Anatomy of a Rower: Do they have the strongest legs of any Olympic athlete?

The Croatian double Olympic Silver medallist Damir Martin exhibits outstanding strength and endurance; but how does that compare to athletes from other sports? In a sports science lab, the physiques and unique body characteristics of Olympic athletes are analyzed to reveal what makes them so special: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

Jake Birch
This is a perfect video for all those footballers that call rowing easy
Ten Parsecs
No, Olympic weightlifters do
Ryan Sheehan
The grammar in that title is killing me
Thomas Spelmans
Hardest sport i have ever done
Propably weigthlifters have the strongest legs of any olympic athlete lol
sophia chong
i have a regatta tomorrow
You're asking if a rower has stronger legs than a weightlifter???!
Poppy Sandal
Rowers--do they have the strongest legs of any Olympic athlete? -are u joking? Obviously Olympic weight lifters have stronger legs--it's in the job description.
Unique NPC
Does they have...smh
Do Josh Dunkley Smith 😂
sk vlogs
They are so hard worker
prithviraj basumallik
Pete reed with his 11l lung capacity 😅
fuckthegardai yeet
Do a sweep rower
Josh Dunkley Smith of Australia had a VO2 intake of 7.5litres I think. No wonder he holds the world record for the 2k on a rower.
Im from croatiaa😂❤
Ben Dover
just came to the video to say the title should "do they have the strongest legs of any Olympic athlete"
Kalashnikov Cortez
comparing absolute VO2max between people of different sizes and doing different exercises??? How is that a scientific comparison??? Oxygen consumption is greatly influenced by body mass and test protocol. An elite marathon runner is smaller than elite rower, and running does not involved using the upper body much like rowing would, thus of course a runner is going to have a lower oxygen consumption rate. The way this video is made, it makes it sounds like an elite rower such as this guy can dominate an elite runner based on all these fuzzy and incredible runners. The truth is, as elite as this rower is, he is not going to be able to keep up with an elite marathoner for anything more than the first couple miles. Marathon at the elite level is the ultimate test of endurance and intensity and body durability. Not even Tour de France elite climbers can hope to keep up with an elite marathoner, much less a rower.
"you have to bite through it"... I've got a 2K TT on the erg coming up soon. 😁 I will bite.
Angie Angie
The way that woman said damir martin lmaoo
Tristan Engeler
What an incredible beast!
Rubber Soul
Als Ex-Rennruderer habe ich das Rennen in Rio natürlich gesehen, der Zielfotoentscheid überzeugt mich bis heute nicht. In Rio waren so viele technischen Dinge definitiv nicht auf olympischen Niveau. Ich habe Damir Martin auf der Ziellinie vorne gesehen, für mich ist er der Olympia-Sieger im Einer!
Fat ergos
Rowers represent 💪🏼
Taniwha B
If you're going to compare VO2max between athlete classes it would make sense to compare in relative terms.....
Dom Forte
I’ve been waiting for so long for this video to come out.
Watching quite drunk after a night out... seeing him do the vo2 max just about made me throw up
Matej Skrobot
Bravo Damir :)
Fla rai
Woww! Very impressive! But is he born with these capacity? or did he got theme by praticing rowing ?
Bart Thompson
Hey Olympic channel, change the caption to say "two-time Olympic Silver medalist..." Damir won silver in the quad (4x) in 2012 and the single (1x) in 2016, but saying "double Olympic Silver medalist" makes it sound like he won in the doubles (2x) event.
Htoo Htet Aung
They changed the title!yay!
Theodoros Lapikof
Best video on youtube
Rokas S
At least now I know I don’t need grammar if I want to become an olympian.
Lily Kwok
They does.
poofish gaming
I’m sorry but track sprint cyclists????
Joey Simon
as a high school rower, I can confirm that towers are indeed the strongest athletes
he turned into a tomato
akash nair
I would think weightlifters or sprint cyclists would have stronger or more powerful legs compared to other athletes..
I find this series interesting, but why aren't they showing the exact same data for all athletes? With the weightlifter Dmitry they showed the torque on the dyno for his quads and here they show it for the hamstrings.
Croatia is proud of him!!!
Um.. tbh imo 60% are legs, 30% body and 10% arms
Teddy Bear
Weightlifters have the strongest legs not these puny humans
CONTROL123 Blitz
this man came to my boathouse to do a relay with my school as well as others as a learning experience for us. He is such a nice and humble guy and is a monster on the erg.
He's such a cutie!!! Love his humble attitude. Not just another athletic hot bod.
Chesus Crest
They should try track cyclists if they're talking legs....
To answer your question, no.
Konstantinos Makridis
Weightlifters and most throwers have stronger legs
He is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! <3
Sam Towell
Giving V02 max in ml/kg/min would allow better comparison to other athletes than l/min
Strong differs from durable. Weighlifting demands the strongest legs.
Alex L
I mean techincally he's a sculler not a rower...
