10 EPIC Winter Olympic FAILS!!!

Which event are you looking forward to at the 2018 winter games (PyeongChang)? If you're new, Subscribe! → /> Check out the Hottest Female Athletes from the Rio Summer Olympics - /> Description: What’s up? What’s happening? What’s going on Cantaloupes? The Winter Olympics are awesome. Skiing, skating, curling...it’s got all the wonders in the world...ON ICE! That ice sometimes leads to disaster though. These are the 10 biggest Winter Olympic fails you HAVE TO SEE!! For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TotalProSports on Social Media: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> All images licensed through GettyImages Video Host and Editor: Mike Cantalupo Author: Alex Hoegler

What other FAIL should we have included?
Acerbic Astute
Just show the compilation please, no one wants to see you or hear you talk.
Thumbnail at 2:42
Dr Claw
Narration is bad. This guy looks like he's on drugs.
Frank Musella
Stop talking
You need to loop each video a couple of times - instead of showing that idiot talking
D- Sean
The girl in the thumbnail is at 2:44
Zilla geddon
Dude no one cares what you have to say just play the vids.
Soh Kakizaki
10 mlb players who were a bust in the mlb, but a star in Japan
Lowen Werner
I came for the thumbnail lol
Jacob McVey
10 best seasons by a players but was ruined by injury
If you could see which parts people are watching and not watching on this video you will clearly see that no one cares what you have to say. Just show the vids and let people move on. I just skip right past you talking which is not needed.
top ten cities that need a new franchise
roses are red violets are blue we all know the rest screw you
Lil Tate JG 80
Y'all have already done this and used the same thumbnails. Running out of ideas TPS?
Ms Sports
Top ten players who should and shouldn’t be in the HOF
Adam Burhenne
Had to mute this to watch it.
Chayce Critchley
My favourite sport is ice hockey an team canada 🇨🇦
Mike G
Too much commentary, just show us the damn clips!
Dana Cernei
My fav olympic sport is skating since it's what i do
stop making videos, u are the cause of my depression
Lochie Smith
Who came from ssniperwolf?
Dylan Ingman
Who was watching the winter Olympics while watching this???
Biryani Gum
Gunna have to add the France figure skating fail
Bro you look so much like the lead singer of Green Day
Wow! only 1209 dislike??
Mr. Sportsman
How about when Viktor Tikhonov didn’t know what to do and pulled Vladislav Tretiak.
10 crazy summer Olympics fails you have to see
Matthew Mirowski
You should ask people which NFL teams don't have their logos on their helmets. Example: the Eagles have a pair of wings on their helmets not the bird
Jonathan Cena
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Whomst you say?
Dat ass
yall used this thumbnail already
Max Corthell
We really don't need your commentary. And why does it take a whopping 1 minute 11 seconds just to see the first clip?
Juan Dozier
Top 10 NFL teams that could have a bounce back year.
underslayer 2250
Do a funniest Olympics fail
Jacob M
Do best & worst sports team jersey changes (or do one for each individual major sports league, example: worst nba team jersey changes)
Tyler Hansen
You should have put in the Shawn White fail that lost him the gold metal
I don't upload
Some Things In Life
How is it a collapse or fail if the Canadians beat you? Stupid Americans and their ignorance and arrogance.
Prod. NappyBlackOps
You will never pin me
My name is YouTube. This video shows a girl's pants ripping. Therefore, your video has been demonitized. This is a test by YouTube Inc. to test the reactions viewers have to a demonitized video. This video has not truly been demonitized.
Nate one
Wow her ass is huge in a good way
Emanuel Svoboda
Biatlon je nejlepší
My favorite events in the Winter Olympics are any alpine & freestyle skiing, also like snowboarding events too. I like Luge, Bobsledding, Skeleton, Biathlon and speed skating.
Ice hockey
karen oskarsdottir
ice skating
Ethyn Jansen
maxson catalano
Kale Mosiniak
Worst olympic injurys
LIl Kaste
Great video
Tim Parker
Lol whoever won that snowboard one got SO lucky... talk about a hollow victory... I feel bad for them, they got a gold but really everyone knows it was a silver. Damn.
Hugo Fredriksson
Jesse Folpp
Steve Bradbury is the best winter Olympian Australia have ever had the rest of the racers falling was planned...😂
Adriano Sanchez
Man you talk to much really narcissist that makes the video kind of annoying I came across to see the fails not you and to see them in detail may be slow motion and so on, for that reason I voted I don't like sorry, but may be think on improving that
that Zach kid
Tanner Cole
David Cho
Says “it’s not often that I show anything figure skating related.” Yet had actually shown 2 figure skating highlights (more than any other single sport) already.
Luke Holston cowboy from birth
Best winter Olympic sport... Snowboarding to me nothing like going down ice on a piece of wood not knowing if you'll break your face..... Mmm can't get enough of that
Vivek Brahma
I thought I liked you and your video but naaah your rambling is annoying. Talk less please
Truth the Kid
2:30 You're welcome
Satisfying slime Asmr
2:36 Thumbnail
Lacy Bass
@2:43 beautiful
a dislike for censorship
Bendy Bacilio
🤕 Olympics
4 man bobsled
My favorite winter olympic activity definaly isnt curling I like the winter sports
Ryder Feeney
Swoose Moose
You cut the videos before we see what actually happens afterwards. We don't want to see u just play the videos.
Majestic Cow
Boo this is boring 😒
Daryl Allen
2:46 - You're welcome
Reagan H
Omg so agreed love curling 100%
Lily Luck
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hope she is ok
Ivan Chua
these videos are all sourced from other videos that are years old.
WTF! When did Billie Joe Armstrong start a YT career??? Hey Billie, when is the next record due?
quibble quarf
My favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is the Biathlon
noa .l
Panosroz G
2:37 till 2:51 is the best part
Armando Garcia559
I hate this guy
Egh....made it through the first couple, but this guy would rather talk and show himself than the videos
Owen Morse
Half the competitors falling down in Women's Downhill skiing in 2017
Charlie Eustace
Less you more Olympics
Angel Child
Zbigniew Karwacki
The most terrible fail is your video. Waste of time...
ITz_TaRZaN_NOT Xoxoxo
Poor woman tho she crack her outfit espesialy in front oft the camera ohhhh is that on tv because that is embarasing
Axis Mundi
Too much talk
Awesome Sauce
Anybody ever tell u you look like Aaron Paul?
Ricardo Cortez
I'm still wondering why the Seahawks didn't give the ball to Lynch
Michael Gregory Blasiak
Olympics suck... I love watching these fail vids.
u can add 2018 winter olympic liz swaney half pipe descent she literaly did Nothing but go down.
Supreme Shorty
I love this video so freaking much and bad so freaking much
Rhys Denno
I love your vids but... can you guys make more compilations without people talking in the middle? Thx
How’s a legal hockey hit a fail?
nathan witczak
My favourite sport in the Olympics is Ski Jumping!!
Its at 2.50 . You know you only come here for the split