100-Year-Old Math Teacher Slams The 'Common Core' Method

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Madeline Scotto has gone through a lot of math teaching methods. At age 100, she still teaches at Brooklyn's St. Ephrem's School. We talked with Madeline and no other approach to mathematics has caused her more concern than Common Core. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: />Follow BI Video On Facebook: />Read more: /> -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.

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Kimberlyn McMurray
She keeps it 100
TickedOff Priest
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
White Asylum
Albert Einstein," If You Cant Explain It Simply, You Don't Understand It Well Enough". I Agree
Damn shes so sharp for being 100. I cant' even say "for being 100"..shes just sharp period. Its more like its unbelievable that shes 100.
only 90's kids will remember the easiest answer to this equation: 2 + 2 = ?
The Arcadinator
If you put 4+4 into a calculator, it's still 8. WTF!!!!
A football coach came with his star running back to a meeting with the math teacher. The player had flunked his last exam and the coach was there to see what his options were. The math teacher, being a fan of the game, said, "Look, I will ask you one question and if you get it right, you pass the course. What is 2+2?" The football player thought long and hard, then venturing a guess, said "four". The coach blurts out "Give him another chance! Give him another chance!"
Passed Judgements
How to teach with common core: if Jonny ate 3 apples and Sally birthed 6 apples how many lines of coke will I snort today?
Zane Truesdale
Non American here. What's common core?
I'm more impressed with the teacher who is 100 still teaching then the actual context of the video.  I'm changing my career at 44 and there is hope for me yet.  I hope I can live to that age and still work.
Ajax Gordon
the problem with common core math is that it cares more about how you got your answer instead of the answer itself. for example some word problems will have missing information, how do you solve? up to you. the other thing is it's all about the right way, meaning the way they want it. for example one third grader during a test showed his work for 5x3=15 as 5+5+5=15. he was marked wrong because, even though I remember being specifically told the opposite, it's the second number you follow. so he got this problem wrong because he put 5+5+5 instead of 3+3+3+3+3. even though they are the exact same answer. a 5x3 rectangle and a 3x5 rectangle would look the same because x and y aren't specified. further evidence of my statement.
Jane O'Leary
common core math is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. someone's head should roll
Ace Acer
You know what they say? If it's not broken don't fix it. for centruries 4+4=8 and it's stupid to go thru complicated multiple steps to get the result. No matter the reason it should always be the same result. 4+4 will never give other results other than 8 period. So why complicate things while they are simple enough around the World. If it's working around the World while being simple why making it complicated? I'd like to say it's better here in Canada but it's not true at all. In the 80's till the mid 90's(the time i was in school from elementary to high school, it might still be in effect today but i'm not sure) the ministry of education tested a method called "normalisation". What it was is if a student had 57% or so in some matters (60% was the standard to be graduated) then due to the normalisation his score was normalazed to become 60%. At that time i personally had a 52% in one matter but to my surprise my score got raised to 60%, just enough to pass but did this normalisation improved my understanding of that matter? Of course not that's why the next year i had so much troubles with that same matter. Why they did that normalisation is probably to have better scores(and therefore less students who fail to graduate) and was looking better when our score as a country was compared to other countries. For me is't like cheating or at least manipulating the stats to brag about something that is purely actificial but in the long run the only losers are the students, victimes of the system that fails them in many aspects.
Michael Lavigne
"If it ain't broke don't fix it. Back in my day it was just fine, why have new things." What a surprising message from a 100 year old. We have a whole generation of american adults who understand multiplication as "carry the one" and are lucky if they remember the admittedly cumbersome process of long division. When you believe math to be a long process where that involves nothing more than gathering formulas to use when called upon, then there will come a point where you either a) lose interest or b) can't fit another formula into your head.
sushi dream
Making kids in the US less intelligent with common core.
Azure and Paige
I totally agree common core is bullshit!! If it ain't broke don't fix it. They are making what should be simple math problems so complicated and making them do more work than necessary. It's so ridiculous.
Martin Gamer
I know people on most points of the political spectrum (excluding the far far left) who recognize common core for the BS it is. Time to scrap it.
McKenzie Richard
Bless her soul! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! Common Core is ridiculous!! I am a senior is High School and my district just started common core. I used to be a honor roll student, now I barely have a 3.5 GPA. Yup common core sure did improve my grades!
common core makes me question mankind's survival over the next 100 years
Ahriman 616
The concept of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) is dying in math.
In class: 4+4 On home work: 10=n+2 On test: Julie has 4 lollipops, she is driving 10 mph, whats the mass of the sun.
