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A funny compilation video of a failed athlete in the Olympics is the funniest collection of videos when athletes fail at the Olympics and other championships, as well as the funniest collection of videos when athletes fail to exercise. A funny compilation video of a failed athlete in the Olympics is the funniest collection of videos when athletes fail at the Olympics and other championships, as well as the funniest collection of videos when athletes fail to exercise.

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chennai central
sumit borse
4:09 USA vs Russia 😂😂😂😂
Tierliebhaberin !
That isn't funny...
These are not all olympics
Sanjay Kumar
One Win one loose
Dużo Polaków tu było (januszy)
Pradeep Ghawri
Brother you says its funny, They did years of hardwork to perform their... So person like you can't understand what they lost, what they have face...
Daku Mangal Singh
It's not funny ok
At first view it looks funny but think about it when a player practices a his Event for a long time which he has to perform in the biggest game in the world the Olympics and he got fail due to any of that reason what will be the feelings..
Lagat KaU
Its not funny they're doing their best out there. Hope you can understand that
Amanpreet Singh
they are not failure because they participated in Olympic .... hard work guyzzz
Jaswinder Singh
I seem not a funny movement ..
Limitless Gaming
Not funny at al.... They took so long to practice. Try it yourself. You wont think its funny when you fail...
Deepak Rana
This is not funny....It takes lots of hard work for any player to get there...👎
Djh Fjff
3:20 hahaha
Evan's Gaming Channel!
Bla bla bla I'm Tessa brooks
Life at the Speed of Connor
1:17 Scott Sterling anyone?
Db Rai
never give up...
Assam& Bihar
Is this funny? Bro do u forget meaning of funny!
Battlehawk Gaming
Mom: How good are your grades compared to the class. Me: 2:16
Eybrielle Marquez
Yah i guess its funny, but that's hurts.for me? If u ask me? Its not funny for me! But if that makes u laugh then just watch! I just share my opinion! 😯😉❤️❤️✌️
That man zibur had a lot of fails
raja saha
The girl in red at 2:54..... Thankfully god she was a girl!!!
Tahin 137870
najma maknojia
Atleast they try their best👍
zelin wong
It's not funny
Neeta J
This is due to the pressure! Just imagine you have 4 subjects exam(includes math) in 1 day or you got to work 18 hours in the office for a year....
DBoy 37
0:30 What was he spitting out?
Sherbet Unicorn
Today is the opening seremoney of the winter olimpics 2018
Alex Elliott
The poor horse 😪
Shiven Joshi
i like that like numbers777 thats y i dint like other wise lastone was epic😂😂
you tube
we are proud of them
Annie and Caleb Leblanc Annie and Caleb Leblanc
Those are not funny fails those were sad fails!!!!!
Michael Lauzon
These are hardly 'olympic fails', some of them are from the olympics, while a tonne of others are from various sporting events...way to clickbait your title!!!
taseen taseen
Hey... I like it.
Serchhip Chelsea
I can't smile.
karam pepe
Lucy.D Nami
Tội chớ vui gì😫
Joseph Kwon
5:13 😂😂😂 So funny hhh
Truongg Trinhh
Viresh Kasar
You should not insult them because they are hardworking athletes
khliaq jan
Hahaha 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁
Radha Selvam
Hello..u should not take this as a Finney video is there is mistake not a....U should not blame.they will correct it. U should not kindal
At least, they are better than me. Those activities aren't easy.
ghulam shabir
AKG PRODUCTION Watch this also
All American Boy Nextdoor
Oyop Yop
Kamariah Kasim
Ada sakit ada lawak
dimitris koutsouvelis
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaa chifsa ropt
khushbu high school
Its not easy
Rocker Zocker
What is funny at 4 minutes and 44 secounds that must hurt very much
Jayden Bleich
Простой Канал
daicia Willis
2:24 that's me
daicia Willis
3:45 what a free style 😄😅😂
Lisbeth Adames
Almost all of them fall on their back or face
5:05 Poland :D
1:48 this is in my gymnastics club
Annie Morenno
Some of it is funny, people getting hurt *Shouldn't* be funny but it is so popcorn come to me :3
Yat Ying Lui
OOF AT 1:17 TO 1:19
A ruat
2:17 when u show up anyway 😂😂 no insult ✌
Kate Son
Lack of practice.
Happyatleta 06
Ma quello grasso come ci è arrivato alle olimpiadi?
Markkola A
Not funny
electron man
Funny fails ha ha ha ha
Sharif Brown
What's the song at 4:10
ramata cisse
I can barely speak English i speak Spanish à vous tous et je suis contente de Dieu c'est lui qui Hola comigo si tu lui donne
patrick jhonson
2:54 shes so lucky she doesnt have balls
ramata cisse
2:16 haha He so slow a toy train could beat him in a race
Pine Sol
Does anyone else have to like their own comment bc nobody else will?
learn with RKS
2:53 oh gosh thanks she was not a man.
1:15 SCOTT STERLING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kidan Gebre
2:54 So lucky that she has no balls
2:21, how does he qualify to go to the Olympics? (Who’s watching 2018!)
Once's _Aruim
When u just want to be grandma 6:02
melly 01
Nn si possono chiamare FUNNY certa gente si è fatto moollllltttttooo male
Christopher Ramos
I feel bad for big guy because I way 140 pounds and im 10 =( 72236023 72236023
Forever Alone
R.I.P HORSE 🐴 we will always remember you. 🐴🐴🐴
Augo Vits
I guess u don't knw the meaning of funny
Sham V
Others pain should'nt be felt funny
Knight walker347
Why do everyone thinks that its funny when someone hurt theirselves like what if that happened to u.
It's not even funny. THEY WORK REALLY HARD...
Jiwoo Kim
It's not funny!! People actually get hurt!!
Donovan Cavers
Not Olympics
عطر المسك
اللهم عليك بعباد الصليب الكفار
Tiaam Majzoubi
Yeah because it’s funny to watch people, who have vigorously trained for years, have all of their hard work and effort go to poop. Also these aren’t all even from the Olympics. Creep.
구독 누르면 프사처럼됨.
0:24 저걸 또 가볍게 잡아버리는 흑형클라뚜
Algie •̀ᴗ•́
1:17 Double Kill
0:24 "Olympics"
Mohammed Mizan
Its not funny ......
CLICK BAIT!! There are only 6 clips from Olympic moments, totaling about :30. The rest is garbage.
AWolvesWorld ?
One it’s not funny because it includes vomit two it’s very hard to get to here👎👎😡
Marlee Tolbert
thats not funny, its actually kinda if you agree
Mia Turner
fokotiya lora. Bikash Dewri.
Super piliyar wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Yt
Stop laughing people! It's not funny!! Can you guys do this?