The Pyeongchang 2018 Opening Ceremony Highlights | Winter Olympics 2018 | PyeongChang

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Pyeongchang 2018 was a lot better than Sochi 2014
Great job South Korea! You guys made good use of the money for the opening ceremony. It's not about spending the most money and showing off. There's other places you can use the money for in the country. Beautiful showcase of the nation's culture, language, and beauty. I enjoyed this more than Sochi!!
I want to watch the whole ceremony
olimpic games always get me emotional 😂😂😂
it was pretty good considering the fact that they used half the budget of most countries like china and russia, and highlight of the video, Queen Yuna lighting the cauldron.
Professor X
This video needs more views.....World needs to appreciate the beauty of winter Olympics.....
Kevin Gonzalez
Like the drone part :)
Yuna Kim we miss you Queen 💕
Diana Gonzalez
-To everyone asking "Where's the full ceremony?" Try looking into your local broadcasting channel for the full ceremony. For Americans, this would be the NBC website. -To everyone saying that the whole drones thing was a lie: no it wasn't. It was publicly revealed that the drone footage was pre recorded to get it perfectly. If this makes you angry, know that you probably would have been more upset if the drones were wrongly coordinated because of last minute malfunctions. -Lastly, to people bashing these ceremonies because they weren't personally your favorite: You have a right to voice your opinion but don't try to force it onto others. It's annoying. P.S. do more reasearch into the games before you start questioning everything that happens.
feel proud as a Korean
it was a very good show for a place with bad climate conditions. i loved the fireworks. Congratulations, South Korea.
Arielle Masters
Where's the entire opening ceremony? >:(
Dave J
Full opening ceremony please.
Abhishek Velayudh
It so amazing to see the united korean penisula and all nations who is partipanted winter olympics 2018
AUFKLÄRUNG Bibel und Christentum
Where I can find the whole ceremony?
Sarah A.
Kim Yuna :') <3
شخص مجهول
I want to watch the whole ceremony
Ina Lee
PyeongChang has changed Korean history
0022 J
Please upload the full entire opening ceremony🙏🏻🙏🏻 because NBC is always horrible at doing olympic coverages and they cut out one of the good parts of the segments such as the future segment
Hadila Franciska
Not even a Korean. Why im teared up from the beginning at get chills all over my body.
Spotlive TV
Full ceremony please!
best Ceremony !
Please upload full opening ceremony
Damus Ravenwood
never stops to make me cry
What do we want? The full Opening Ceremony! When do we want it? ASAP!
Nini N.
Vrinda Sugandhi
It's amazing and beautiful. I love this presentation 😍😍😍😍
oo Y
You skipped out on all the important scenes. ○ Dangun mythology, Korean national mythology, Goguryeo mural costume, and so on.
simple and wonderful just like Rio 2016
gowreesh nath
It was million times better than Rio
Ana Guevara
Where can i watch the whole show? I missed it on tv. Links anyone??
Seoulover Park
Olympic for peace, olympic for one Korea.
Hyunjun Koo
Through this ceremony South Korea showed harmony and convergence, and passion and peace. Well done!!!
Sergio Camberos
Yuna kim queen forever.
Jeremiah Hanson
I love that cauldron lighting!
Piotr Piotr
I would like to watch whole ceremony.
sky watcher
Just like those following the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, I too am having a blast! May more peace, more love, more happiness, more unity and harmony be in our world always :-)
Esther Piry
so beautiful .. I was looking for the entire opening of the Olympic here in Korea on youtube..
Krisna Agung Murti
Better than Incheon 2014 😂. Good job. You evaluated what you do in Incheon 2014.
Will you guys post a whole ceremony like you did with rio? This look amazing!
rosa evelyn salas presentation ever..the fireworks are great. Whatever reactions of both Koreans..they had a great job. Well done guys. .
freshly donut
Why am i crying T^T
Tomsoul Man
It's beautiful, I cried when saw all people smile.
Ayesha M
Beautiful ceremony!!
Yu won Cha
개막식 집에서 보다보니 비싸도 가볼걸 하는 후회가 드네요 ㅠㅠ
Allan Lucas
Congratulations Korea
I loved watching this live!!!
what the... well... this certainly is.. interesting.