See kids if you don't do drugs you'll look 80 when youre 100
Common core is a conspiracy is to make maths seem confusing and harder than it really is so people are more inclined to pursue Genderfluid lesbian dance therapy as their major when in college as opposed to Electrical Engineering. Therefore, people go into debt and aren't able to pay their loan back sooner, as opposed to learning an employable skill or trade.
Bitter Tea
She is old though. Living and working among older people, you notice they are more resistant to change. <_<;
Hate common core!!!!!
Zachary Montana
This reminds me of the other kids in my math class. They don't understand the concept of a negative number; thanks to my math teacher: the only thing they "understand" is that the "–" is "just a symbol in front of the number". *Cough*. Stop explaining it like: "If you see this symbol you need to do this and that" and "reverse this (...)."- Explain it like this: Stop QUESTIONING IT; if you're questioning why 4 + 4 is 8, then you're in the wrong class! To English teachers: Stop ranting about the Odessey, a piece of literature (that was supposedly) not originally even written in English, but in archaic Greek! Instead, focus on the stuff you've forgotten about, like common sense, e.g.,: Don't people put two spaces at the beginning of sentences anymore too? Stop! "h" isn't a vowel! Ffs, "a" = indefinite article to precede a word beginning with a consonant SOUND ("honor", for example, begins with an "o" sound, so since the aspiration from "h" isn't REALLY there, you say "an" before this word, i.e., "an honor" ✅) "an" = indefinite article preceding a word that SOUNDS like a vowel, like, the last example "an honor" Also, THIS VARIES BASED ON DIALECT I'm from Long Island, where we tend to say "Historical" like "/'istoricuhl/" (silent "h", but rather an almost glottal stop), so in my accent I COULD say "an historical", that is, if I don't aspirate the beginning of the word. However most dialects should utilize the indefinite article "a" here. Don't capitalize the first letter of every noun you want to put emphasis on! Unless it is a proper noun, don't capitalize it! Also don't capitalize prepositions, articles, and conjunctions in proper nouns composed of multiple words: United States Of America❌ United States of America✅ And of course, yes still capitalize the article if it is the first word in a sentence. The United States is a country. Ffs people- The American education system makes me so dissapointed. We need more teachers like this lady.
Jinqiu Liu
Bottom line is, the government has no right in regulating how schools teach.
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
So I'm guessing subtract 4 from 10 you have 6. Subtract 4 from 6 and you have 2. So then subtract 2 from 10 and you have 8? That's just stupid. All that is necessary is to define the digit sequence and just know where you on that scale. Adding 4 to 4 is going up the ladder of 5, 6, 7, 8. It's simple and logical. Why add all these extra steps to understand basic arithmetic.
Katherine Butcher
The way math was taught during the 60's and prior to that enabled this nation to produce the engineers that got us to the moon and back.  Why would we want to change that?
The root of the problem is that parents think their children are smart, and that school is making them look dumb. They demand that the government do something about that, and the government indulges them, because, hey, they're voters. No Child Left Behind, New Math, and now Common Core, are attempting to fix something that was never broken in the first place. The school system was perfectly adequate. It wasn't the school's fault that students are becoming lazier and dumber every year.
Vlad T
Respect your elders..... They lived through shit, so they know their shit
Casey Vee
I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I bet if they get common core cemented into place, they will start doing things like saying I did not win the chess match by checkmate because the other player won more pieces than I did during the game, and showed what appeared (to someone who actually does not know) to be better strategy. Another example might be saying that a given army won a particular battle because they inflicted more damage, when they were in fact compelled to surrender to a larger superior force which had lost on a per man basis, but had won overall.
Hector Lamar
Common core is pure Orwellian agenda. 1984 stuff. Done on purpose. More to come.
Okay... how is this different from "Back in my day, we used an ABACUS!" ? You get with the times. Yes, an abacus can be used. But there are more efficient ways to do calculations. Teaching 4+4 in a new way isn't to get them to know what 4+4 is. It is getting them to look at numbers in new ways and understand the ways in which numbers can be manipulated. She is only thinking about math at the elementary school level. Anyone can do that. Common Core is about preparing the kids for later, when math gets "complicated". If you truly understand the nature of numbers and the processes behind these "easy" things, then it doesn't get more complicated later. The Common Core approach looks at something "complicated" and breaks it down into simpler things. That is a useful habit to instill in children. How do you measure off a distance of 30 feet if you only have a foot-long ruler? You measure a small part of it, then another small part, and then at the end, you add it all up. That's Common Core.
Back in her day, this teacher was not required to deal with violent, disruptive monsters in the classroom.
