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have you ever watched the olympics? and yes im sick ;-;
Shirley Johnson
HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER 10=ok 20=like 30=love
M'Qeira Mackey
this video feels like it was made yesterday....... BUT IT'S A YEAR OLD!
Normal Lmao
1-like one save of the guy that fell of a cliff.
Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta
Title:FUNNIEST OLYMPIC VIDEO *Shows guy falling off a cliff*
Landonwerxeeer // LWN
Like=press replay 10:06
Elsachu and Dash Gaming crystal swap
0:06 when I find out nobody left a slice of cake for me
juli jams
4:43 does she sound like Alex from inquisitor master?
Blazes Adventures
(2:34) Yea it's called "Bob sledding"
Miss_Sakura _Taru
Person: What if he falls? Man: [Falls]
The sport you didn't know the name of is called curling.
blue fox 27
Trying to fall asleep, but can't stop laughing 😂
Rose Official
Title funniest Olympic fails Shows people falling of cliffs and getting tipped over on ice .-.
Molly Ebersold
Who else died laughing when she said "YOUR NOT A BIRD YOUR A HUMAN" and then showed the clip
katherine moreno
2019 anyone Its just me? Ok
SSSniper Wolf
The game u said you played when the lady did it is curling.
Enmerly Sosa
I was dead when she said “I believe I can fly” like wtfff 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I liked how the Norwegian man said f**k in the background on the first clip...
Hansel Bleything
Sophie Mutch
(8:02) Sport: Curling! I live in Canada and in my parents house Jennifer Jones is basically and icon 😂.
Rylee Privett
Sssniperwolf, The game is called sorry Me and my granny used to play it all the time. Ur biggest fan,rylee
AwesomeL Justice
1:35 It is Skeleton Just so you know 😅
The thing you were trying to remember I think is shuffleboard
Is he dead 0:00 Like if yes comment no
she just the said the girl in the first sport (skeleton i think?) a *dude* Many times....
Lydia Thompson
1:34 it's called Skeleton, its pretty dangerous tbh
Giovanny Hernandez
Hey Lia the sport of sledding is called luge
Suzanne Seaman
The sport you said you played before is called curling lol 😂🤣😃
this is fox female ( it had to illiterate ) she gets older every like 🦊 👗 👢
Katherine Fish
“Hey, they’re doing good so far.” 2 seconds later... “WEE, OOO” 😂 😂
Ahmir Ruiz
SSSniperWolf that thing with those brooms with the ball is called curling
Cece Valera
ADD ME ON SNAP @ceceonfleek124💜
Tommy rushforth
I think the sport is called bowls - famous in France
WolfPack *
One like = one request for the janitor to get into the olympics
Potato Tomato Zoo Unicorn Blah Blah
8:35 she was talking about the game “curling”
Joos Vanderdonckt
@SSSniperWolf I have watched the olympics, and I think the game is called curling.
Haha I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and it’s called Curling not spiral 😂
Asia Ray
SSSniperwolf, that sport is called "curling".
Kendra Alyssa Avant- Ortiz
👩🏽she gets older every like let see how old he can get 👚 👖 👟👟
Sophia Creates
The bar broke off the cliff and I was like, OOOOOOOOO SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT NAHW DAAAWG ! !
Fiona Adams
that minigame that you were playing is called curling :)
Kjell Simon Eilertsen
you know the first thing on norwegian im norwegian and he said oh f*** a$$
Shye Brolly
%90 comments ‘bout the jumpin’ of the cliff guy (he had a parachute) %10 comments ‘bout how funny this Olympic video is %5 comments ‘bout how beautiful Lia is lookin’ today.
Zesty Queen
This should be called “Reasons not to get off your couch”
Jayven Okuda
Once in croc center on the slide *I flipped and was facing backwards and almost fell off the 30ft slide*
james smith
you should watch Eddie the eagle
2:47 Imagine Their Reactions
Ally Block
7:30 did she really think that there was actually a cat there?? 😂
unicorn 4 life
You are talking about curling and my favourite Olympic sport is figure skating
Eva Green
Omgawd this is why i dont ice skate
Harmonie Eymann
The game you played with your brother is called CURLING 🥌 😊❤️
J dang gang
loveyour vids plz sout me out and any one 2019
Adeline Hayes
you are talking about shuffle board
•- Wello-•
When you try so hard but you don’t succeed~~
Lee Roby
The game is called Curling, btw
The Alps
Did anyone else realise on that one with the bmd girl there was a person sweeping the floor in the background with the exact same broom as the first one? Illuminati confirmed?
