I Went To Prom For The First Time

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sarah gomez
i think jazzmyne should have promposed linsday she has never been promposed 😰
Laiba Wajid
The promposal was better than what most highschool kids come up with
Kiley Kincaid
Why didn’t Lindsay get a promposal being that she’s never been to prom?? 🤷🏼‍♀️
a lot of people say they didn't go to prom because they didn't have a date, but I literally just went with a group of friends, I didn't even attempt trying to find a date lol I don't think there's anything wrong with that
Sydney Mullin
I feel second hand embarrassment for that freshman boy😭😂
The part when lindsay was trying the dresses.. it looked like an episode of say yes to the dress 😂😂😂😂😂 lol 😂 thanks fr all the likes😆
Dark Pizza
Jaz should’ve proposed to her not the other way around jaz once got a promposal and Lindsay didn’t
Ande Xhegwana
South African proms are actual 🔥 ~ red carpets ~ dresses made just for you ~ dinner ~ After parties ~ Alcohol (legal drinking age 18) ~ it's the best thing and everyone looks like a celebrity SEARCH IT..........
Grace Power
That promposal was best friend goals it was so adorable omg💗💗
weird world
"So guys I'm not gonna show u the dress Intro we saw u in a red dress " So I found a color that match my dress U show us it
Megan Duckworth
I thought I would HATE that orange dress but it’s gorgeous
ilana Krichevsky
I won't show you the dress. -2 sec later- look at my matching nails to the dress!!!!!!!!!
Lk_ari ᴖᴥᴖ
Jazz: I was prom queen Me: DUH OBVIOUSLY
Claire Xu
Prom is like a fantasy for middle schoolers, but then when u get to high school...
lala antarez
dAmn, jasmine was the prom queen?! and that story gadiel!!
Kayla Blair
“I’m not gonna show you the bag because it’s a secret” *_Can clearly see bright red/orange dress in bag_*
Xx LeahPlayzCookieGacha Cookie xX
“Just don’t make out with your ex” 🤣🤣🤣😭😭
I didn't go to prom and half a decade later....still no regrets.
Marion Flint
She said it was a secret which one she got lol but we all saw the bright orange in the back 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sophie PB
Is it just me or when Lindsay was in school she looked like Taylor Swift..... Just me? Ok
My HS had junior prom and senior ball. And I had an AP exam the same day as each of them
OH MY GOD!! This is my prom! I’m in this at 12:14 taking their picture!! lol
Kook Bop
lol our school never had a prom because our school directress thought it was “unnecessary” and doesn’t have anything to do with “education”
Aruna Baya
"This is better than my wedding proposal " Ya definitely more than mine for sure .
Destany Bailey
@ my prom we literally left half way through to get chicken nuggets and play at the park lmao
Love how Lindsay said that teens wouldn’t wake up with hurting necks.......... my neck still hurts and it’s 5 pm 😂😂😂😂
Erika Night
My prom date spilled salsa on my like $600 dress 🙃 *it didn’t stain my dress cause of the type of fabric the dress had, I just had my soul slowly fade away from my body at first :) my mom doesn’t this happen btw*
Lol my senior year promposal was my boyfriend at the time getting all of my fellow varsity cheer squad members and getting them all do go up into a stunt and spelling out "P R O M ?" And he was standing there with flowers and a crown for me to wear lol
Shelbi Jackson
I made a poster my friend took it shoved it in her bag and walked away.
Dee Lacombe
I don't know why but I cries when Jasmine made it to the promposal sign!
I thought Eli was going to say "but then my date saw my Dad and went with him instead"
Rae V.M
bruh the nails.....💀 sis get your money back
Eva Giggles
I never went to prom when I was in highschool but I ended up prom crashing my brothers prom
Cassandra Mondazzi
My prom looked like it was in the warehouse section of a hotel😂 that venue is BEAUTIFUL
Angelica Czaplinski-Peters
I love how u were like I’m not gonna day the dress type then u literally showed it for a straight 3minutes
My prom in in 4 days 🥴 still don't have a suit
Logan Wentz
I would take Lindsay to any damn prom, party, event whatever, love that woman and I want her on my arm walking into a party
Nikki25Angela_ Arisu
Wew,nerd I'ma Just Go alone :>
Havyn Skylyr
Y'all should throw a BF prom since a lot of you haven't gone. I think that would be amazing to see and maybe funny💖 buy y'all look soooooooo good
Sana Sama
poor Gadiel his other girl left him xD
Val L.
AWWW there's a proposal!!!.........NOT from the teens, not from the teens. LOL
sym is annoyed
Who else went to prom with their friend? (Same gender as you)😂
Dalia Aljohani
4:22 MAYA!!!!! How dare you!! You should hunt him down and apologize Please !! you ruined prom memories for him for ever! :(
Tori L.
Tbh i'd rather go to an amusement park or somewhere nice other than prom with my date. I would need a date first though. The struggles of being awkward and flustered around guys. 😤
Valeria Cortez
"Don't make out with your ex" Me: LUCKY FOR ME I'VE NEVER DATED ANYONE BEFORE
Kaitlin Pages
Well I'm happy for them as someone who finished high school in june 2016 and was unable to go to events such as prom because I couldn't afford the ticket nor dress, so seeing them go is really cool
Shwkksjdks Bleep
“Practicing our PG dance moves” Oh honey
Alinee M
She should of asked her since she’s never been to prom
i am potato queen
Lindsey:im not goung to show my dress on camera so that its a surprise *shows dress on thumbnail* ¤^¤
Tamsin Blewden
i’m english and it’s my prom in 12 days 😫 england doesn’t do proms officially so it’s so difficult to find everything 😒 that promposal was everything!!