Noah Mathis
I completely hate common core mainly because it just makes things more complicated than they need to be.😒
freddo 1614
'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo Da Vinci
John Edwards
As a high-school math teacher, I am very much behind the THEORIES behind common core.  Most people disagree with me, but thats because they don't understand what is going on.  All most people see is somebody in Arkansas post his/her kid's math homework on twitter and because you don't understand it, it must be bad. Believe me when I say that the students and parents aren't the only ones struggling.  Teachers and administrators are trying to get a hold on it as well.  I will completely agree with the comment that we didn't wait long enough or do enough test runs before implementing Common Core.  Give it time, it will pan out. "But what about my kid who is struggling now...?"  The kids who are struggling now would have struggled with the old methods too.  Maybe not now, but they will eventually.  Sorry, but its the harsh reality.  Not every student is as smart as their parents think.  The students who actually UNDERSTAND math (there is a difference between knowing how to DO math and actually understanding it) will still be able to prosper under this 'Communist Core' as I have seen it called.  Stop being so lazy and actually TRY to not be so narrow-minded.
Bonita Hill
This made my day.  Thank you Ms. Scotto
anna conigliaro
"Keep it simple stupid" this is what my dad says to do in situations that have an obvious answer that I unintentionally complicate.
in time
She’s like the Judge Judy of Math📚 “Judgment for the plaintiff!! GOODBYE!”😂
Rania Popper
reet reet
Honestly when I first started to learn what the common core was and how it worked I was like what the hell but as I educated myself I began to understand what they were getting at. This is new, and humanity really has a record of hating new things but I think we should try to endorse and nurture it instead of putting it down. Again I definitely think we still need to teach the old method for speediness, but there's no harm in trying to understand what your doing.
Brandon Ritchie
The people who disliked this video are just so mean.
I used to use Common Core in my school up until 4th grad or this year. They make us use so many unnecessary methods for some reason it's like they want to kill us with math lol. Like WHY do I need to know what a tape diagram is when I forget what I learned in 2 weeks once I take my tests! I won't ever use tape diagrams, because there are easier methods!
I'm pretty sure the classical ways of doing math was utilized when building The Great Wall, nuclear bombs and space flight. No need to do the crap in Common Core. I think it is designed to confuse, frustrate and slow our kids down....on purpose.
Back in my day, we beat kids if they didn’t blindly memorize what we told them! We also kept the blacks in line. Old does not mean good. Understanding math is better than memorizing things because you’re told to. Common core teaches the more important question of “why” instead of memorizing “what”.
David Galloway
lol. 'if youre having luck one way, dont look for a better w-'. emphasis on the work BETTER.
The Old Weiner In The Butt
Charlie Sheen + Winning = AIDS
Sum Gumption
Common Core is a tool against Common Sense.
OwO What's This?
2 plus 2 is 4, minus 1 thats 3 QUICK MATHS
I love this lady.
What's the piano music adding to this, exactly?
4 + 4 = 5
darrien16 Lily
When you're learning how to divide fractions and the teacher pulls the divisor becomes the divider instead of saying you flip the freaking fraction and that's that. I remember in High School my Math teacher use to teach us the longest way and later on the simplest way to resolve an equation.
darrien16 Lily
I Love her.
A Williams
Well, Virginia uses Standards Of Learning, so we won't be getting down with the CC crowd anytime soon, despite the $4.5 billion offered to the states who accept CC. It won't do much good to the 45 states that have accepted CC, since the cost of implementing CC is about $10 billion. According to Fox News "States will spend up to an estimated $10 billion up front, then as much as $800 million per year for the first seven years that the controversial program is up and running. Much of the cost is on new, Common Core-aligned textbooks and curriculum, but the added expenses also include teacher training, technology upgrades, testing and assessment. The figures are taking states by surprise."
Daniel Ader
everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler -Albert Einstein. or in this case more complicated
Silver Chopsticks
It's a created administrative problem. Common core was forced down the teachers throats as well. No teacher wanted to learn it and no teacher that I know of believes in its' efficacy. The days of memorizing multiplication and division tables was an acceptable basic foundation for math. Not this crap their shoveling. But NOOOOOO, we can't expect our children to memorize?!! For heaven sake, it might destroy their self esteem.
Appeal to authority and appeal to tradition are not arguments. What if this video were "100-Year-Old Mayor Slams 'Racially Integrated' Schools"? How would you feel then? You'd say, oh, well that person is from a different time, things change, etc. Yet in this video, age is somehow an argument for correctness?
Multi Meter
Dude......what if she like....died while teaching? Wouldn't that be crazy?
Sir Poggy
Try using this method in anything other than base 10. And go......
Jeff McNally
Do what works, not what's popular...spot on.
I try
I never and I say never listen to common core. While teachers teach common core, I find a method around it to get it done. Common core is the reason people can't finish their sats. Students are smarter than common core if you let the student think.
