Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop - BTS

Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop: A behind the scenes look at the idea, the build and the stunt. We talked with Tony about an idea of creating a Helix shaped ramp that could be skated from top to bottom and he was excited but also a little nervous. To make it all the way around and out, he needed a combination of the right speed, centrifugal force and friction to keep him on the vertical wall. Thanks to Sony for funding this dream and the help of Sony Action Cameras to capture the event. Skateboarding is fun. Music by: No Pilot "Discharge" /> NJ Whitey "Somebody Grab the Wheel" /> More at: />SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: />Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: />Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: />Follow RIDE on TWITTER: />Check out the RIDE WEBSITE:

You won't believe the crazy wheelchair tricks he'll do at the retirement home.
2015: not yet 2016: a little longer 2017: oooo, maybe not now 2018: could we? Nah. 2019: Ok, let’s recommend it Edit: I don’t understand how it took me about 3 years to see this awesome video
That's why he is called Tony Hawk and not Tony Chicken.
Juliet Bonet
Everybody knows Tony Hawk but no one can recognise him
People say knee and elbow pads while skating is dumb, tell that to Tony Hawk.
Chopped Gesh Rapscalion
If this man can get this crazy ass ramp built there is no excuse as to why we don’t have Tony Hawk Underground Skate 3
Big Oof
I really like his personality. I think he should have a series like this.
weiwen Weng
Select a character to clear the game Easy: Tony Hawk Normal: Tony Hawk Hard: Tony Hawk Very Hard: Tony Hawk Impossible: 50 years old Tony Hawk
Girl at restaurant: Are you Tony Hawk? Tony hawk: Yes. Girl: Why? Tony hawk: ...
Jesse Allen
Nobody: Youtube: heres a random Tony Hawk video from 3 years ago Literally everybody: ye ok
Sir Dioth
Here we witness tony hawk's downward spiral
David Carter
Ladies & Gentlemen.... still your No.1 skateboarder of all time.... TONY HAWK!
Asher Hinrichs
is andbody watching this in 2019 becuase you bored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cody Galloway
HAWK You will always be the man when it comes to skating! Your a true one of a kind Legend man an always will be! You was a great Roll-model for myself and friends as we grew up skating in the 90’s an early 2000s! Keep Rocking dude much love an support from Holden Beach NC 🤘🏼💯✌🏼
Grasshopper K
"Sorry Tony, we forgot to put a memory card in, you need to do it again..."
Mathieu Lefebvre
What am I doing here? I’ve never watched skateboard stuff in my life before.
Mike Jones
A lot of people don't know this, but Tony Hawk is actually still 30.
Brain: it's 4am you should go to sleep. Youtube's Recommended: Me: Oh yeah, let's watch that.
Corey Somers
Nobody: Other nobody: Nobody’s mom: Nobody’s second great aunt: YouTube suggestion: WATCH TONY HAWK DO THE FIRST DOWNWARD SPIRAL LOOP FROM THREE YEARS AGO
Whirly Dirly
I read Tony Stark Ye i just watched Endgame ok
I know I'm late, but this guy is a legend! Amazing video
wasdwasdw wasdwasdw
Tony Hawk, defying the laws of Physics since 1999
What day he’ll lose a toe Then he just be To-ny Hawk
LilColin80 Gamer
His pocket is huge and yall see that that broze was big like if you argee
Avery Nelson
Skateboarding is a great sport for kids (or anyone really) because it teaches you how to handle failure, how to persevere through frustration, and an enormous amount of body-spacial awareness. And Tony just proves that the failing forward, the persistence, they never stop.
Adi Reyes
Me: [has never skateboarding in life or watched videos] YouTube: *spams recommended with tony hawk videos*
Matthew James
Bill Nye is not a scientist. He's a science enthusiast . Big difference Tony
Mel Ancholynus
Tony Hawk does stuff that's impossible to do in the video games...
Aki Nara
He gets hurt but still keeps going QAQ wow. Thats dedication
*Good Vibes*
This is nothing, I’ve been skating a downward spiral my whole life
Aidan Palmer
Ok YouTube I watched it, are you happy
StarWars R
you need to use electric longboard to acelerate the speed againt the gravity
Fatih Erdem Kızılkaya
Bro, this is impossible. Just give up. Tony Hawk: Hold my hip.
Man, this guy's good. They should make video games about him.
Papa Jo
Tony: We need a scientist. WE NEED BILL NYE HERE!!!
DarkRaven Raven
Tony Hawk is a legend!!! #respect
Anas Khalid
So he had to sacrifice himself for the safety of thousands. ❤
MaybeSo MaybeNot
30 years later.... And I'm still watching Tony Hawk do stuff i can't. Cool 👍
Dont worry we will fix this next patch.
Devansh Jain
Man, you took so much pain so many falls And worked so hard for it so this video deserves my like.
if this was in your recommended then your my kinda person.
Tony Hawk just seems like an incredible human being. I'd love to meet him someday
Doctor Yacht
Fun Fact: After 40 years of skateboarding, Tony's hips and knees are made of dust.
Glad I’m not the only one who got this randomly recommended
Erika Bastick
I can't believe that I can say that my dad skated with Tony Hawk. Shout out to Joe Bastick I love you dad! <3
10.000 subs with 0 minecraft Let’s Play’s
I love how everyone got this in their recommendation and I’ve seen it when it came out and this is my 5th time..
