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Richard Rawlings has a potential buyer for the first two Pontiac Firebirds ever built. | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! | /> Watch full episodes! | /> Get the Fast N' Loud Mobile Apps! | /> Join us on Facebook: /> /> Follow us on Twitter: />

I would never get a car restored at Ass Monkey Garage. RR would screw over his own mother to make a deal.
Randy J
eff that !!! ... no car should be in a museum! the cars should be restored and driven...that's my imo. its what they were built for!
Todd bob
Sadly they were Thrown together in 1 Month... gas monkey Style....These cars should of been Restored Properly by Legendary Motor car.
Specialized 29er
No roof then no way
It’s just money to Richard, he doesn’t appreciate them
John T
These cars are not as rare as they let on, yeah their number 1 and 2 but their number 1 and 2 off the assembly line for that year and model. GM made thousands of those models that year, holy grail means only 1 or 2 was made, ever!
Who would go to a Pontiac museum? The brand is dead
Tim Hanrahan
Only Rawlings could turn "million dollar twins" into less than $300k in cash. LOL! If it weren't for Aaron his shop would have closed years ago.
Garbage Motors.. Those cars are just the first two production cars, nothing really that special about them.. Not worth more than maybe $20K fully restored. Probably cost that much to restore those piles of junk.
Hell yea Firebird!!
Dale Hall
Proud Veteran
just realized haven't seen this show lately probably because it was dull
AQUTIC ANIMAL 1111111111111111111111
Love that fire bird And restore
which episode is this
Richard gave me crabs when i was a 11 teen. Last year.
vivek yadav
101 owlman
The biggest mistake was giving it to Gas Monkey Garage, these idiots are only in it for the money, if they dropped a tan on it they wouldn't bat an eye unless they lost money.
Snkr Knwlg
thank God they went to a museum. With all due respect: IMO , you and all shows like you are destroying the heritage of our great american muscle and classic cars. I bet you; 20 years from now theyll be shows in the same cable channels that will find these same cars you "restore" and FIX them back to their original condition.
Versace Copyrighted
Aaron I wanna punch you in the face
hola genial con el auto..
Austin Reaux
C7th to comment oh meh GAWESH I love fast n loud
I'm THAT guy...
It's funny that this guy knew the firebirds were sitting in a barn, but fast and loud gets credit for "discovering them" lol. But anywho, it would be interesting to know more history about how they became average neglected muscle cars stashed away. I haven't seen any episodes yet and maybe it's been explained? Just can't believe that obviously some ppl knew they were there and never spilled the beans to GM or anyone about them until now and to all ppl, Richard Rawlings lol. I do like the show though, not bashing...