Three Days Grace - Pain (acoustic live)

Three Days Grace performing Pain in Live X Studios in September 27 2009

three days grace pain live acoustic 2009

Allan Aguilar
hate that girl with the green shirt, she's in a Three Days Grace concert and she can't put the fking phone down for a moment to clap
Wow his voice is just perfect he doesn't need to fix anything!
anima vilis
Adam ... amazing.
FamousLastWords 2005
His voice is soooo amazing!!!
his hair looks like mine when I wake up early
Abraham Lincon
Neil's back vocals doh.
Finny Thomas
Awesome....nothing else.....don't know if I'll find anything are good....drummer cool....but vocals...mind blowing.....Love this band.....
Gabe Lipschitz
Back when 3dg did actual guitar riffs instead of those shit fifths like in ALL of their new songs
joel josue olaya gonzales
joder que epico!!! y con un cajón PERUANO!!! (por que se separaron :(!!! )
I love acoustic versions and that one is perfect^-^ I like the guitar:)
EnchAntresS Emogirl
Adam <3
Kelwin Anim4rt
Amo three days grace, a voz desse cara....
Renato Rios
melhor acústico...
Love this song!!!!!So romantic!! I wish a certain someone would sing me this song.And if he read this he would know who I'm talking about.I wish that when I come back to school from spring break,he would sing this to me! I would cry from happiness!!!!I love him so much!!!<3
Shahzad Ansari
what's that box he's drming on called ?
I wish me and my brother didn't have to fight over music. He loves The Beatles, I love Three Days Grace. I may not be a fan of The Beatles, but he's constantly trashing TDG. Just because I don't like them. I don't hate them, but everyone in my family loves them. I'm the only one who listens to metal, emo, and rock. All I want is for us to stop fighting over something this stupid.
Icecoolgeehihihi !
How come Brad is never in any of the acoustic versions. I'm pretty sure you can get an acoustic bass.
Тот парень с гитарой
ебаные мертвые овощи сидят в сотках... похуй на такой талант как же обидно.
I love Adam's guitar :D
I can't stop listening to the song because I just got in a break up
Evan Tirado
1 thing 2 say I fucking love three days grace :D
i like the version with seether and three days grace better
Stephanie Black
Sounds better than the studio version to me
Kato -_-
Looks like 35 people will be rotting in hell for disliking this
Nikos Gakios Frappes
it's named cajon :)
CJ Bartle
@MrMikeswar i wouldve taken her phone and thrown it at the wall and be like "HEY! youre disrespecting greatness here! either enjoy this awesome band's acoustic covers of their songs or get out, someone else to kill to be in your place!"
CJ Bartle
wow even live, even acoustic, three days grace is amazing, and Adam does a truly great job when he sings live, where other singers dont sound as good as their CD's Adam does, only a few singers that can do that without lip syncing these days
He should stop booze!
Kutluhan Manisalı
This version is better than original :D
@Baehxz You mean 3DG rock, right? He wouldn't be where he is today if it weren't for Neil, Barry and Brad ;-)
@rprimeau95 It's called "Cajón". It's actually pretty fun to play once you get the hang of it and it's also very fitting for an unplugged concert, as you can see. Cheers, mate.
Alex Rhodes
I can think of worse than this, don't get me started on this generations music :P
Rabecca Primeau
anyone know what kind of drum box that is he is using what it is called?
Lukas Goluza
what's the box of the drummer?
Marius Dimcea
just awesome:D:D:D:D:D
They are something a lot of people have not heard of. Not everything has to be Beatles and shit. I'm guessing you're one of those people who only listen to mainstream classic rock. Open your mind, these guys do have talent, theres a lot worse out there.
Damn that song is cool in acoustic version!! Nice job guyz!!! :D
Corey Day
I bet when they record a song, they try and alter to make it sound more like they played it live! They are just to awesome to hear live!
Gabriel Lins
he sing better than u ... LOOOL
Holly Latrice
his beautiful voice kills me
On acoustic it has more of a beat then the normal one to me but they both rock!!!
Josue Jacobo Luna
Momentos epicos:')
krista decima
My interpretation of this song has nothing to do with love or a girl or masochism, this song was written when he got out of rehab. Its about how he'd rather be sober and "feel pain" than numb himself with drugs and alcohol and "feel nothing at all". This song is him trying to pull people out of their addictions to drugs and show them that life if better sober, even if there is pain.
Jon Kane
How is it even possible to dislike this?
Bobby Gee
Miss you adam 
La Karma San
Love that song my gosh!!!! I love accoustic version....
John Hernandez
This song is keeping me from offing myself rn
i have a friend that looks like Adam... i love Adam and i like my friend <3 xDDD
just five?
Trinity Mashups
wheres brad?
Alexander Preis
What kind of cap does Adam wear? :)
Они нереально хороши ! Группа отпад! Не-не! Улёт !!!
Roger Silva
Roger Silva
new to 3dg but is that dan donnegan of distrubed on guitar xD? i swear looks just like him
Justin Showers
i like this song
@iamthemusicman13 Was about to send a hate comment aboout that biatch, but then, i read yours :)
Rabia Taşpınar
Ya canlı bile güzel nasıl bir sessin sen be
@FLOATING6 xD I bet she noticed the lyrics, so a good excuse for her. :D
John Maldonado
@dragan674 Your mommy sucks :P
ахуєнно же, блеать!
Izamara Rodrigues
love it <3
I want to play like Neil
it sounds really cool when neil says pain hes got a good vocie too, and i love adams guitar. Best band!!!!
Stefania Trandas
awesome .... it's even better than the official version
Lucy OP
@HaleyzAndMorganz i can't agree more with you =)
Adit Ikeh
adam good voice
Sharp The unplebable
2:06 ADAM ROCK !!!
Fabrício Lima
yeaaaaaaaahhh man......just like this.....
Артем Беличенко
Не подскажете что за гитара у Барри?
Leonardo Oliveira
edward guevara
en verdad   tienen  un gran  talento    :,)   maravilloso  
Katie Downing
I wonder if Adam ever sings ''i like it rough'' ... and just laughs . inside or outside i wonder if he ever has a dirty mind about that ? ♥ (:
Andrew Worman
Where's brad?
Joset Lozano
Metalfifa Sixen
adam's voice so you
Then listen to Chalk Outline..
whers brad :O
Круто!!!Like this
magrella sivickooo
Anup Mali
I Signed in to do a thumbs up for your comment!!
no matter how one lives but how his work 3dg will forever live in our hearts
Tato Haro
at 3:18 notice the woman messaging instead of
Jen Moore
they are awesome live! i wanna see them<3(:
Three Days Grace are utterly AWESOME! They are almost as good as the rocking god DIO.(if it wasn't for DIO we wouldn't have the hand horns :O ) But heck, who am I to compare them?
Yasmin Thames
@dragan674 you suck, why are you watchign it then or are you just jealous that their the best band ever.......F-U
Raluca Valentina
Awesome! I love acoustic version! ❤❤
Anyone know what kind of guitar that single cutaway acoustic is?? Thanks for the help
Abraham Lincon
Can Brad play acoustic?
One-X was the reason I survived puberty..
anyone know if this is a straight tune, or is it tweaked?
Hiz Oku
are people really reading 1yr old comments right now? i could've sworn there were newer ones on the top comments...
Naama Loll
Naama Loll
girl in the green at the end. . .really?
Sir .Driken
once youy think and analyze it its better feel pain than nothing at all
Sir .Driken
jesus those vocals and voice you still alive three days grace in my heart