Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs 1st Half Highlights / March 12 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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Lil Dagga
Harden already in playoff form
Afeeq Hasan
1:46 - Took me 7 replays to make sense of that sick pass. MVP!
Basketball Spotlight
Are the rockets gonna win the championship?
Panda Productions
MLG youre ridiculous
Shawn Edwards
Harden rude to the ankles...
Adamo Virdis
Fire Pop and make the Spurs great again!!!
AnToNe-Yo #Dubs #Raiders
Spurs really need Kawhi tbh
Rockets too deadly
Nikos Katsaros
I don't see how rockets can lose the chip this season and im GSW fan
the rockets are unbeatable if they dont miss
Nana Merimo
Dub 🙂😎😎😎😎
Adam E
Harden is having a fantastic game On the free throw line (don’t call me a hater, I have him winning MVP)
George Gulasarian
Guys i can confirm the rockets will make it to the western conference finals but no The Finals. It will be The Warriors vs Celtics this year. What you guys think?
213rfghu nm
Yea Houston got the W tonight but we all know the truth. Kawhi> Rockets roster
Augustina Chukwuemeka
sir yoso
different meaning: -HARDEN got D -D got HARDEN.
clayton jackson
Harden 1:44-1:47 just simply crazy magic!
204 th here
Quincy Chameleon
Plug 🚶
Latasha Edwards
Never Thought I would say this but the spurs over with 😰
Houston so lucky the spurs don't have Kawhi... smh this could've been an easy win for us
Latasha Edwards