Star Trek - Shutting Down the Oracle

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Kirk and Spock attempt to shut down the Oracle, but it becomes furious and makes them retreat (For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky)

Sometimes I pretend my car is a shuttlecraft and I fire phasers at slower traffic in front of me
Diana Bezerra
Poor McCoy...
Susan A.
that's Scotty's voice right? lol
Ruthie the Magma Cube
I'm surprised there people even remember how to use a book... what am old fashioned earth relic!
It's S03E08. For The World is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky
This show was, to yield a pun, light years ahead of its time. The scripts were superb. nice post - I often use the phrase in the episode's title.
Terry Bardy
McCoy is definitely a Southern Gentleman
azure rainbow
Dr. McCoy sure found Natira attractive.
HOT stuff!
Raiken Xion
They all had some beauties though, ofviously Kirk had the most, but I dont think he had the best ones Natira is Dank and that woman who Spock fell for and he had to leave her back in that time, in a cold cave all alone on a planet, absolutely shocking. A red head, she was simply a heartbreaker.
Nama Farm
just like The Star Lost Canadian series!!
Looking back after all these years, you can see Roddenberrys atheism come out in episodes like this.
Spock instantly knows how to operate the computer, yet he didn't know how to operate Gary Seven's computer?
g00gle minus
In this instance Spock says "temperature 111 degrees and rising." That has to be Fahrenheit because in Celcius they would not merely be uncomfortable, they'd be boiling - literally boiling because the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celcius. Now, as we all know, Fahrenheit is not a scale that any scientist worth a god dam would ever use. So why the hell is Spock using Fahrenheit? He's not even an American, he's a Vulkan!
Coleman Adamson
CBS do all the other alphabet liars.....but at least they posted this.
P. Rabbitt
What is this madness??? How did I miss seeing this episode.. It so tacky!