What Happened When Teachers Found Out How Students Felt About Them

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These students thought they were just being interviewed about their favorite teachers — but it would soon become so much more. /> CONNECT Visit our WEBSITE: />TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: /> Produced and Directed by Jordan Zaslow Director of Photography: Ryan Scafuro Edited by: Shane Salk Gaffer: Thomas Chavez Sound: Matt Legreca Join Strayer University in the Readdress Success Movement to change Merriam-Webster’s definition of success! For every signature, Strayer University will donate 50 cents to Dress For Success: aplus.com/s/readresssuccess ABOUT A Plus: Founded by Ashton Kutcher, A Plus is a social news organization dedicated to highlighting social issues, sharing breaking news, and creating original, entertaining content. A Plus aspires to be a platform that will leverage viral storytelling to inspire positive change in the world.

I wish I could do this with my Year 10 English teacher. She changed my life. It's because of her I'm pursing creative writing at a university level. I was so upset when she passed away last year.
Simõ Tãehyung
there was a teacher that i loved so much but he died recently 😢😢💔 i will always love you my dear teacher and thank you for evrything😫
That Thing You See At The Corner Of Your Eye
Now do one for bad teachers
Parker Shatwell
I wanted to hear some yelling not a nice reunion
# Kinkel
Hope this moment will happen to me :'(
Dangerous Ariana
This is so sweet but I want to rip my teachers throats out
Livet ifølge Josephine
This litteraly made me cry so much. My mom was an alcoholic from my early childhood, and in second grade i changed school. I had this teacher from 2nd grade to 6th grade. In about 4th grade I started cutting myself, and she was the first one to discover it. She helped me SO much, she even helped me clean my wounds so it wouldn't get infected a few times. She was the only person in the world who believed in me to the fullest. When 6th grade ended, I was so sad that I couldn't have her. She wrote me a letter telling me that i was the one person she had so much trouble "leaving". She even talked to my new (fucking horrible) teacher, and told her to make sure I was okay. In 7th grade i got hospitalized in the pscych ward, and the next 2 years ahead i was in and out, and now, I'm in 10th grade (in a special school), diagnosed with schizophrenia. A day doesn't pass where I don't think about her, and feel grateful for her being there for me. I truly believe that if she wasn't there for me the way she was, I would have killed myself a long time ago.
Teachers deserve so much respect and appreciation. They work so hard yet get payed so little.
AA 725
My teacher would probably never want to see me again if I told her how I felt
having good teachers throughout high school made it so much better
I'm not crying. You are crying
Who else thought the woman in the thumbnail was crying because the student talked shit about her?
Ally Williams
My 6th grade English teacher was the absolute nicest "grandma" figured teacher ever. My father passed away in 6th grade from cancer, she was the first person to arrive at the viewing and funeral and sat and talked to my family for hours, crying with us. All the donations for the funeral went to our education fund, she donated a tremendous amount of money. A few years later, her husband passed away from a heart attack and we did the same for her as she did for us. She is an angel in disguise. ❤️
xX By Yuna Xx
This is the reason why i want to be a teacher.
then there is me, hating every teacher that i have
a tsunami
lmao this wouldve been different for me, most the teachers ive had are miserable & annoying
I wanna see this done but teachers hear about things they did that permanently scarred their students and things that still haunt their students to this day
DiCostanzo Twins
I was watching this at work and I tried to fight the tears. Oh gosh that was hard. Thank you to the teachers who really do an impact on our lives. Thank you so much.
So many teachers have had a big impact on me, but I am just sad that I am the quiet girl in the class and that they will probably never know how much I am grateful for what they have done to me...
fathima.r anwar
these kinda teachers are like one in an 8 billion.
If it were up to me there would be a katana in my French teacher's chest
Micah Tucker
how did they know which teachers the people were going to say?
my teachers would probably leave the school and never come back if they found out how their students felt about them
Amelia L
Thanks to all my teachers... apart from the who said depression is a lifestyle choice... yeah, not too grateful for you.
BrysontheGhost Gaming
i need one of these teachers
My heart.. Just fell out my butt
in Egypt and Arab Nation we say Stand up for the teacher and glorify him....He could have been a messenger from god قف للمعلم و فه التبجيلا كاد المعلم ان يكون رسولا
Miranda Hall
I need to NOT watch these videos when I'm pmsing omg guys how do I stop crying
Why can't I have a nice personable teacher?
Shoutout to Mr. Carter for being the only reason I wasn't working a 9-5 the day after graduation
I remember when taking a grade 12 calculus course, I had this fantastic teacher who was incredibly committed, and would do absolutely anything for her students to succeed. There were times I know she would stay with students helping them to the point she would have to sleep at the school. I remember one time, I had to take a test during another one of her classes. While I was in a pretty tough course with dedicated students, this was one of the lower level courses, and it was filled with students that didn't have the respect for the teacher that she deserved. I asked her after the test how she deals with that, and she said "Sometimes it can be tough, but you always find one or two students in those classes you can really inspire to learn and become better, and that makes it worth it" and I think that was the greatest thing a teacher ever said to me.
