Ferrari / Shell Refueling @ 150mph

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In 1997, Shell once again pushed the boundaries of what was believed to be technically possible with a daring and impressive display deep in the Mojave Desert. The general public and F1 fans alike were united in their appreciation of Shell and Ferraris visually stunning Refuelling ad.

Good Shell TV commercial The Shell fuel airplane and the F1 Ferrari are fasters!!!!!!!!
The Stig
Andrés Rodrigo Escobar Arias
¿No es excelente?
try that in Monaco
Jakob Bo Søndergaard Madsen
omfg; your smart. Figured that out by yourself ? lul
CG only.
Stewart Shaw
its fake, it is illegal for an aircraft to fly that low, and you can tell when they show an outside view of the situation that the aircraft is animated
Alex TiGGer-Jennings
Really excellent ad. Done like some blockbuster movie. Total b'locks of course but ain't all adverts, so don't worry too much about the technicalities of joining an aircraft hose to a car without the required probe ;-)
Levi Asay
that's hysterical
Lol, you're joking, right? A person inside guides it. How else do you think it is done?
Is that done for real?? How does the fuel hose find the tank entrance?