10 EPIC Winter Olympic FAILS!!!

Which event are you looking forward to at the 2018 winter games (PyeongChang)? If you're new, Subscribe! → /> Check out the Hottest Female Athletes from the Rio Summer Olympics - /> Description: What’s up? What’s happening? What’s going on Cantaloupes? The Winter Olympics are awesome. Skiing, skating, curling...it’s got all the wonders in the world...ON ICE! That ice sometimes leads to disaster though. These are the 10 biggest Winter Olympic fails you HAVE TO SEE!! For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TotalProSports on Social Media: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> All images licensed through GettyImages Video Host and Editor: Mike Cantalupo Author: Alex Hoegler

What other FAIL should we have included?
Acerbic Astute
Just show the compilation please, no one wants to see you or hear you talk.
Dr Claw
Narration is bad. This guy looks like he's on drugs.
Thumbnail at 2:42
Zilla geddon
Dude no one cares what you have to say just play the vids.
Frank Musella
Stop talking
Soh Kakizaki
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D- Sean
The girl in the thumbnail is at 2:44
Jacob McVey
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If you could see which parts people are watching and not watching on this video you will clearly see that no one cares what you have to say. Just show the vids and let people move on. I just skip right past you talking which is not needed.
Mike G
Too much commentary, just show us the damn clips!
Adam Burhenne
Had to mute this to watch it.
Mr. Sportsman
How about when Viktor Tikhonov didn’t know what to do and pulled Vladislav Tretiak.
Lowen Werner
I came for the thumbnail lol
roses are red violets are blue we all know the rest screw you
Lil Tate JG 80
Y'all have already done this and used the same thumbnails. Running out of ideas TPS?
Ms Sports
Top ten players who should and shouldn’t be in the HOF
Max Corthell
We really don't need your commentary. And why does it take a whopping 1 minute 11 seconds just to see the first clip?
Abbovic 7
Fail? That hit Alexander Ovechkin made wasn’t a fail..🤦🏽‍♂️ it was the meaning
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Dana Cernei
My fav olympic sport is skating since it's what i do
Mariana Jakobsen
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nathan witczak
My favourite sport in the Olympics is Ski Jumping!!
Mariana Jakobsen
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Luca Biel
Ripped... Didn't know the 2010 olympics where in st.moritz ;)
Coleman Grunau
Top 10 cities that should host the Olympics
Jesse Folpp
Steve Bradbury is the best winter Olympian Australia have ever had the rest of the racers falling was planned...😂
Dylan Ingman
Who was watching the winter Olympics while watching this???
Steff Merizier
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Some Randy
Sssniperwolf took ur thumbnail bro
Willis Makinaw
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Morgan Nickell
Challenge! Top 10 winter Olympic scandals
Chad B
Holy poop this guy is irritating. I'm always tempted to turn the video off as soon as I see him
DeMar Stancil
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yall used this thumbnail already
What kind of question was that obviously hockey
Evgeni Vakov
The Bobsleigh but suit ripping is not during any Olympics, rather than during World Cup
Daniel Brown
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Andy Ceja
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Szuch 66
Hockey is my #1!
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angel miguel sanchez
Sssniperwolf stole the thumbnail from this video
Ryan DeGrave
Yeah boy! Curling is definitely the best winter sport.
10,000 subs with one popular video
Top ten list without your face in 90% of the vid
Tyler Maroney
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Hunter Thomas
The Jillian Cooke sliding suit malfunction did not occur at the Olympic Games. This was a World Cup race in St. Moritz Switzerland.
Brian Fox
Yes! I agree with curling
Jarred Brown
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Daq Infinite
I’ve been watching them since 90k
Owen Morse
Half the competitors falling down in Women's Downhill skiing in 2017
Biryani Gum
Gunna have to add the France figure skating fail
Novaura Autism
Your thumbnail did not happen in the Winter Olympics.
Reagan H
Omg so agreed love curling 100%
Smashit 36
So many people clicked on that video because of that thumbnail 😂😂😂
Colorest Vandiver
Wow! only 1209 dislike??
Lochie Smith
Who came from ssniperwolf?
You should have put in the Shawn White fail that lost him the gold metal
Vince The living weapon
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Jacob M
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CodeName PizzaJr
2:33 is what you're looking for you're welcome
Willis Makinaw
Have a list about the greatest 7th round picks
stop making videos, u are the cause of my depression
Shermeen Raza
Elizabeth Swaney deverses to be on this list
Chayce Critchley
My favourite sport is ice hockey an team canada 🇨🇦
Ryan Spierenburg
10 best winter olympic moments
SpanishLittleBird ZAPATA
Hearing this guy is worse than Fergie’s and Rosanne’s national anthem. 🤢🤮
Rhys Denno
I love your vids but... can you guys make more compilations without people talking in the middle? Thx
Tyler Davis
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Tyler Hansen
Man of Steel
Curling is the most boring Sport that God has ever created. ATTENTION: inspired by D.J Trump The biggest Loser ever
Charlie Eustace
Less you more Olympics
Dorian Dieguez
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Supreme Shorty
I love this video so freaking much and bad so freaking much
Matthew Mirowski
You should ask people which NFL teams don't have their logos on their helmets. Example: the Eagles have a pair of wings on their helmets not the bird
Egh....made it through the first couple, but this guy would rather talk and show himself than the videos
Wi To
The ‘Wide World of Sports’ intro.
Michael Gregory Blasiak
Olympics suck... I love watching these fail vids.
lil drew
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john wyndham
Enough talking just show the video
Tyler Davis
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Starts at 0:45 You're welcome.
I came for just a compilation
Juan Dozier
Francis Alves
I thought the thumbnail was clickbait and would not even be on here lol
Agent T. Yang
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Jahn Gunnar
Split pants are not from olympics...
Jonathan Cena
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Ben Hochgesang
Curling is the best
Hubert Hubert
I always wondered, why failarmy has no commentator
u can add 2018 winter olympic liz swaney half pipe descent she literaly did Nothing but go down.
Bro you look so much like the lead singer of Green Day
Robert Wingender
dude... show the clips and talk over them
andrew sarchet
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Josh Dinno
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Aj Carr
Thumbnail got me