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FUNNIEST OLYMPIC FAILS! Who here watched the Olympic Games recently (or has never watched the olympics)? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! FUNNY NOTES Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

have you ever watched the olympics? and yes im sick ;-;
Trisha Thomas
How much do we love Sssniperwolf? 10 = ok ❤ 30= like ❤ 50= love ❤
gbear kk
😟 he is 0 1 like makes him one year older Let's see how old he can get 💙
Karsyn Zumbusch
8:51 curling
Mak’s Gacha
Oml I died watching her reaction to the skiing 🤣
Aiden Roberts
👶This is sam he is one let’s see old he 👕 he can get 👖 👟 1like = 1 year
Investing Hustler
Did the guy in the beginning actually die 😱
Vanessa Anyanwu
If u click this it turns blue 👇 👇
Julianna Elwell
So I was interested, did the math, and Lia made around $9,000 from this video- I like math :)
ryan mcmahon
Wait did the guy in the intro survive like comment what you think and please like
What did the librarian say? Read more
Snickers Smith
Btw- for those who don’t know: The first sport was the Skeleton, and the one where four people went in the sled, that’s the Bobsled. And the one with brooms was Curling. The skiing one is the ski jump, and of course there was the ice skating.
Elyn Baltzersen
Omg on the first one a guy talked in norwegian he was swearin
Emma Chiodo
Is the guy alive? (In the intro)
*pushes broom** g00d luck br00m **end** Yay br00m win :D
Fluff King
She darn got her head chopped off 1:55 like if u agree
Mochi the octoling Slime
3:41 w o a h
ѕιєиα єllє
Omg the cats though 😂
paavola girls
I 💙 to ski jump! Edit: because I, ripped my pants!
Evey Thacker
I love crash bandicoot
The cat curling made me die laughing because I actually curl
The first one was scary when he fell off the mountain
Sophia Zade
i want one of your puseen the cats
Princess Buttercat
Did any of you guys realised that all of these fails are related to ice and snow?🤔🌨🌨🌨🌨❄❄❄☃☃💧⛄⛄
Astrid Highley
the game you said you played before but didn't know the name of is called curling.
Lily Moorcroft
I know what you where talking about it is ice hockey i did it in Canada
1:32 the sport is called skeleton
I love that sport, its called curling. Also, Spyro is a game about a dragon but you can play it on a games console so I see how you got mixed up with it.
SmolBean *
One like = one request for the janitor to get into the olympics
Cecilia Neumann
I don’t got any words to say except the word I just said lol PS. get healthy girl.
8:33 its curling
Ryan Mortiz
Clorox Bleach
The sport she didn’t know is bobsledding
And thats why you wear a helmet!..
Lev Shapiro
Queen _ nyia
The sport that you know that you played I no the name its called Canyon ice hockey
Th3 Cake Virus
That sport that came on multiple times was skeleton
Brody Collinson
It's curling
Zesty Queen
This should be called “Reasons not to get off your couch”
Jacob Schultz
More bobsledding
Kameron Lock
Skellington Reese
Doggy Lover_HD
I DIED at 6:57
Evelīna Balode
It’s kinda funny seeing my favorite youtuber being so confused about something that my family watch each time it happens
don’t care.
I’ve played all of these In the Mario and sonic 2012 Olympic Games on the Wii Man they were good
Lucas Shao-Davies
On the iceskate one I was a large splash of red on her BACK!!! in oh...
Silver Slayyer
Its called curling the game u played with ur brother
Alpaca lover Ladle
Skeleton gives me chills
Zesty Queen
And this is why I don’t do sports… Or move At all
Tekeira Goosby
I believe I can fly NOT
Santiago Zuniga
That poor guy
XX Sunny Leone Free Videos
Keith Hallen
Omg I know the sport it's curling
Have you ever looked at a comment with heaps of likes and been like... God dammit I wish I wrote that😂😂 EDIT: thanks for the likes 😂xx
Rachel Kidd
8:51 curling 🥌
Hailey Barrios
I love your hair so much!
Angelic Cortes
I love you sssniperWolf
Kynnedy Koger
I think the first sport is bob sleding
If Wii Fit Plus has taught me anything, ski jumping is hard
Cheyenne Billy
Jamaica we are a bobsled team.
Puppylover 1693
Idk why I keep repeating the first one with the guy who ended his lifu by doing gymnastics on a pole and whoever watched this reply don't act dumb (don't do dangerous things for population)please cause humans can't disappear
Lucas Shao-Davies
I ment uh oh
0:44 Gotta sweep sweep sweep edit: thanx for the likes :0
*TrIpLe OoF.*
this person
Ahmed Jama
Haha lol
The guy that bought them now and did you know if he.Survived
I AM Gio Salvatierra
It is called curling the game u were talking about
Swag AshBoi
7:03 *THICC*
Jesse Montoya
Jesse Montoya
I am 6
Vix Majej
DaRealCarlos \
The funniest fail to me was the ice skating race where everybody fell right before the finish line exept the dude that was losing so he won the race 😂😂😂
The Guy in the intro was norwigian
Bridie Gordon
That sport is called bob slaying
Figure Skater13
I do spins like they and I always make sure there's nobody around me
Rhea Chang
Oh I love this new look she got going on!! So cute!!
H20 Panda
0:01 don’t worry guys he has a parachute
Agnes Catangal
Did the girl got hit right in the head?
Yo, nice paprika!
The guy in the beginning said "Of Fyfan asså" He's from Sweden😚
nappy redd
Mario and Sonic at the winter games
Patrick Ward
The hacker ha ha ha.
JUST FOR ALL OF U GUYS TO KNOW the guy in the intro did live he has a parachute!!!!!!
Miguel Peña
SSSNiperwolf fix you voice delay please.
Patrick Ward
I am pz9
mei leen
Jolene Guenther
I love it it’s so funny
Lia's got a lot of "worst nightmare"s :-D As an Austrian I find it funny she doesn't even know the names of the sports. But I was to Phoenix and Albuquerque, so I can imagine why.
Funny Fortnite Clips
If you like that you should watch the movie cool runnings
It’s called curling! Me and all of your other Canadian subscribers just left the chat
Sophia Juntunen
*WHAT GAME IS THAT!* it’s curling, we people from Duluth know that!😒
Devrim Devil
The sport is called Bobsledding, just so you know
Adam&sumsoo Weir
When she said like when he hit her head with the ice scare and when she said it could of sliced her throat well my mum did ice scaring and somebody accidently hit her with their ice skate and sliced her throat b7t she obviously survived
Cameron Wiersma
The sport is called curling (BTW I had to Google it)
Zenebesh Weldu
I am sick right now and I missed school and I am missing school today
Lynx Z
The first clip was a Norwegian clip
Katlyn Williams
The first sport is skeleton it seems fun but it’s dangerous
Its gacha Jess
Sophia Juntunen
I didn’t realize Thayer were flipped over until she said *that’s not supposed to happen* 😨☹️
Sabrina Chae
That squeak noise she made when the sled fell over 😆