Molly McGinnis
Prom then: Gives corsage Prom now: Gives Apple Watch Prom then: Slow dances Prom now: Hits the woah Prom then: Drinks punch (we all know they weren’t drinking punch if you know what I mean) Prom now: Drinking La Croy Prom then: Pulls up in limbos Prom know: Pulls up in Uber XL
Prototype J
"I'll just look like your aunt" -Jazzmyne, 2019
Sarah Zaifullizan
Lindsay looks SO GOOD in every dress😍 She’s so pretty
Cream Moon
That promposel was better than ANY promposel I ever seen!
Viola Overlord
I literally got upload notifications from FOUR DIFFERENT BUZZFEED CHANNELS. AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Do they like yell between departments, “3,2,1, GO!!!” ?
alleynia a
I saw her graduation photo and at that moment I knew where in Texas she was from lmao 😂💀
br bar
They were like “we’re not gonna show you the dress and then proceed to show the bag with the dress like 20 times
Shibilanezrin nezz
“Just don’t make up with ur ex” Gladiel is my spirit animal I adore him so much
H E A R T _ B R O K E N
I never been to prom and I don’t regret it
Meriam Silver Vlogs
prom is actually so overrated
Just Alex
*”WOWW... no”* my friends when i enter school
Allison Ruedas
My friends did a friend promposal for me and it was sooooooo cute💖💖💖💖
Rylee Whyne
I seriously want this job yall are so lucky. Love you gurlll
Diana Vargas
i know u are friends, but i sHIP IT SO BAAAAD
Ezra H.S
Lindsay should drop a skin care routine, cause her skin is gleaming ❤
As much subs i can get with no videos
Omg Jasmine loves three things I love! Sunflowers,Cardi B, and Fried Chicken
naz G
I got accidentally punched cause the guy throwing one swung out too far and hit me instead. I was fine :P
Averybun_ 19
Low key I thought this said watching porn for the first time and I was like WHO POSTS THAT?!?!? Edit: omg buzzfeed has a video on that 😂💀
Sophia Chalco
Linsday: not gonna reveal the dress to you guys 1 minute later: reveals dress
Yessean Diaz
i thought Lindsay said her name was ‘lazy’ 😭
Also I wore a full ball gown... with converse lol and I had a spunky pixie cut (I was the ONLY girl in the school to have a short hair cut like that, so i was the "edgy" one)
Emily Vargas
Gadiel: have a good time just don’t make out with your Ex🤦🏻‍♀️😆
Abigail Gozcu
When people say first u never see it cuz it goes to the bottom so basically Ur last 😂
I’m planning on wearing a pantsuit cause I hate dresses lol
Charity x
Man I really want to go to my prom but my parents are strict and will not let me go so Yay 😔
I'm actually going to my first homeschool prom this upcoming school year since I'm a freshman.I'm so excited and I am so happy I have the chance to go to prom.Glad you had fun at yours!!❤❤
Agnes Lundström
This video was sooo beautiful, great job!!<3
Panda Panda
Zazzmyne and Lindsey and Rie and Alex are the definition of friendship goals at Buzzfeed They are the reason I click on videos
Hannah Case
I promposed to my guy friend and it was a "FRIENDS" themed promposal! It was so fun, we weren't awkward or anything! We had fun! Best friends CAN go to prom together and its awesome <3
Adriana Mostoghiu
Me when people say 2k 19:👀😑🤔🙄
jayda alese
randompersonofze EARTH
🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 Aussie Non Prom squad where are u at? 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Queen kitty
I’m 15 and my back always hurts so do my feet and neck I feel like an old lady;-;
joy khanfour
Such a cute vid i REALLYYYY love linsay and jazz #bestiegoals
Onaya Dolce
Well just wait for 2020 prom 🥳🥳🥳
Lathifah Ludmilla
_"Just dont make out with your ex"_ *best advice I've ever heard* 👏👏
yayeet ze
I LOVE that jazzymne was a prom queen!!!
Lathifah Ludmilla
*_I swear we all NEED a best friend like Jazz and Lindsay 👌💕_*
So Peachy Cute
Dam so sad how i be thinking i have real friends when they cant even spend time with me in the cafeteria. Great video though 💜💜💜loved itttt
Julia Alexa
I POSTED A SONG I WROTE and it would make me really happy if somebody checked it out! I also post covers... thank youuu!
Taegan Skye
My biggest tip for prom is go with your friends! I want to my junior prom with a “boyfriend” type and he didn’t want to dance or take pictures or talk. It sucked. Then my senior prom (2019), I went with my friend Charles and a small group of people I liked. It was soooo much more fun. Yes I didn’t like a lot of other people that went, but you’re always too wrapped up in your friends to notice. It was way better with them. The only thing I’d change from my experiences
I didn't want to go to prom, but had to. Coz it was part of our grade completion. I also wanted to go alone, but having a +1 was a requirement. The +1 I went with got shot down the night of the prom, coz the girl he was supposed to go with suddenly changed her mind and went with another guy. I felt really bad, y'all and had him as my +1 for the night. He bought a suit and tie and everything, and he just got replaced man. I went to an all girls catholic high school.
Adiyah Crenshaw
the promposal ❤️❤️. & yea prom is okay lol. I went to my prom for an hour and left lmao
alison bent
3:58 the face I make when I curl my eyelashes or put on mascara
Yüki x
I don’t know if this was a part in the video and I missed it. But even though jaz has been to prom before doesn’t mean that she went through a promposal.
in New Zealand we call it ball 😂 and don’t do a lot of the prom stuff
Lil' miss Cutie_Gacha
Huda Sardar
Anybody know there instagrams xx
Narvita Singh
Today is my prom and am staying home watching these adults go prom