Piper Crise
I hope to one day be able to thank my ninth grade biology teacher. After my suicide attempt, he was the only teacher who visited me in the hospital, the only teacher who didn’t force me to compete schoolwork directly after I came back, and the only teacher who didn’t treat me like broken glass. He was the only one who seemed to care about me even in my worst moments. I later left that school after ninth grade ended, and never got to take his chemistry class, which I’m still disappointed about. I ended up moving to a really good location and attending an amazing school though, and he was the one who encouraged me to leave. He really changed my life though, and helped me realize that life really is worth living, and that there are people worth living for. I will forever be grateful for him and everything he did for me
Elise C
For me it would be like *teacher arrives * "HELL NO, NOT HER AGAIN, I'M OUT OF HERE"
pirated punk
my teacher once tickled my pickle it was wierd.
tesco gherkins
This made me cry cuz I hate my teachers
Kat -
I miss my elementary art teacher so bad. She was such an inspiration and taught me how to see the beauty in every little thing possible. She's the reason I paint and draw and play the piano. She helped me become who I am today and I never would've gotten here without her. Rest In Peace, Miss Cloud🙏❤️
Is Manny
This made me cry it was so cute
I'm not crying I'm not crying
Who else cried...
Graham Studwell
Yeah kinda the same with my teachers, except we make fun of them behind their backs and they give out a shit ton of hw 😊
Awww this is beautiful
Lakshmi G
Teachers have the power to really influence and positively affect students and their lives. A good teacher is never forgotten. Hence why teachers are so valuable.
Lily Stanyer
i wish my math teacher knew how much i like her. my class is all the students who fail math so if the teacher tells them to put away there phone they will say that shes a shitty teacher and cant teach us anything. she is a super nice teacher and explains everything perfectly but has shitty students :/ i want to buy her flowers when its the end of the year. since my name is Lily i buy my fav teachers tiger lilys
Toby Trey
I've always wanted to blow my history teacher from under his desk *uplifting music plays*
Y do sad things not make me cry but wen I watch this my eyes start flooding 🤔
Aqua Man
If this was me and I meet my LA teacher I'd be like "God I hated her she was so annoying and the worst ever" *teacher walks through door* "Did you mean that" "You bet I do"
when i graduated i went and told my english teacher she had a nice ass and i wanted to smash...
Charley Bugeja
bing bam
I love some teachers so much, thanks mr Hoffman for teaching me
Misse Kasse
This is why i want to become a teacher
can you do another one but for bad teachers? or hot one i remember my english teacher was stunning
Alda Gunnars
Meanwhile my teacher literally called me worthless once and another teacher that hit on me... I wish I could have a bond like this with one of my teachers.
Props to my English teacher who spent the whole class telling us about her life instead of making us study, although it did make me seriously depressed and suicidal, still ly thooughhh.
Vivian Nguyen
Props out to Mr.Laraway 5th grade teacher 👨‍🏫 at silver oak !!!
Aw this is so sweet, i have a gym teacher who is like a father to me, i'm afraid to tell him because i grew up without a father :( its cool to see this 💓
TheEpic Oneization
That was Cute
Faizan M
I really wouldn't want my math teacher to know how hot i thought she was lol
I like my teachers but I deeply hate them because they made my life harder by adding me stress to almost everyday of my life from Pre K to Bachelors, if you think about it, I'm wasting 18 years of my life to prepare around 40 years of working, like wtf I just wish I was a farmer instead. 😡
My English Teacher As Well As My Math Teacher Are So Pretty.
My maths teacher last year 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
Alondra Santana
I wish I could visit my 5th grade teacher again she was the best
Triisane II
See the impact? Students will never change by the subjects they teach. It's the lessons on life and moral support is what makes a teacher good. Why can't people understand that :(
Ava Anna Lashley
The short hair girl has yellow teeth af
Melek Durgun
I've only had horrible teachers.
There's this teacher at my school I swear if i had the chance to smash her big ugly head I wouldn't hesitate
Magic Doggo
this made me cry!
Mystery Person :3
Teachers should get paid more !
When I get older I want to become a teacher, and I want to make a great difference in people's life. And to hear what these people said, that made me actually cry of happiness.
BrntVanilla 永遠SoneOnceTWICE
This made me think of all the teachers who made me who I am today. Oh my gosh I'm crying way too much rn...
Yeen Want No Smoke
Some of my teachers are actually really cool and make effort to have a connection with their students but I'm too shy and awkward. So annoying
Beto Vazquez
awww this was so cute!! i started crying >.< ;-;
Matt Davis
My teacher kicked me out of class before the bell even rang for laughing. Wish I had a teacher that was normal
iris olympia
I'm no— I'm definitely cryjng
Mia the bitch
Kimberly W.
