100-Year-Old Math Teacher Slams The 'Common Core' Method

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Madeline Scotto has gone through a lot of math teaching methods. At age 100, she still teaches at Brooklyn's St. Ephrem's School. We talked with Madeline and no other approach to mathematics has caused her more concern than Common Core. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: />Follow BI Video On Facebook: />Read more: /> -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.

Vlad T
Respect your elders..... They lived through shit, so they know their shit
In class: 4+4 On home work: 10=n+2 On test: Julie has 4 lollipops, she is driving 10 mph, whats the mass of the sun.
Albert Einstein," If You Cant Explain It Simply, You Don't Understand It Well Enough". I Agree
Kimberlyn McMurray
She keeps it 100
Ahriman 616
The concept of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) is dying in math.
Damn shes so sharp for being 100. I cant' even say "for being 100"..shes just sharp period. Its more like its unbelievable that shes 100.
I'm pretty sure the classical ways of doing math was utilized when building The Great Wall, nuclear bombs and space flight. No need to do the crap in Common Core. I think it is designed to confuse, frustrate and slow our kids down....on purpose.
She gets it...  most of America gets it...  why is it that a small group of people the determine curriculum don't get it?
Katherine Butcher
The way math was taught during the 60's and prior to that enabled this nation to produce the engineers that got us to the moon and back.  Why would we want to change that?
The Arcadinator
If you put 4+4 into a calculator, it's still 8. WTF!!!!
The Laughing Rabbit
No child left behind... we can't make them all equally smart, so lets make them all equally stupid.
TickedOff Priest
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Passed Judgements
How to teach with common core: if Jonny ate 3 apples and Sally birthed 6 apples how many lines of coke will I snort today?
Zane Truesdale
Non American here. What's common core?
See kids if you don't do drugs you'll look 80 when youre 100
only 90's kids will remember the easiest answer to this equation: 2 + 2 = ?
common core makes me question mankind's survival over the next 100 years
Ajax Gordon
the problem with common core math is that it cares more about how you got your answer instead of the answer itself. for example some word problems will have missing information, how do you solve? up to you. the other thing is it's all about the right way, meaning the way they want it. for example one third grader during a test showed his work for 5x3=15 as 5+5+5=15. he was marked wrong because, even though I remember being specifically told the opposite, it's the second number you follow. so he got this problem wrong because he put 5+5+5 instead of 3+3+3+3+3. even though they are the exact same answer. a 5x3 rectangle and a 3x5 rectangle would look the same because x and y aren't specified. further evidence of my statement.
McKenzie Richard
Bless her soul! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! Common Core is ridiculous!! I am a senior is High School and my district just started common core. I used to be a honor roll student, now I barely have a 3.5 GPA. Yup common core sure did improve my grades!
Jane O'Leary
common core math is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. someone's head should roll
sushi dream
Making kids in the US less intelligent with common core.
I'm more impressed with the teacher who is 100 still teaching then the actual context of the video.  I'm changing my career at 44 and there is hope for me yet.  I hope I can live to that age and still work.
anna conigliaro
"Keep it simple stupid" this is what my dad says to do in situations that have an obvious answer that I unintentionally complicate.
Hector Lamar
Common core is pure Orwellian agenda. 1984 stuff. Done on purpose. More to come.
Azure and Paige
I totally agree common core is bullshit!! If it ain't broke don't fix it. They are making what should be simple math problems so complicated and making them do more work than necessary. It's so ridiculous.
Ace Acer
You know what they say? If it's not broken don't fix it. for centruries 4+4=8 and it's stupid to go thru complicated multiple steps to get the result. No matter the reason it should always be the same result. 4+4 will never give other results other than 8 period. So why complicate things while they are simple enough around the World. If it's working around the World while being simple why making it complicated? I'd like to say it's better here in Canada but it's not true at all. In the 80's till the mid 90's(the time i was in school from elementary to high school, it might still be in effect today but i'm not sure) the ministry of education tested a method called "normalisation". What it was is if a student had 57% or so in some matters (60% was the standard to be graduated) then due to the normalisation his score was normalazed to become 60%. At that time i personally had a 52% in one matter but to my surprise my score got raised to 60%, just enough to pass but did this normalisation improved my understanding of that matter? Of course not that's why the next year i had so much troubles with that same matter. Why they did that normalisation is probably to have better scores(and therefore less students who fail to graduate) and was looking better when our score as a country was compared to other countries. For me is't like cheating or at least manipulating the stats to brag about something that is purely actificial but in the long run the only losers are the students, victimes of the system that fails them in many aspects.
