Zac Efron does a little Fear Factor

Zac Efron on george lopez tonight if you want full video it is available on youtube. This reminded me of Fear Factor so i wanted to share! **I DONT OWN THIS VIDEO* Thanks for watching

Juliana Ferreira
yeah.. I would marry him <3
Jasmine C
uhm i was talking about zac efron
It takes a lot of courage say you wanna bang George Lopez.
Jasmine C
Damn i wanna bang him
Janani Manickam
Damn cute
lill gabriela
is it weird that i still wanna kiss him?
Destiny ashlynth
Zac or justin? Zac all the way!!!! :) he's so freaking hot!!
Lydia Marshall
he would be epic on im a celebrity get me out of here!
I feel sorry for who ever has to kiss him.
im sorry but thats FUCKING NASTY.
now i'm thinking that hes hotter x))
Erin Wackler
I love Zac Efron!!! I want to do the one on one thing
Kimberly Munoz
damn he's fine <3
Rebecca Klein
haha <3
Sumieika Yaska
HOT <3
rebecca maury
I got something hot wet and throbbing for him to eat afetr he licks my clit, vanessa is so lucky he fucks her and even finger fucks her little pussy, oh man, I wanna watch
sameera malik
he is cute
sameera malik
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is grossssssssssssssssssssss barf :O
Don't steal my man!
i want to marry him
Alyssa Conmay
God he is so hot. I just want to lick him ALL over. MMMMM!
Kira Degutis
I'd still makeout with him
Camy Lya
ok am i weird or was that really hot and such a turn on?
Ellen did something similar when she ate crickets with Salma Hayek (who introduced them to her) she said they were delicious, then pretended to faint.)
Zachary Account
Groosssssssssssssss! You're so cool ... and hott !
oooft fiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Maggie Lynch
OMG HES SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha "Omg, Zac Efron just ate a scorpion!"
"it's okay, they're form taiwan." <3 whsfgdalsdkgfhadf SO HOT.
Louise Chauvet
My God He's hot!!! <3
Lol watch this and youll see if hes hot or not :P /watch?v=KyoMtd2BVjI
he has the over buff body because of the movie hes doing (the lucky one) And its HOT! lo
I think I would even kiss him after eating that...that it how attractive he is. haha
Neave O’Dwyer
What happened in the video? I fainted when I saw him!
Kaitlyn Flint
"It's okay they're from Taiwan!" hahahahahaha
i have no idea why this turned me on
i actually like him better with this kind of body. not the steroid driven body of his now. is that only me?
Omg Zac Efron just ate a Scorpion
Miranda Panda
this is actual a huge turn on lmao wow deff makes him hotter
mari anchecta
eww of i was him i would of never ate them acckkk
only Zac Efron could eat Crikets,Scorpions,and Worms make it look hot and still make girls wanna make out with him. i love my husband :)<3
i still do
I know right!! lol
Amy D.
Now Im curious, how many BUGS has Zac eaten?
Emma R
Jacob Gunner
Do all you women still want to kiss him now? Well now days...... and you freaky dudes too? I only want a response from the first half I asked for.
H tounsi
Very hoooooooooooooooot and sexyyyyyyyyyyy Boy Oh My Gach Wat the Hell awwwwwww My Eyes Please try to Be cooL just Normale ! *___*
Amy Maher
he should try fried grasshoppers!!! they taste like chicken
hell, i'd still make out with him after he ate all that...
How to eat fried worms!
Raheem D
His mum was obviously a bad cook for him not to mind.
ok, ew. but oh my god, i love him! <333
sarina lungarini
What have you done to Headmaster Zefron!!!
lorihodge hodge
lol wow
Robin Damgriham
all those are nothing for me.....I've eaten .....all kind of insect....mouse, spider, snake, lizard, grassophy, wow...i ate a lot of things i don't know what we call in English...
awesome!! I would totally try it to!!
Awww, his reactions are just so cute <3 especially the part when he pretended to want to vomit xD i love him <3