My best friend's wedding - I say a little prayer

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My best friend's wedding I say a little prayer

Jenna Kenna
I loved seeing Michael feel so jealous & actually tght they might have a chance together was so sad they didn't.! Get me every time I watch it.!
Sally Green
that guy playing piano has been waiting all his life for this haha
90's Rom-Coms are the best!
Jamie Mueller
"I'll convince them that I'm not gay... THROUGH A LAVISH MUSICAL NUMBER!"
I love this ending. She didn't get the guy, but she got the kick ass, amazing best friend.
Rupert Everett is the best thing about this movie
Matthew Ingmire
Who came here thinking of Aretha Franklin?
My best friend and i used to love that moment so much when we were in high school we would just look at each other and just say "the moment i wake up" and burst out laughing not able to not laugh at each other expression and now almost 7 years later she's getting married and i'm definitely doing this!
Chris Vaughan
Man I miss movies like this , movies that are incredibly catchy, warm and filled with simple and common thoughts and feelings , movies that have no super deep philosophical meaning, but easy and soothing atmosphere, movies that are not stuffed with big budget and soaked in cgi, movies that never get old or boring.... One fine day, sleepless in Seattle, you've got mail, Sally and me, this.... I can watch over and over again and be happy!!!
The last time I broke out in song at a restaurant the management called me, "sir", and then added, "you're making a scene." 
George is my favorite character in the funny and adorable
Kay Vo
Hahaha! This is the best "sad ending" ever The way George encourage Jules made me feel really relieved for her ! Well, love may go but great friendship is still there!
Roxanne Nacino
that kind of friend who will save you at the end of bad day.. thats nice!
Meghan Finley
why can't this happen when I'm at dinner xD
Perfect Sense
Honestly one of the greatest moments in film history, believe it or not.
Jessica Silva
his voice is So damn Sexy. 😍
the telephone scene always brought me to tears.... there will be dancing!!!!!!!
Super handsome, that Rupert Everett
Ann Legaspi
I try to convince myself that she actually ended up with George. 
Bria Wilson
When I was kid I thought Cameron Diaz stole him from her so I HATED her up until I couldn't understand the movie lol
I think they make a better pair than the other guy. He was dull.
Deeps Th
I miss this kind of movies these days.Nowadays it all sci fi, super heroes movies. But the feel good movies like MBFW is what is missing sadly these days
The moment I wake up Before I put on my makeup I say a little pray for you While combing my hair now And wondering what dress to wear now I say a little prayer for you Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever, we never will part Oh, how I love you Together, forever, that's how it must be To live without you Would only mean heartbreak for me I run for the bus, dear While riding I think of us, dear I say a little prayer for you At work I just take time And all through my coffee break time I say a little prayer for you Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever we never will part Oh, how I'll love you Together, forever, that's how it must be To live without you Would only mean heartbreak for me I say a little prayer for you I say a little prayer for you My darling, believe me (Believe me) For me there is no one but you Please love me too (Answer his pray) And I'm in love with you (Answer his pray) Answer my prayer now, babe (Answer his pray) Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever we never will part Oh, how I'll love you Together, forever, that's how it must be To live without you Would only mean heartbreak for me
Khern A
That employee at 0:52 has been waiting his entire life for this moment
Julia Marke
Cameron & Jules have the most infectious Hollywood laughs. Love George's playful personality but Michael was certainly not amused. His crazy jealousy, requesting alone time with Jules and that boat scene were all quite telling of his mixed bag.of emotions. Wonder what Kimmy would have made of it just two days before their wedding? A sequel could be very interesting......
i forgot how big mobile phones used to be
Sixteen Ramos
I actually felt the heartbreak in this ending scene. It was a beautiful ending, but also sad.
Rosario Elizabeth macias zapata
This scene makes me feel so happy! I want to get a friend like him! I WANT A GAY FRIEND PLEASE!
the best message about living... life goes on, amazing ending
"Rrrrrradiant with charisma!" LOVE that part xD
Leorey Paglumotan
Thank you Ms. Aretha Franklin for this memorable music. R.I.P.
Huda H
Am I the only one that wanted Michael and her to end up together XD It was a good rom/com though!
bach baroque
oh my goodness....the song "I say little prayer"  by Aretha came out in the spring of 1968.....I had to skip school lunch for two days to save the money to buy the 45rpm.....a whopping  63 cents!  but it was worth it.  I bought the original version by Dionne Warwick just seven months earlier in Oct. '67, but it just did not have the same R and B  groove that Aretha gave it as a cover song  the next year......and I still have both 45 rpms!!
Rupert Everett could of been a good bond
Lalo Hamadeh
This is classic Hollywood . they did an amazing and entertaining job
Why are some devastatingly handsome single men are gay. 😭 they'll be no marriage for me surely. 😆I want a best friend like George *sigh
JayDee Faya
I like this version particularly for the piano, beautifully played! RIP Aretha Franklin 🙏
Sunday Okojaja
Rest in Peace Aretha Franklin
Rdo. PEZ
And thanks to this movie gay best friends become trendy and hot.
