Zac Efron confesses at Skylar Tonight - The Interview

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Should masturbating and driving be illegal? Discuss with Zac Efron and James Franco

Alexa Largen
was he paid to do this
Kat Te Whetu
lmfao man you guys are hillarious hahaha gees zac lol
Alexa Largen
what the hell
Armando Koz
Well that was disgusting! Although I like em both...still wtf!
Ruji Buji
All I ever wanted to see... Zac Efron climax during an interview
So he has time to practice masturbating without his hands but can't join the HSM reunion for some hours? hmmm I guess his head was indeed in another game. We can't bet on you anymore Zac and were suerely not all in this together anymore. I know that you gotta go your own way but I thaught we are all for one? Good luck with your start of something new but you still beTroyed us Zac
gacha goddess
This turns me on
Billy Krzemien
They're just putting us all on....hilarious interaction between Zac & James....and SEXY ! XD
Why i've never seen this before???
Alexa Largen
Brian C
This is a scene from the comedy movie THE INTERVIEW
"GAHDAMN..WOOHOO" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ezekiel Sebeldia
This is only for entertainment purposes.. 😂😂
Crazyp Cross
how did...why ....what....zac no...
Juan Vallejo
Zac 💙is the 👑
Kaylene Carcamo
Is this real
Debbie Giarratano
Brilliant....funniest bit ever !!
Sandra Pietrzyk
Xavi C
Kate O
Humayra Rajubally
this is total madness and its really funny! 
Abby Barr
I love to see Zac Efron masturbate
When you look like Zac Efron you don't need to masturbate there would always be someone to do it for you.