Can Windows 10 Get to a Billion

On today's episode of First Ring Daily, we dive into Windows 10 adoption and Google's calamities.

Dynamike 2010
Intel without competition (AMD's FX family had poor performance) caused too much stagnation. Now with Ryzen I think we will have new wave of PC sales… Let's see ;-)
Not The One
The tool to drive nails into concrete is called a Ramset, some Home Depots rent them and if you can't get one buy a concrete drill bit and insert studs with two part epoxy. DO NOT USE A POWER ROOTER ON DOWN SPOUTS!! You will destroy them because power rooters only work in buried pipes that are solid, your down spout will rip right off the wall. Down spouts rarely clog in the middle, they almost always clog at the top in the gutter and if they discharge next to the wall you will get seepage so add flex line to divert water away from the house.