't seem to bother her, she loves to be scratched around it
Ball Busta
Wow I'm totally in love with Hanna she is the most beautiful amazing woman I've ever seen. I can't stop watching this just so I can stare at how pretty she is.
Poor baby
ابو عادل
Victory Cell
.g t
Wzystko Cokham
Hey Lady! If I shoved a Frying Pan Up Your Ass would you want it removed? No?! Leave it there for Two Years! OK!...You got it Jezebel!
Victory Cell
.g t
Or not.
Storm Stocks
my dog has lump's but im afraid that it will kill him
Stefon Taylor
Something about the dog owner saying "Just don't shave too much off" just rubbed me the wrong way. What a dumbass diva! Are you honestly going to hinder the doctors ability to save your dogs life because you are worried about the dogs hairdew? I would have just said "can somebody escort this lady out of here please, im trying to do my job"
Elshan Huseynov
Connie Long
Don Balt
girls is cute, but her dog !!! i cant understand how this girl could let it down like this. poor dog.
That poor dog had to suffer with those cysts for two years before she took it to a vet. Any Vet would have lanced it and found out what it was. I don't believe the owner when she says no one knows, if she took it to a vet they would have found out.
jalil sadigh
They're vets... Why are they acting so grossed out?
Connie Long
Margarita Saud
I'd treat her like a normal dog
Haji Farid sarwari
Rosana Alfaro
Aritma Alvarez
The doctor or vet sounds EXACTLY like Liam Payne.
Charlie Barr
Hey baby, if you come to America I can hook you up with Obama Care and you can have your teeth fixed! Obama Care should cover one pound of the cost! LoL she still is hot thou! I would do the dog too! LoL
So this is basically embarrassing bodies...but for dogs?
Lana the trucker
Why wasn't the dog checked out a long time ago by a vet who cares about animals ? This guy obviously doesn't
Shelley Campbell
Leoninus Fate
my dog had ong of these on his head for a good 3 years, It never bothered him and it was in a spot covered by hair well that dog would run fast and lets say his brakes was shot lol, he would run into walls one time after doing it I petted him and found out he popped it by running head on to the wall, then after I properly drained it and kept it clean, he was perfect, he has passed just a few months ago from old age
LOL! You fail!
what kind of a vet is this little prick
A stray cat that was on the porch had these same exact bumps, and the same exact stuff would come out, she'd squeal and scratch my mom every time she would get the stuff out but it eventually went away. Glad I know what it is now, always thought the cat had the plague or something.