M Sade
RIP Aretha Franklin
Normally I can't sit through a movie, but I've sat through this one three times...and I could do it again any day of the week! Also can we just address how AWESOME a gay best friend George is?
Francesca Dal zio
RIP Aretha Franklin
Breanne Nicole
Brb, while I play this video 800 times
kat Buffey
this song would not leave my head for 3 months
somehow this always makes me cry, like I literally feel my heart aching for fictional characters
celine tsui
I always adore George the most!
R. I. P. Aretha Franklin...
alexandra mizuhara smith
my favorite scene from my favorite movie :-)
couldn't he atleast be bi?? :(
Sharon Sylvie
Best part of the movie was this scene
Punk rules
This is 2016 I'm 16 years old And this is my favourite movie... I watch it every rime and Julia Roberts is the best ..
Gin tonic
I still have the VHS tapes for this. I was only 7 or 8 when it came out and I would play it everyday.... That and Stepmom. Julia Roberts.
This would be fun to reenact.
Imogen Kelly
She was in love with Michael no question. But George was her true best friend.
reina coffee
I love this song very much.....great hit by the unforgettables Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Sang by Dionne Warwick and our Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin
Lindsey White
love those huge cell phones at the end
Hello essenine
Julia's hair <3
Charlotte Ronfort
Best wedding film ever
jasmine Davis
Julia Robert's is gorgeous!
Fundip32010 tinaluna
George is such a great friend!!
Exterminate Bullies
I like that there are both scenes here.
Cara, esse filme marcou a minha adolescência. Eu era completamente obcecada por ele. Via todo fim de semana. Essa cena do restaurante é ÉPICA! Amo demais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Music,Movies,Models & Mayhem Radio Show
The character George stole the show in this movie
Adrienne Clarke
Rupert Everett should have been Bond.
Ocho DJ
love the song and the movie...!!! anyone else in 2018...???
another great Julia Roberts movie from back in the day when she ruled!!
Tanya L Amir
RIH Queen Aretha Franklin. <3 <3 <3
Yudhistira Pratama
I love love love Julia Roberts! May God bless her with more great movies to star in. A wonderful n talented movie star!!
most memorable scene of the movie ;)
Kalina Simmons
I love this part of the movie 😂
Hanna Montenegro
Melhor filme que existee!! Manoo musica perfeita
Nancy Brillant
Every time I see that gigantic cellphone, I smile. How far we have come in cellular phone technology
Jiu-Jitsu Aspie 00
Date movie.way better
Samantha HappyGoLucky
Who searched for this video and still ADORES it in 2017? ❤
Nice, that was a gorgeous film - what a fantastic wedding.
Cameron's laugh at the beginning is so funny hahaha
Kathleen Cunningham
The best scene in the movie. I love Rupert Everett!
This was the first "white" movie I think I ever seen in the 90s. My parents were...extremely ethnocentric. haha. I think this was the only VHS they owned with white actors.  I watched it all the time. I loved it, and always thought the main woman (Roberts) was beautiful and funny. And Phillip Ingram's version of that song is the best I've ever heard.
chaska mena
My favorite romantic  comedy by far! things not always go as we like, that´s life
Amanda Bellini
Dermot Mulroney was really handsome back then... what the fuck happened to him??
Diego Cervantes
I give a little fap for youuuu
This reminds me of a flash mob.
Ugh I seriously can't stand Jules. I've watched this movie numerous times and every time she comes as selfish and manipulating.
Krazy Lazy Gamer
LOL Those HUGE cell phones!
Kathy Murguia
I love how they did Julia Roberts hair and makeup. It looks natural yet still beautiful.
Dermot's so beautiful. Even still.
Stephanie Ridgway
surly i cant be the only person who thinks George is irresisteble
One of my fav movies
Rupen Patel
Goodbye Aretha....You're in a class of your own!
eliza aniceto
My fave movie of all times!
Hol M
I love when movies break out in a spontaneous song haha i miss movies like this
anyone noticed the waving crab/lobster arms in the back??! XD I'm crying with laughter @ 2:08
Steve Gorrell
this is so hilarious! and I love this song!
Gracias mamá por ver este tipo de películas cuando era niño, a mi me encantan <3 y me vale que me digan gay porque me gusten... ¡SON HERMOSAS! Algún día haré esto, y no podemos negar que todos/as quisiéramos un amigo como George jajaja ñ.ñ <3
Diamond Williams
Great friendships are hard to come by but such a blessing when they come your way.
Aerielle Anne
she reminds me of barbie
DAMMIT i wish George wasn't gay i wanted them to be together.
One of the greatest, if not the greatest moment in the entirety of movie history!!!! Collaborative singing in a restaurant!! Love the bit when the staff member starts playing the piano!!!