Michael Lavigne
"If it ain't broke don't fix it. Back in my day it was just fine, why have new things." What a surprising message from a 100 year old. We have a whole generation of american adults who understand multiplication as "carry the one" and are lucky if they remember the admittedly cumbersome process of long division. When you believe math to be a long process where that involves nothing more than gathering formulas to use when called upon, then there will come a point where you either a) lose interest or b) can't fit another formula into your head.
Back in her day, this teacher was not required to deal with violent, disruptive monsters in the classroom.
Teresa Pitts
Common Core = No Common Sense
Zachary Montana
This reminds me of the other kids in my math class. They don't understand the concept of a negative number; thanks to my math teacher: the only thing they "understand" is that the "–" is "just a symbol in front of the number". *Cough*. Stop explaining it like: "If you see this symbol you need to do this and that" and "reverse this (...)."- Explain it like this: Stop QUESTIONING IT; if you're questioning why 4 + 4 is 8, then you're in the wrong class! To English teachers: Stop ranting about the Odessey, a piece of literature (that was supposedly) not originally even written in English, but in archaic Greek! Instead, focus on the stuff you've forgotten about, like common sense, e.g.,: Don't people put two spaces at the beginning of sentences anymore too? Stop! "h" isn't a vowel! Ffs, "a" = indefinite article to precede a word beginning with a consonant SOUND ("honor", for example, begins with an "o" sound, so since the aspiration from "h" isn't REALLY there, you say "an" before this word, i.e., "an honor" ✅) "an" = indefinite article preceding a word that SOUNDS like a vowel, like, the last example "an honor" Also, THIS VARIES BASED ON DIALECT I'm from Long Island, where we tend to say "Historical" like "/'istoricuhl/" (silent "h", but rather an almost glottal stop), so in my accent I COULD say "an historical", that is, if I don't aspirate the beginning of the word. However most dialects should utilize the indefinite article "a" here. Don't capitalize the first letter of every noun you want to put emphasis on! Unless it is a proper noun, don't capitalize it! Also don't capitalize prepositions, articles, and conjunctions in proper nouns composed of multiple words: United States Of America❌ United States of America✅ And of course, yes still capitalize the article if it is the first word in a sentence. The United States is a country. Ffs people- The American education system makes me so dissapointed. We need more teachers like this lady.
A one legged man
'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo Da Vinci
Hate common core!!!!!
Noah Mathis
I completely hate common core mainly because it just makes things more complicated than they need to be.😒
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
So I'm guessing subtract 4 from 10 you have 6. Subtract 4 from 6 and you have 2. So then subtract 2 from 10 and you have 8? That's just stupid. All that is necessary is to define the digit sequence and just know where you on that scale. Adding 4 to 4 is going up the ladder of 5, 6, 7, 8. It's simple and logical. Why add all these extra steps to understand basic arithmetic.
in time
She’s like the Judge Judy of Math📚 “Judgment for the plaintiff!! GOODBYE!”😂
Daniel Ader
everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler -Albert Einstein. or in this case more complicated
Complaints about Common Core are: 50% Change is scary. 45% I think Obama created Common Core and he is the Antichrist and eats babies so it must be evil. 5% Legitimate concerns.
I try
I never and I say never listen to common core. While teachers teach common core, I find a method around it to get it done. Common core is the reason people can't finish their sats. Students are smarter than common core if you let the student think.
Martin Gamer
I know people on most points of the political spectrum (excluding the far far left) who recognize common core for the BS it is. Time to scrap it.
OwO What's This?
2 plus 2 is 4, minus 1 thats 3 QUICK MATHS
Appeal to authority and appeal to tradition are not arguments. What if this video were "100-Year-Old Mayor Slams 'Racially Integrated' Schools"? How would you feel then? You'd say, oh, well that person is from a different time, things change, etc. Yet in this video, age is somehow an argument for correctness?
David Galloway
lol. 'if youre having luck one way, dont look for a better w-'. emphasis on the work BETTER.
I love this lady.
James Walker
"To make the complicated things simple, sometimes you first have to make the simple things complicated."
