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FUNNIEST OLYMPIC FAILS! Who here watched the Olympic Games recently (or has never watched the olympics)? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! FUNNY NOTES Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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have you ever watched the olympics? and yes im sick ;-;
Snickers Smith
Btw- for those who don’t know: The first sport was the Skeleton, and the one where four people went in the sled, that’s the Bobsled. And the one with brooms was Curling. The skiing one is the ski jump, and of course there was the ice skating.
Firefly _YT
Ken consignado
OMG Read more
Anna Bee
I know what ur talking about it's a Canadian sport called curling
Ziad Qaddoora
ka koooooooo i believe i can fly 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fox Goodman
Wait, did the guy in the intro survive?!?!??
B Chilson
Hailey Martin
That sport you can't name is curling
Lil v
shrek the 3rd shuffleboard
Bikki Sah
DaRealCarlos \
The funniest fail to me was the ice skating race where everybody fell right before the finish line exept the dude that was losing so he won the race 😂😂😂
color Wolf
Well its not that Bad because the motto is Be there is everything. So even if you Fail for your Country they will Love you aniway
Animon Gangadharan
I like the way you laugh
Erin Eger
Curling 🥌 is the game
Was geht
Bobsled and Skeleton seem like very safe sports.
Aakash Tanwar
Robert Dka
Your very2 pretty
Who Am I
Lis Demco
The first one, that guy looked like a penguin
Sp3cial21 Gaming
How have you never seen the movie cool runnings!!?
Zebragirl139 3000
You should watch udy pranks
Marcis Lacgalvis
Thats she
Εβελινα 18
Love u
Gio Salvatierra
It is called curling the game u were talking about
Tia Kingdon
I have watched some of the olimpics before!
TriXo 45
Curling is what it’s called
jaxatron20 wilsonator
Its called curling
Ellie Schow
The game were they throw a cat it's called curling
xxblizzgabxx xx
That game you forgot is called curling I hate those people who has to auto correct damn COMMENTS ITS NOT A DAMN LANGUAGE ARTS REPORT
Mortda البغدادي
Ashley Flanagan
Luke Verwey
Its called curling
Just seeing those skiers falling, if you've ever been skiing and when you fall your leg twists and it really hurts.
If Wii Fit Plus has taught me anything, ski jumping is hard
Denise Varble
Curling LOl
The Pranksters
Omg!! I was laughing so hard
Rachael C54
It’s curling lol 😂
Rachael C54
Ilysm ❤️
Elvar Snær Ágústson
The first one wasnt olympics
Mary's Tube TM
lotte Scadding
With the ice skating the boy sliced her cheek open
TheBeastTeamYT BeastTeamYT
ChaeJungSa MoYeong PinkTWICE
The last one thoe
And thats why you wear a helmet!..
Valentime OR Blue!
Im pretty sure the girl is one of moi teachers sisters because shes the first woman and african amercan to do the Olympic s Edit:the one useing the snowboard thing
Bratayley Facts
It is called Curling
Jacob Tolbert
the third one is called Jamaican bob sleding.
Ankit raj Auddy
You ar too sexy
Odion Akhiwu
But my fave is ice skating
Odion Akhiwu
Vivek Rai
You show butifull
puppys 4life
His Is bob (0_0) How many likes there are that is how old bob is
Lia's got a lot of "worst nightmare"s :-D As an Austrian I find it funny she doesn't even know the names of the sports. But I was to Phoenix and Albuquerque, so I can imagine why.
Nipu nibir haloi
i just fallen love 💓with you miss host .
First clip is the skeleton
Blanca Merced
What if the broom won :3
Very funny 😂
PuLse Crazy
Lia ik what ur taling about u mean bobsledding
Mohamed zeni
like ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ur my favorite youtuber ur the best I love u and ur so funny
Marlee Riddle
The third one is bobsledding
Spiral = curling 🥌 Skeleton though the face first one down a tube at over 100km/hr is insane. Love these Olympic reaction videos. Maybe you should be the special commentator 😂 some of them are so boring.
teach with fun
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Magic Mystery
That big sled that tipped is called a bobsled the reason they didn’t tip it back over is that a typical bobsled weighs upwards of 500 pounds.
Jamyeplayz Minecraft
That’s bob sleding
Sonny Lopez
Yes and the 4 men are in a bobsled
Idk why I’m laughing so hard edit:at the first one edit 2: I think I’m laughing because they got injured or died Idk why
Rosanna Slaten
The sport you were talking about was called curling
Ketan Rajput
Israel Diaz
Hey can we
Israel Diaz
The Fiadochi Aardvark
The thing you're thinking of is a sport called Curling. You can look up how it's played. Idk what game you're thinking of though.
Israel Diaz
I like u to
Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz
Your cute😣😣😣😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sarah Lancaster
omg in the last one Jennifer jones is my mom!
Christina Terenti
sssniperwolf watching olympics...
wendy smith
Aye and get better
Summer Dolan
these are the winter olympics lol x
Layla W
the sport you were talking about was called curling
BB8 extreme!
that sport is the skeleton (btw go Jane she was Canadian and so am i lmao) there was a guy that died doing it because he hit a pole head first (obviously) and because of how fast you travel per second the impact killed him instantly. EDIT: THE FIRST SPORT IS CALLED SKELETON, I KNOW WHAT CURLING IS OMLLL
Clash With Hog
Your face look like a 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Yaseen Atik
Wtf how r these funny
Fatima Mohamed
Is it bad that I laughed in the intro
Alexa Horran
The first one is called the skeleton and it’s a part of the Winter Olympics
Dallas Thompson
that 1st sport with the broom was skeleton
DhimpleSz G
the person in the very 1st intro, the guy was a girl :)
Half-Hearted Animations
I think you’re talking about curling
Was the game mario and sonic at the winter Olympic games
shekhar yadav
you are soo sexy...
[GD] Xacti
I screamed when I saw the thing break when that guy swings..😂
Jasmine the HunterWulfy
Dude what color are your eyes, sometimes the look grey other times the look black others they look brown
Wahid Hasib
I don,t enjoy the video .because you cover the movement ...
Hosam Gaming
The intro was disturbing But a great entertaing one
Sam Wayne