L sm
There are much more fantastic stages that are not visible in the video.
Britney Nguyen
What's a beautiful opening ceremony. But only the drone. Where is the White Dove ?
I want to watch the full.
Most boring Olympics in recent history to be honest. Only braindead Yunabots beg to disagree.
Zhang Zhuisui
Very awesome this has moved me to see both north and south korea unite together for the Olympics , great opening ceremony - from china
nxrift 05
It is so beautiful .. Oh my god😍😍😍
Marcel Rico Zambrana
Eso es todo lo que muestra de Olympic Channel? Una apertura de varias horas y en apenas 5 min muestran la parte mas aburrida que es el ingreso de los atletas...
Teddy Kurniawan
The Athletes parade always make me emotional :) good luck for them..
Blue wall flower
So emotional to hear 'korea' instead of South and north...wish they would be joined already forever :)
Pedro Basanta
Hyunjun Koo
So amazing and beautiful !!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
칠레 선수들 귀여웡ㅋㅋㅋ 무한댄스도 귀여웡ㅋ
daylo vehope
i was crying for no reason
Willman H.
When they took off the coats and showed the Korean flag, my dad said HEY ITS PEPSI!!!
OMG Amazing opening Korea
zulian fatha
what a wonderfull!
Sae Hong
So so proud to be Korean
Hyunjun Koo
Love Winter Olympics 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
I am so proud to host the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. because I am Korean.
Suban toda la ceremonia
Tully Mitchell
God, I wish I could have watched this live. I was performing at a show choir competition. The ceremony was stunning, though - regardless of when I watched it.
Dear Olympic, Although you have the ceremonies on the olympic site but it would be nice if you upload the olympic opening and closing ceremonies here on youtube since you have Rio’s olympic ceremonies here on youtube as well. Since people are asking for it. Sincerely, Everybody else
Leonardo Floresluna
Suban toda la ceremonia
Tahir Ahmed
Excellent, beautiful, wonderful, amazing.............Great event started.......everybody happy.....yes no doubt sports bring people together and peace must prevail this world ..........wars not at all accepted or benefit any country or land..........Great athletes we love them a lot and those who win Gold meals are appreciated but bronze and silver have their own values enjoy sports and sportsman spirit is seen everywhere.............
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Henry Martinez FTW New York 2020
It’s August but what happened to the full opening ceremony ?
where is pyeongchang full opening ceremony???????????????????????????????????
This is incorrect they are supposed to play the Terran theme from starcraft. Jk. They did an amazing job. Koreans are so cool.
Mike Miller
Isn't it amazing that the human species all over the planet can watch the most athletic, wealthy, and opportunistic humans on earth compete against each other? It's all because of us that want to see this happen and we put time and money into it. I think that makes us all Olympians, way to go people. I wonder what Olympics we're going to have in space? Martian hockey lol yeah right, earthlings are going to be much stronger then they are due to the gravity. They might be smarter than us though due to the fact they won't need all that energy to operate their bodies because of lower gravity... Heil Humanity!
Miguel Li
Queen Yuna♡♡♡
Tanya Kaufman
The opening ceremony was kinda boring I was expecting a way more. London and Sochi's ceremonies are still my favorite.
Queen yuna
Yuna kim♡
so many empty seats
코리아 원 팀 넘버 원 ~~~♡♡♡
L sm
Fireworks were elaborate timing skills and were grand and fairytale.
Vielle Digor
IOC, when you will have the full replays for both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies? We are waiting until now for the full replay 😤👎
BigDog123456vr Productions
Anybody notice the White Tiger? Was he a mascot?
Maria Alejandra
me encanta
Carlos Campo
Haineko Mikemalcom
Ok... I'm crying 😂
When will the entire ceremony be uploaded? :(
Medusa gorgon anime
Emily Michalski
Who else missed this because of celebrity big brother?
Josh Rees
Do you know when the entire ceremony will be uploaded on here?
Wind of Roses
★★★ Sneaky wartime countries, North and South Korea's nightmare Festival !!
no doves are harmed