I cried so hard....i have a teacher like them
Adolf Hitler -
My dad had an affair with his teacher and that's how I'm here
Nancy Carolyn
My seventh grade English teacher is possibly the best woman I've ever known (other than my mom and grandma). She was the kindest and most gentle woman. She developed my love for literature and I can never thank her enough for being a terrific woman.
Annette Liu
this is so great ❤ teachers can really have such an effect on us. Really help us get over obstacles and push us forward. You're lucky if you find a good teacher. It annoys kids disrespect them just to look cool or whatever... a teacher's job is really one of the hardest honestly because they have to handle not one or two but so many of us. I'm so grateful for the teachers I've had in my life ❤
I had a really close relationship with my 2nd-5th grade teacher. She basically filled the spot of my mother who isn't totally in the picture. I went to her house, she invited me to things, took care of me the best she could along with being a single parent herself. I love her a lot.
Pastel Sheep
My least favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher and I was stuck with her again in 2nd because she decided to teach 2nd grade
Kaylee Apple
I've had this history teacher for two years in a row now and he's honestly the best teacher I've ever had and there's some kids who say shit about him and it pissed me off so much cause he's such a good teacher and such a good person and he's the only teacher that gets me through school
Hey Hey
hA! Never experienced a nice teacher.
Sarah Lynn
My favorite teacher was my 2 grade teacher but she was fired and when I found out I cried like a lot
Why Iam so emotional omg
Crux VII
this hit me man.
Megan Margot
How do I always end up on the part of YouTube that makes me ball my eyes out 😩😂
alpine ibex
once my teacher threw a chair at me
TheEvrLastingGmr YT
I used to hate math so much. I didn't hate the teachers, but I didn't like the way they teached it because I never understood it. It was mainly when fifth grade (middle school) started and I was just really struggling. My teachers were really nice which I was thankful for, but the way they taught it just made it so much harder for me to understand, and I felt like I wanted to give up. I wasn't ready for 8th grade at all and I felt like math was just going to be another painful harder year. I just got really frustrated but when I met all my teachers they seemed really nice, and when we started working and getting into the school year everything changed. My current teachers: Mr. Whittemore (science), Miss Morrison (Ela), Mr. McCarthy (Civics), and Miss Benedict the best math teacher I have ever had. She changed my thinking about math so much, and every time I walk into her classroom I'm excited because she gives so many examples about the work it's not even funny. She teaches it in a way very slowly and very detailed. She's hilarious and I'm one of her best students out of all classes. She comes around and asks everybody how their day is going, and if they need help. I love her so much she's just amazing! I'll be sure to get her Christmas present (all my other teachers too) but definitely miss Benedict. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes with her and I really hope I meet other teachers like her in the future. Thank you so much Miss benedict for being an awesome, caring math teacher. ❤👍
eminemm cena
I want to hug all my teachers now ;-;
I wish i could do this with my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Hilt. She was like a second mother to me. I switched into her class because the girl that has been bullying me for the past 5 years at the time was in my class with a new teacher who didnt know how to handle the problems that occurred with us. Mrs. Hilt knew about all the difficulties that continued happening after i made the switch, and took me under her wing and basically raised me in school like i was one of her own children. she is a mother of two kids. She was sweet, cheerful, and funny. Amazing with elementary school kids. I couldnt stop crying on the last day of school. I gave her the biggest hug and the only words i could say to her, and this may sound way too common to mean anything, but this came from the bottom of my heart, and can be very powerful when said in the right circumstances. The only words i said to her were, "Thank you... So much..." Tears trickling down my face. I didnt want to leave... My 5th grade class was amazing, so many awesome memories were made then... Sometimes i look back and wonder if me only saying thank you to her was enough... I miss you Mrs. Hilt...
Janet Chambers
Natalie Haddad
teachers are so underpaid and under appreciated. Honestly I have had teachers that have changed my life, I cannot thank them enough for being such wonderful people. I wish I could see them again, just to thank them.
Marcella Alexandra
I have such a soft spot in my heart for teachers
I grew up in a family of educators. My father was chielf education officer for the province, multiple schools pricipals and multiple school districts superintendents of school boards, but three teachers made an impact on my life... One was Carmel Chisholm (I called her aunt Carmel, I always have and always will love her like a grandmother) ,one was John Briand and elementary school teacher and another was a high schooler physics/chemistry teacher Henry Vanbommel. they taught me so much and they never let me forget the true reason of school EDUCATION. These teachers were so giving and selfless that hey are a formative part of who I am.....
Destiny Robson
This made me cry because I don't have a dad he left me and my principle doesn't even know that I look up to him like he is my father and he has made such in an impact on my life I could never repay him for that
Janet Chambers
Asuna Kami-Sama
If my teachers knew how I feel about them, they would run for their lifes. ;^*
DJ Cheetah
This almost made me cried.. now it feels like I want to tell my math teacher how I feel, she is my FAVORITE teacher.. I always feel like I'm her favorite student somehow, not sure tho.. 😄