Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop - BTS

Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop: A behind the scenes look at the idea, the build and the stunt. We talked with Tony about an idea of creating a Helix shaped ramp that could be skated from top to bottom and he was excited but also a little nervous. To make it all the way around and out, he needed a combination of the right speed, centrifugal force and friction to keep him on the vertical wall. Thanks to Sony for funding this dream and the help of Sony Action Cameras to capture the event. Skateboarding is fun. Music by: No Pilot "Discharge" /> NJ Whitey "Somebody Grab the Wheel" /> More at: />SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: />Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: />Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: />Follow RIDE on TWITTER: />Check out the RIDE WEBSITE:

wow this guy is like a real life tony hawk
Fatih Erdem Kızılkaya
Bro, this is impossible. Just give up. Tony Hawk: Hold my hip.
Chris Freely
As of today Jan 30, 2019, he's 50! Born May 12, 1968
Ok Alright
Now try to go the other way
Felicia 925
I can vision Tony at 100yrs old with a walker still executing skateboard stunts.
Gacha Potato
Tony hawk- "skateboards down a freaking loop thingy!* Me- *steps on a skateboard, falls off, and breaks every bone* Please stop talking about how I messed up spelling his name! It's really not a big deal, and I was rushed when typing. I didn't have time to make sure I spelled everything right!
Bill Nye hardly deals in science anymore. More like marxist theocratic babble.
Fun Fact: After 40 years of skateboarding, Tony's hips and knees are made of dust.
Orion Wilson
Tony Hawk: a man who continues to blow minds.
Andor Dénes
He's the Michael Jordan of skatebording.
The 5.9k dislikes are people who ride cheap razor scooters
Syed Haider
Amazing! you are a man of great height. Wow!
Hannah Olson
The fact that tony hawk like immediately shouts out/ asks for bill bye is so satisfying to my childhood.
Can you imagine all the arthritis, aches and pains Tony Hawk must have now. LOL. Very cool..
michael melendez
Since I was a kid Tony Hawk has given me so much content that makes me happy I now feel like I owe him something. Thanks for being so inspiring.
Shaylyn Bromer
My step dad went to school with tony and they were friends for a while
PAS_ Jojo
Who else doesn't know how to even stand on a skateboard
Tony is so resilient, makes me appreciate the sport even more!
100 subs without Vid?!
*I can't even step on a Skateboard*
Freak out in a moon age daydream oh yeah!!!!!!! ( what else could I say?)
Tolga Triyana Bilen
I have already watched this video like 7 times now in the past 3 years Oh yeah yeah
He kind of sounds like Steve Carrel oh my goodness
Ebby Lara LL&PH
We need bill nye here... Retard. Cool run though
Anklepants Skate Zine
How much longer until some 8 year old builds his own double spiral and rides it switch?
someone get the dude some hip pads, just brutal
Micheal Jordan of Basketball Muhammad Ali of Boxing Wayne Gretzky of hockey Tony Hawk of Skateboarding The Goats.
James Alexander
"I dont know what will happen we have nothing to base it on"... if only they had math and/or could build a 3D model 😑
Linny w
Now they need to build one for snow boarders and add it to olympic competitions
And I thought this man had done everything in skating and yet still is the first to complete these insane stunts.... legend
Dan Halfhill
Why? Because Tony Hawk.
ooo ooo
Is anybody even driving this thing🙄 Tony?
he’s one of the more humble legendary figure in sports/extreme sports imo Like he looks like such a middle aged regular guy 😂
In his 50's, and still doing stuff people half his age can't.
Matthew Brough
still writing the rulebook at 49!
Pogo Stick
2:08 *How it feels to chew 5 Gum.*
Oliver Dunham
You are my idol! I love skateboarding
Jhmr Mrstl
*When your Imagination is much more reliable than Physics* 👏
René Allergak
Most tony bails in one video XD awesome
Just started my skateboarding. Man this guy is a legend actually
First few attempts I was like is anyone even driving this thing.
Pedro Luis Estevez
Greatest Skateboarder of all time G.O.A.T Tony Hawk
I could easily do this... In skate 3
Jon Gladstone
I wonder if you could drive that thing
Tony Hawk skates through a black hole and finds the singularity wormhole.