Max Maxwell
Yes because taking teaching advice from someone who started teaching in 1936 is a good idea [face palm]
It's not bad at all. Tedious for small problems, but helps quite a bit with mentally solving bigger problems. 93 - 58 would requiring borrowing, which isn't easy to do mentally. Instead, you could do (93 - 60) + 2 or (90 - 60) + 5. You could do 95 - 60, which is a lot easier to do mentally.
J Bayawon
Commom Core is proposed by Mathematicians. seriously, the old arithmetic style is not Math,,, it's just a bunch of steps to be followed, like a recipe... The fundamentals of Math is about analysing and proving a logic. It's not about following steps... this 100yr-old teacher is just a teacher. Not a mathematician... There's a big difference between Teachers and Mathematicians... even High School Math teachers say that common core is MATH and the old ones are NOT MATH...
Sabrina Rosa
exactly!! common core makes everything way more complicated then it needs to be..
Episode Interactive
Her intelligence and keeping things real kept her alive for this long. She never used common core to count nuffin'. Edit: I just found out what this common core bullshit is and it's child abuse. Save the children!
Sanwich 121
Respect ✊. Gimme a hand slap. ✋️🙏
Common core is a conspiracy is to make maths seem confusing and harder than it really is so people are more inclined to pursue Genderfluid lesbian dance therapy as their major when in college as opposed to Electrical Engineering. Therefore, people go into debt and aren't able to pay their loan back sooner, as opposed to learning an employable skill or trade.
Normal Math: 2+2=4 Common Core: 2-1x2(x)+2=4 (x)=1
Teacher : What’s 1+1 Me : 2 Teacher : wrong it’s 0.50+0.50 +0.50+0.50 = 2.
Math be like 1+1=2 With this information find the surface area of the milky way galaxy
Michael Newton
Common Core really ain't Common sense for sure !!!! Wake up AMERICA !!!!
common core just makes my head spin
Cynthia Autry
An actual question from a Common Core aligned arithmetic lesson: There were four birds in a nest. One of them flew away. How do you think the bird that flew away felt? What?!?!???
And in 20 years Common Core math with be the kind everyone knows and they will look at previous teaching methods with confusion. Over the last 150 years we have gone through this at least 4 times, and people always decry it as 'it was simpler the way I learned!'
I know Cause I'm BatMan.
Just use your goddamm finger. And calculator.
When I was in school back in the 90s and early 2000s, I never memorized anything, we learned how math worked without all the complexities of common core. Such as two numbers multiplied is one number added the other number of times, because that's how multiplication works. For example 8x7 is 8+8+8+8+8+8+8 and also 7+7+7+7+7+7+7+7. Then Division works by finding how many times you can add the second number into the first number, and what was left was the remainder, such as 10/3 = 10-3-3-3, so there are 3 threes and 1 left over, among other techniques that I have since forgotten since I don't divide stuff on paper anymore. I'm normally all for change, but this is not change for the better. The beauty of math is that it is as much created as it is discovered, there is no one right way to find a solution. It's an art as much as it is a science and it's limits are unending. To teach math in such a rigid way is to not only insult the very foundations of math, but take away it's wonder and beauty as well.
Ryan Peter
better title "100-Year-Old Math Teacher Complains about The 'Common Core' Method, without describing it, or her method "
Anna Atkins
Common Core Method, is insane. No wonder the kids are confused.
Ron C
4+4=8 But 4x4= a truck/van/corvette/Rubik's cube/square/block of wood
I don't agree with this common core but we also have to stop believing the older you get the better you know, her being 100 doesn't prove any point, as a matter of fact, it could very well be a disadvantage as she wouldn't be updated in recent techniques, not even the good ones.
And the teacher be asking us why we failed our tests. Smh
Mase Price
Shes his probably like a "Amazing" Teacher
Rachel Cactus
I love thos woman she is smart/adorable
Les Brown
100. Log2. 10 squared. A dollar in cents.
Adamantium Scorpion
In "news-speak" Big brother could tell you 2+2=5, and you would have to believe it. 1984.- George Orwell. (Or something like that?!)
Leonard Wong
It is needlessly complicated. Focus on what's needed n move on.
I'm not advocating common core, i haven't seen enough to determine it's full potential, however it's goal as far as math is concerned, is to deconstruct things at a deeper level, so when kids learn it, they will be able to excel far beyond what we were able to do in the past. It teaches math at a fundamental level, not at a simple "here's the answer" level.