Well in order to become one hundred years old, you must ask yourself: how many years does it take to become 100 years old? Well, first you have to make 100 circles to represent 100 years of age. Now, mark each box until 100 boxes have been filled. How many marks did you make? How many boxes represent one hundred years of age? Explain your reasoning. Be sure to discuss how each box and mark represents the problem presented.
Elliot Sherrow
I think people don't really understand what common core is or why we have it. I haven't made a firm position either way yet but I'm studying to be a science educator and I've learned all about common core and seen it in practice. Common core is designed so students understand what they're doing as they're doing it. They're not blindly solving problems without a deeper understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. For many people, within time as we learn and age our brains will pick up on these mathematical behind-the-scenes ideas themselves if we continue pursuing maths, but for some that doesn't ever happen. And common core is a solution to that. I haven't decided if I think it's the best approach for everyone, but there's certainly really good reason for it and it definiely stimulates cognitive growth. I think a lot of people who have very little maths and educational knowledge form too strong of opinions on common core without actually trying to understand why we have it.
Teresa Pitts
Common Core = No Common Sense
Vrinda Bawa
Can she be my math teacher?
Olga Garcia
RESPECT!!!! What a great lady ❤
Retonium Official
This is a real math teacher
Brian Morris
Love this lady's view of it...lol. The old method was the KISS system....keep it simple stupid.
Austin Wood
When I first saw common core, several years ago, my first thought was, "Great! Now we can unify all the public schools in every city of every state under a new national curriculum and eliminate these huge state-to-state gaps between curriculums." Then I saw the common core math and flipped my shit. Why in the name of Joe Pesci would you change the feed of a winning horse and make things more complicated than they need to be? Post-arithmetic math, that is, pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calc, etc. are complicated enough already. Let's not over-complicate simple arithmetic here. Keep it simple.
MyNBA2K15 Gamer
Haha, I live in Virginia = No Common Core.
Mase Price
Shes his probably like a "Amazing" Teacher
Rachel Cactus
I love thos woman she is smart/adorable
MyLife. Miguel
I agree with her I hate the new method I think the standard math was easier
This is so stupid. a 100 year old is essentially saying "This is the way I taught so that's the way it has to be". 100 years ago we had segregation and evolution wasn't taught in schools. Should we keepdoing it the old way like that?
Complaints about Common Core are: 50% Change is scary. 45% I think Obama created Common Core and he is the Antichrist and eats babies so it must be evil. 5% Legitimate concerns.
Sanwich Tenzi
Respect ✊. Gimme a hand slap. ✋️🙏
Omar Velez
Words of wisdom!
Mia Dreamkiller
Yeah I hear her. The way my kids have been taught math is freaking ridiculous. It's over freaking complicated. Making it to where kids end up relied on calculators. Their stupid blocks of tens and ones. It's so dumb. Let kids learn with using their brain and physical objects! Not by forcing them to draw out cubes of tens and ones ffs.
Sabrina Rosa
exactly!! common core makes everything way more complicated then it needs to be..
Patty Mayonnaise
And this is why so many parents homeschool. The school system is a joke.
See, what many people don't get is that the common core method actually helps you to understand the connection between the numbers. It tries to explain to you what you're actually doing and you get the idea that numbers are flexible things made out of other numbers. It's great for teaching math to someone who wants to know what they're actually doing instead of just following the steps a teacher told them to do... SUCK IT GRANDMA
Sublime Failure
She gets it...  most of America gets it...  why is it that a small group of people the determine curriculum don't get it?
What is going on in is 100% deliberate. The criminal globalist are behind this. It is a long term plan to take down America and bring in a world government. Christians will be killed in mass. It is the world government from hell under the power of Satan.
Thank you
Andrew Elmore
Ted Smith
Cypress Oury
Completely agreed.
just let the kids do what they are more comfortable doing sometimes the common core and some times other methods no need to just do one
Torin Jones
You literally just have to look at your hands to learn what 4+4 is
Tom Joad
I believe this is another way to make people reliant on outside forces. It seems to me they're trying to make people dumb. If something was to happen where all of technology is destroyed and humanity has to go "back to the basics" of mathematics, I think most people would not know what to do. I say learn the basics and master it and then venture out and learn other ways to solve a mathmatical problem. At least, if there is a power outage at a grocery store and the registers aren't working properly, you can still count out change and give out the correct change.
Phyllis Kankles
Common core is our country's way of turning the next generation of people back to the sheep our government love... Millennials got too smart and "they" don't like it...
J Hogue
When I was in school teachers always wanted you to show how you got the answer on the side of paper. That was so annoying.
Totally makes sense.
Anna-lei productions
you go lady!
Brandon Ritchie
The people who disliked this video are just so mean.