Danny Rutz
Tony still got it gnarly
I'll Be Frank
Tony Hawk 2019: skates on loop THPS 1998: skating horizontally on sides of building
Xx SuckACow xX
Oh yeah yeah
maaan, even dropping a half pipe about half that size is scary to me..... That dude is insane for pulling off that loop
Tony is such a living legend!
Lina Arapaima
Me: doesn't look that hard, does it? Also Me: Can barely direct straight for more than 5 meters without fallin awkwardly
Kevin Gilroy
Now jump the grand canyon sissy.
Cooked Unit
d o w n w a r d s p i r a l
Why doesn't he wear some padded pants like the motocross guys?? Dedication, Bravo!
Riley McCallister
I think tony hawks sponsor for this video is bill bye the since guy
Selarom Ogeid
You can’t break Tony’s bones. They’ve been made of gas for 20 years
Hardtail Havoc
I wonder if he has tried to go up it yet
John Maldonado
He’s a world class innovator.
This is the first man in history to complete the 900 degree rotation out a half-pipe; a feat that was said to be impossible at the time. Tony Hawk is the man who makes the impossible possible...
Way to go dude! Still sick! Tony Hawk!
LOKI the Golden Retriever
Who are still watching this video in *2019* ??
Elite_ Yetii
This was on my 9th birthday Cool
I like how he, at this stage of his career and life, is still doing groundbreaking shit like this. He really is doing it for the culture.
Moon Silk
Holy Jesus I saw tony at Walmart KAOCNANOCNP
Julian Richardson
"Who am i going to build ramps for? ..... Who am i going to build ramps for now!"
Reet a Teet yeet
I never enjoyed skateboarding SIGN ME UP
Shawn Koehler
Still the greatest. Nice work, Tony! 🤙
Ayy Oh Kayy
And I can’t even stand on a skateboard without getting a concussion
I would die just from the drop in 🤔
Kool- Aid
I wish they would remake tony haw pro skate 2 for ps4
Jimi Hocking
Holy Shitballs, Tony Hawk you are the man !
Rob Newland
So this is actually the meaning of the song "Lateralus".
dudes like 50 years old gg man
This man is the KING
The Kroo
Tony will forever be young
tony hawk just seems like such a genuine cool dude
Илья Кочкин
What? Tony hawk - one love from Russia. You're the best. You're a legend to me )
Aaron Schanz
Now do it on a Walmart kryptonics board
Ainoa M
This looks so fun but I know damn well I’ll break every bone trying this.
Cande heras
One of the best video games I first played Tony hawk pro skater #memories
Martin Siedlecki
Did he just seriously call bill nye a scientist
The amount of thought put into the execution of the spiral and the effort given to successfully ride it is amazing.
Caucazoid Cracker
Bill nye is NOT A SCIENTIST... hes an ACTOR!
J Mallett
Damn tony hawk is the man for real, one of the best
Impossible Windows
Bill Nye is no scientist!
Blackpink Isn't in my area
He doesn’t look like hes 50
Accomplished... ok, take it down.
Anna Jared
this is actually truly inspirational
Kyng Kraken
My knee and elbow skin is having flashbacks as a kid and a lot of emergency room waiting rooms 🙈🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🐒
Jack Kanov
*downward spiral, where do i begin* -papa roach
King.K The Best
Why did I just realize that Tony Hawk is a 50 year old man, and not a 30 year old?
Mike Park
Not the BTS I came for, but still an amazing video 😆
zelda 1337
tony is the G.O.A.T respect dude
The Eric Benson
Oh man! Gives us old school guys hope! We ain't done yet! Never stop doing what you love.. No matter how much it hurts! And as a fabricator myself his carpenter is a bad ass!
Wynn Simmons
people are going to keep calling tony to try new stunts and Tony's going to do them until he can't do them anymore
Baby Smuin
"hey didn't hit my hip." as he slaps his hip
Was there when he landed the 900. He is forever awesome humble trendsetter of the greatest sport that can never be tied down.
Wow i cant believe Tony Hawk is spiraling
Joe Blows
Mash ps2 controller now!!
Walter Ostrowski
Not to brag but I can jump a scooter like almost 6 inches
Ronin Krestal
When the video is brought to the editor and he says why is this thing blank....uh ohh!! Somebody got Tony Hawk on speed dial?!!