Petting Everything
Common core is used for simplifying fractions.. if you have 3x + 3y/ 6x + 6y you can use common core to turn it to 1/2
Melissa Warren
I'm so glad I didn't learn by common core.
2+2=5.. Reason: 2+2=4 2 / 2 [2 divided by 2] = 1 Now all you have left is a 4 and a 1.. So add them.. and 2+2 ends up being 5.. I have put it on a test.. it works if you show 100% How & what you did &or did it.
and people think government education is bad... and they want them to run healthcare? wake up folks.
This is an actual question I got on one of my common core math tests Sean wants to make a mixture that is 50% lemon juice and 50% lime juice. How much 100% lemon juice should he add to a juice that is 30% lemon juice and 70% lime juice to make 7 gallons of the 50% lemon/50% lime juice mixture? A) 0.5 gallons B) 1 gallon C) 2 gallons D) 2.5 gallons Apparently 2 gallons was right
Jet Stream
Remember the so-called "New Math" that came out in the 1960s and 1970s? I'm old enough to have learned Math before they started this nonsense. That delightful lady belongs to the generation of school teachers that taught my generation!
Joshua LaForge
“If some thing is working in a certain way don’t try to find a better way” but that’s exactly what we have to do. When this woman was born graduation from high school was below 20%. In order to continue improving we must always seek a better way.
Amy Laircey
This woman is sharp as a tack! If dementia is an epidemic, she beat it into the ground communitively, and her brain will still work fine for centuries!! (Can't say the same for those younger, unfortunate teachers...)
Jimmy Mapes
She just makes too much sense.
What a surprise. An old person complaining about new methods. As far as 4+4=8 most people simple memorize that result. I think it's great that they are actually trying to explain that is not just red is red and blue is blue, that there are reasons for that and that actually they are an interpratation of the wave lenght. Maybe we won't have so many people that "hate math".
Amanda Hyde
Thank you! Bless you! I can’t stand common core
Deborah 888
This lady is 100? Amazing. It can de done people!
Common core sets higher standards for our education system, America needs it
The industrial revolution was computed on a slate with chalk.
Ashley Morgan
Aww the ending was so sweet. Love her laugh :-)
Olga Garcia
RESPECT!!!! What a great lady ❤
a. banks.
Thank GOD/out of the mouth of babes.. The Real Truth! I thought I was going crazy... All Common Core did was leave a whole generation behind in learning, without the ability of having any true knowledge, techniques, skills of which to hold on to, nor any use of practical common sense.. The most important goal/Proficiency .... is all they ever wanted... a lost of a generation... an entire generation.. NCLB & CC... so demonically evil!
10^2 year old teacher :)
Jeff McNally
Do what works, not what's popular...spot on.
The Rolling General
I'm no American. But curiously speaking, it is there a Common Core Calculus? Man if there is I wonder how complicated that is.
Tamas Glanz
RIP, she died on December 16th, 2015.
The system used by common-core math was invented and started use in the 1960s. It was even used in New York City public schools through to the late 1970s or early 1980s.
Sleepy Fingers Dupree
And this is why so many parents homeschool. The school system is a joke.
Nancy Desch
4 + 4 = 8.  This is the answer and no other answer can possibly apply.  No wonder these kinds seem so out of it now.  How could they possibly make change when buying something if they are being taught some overly complicated nonsense like that?  How could they possibly teach any other answer.  You got 4 tomatoes on one table and 4 more tomatoes on another table - how many tomatoes do you have.  Well duh - you've got 8 tomatoes.
Austin Wood
When I first saw common core, several years ago, my first thought was, "Great! Now we can unify all the public schools in every city of every state under a new national curriculum and eliminate these huge state-to-state gaps between curriculums." Then I saw the common core math and flipped my shit. Why in the name of Joe Pesci would you change the feed of a winning horse and make things more complicated than they need to be? Post-arithmetic math, that is, pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calc, etc. are complicated enough already. Let's not over-complicate simple arithmetic here. Keep it simple.
Weeaboo Swamp
"I didnt wish that someday i'll be a hundred, never wished that" LMAOOO
Martina Seitz
And God bless you, you are absolutely right!
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Common core is an atrocious way to teach math. Nothing gets done quickly.
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Common core is an atrocious way to teach math. Nothing gets done quickly.