Miles Everitt
does they have the strongest legs? Or doesn't they??????
Jude McDermott
12:07 how is he meant to bite through the pain with those teeth
Do Rowers have the strongest legs of all Olympic Athletes? No, no they don't, did you seriously think they would be stronger than Olympic WEIGHTLIFTERS
Joel Henderson
So, I haven't watched the video yet, but let me answer this for you: no, they don't.
Adriano Melai
It would be very interesting to test a top-level Crossfit athlete. :)
KC 707
Lactic acid accumulation is a myth. Lactate tests measure lactate clearance, not lactic acid.
Nicholas Sessions
No, Olympic laser or finn sailors do
borri lamfer
weightlifter do it for second rower do it for seven mi nu te s
I can't tell if the video is trolling or actually this idiotic. If you try hard enough, as the creators did, you can sort of find a context or cherry-picked examples of where rowers have the "strongest legs." However if you ask anyone who is familiar with sports and strength in a general sense, then obviously weightlifters are the strongest; the sport revolves around maximum hip and knee extension power/force. Rowers train for endurance, and their physiques and abilities reflect that.
Alexandre Beaudry
The rowing community as a way to brag themselves about being the best like crossfitters do. Asking for admiration this attitude doesn't even have my respect. Many ways to mesure legs power and comparing it with rower. Reactive: ski and snow how much impact they can take on. (Rower no impact at all) Adaptive: Cycling uphill and fast downhill (rower have a steady pace) Endurance: Marathonner (most rowing race are 10x shorter) Rythm : mountainneer adapt to the environnement (rower never hit a wave) Impulsion: jumping, show me a rower than can jump his height Resistance; weightlifter and many many more. Not hating on rowing just giving a lesson of humility (I am a rower and I'm proud of it) And if you still thing rower have the strongest legs just watch Brian Shaw beating World Record on a rowing machine for the 100m in first try without any techniques.
the tominator
Skiers thooo
George Christodoulou
There is no way he has stronger legs than a weightlifter.Weightlifters need put a put a high amound of force for a very short amount of time(strength) when rowers need to be able to put a moderate amount of force for a long amount of time(endurance)
Ömer Furtun
It would have been better to compare this to a cyclist or cross country skier
no. cyclists are on par with endurance and probably have more strength. Weightlifters definitely have the maximal strength
Alfredo Alfaro
This guy produces more peak torque than my car!
They should test the real regatta sport flat water paddling
Alastair Hewitt
Do anatomy of a wrestler!
Hypnotic Moai
I did the math, and it would take 6 of these guys to match the torque from a hellcat charger
Hunter Kowald
Rowing machine: Doesn't look very effective, the boat isnt even moving!
Boo Bear
does dong size correlate with athletic performance?
Luiggi Bra
God save the ROW!!! Remeros, exremeros y futuros remeros, de todos los niveles de competición formamos una gran familia, y al ver este vídeo somos conscientes de la dureza de este deporte, pero conscientes tambien de lo agradecidos y confortantes qye son los logros de toda una temporada, etapa deportiva... Saludos a los exremeros como yo y mucho ánimo y perseverancia a los que se encuentran en activo y a las futuras generaciones .... Desde España, VIVA EL REMO🎖🏆🏅
David Ljubenko
I took a picture with Damir Martin he trains in the same club as me
Bryan Butler
Do Kyle Snyder USA wrestling heavyweight
Julio Blanco
They are only comparing sports with easily measured metrics. Wrestlers exert more energy I would guess, just no way to measure it.
No, Oly weightlifters do...
Nigel Wong
What about cyclists?
Yani Isla
You should test velodrome cyclists
Johnny Foster
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Thành Hồ
Superb athletes Wish everyone could tall, strength and powerful like these athletes
I know that head shaking on the erg when i see it
Wesley Alth
1 name Bradley Wiggins
Geras Katinas
5:00 did i hear that right
David Ljubenko
Im from Croatia 🇭🇷
Thành Hồ
Hope they re the best athletes in their field
Daniel Price
Have you seen Olympic sprint cyclists or are the thighs of a rower even bigger than that of a cycle sprint Olympian
Boxcar Ent.
Dont forget the STERIODS.
Mister Molotov
What a great video, i am impressed of his physics and the effort of producing this video.
Tyler's farm sim Channel
20k 🤯
C.C.C. 29
What about women rowers???
Kalle-Aleksi Vainionpää
So.. you need to be a bit of crazy to excel in sports ?
Richard N. Anoliefo
Nice Grammer
Radio Station
Definitely not saying this dude isn’t crazy fit, but I’d like to see some cyclists/runners do this type of thing. (Maybe not their arms, but anaerobic capacity and such)
Is rowing hard on your knees Do they get itbs?
Ethan Croft
Does Olympics has good grammar?
Soul Guru
Racing kayaking?
Whats the music in the end ?
edwin huang
Mo Farah next please
Yo this guy causes global warming by all the co2 he produces