Anatomy of a Rower: Do they have the strongest legs of any Olympic athlete?

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Двукратный серебряный призер Олимпийских игр Дамир Мартин из Хорватии демонстрирует невероятную силу и выносливость. Анатомические характеристики и уникальные особенности организма олимпийских атлетов: Подпишись на Olympic Channel:

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prithviraj basumallik
Pete reed with his 11l lung capacity 😅
Dom Forte
I’ve been waiting for so long for this video to come out.
Ryan Sheehan
The grammar in that title is killing me
Ryan :
No, Olympic weightlifters do
Zakaria 371
Does they have...smh
Op Gamer
Do a sweep rower
ima li Hrvata? is there any Croatians?
Do Josh Dunkley Smith 😂
Ben Dover
just came to the video to say the title should "do they have the strongest legs of any Olympic athlete"
Josh Dunkley Smith of Australia had a VO2 intake of 7.5litres I think. No wonder he holds the world record for the 2k on a rower.
Tristan Engeler
What an incredible beast!
Angie Angie
The way that woman said damir martin lmaoo
Taniwha B
If you're going to compare VO2max between athlete classes it would make sense to compare in relative terms.....
Propably weigthlifters have the strongest legs of any olympic athlete lol
Thomas Spelmans
Hardest sport i have ever done
Fla rai
Woww! Very impressive! But is he born with these capacity? or did he got theme by praticing rowing ?
To answer your question, no.
Rokas S
At least now I know I don’t need grammar if I want to become an olympian.
Jake Birch
This is a perfect video for all those footballers that call rowing easy
Htoo Htet Aung
They changed the title!yay!
You're asking if a rower has stronger legs than a weightlifter???!
poofish gaming
I’m sorry but track sprint cyclists????
Teddy Bear
Weightlifters have the strongest legs not these puny humans
does they have the strongest legs? Or doesn't they??????
sk vlogs
They are so hard worker
Sobnom Shirmin
Oh no this title
elpo laquito
Anatomía de un palista para la próxima porfa
Мой член
Does they?
Philip Paik
Do they have* not ‘does they have’ 🤦‍♂️
Conor Bryce
"does they". Olympics fix your title
Pan Konjo
Title typo!
i dont know, does they?
Joel Henderson
So, I haven't watched the video yet, but let me answer this for you: no, they don't.
Lily Kwok
They does.
Koulis Rosoulis
Best video on youtube
João Gualberto Teixeira de Mello
Larry Marshall
Do judo player next
John Atkins
Kai Clark
Lactic acid accumulation is a myth. Lactate tests measure lactate clearance, not lactic acid.
Sam Towell
Giving V02 max in ml/kg/min would allow better comparison to other athletes than l/min
ellie higg
Does they tho
DanMHD 123
Rowers represent 💪🏼
Ethan Croft
Does Olympics has good grammar?
Arin Ali
ronnie coleman legpresses 1000kg
Jon Allen
Bikers have the strongest legs.
Lee Fisher
Why take the blood sample from his ear ?
Kaslı Soykan
still no calves
Ahmed Abdellatif
Squash could beat that
Richard N. Anoliefo
Nice Grammer
dont mind
"Don't fail". Wow this girls intense.
Rajoshi Roy
1st here can I get my likes?
Naum Raskind
Well... does they?
Alex Lapsley
I mean techincally he's a sculler not a rower...
Princess ardel
Ñørth Kõrëå inTelligencE.
Omg 😲