ɢʀᴀᴄᴇʏ ʙʏʀɴᴇ
😟 he is 0 1 like makes him one year older Let's see how old he can get 💙
First sport is skeleton (a form of bobsled)
Aimee Notaro
Fizz Kizz
Everything goes wrong when it comes to ice... Except gray. I love Gray! He my fairy tail bro
Zesty Queen
And this is why I don’t do sports… Or move At all
Lena The Human Cat
2:03 YEAH, LEMME TELL YOU MY HORRIFIYING STORY first of all, i was only 5 my mom forced me to go dance on ice (skating) well, it happened to me too... now i am 10 and i still have purple stain on my eye...
Stephen Lodolinski
0:01 I laughed 0:09 I stopped...
The first four were winter Olympic's
Sugar_ Cookiie
Hi snipperwolf I love you sooo much and the game was called curling
I’ve played all of these In the Mario and sonic 2012 Olympic Games on the Wii Man they were good
Shannon Harmar
Nine minutes in the video the hit was by Alex Ovechcen I know I spelled Ovechcen wrong
You should watch Eddie the eagle. Also the second sport with the four people sled is called bobsleding.
Hibuddy1234 M
The sport in the beginning is called skeleton sliding at 90 MPH
8:50 I believe it kerling/new age kerling
0:44 Gotta sweep sweep sweep edit: thanx for the likes :0
Dorian Bonilla
how is the first clip funny I'm so confusion edit: I dont mean the guy sliding I mean the first clip it showed in the begging
I love all of your video's! They are the best video's!!!!
That First One Looks Fun To Do
1st one is skeleton 3rd one is bobsleading
Momma Pink Diamond
*To every one that got a heart attack at the first video!* That is a Norwegian show, but the dude that flew of the thing, did not die!
Dylan Woodward
@SSSniperWolf I think that the game that you are trying to remember the game is called curling
BBAnimeGirl 27
When she said failing she sounded like inqusitormaster
The Amazing Strong Umbreon
Emma Staub
The first sport is a luge. But this is a very dangerous sport because your going like 30-40 mph
JUST FOR ALL OF U GUYS TO KNOW the guy in the intro did live he has a parachute!!!!!!
Charlotte Baka
The sport you're talking about is curling.
Gscha cookie
1:04 to 1:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Our new sonic 😂😂😂😂
the inpridictalble
The first sport was called lozing
April lps Gachaverse
OH GOD.. i ice skate!! :<
H20 P4nda
0:01 don’t worry guys he has a parachute
Mr. Anything Everything
By the way the minigame your talking about is pac-man party
Maryana Flores
Oh my god yes I know what you talkin about
Savanah, Donya, Sarah, Timmy Jackson grandchildren
omg when that guy was on the mountain or something DID HE DIE?!? Because he fell AT THE FREAKING BOTTOM BRUH
Run Ruh Rock
Guys that flipped in the sled:oh my lord Ambulance:you guys ok? Guys that flipped on the sled:We Gucci
Roblox_gacha Potato
*and as soon as I get in someone falls off a cliff....*
Andres Esquivel
The first one is called luge
Wendy Carmine
Chris Is Weird
1:04 😂😂😂😂😂. Yes. Deja vu. I was hoping for that.
susan johnson
Bro ice skating ⛸ hope that didn’t cut her
Tammie/shy Hein
it's called Bobsled racing 🤗
Chloe The Gamer
When you Lia said he's a bird about the skier, when he fell i said he's a damn worm! lol
Thea Steward
"He like a dam bird!"😂
Alan Hiwa
Am I 2nd comment??or 3rd
Idk _Art
1:06 ITS SWEEPING TIME! (Baldis basics)