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FUNNIEST OLYMPIC FAILS! Who here watched the Olympic Games recently (or has never watched the olympics)? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! FUNNY NOTES Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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have you ever watched the olympics? and yes im sick ;-;
DaRealCarlos \
The funniest fail to me was the ice skating race where everybody fell right before the finish line exept the dude that was losing so he won the race 😂😂😂
I believe I can fly 😂😂😂
Tiffany Parkhomenko
Yo that intro nearly gave me a heart attack
Orlane Bognini
She had me dead when she said kakoo when that men was literaly flying
1 2 3 4 I think we are all perverts, We clicked on here, For the thumbnail, I wonder why, But i'll try
Fox Goodman
Wait, did the guy in the intro survive?!?!??
dank Kermit
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Fuzional Playz
It’s curling that you did with your brother
kenesha ballard
U are nice
kenesha ballard
I like u
Snickers Smith
Btw- for those who don’t know: The first sport was the Skeleton, and the one where four people went in the sled, that’s the Bobsled. And the one with brooms was Curling. The skiing one is the ski jump, and of course there was the ice skating.
TeslaDemon Crimson
RIP those ones who fail
Nice vid sssniperwolf love it!
Peter De Schryver
Well I icestate ... Sooooo yeah Edit: icesKate !!(sorry)
ImA_ MerrellPotato
Curling. Pfft spiral.
Bobsled and Skeleton seem like very safe sports.
Game Guys
Crazy banana Girl
10 Mil yaaaaay 😍 😂
Mc Donalds
Sssniperwolf:I mean they got helmets on their gucci
Abigail Deacon
The sport you are wondering about is called curling
Gio Salvatierra
It is called curling the game u were talking about
Gracie 13
It's called curling😂when i first saw it i was very confused to why they were chasing a hockey puck with a broom
Coolish Doodles
YASSSS YOU KNOW SPYRO?! I OFFICIALLY LOVE YOU, (btw it's probably the cat hockey game in Spyro Year of the Dragon😍)
Makayla Marie Hutzel
That’s one your unsure of is curling my parents LOVE it (so weird) lol but there’s even an emoji for it now 🥌
Landon Jones
I was laughing the hole vid
How have you never seen the movie cool runnings!!?
Xxxgamer WolfXxX
I watch the Olympics summer and winter all sports and yes u can run with ice skates well I mean I’m used to it in Canada 🇨🇦 I I’m always running in skates
Chris Kupsco
I got electrocuted👉⚡🔌 but I okay I think
Queen Alexandra
Emma Goodbody
The game u r thinking of is curling.
itzjustdevious _
That game you forgot is called curling I hate those people who has to auto correct damn COMMENTS ITS NOT A DAMN LANGUAGE ARTS REPORT
Renz Izer Mozo
Your like a damn bird!!!!
Crafty Monkeys
It’s not spiro it’s curling 🥌
Niyah Lovers
I’m laughing 😂 so hard at some of these
Landon Jones
I love you yay
If Wii Fit Plus has taught me anything, ski jumping is hard
Anisha Alvarez
Its called curling it took me a long time to remamber too
Ik I'm late but are you talking bout the and skylanders?
javarn mataira
That game was crash Banta cute its a mini game when u beat the egg
Julieanna Schwartz
I thought I could fly but I broke my leg and more have re injured my leg 😂😑😐😔😤😖
Elvar Snær Ágústsson
The first one wasnt olympics
jello gaming3223
It was in Mario 64 mini game
Jokie Herrera
you are so sexy
Ginny Weasly
Curling SSSniper wolf. Love ya!
Henry Eckstein
And thats why you wear a helmet!..
Falafel Goddess
That sport you thought was called spyro is called curling btw ❤
Falafel Goddess
Sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep
Michael Smith The Boss
The girl was to thicc that her pants ripped
Clumsy Wolf
At the very begining... Did he die!?
Lia's got a lot of "worst nightmare"s :-D As an Austrian I find it funny she doesn't even know the names of the sports. But I was to Phoenix and Albuquerque, so I can imagine why.
Frankesa Faustian
Omgg the first one
Mayra Meza
Erika/aj/Emma Costell/aj/Preston
Ssssniperwolf I believe I can fly. Me hahahahahahahahahahah
happy :D
Vortex Gaming
Lia ik what ur taling about u mean bobsledding
Tope Orogun
I Like Your Videos
Bunny Fluffball
Cmon u don’t know what bobsledding is??????
shivam Kumar
That was curling
Amy Richard
The ice skating one is literally my worst fear... Since I ice skate around like 30 other people in a regular ice rink.
Mountain biking Channel
Girls sounds sexy when they are sick
Seens LPS
I watch the olyimpics all the time
Spiral = curling 🥌 Skeleton though the face first one down a tube at over 100km/hr is insane. Love these Olympic reaction videos. Maybe you should be the special commentator 😂 some of them are so boring.
Elise 8888
The thing was curling 🥌
Hersh Heresh
,you homast
Hugh W1ls0n
The first sport is skeleton
The sport is bob slee
Idk why I’m laughing so hard edit:at the first one edit 2: I think I’m laughing because they got injured or died Idk why
Fortnite is life
the first clip was norwegian
Mario and sonic on the snow olimpics 2005 Thats the game that I play
Brii and Natasha
My heart and soul felt like it jumped out of my body 4 the first one, wus not expecting that XD
Frame That
It’s called curling
The Fiadochi Aardvark
The thing you're thinking of is a sport called Curling. You can look up how it's played. Idk what game you're thinking of though.
Mtcool 12001893
Your pretty
Sebastian Lauinger
Its called curling
Cierha Rasasanen
The begging tho when he fell off the cliff
Elijah Rivera
SSSniperwolf you should be a comedian
Christina Terenti
sssniperwolf watching olympics...
ag plays roblox
I think you were thinking of ice hockey
noah Gray
I play hockey
Rad Brad 12
It’s called shuffle board
Rainbow Candycane
It’s curling 🥌
Firefly _YT
I have a BMW well my fam does
Mia Card
It’s called curling 🥌
Joey Arthur Zooberry
Are you an initial d fan? You put the music in on the bobsledding part! I wasn’t expecting that
Cloey Stam vlogs
It's curling
that sport is the skeleton (btw go Jane she was Canadian and so am i lmao) there was a guy that died doing it because he hit a pole head first (obviously) and because of how fast you travel per second the impact killed him instantly. EDIT: THE FIRST SPORT IS CALLED SKELETON, I KNOW WHAT CURLING IS OMLLL
Catalokz Studio
The sport you ask about is bobsledding :D Had to do a entire project for ELA... FAILED.. 😭
Hello Mellow
The sport at the beginning was actually called Skeleton. Fun fact! Someone actually was thrown off the track and was killed. Yeah. Not so much of a fun sport.
Matthew Fantini
its curling
LPS Crystal Flower Chan
Dallas Thompson
that 1st sport with the broom was skeleton
quazjhaye Russell
Gracie Long
it’s called curling🥌
D Dubé
Curling,it’s called curling my papa does it
BubbleGum Cyan
I have watched the olympics