Ty Correll
When he said, "I'm so excited, I can't believe it worked," I heard the voice of a young boy named Tony Hawk, and it made me happy for him. It's pretty sweet to see someone carry that childhood love for so long and still be so passionate.
Felicia 925
I can vision Tony at 100yrs old with a walker still executing skateboard stunts.
ExpGamer X
If anyone could do it, it would be Tony Hawk.
Harry Greensmith
Well I’m glad YouTube recommended this random tony hawk video. Don’t know why though
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Hawk: “Can we get a scientist here? We need Bill Nye” Me: doesn’t everyone always need Bill Nye tho?
Kid Refugee
Bill Nye, really? I hope that was just a bad joke. How about any structural engineer and not some half ass scientists.
Riven Cooper
it's actually simple physics. You can calculate the velocity he needs to do that.
all or nothing master
They made a game of you and I still play it it's called Tony hawk's underground 2
The Green hair dude looks like the manifestation of California. Also Tonys a beast
ellen conley
Kick flip tony your the best man love lizard 🦎 cinnamon
I was like “omg he was a legend like 20years ago. Stop pretending is some kind of god“ Watched the video: “okay nevermind“
"People keep asking me questions like how do I approach, how do I- I don't know. I'm just gonna find out the hard way." -Tony Hawk
Skc Wildout
Not gonna lie but... Tony hawk makes Protection lookcool
Cason Scarce
0:40 But Bill Nye isn't even a scientist. He is an engineer.
Cason Scarce
0:40 But Bill Nye isn't even a scientist. He is an engineer.
Mack SkeetO
Scary videos naw Ko fight comps naw 2chains most expensive naw Tony Hawk Skates first downward spiral loop CLICK!
That camera on his board must have been a huge bother Edit - I made it another 5 seconds and noticed the camera was taken off Edit 2 - It's on there again(?) or they took it off for a few tries, or I just couldn't see it
Greyson Gladney
Let this be a lesson... Even the pros fall.... It's about getting up and continuing on!
King.K The Best
Why did I just realize that Tony Hawk is a 50 year old man, and not a 30 year old?
D. Burckholdtz
Live from RIDE, Tony Hawk skates the first EmpLemon™ spiral
Welcome back to another episode of: Why is this in my recommended?
This man is a true inspiration and one of the top athletes of our generation. 💪👍🙏 Legend
Tony Hawk did that? Pffft, hold my beer... ... while I go cry about my sedentary lifestyle.
wow this guy is like a real life tony hawk edit: holy crap this got way more likes than it should have (i’m guessing bc of recommendations???)
I didn't realize Tony Hawk is still cool
In 100 years everyone will have this ramp and we’ll all remember this legend for pulling it off first and making it possible
Lonnie Temple
Juan (ThatWasEpic) will look like tony hawk when he gets older.
Dude we used to thrash after watching Tony hit sick sets either for fun or in competition lots of bumps and bruises but that man help paved the way for the sport
100 subs without Vid?!
*I can't even step on a Skateboard*
Sam Rendi
24 June 2019 Like
Spyro 423
Now I wish that was in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4!(only game I have of his lol)
Paul Narrea
As I get older the more I respect master Hawk for pulling this kind of shit Dude's truly a legend
Me: *Laying in bed eating candy and chips* "quit failing loser"
Christian Petersen
I'm sure they're all old and grey but Tony Hawk has some balls. Keep it up Tony!
Gabriel Stradivarius
The most awesome 90-year old ever. No but for real... He's been around for ages.
Zach Turner
The title could be a bit more clickbaity. Try "WILL TONY HAWK SURVIVE HIS FRIGHTENING DOWNWARD SPIRAL?"
Im not a skater but Tony hawk puts a tear in my eye A LEGEND!
Anna Dickey
I've been watching and admiring Tony Hawk for close to 29 years.... the man STILL amazes me!!!! MAD RESPECT!!!!!
In his 50's, and still doing stuff people half his age can't.
copy paste
Just like me: Sucesfull in a downward spiral.
Fiery Dooter
Top 10 anime battles: Tony Vs Loop
GG Tony, can't think of many people better suited for this stunt then you dawg.
Literally everyone: “literally no one: ‘ ‘, youtube: watch the 3yo vid”
Matt Smith
Can you imagine all the arthritis, aches and pains Tony Hawk must have now. LOL. Very cool..
babadook trying to hook
Played now : late 90s - early 2000s music
Skyler kent
Absolutely inspirational to see the challenge embraced, and honestly overcame with grit N persistence! 😎🤟 I cheered when he made it
It's not so incredible, I did that a thousand times in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
Kenneth Masters
Tony Hawk a walking Legend, and to still see him pioneering the game, is epic. Big respects to being a icon too many of us since we were kids. 🙌🔥👏 As to the haters. Haters gonna hate, Ainters gonna Ain't. And I know your hating asses ain't doing it 😂.
And I thought this man had done everything in skating and yet still is the first to complete these insane stunts.... legend
Connor McClure
Ok, but hear me out... the same thing, but going up it 🤷🏻‍♂️
thicc glucose god
can you not show me videos my science teacher showed us for physics? thanks YouTube
Jacob Davis, I still scraped death 10-1-2014
No clue why but I'm feeling a need to switch to (know it exists) Dexters Laboratory YTP
donnie buritto
That was so cool... I don't even skateboard 😂
Anklepants Skate Zine
How much longer until some 8 year old builds his own double spiral and rides it switch?