TMNT(1987): Turtle Tracks [part 1]

enjoy. This is an episode of the Classic TMNT called "Turtle Tracks" SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

Wow I haven't seen this since I was a kid.. Now I'm watching this on my phone as a 32 year old lmao
"Chill out.....homeboy" - Donatello
Sweeping Sweeper
Lol “made in Japan” = ninjas 🤭
Chill out Homeboy!! Hell yeah! love that, when the turtles are introduced and kicking ass! Btw I'm 37 and still love this!
superkami guru
Damn april had curves, to bad they never got a curvy red head to play her in any of the movies (including the old ones) could have gotten christina hendricks in the bay ones. would have brought in the mad men fans, the moms would be all "it's joan" and they could have thrown in some jokes about the show. it would also please all the guys. and yes we need the yellow jumpsuit.
Did anybody like how dark the first episodes were?
Uncle Phil was the voice of the Shredder :-D
Robert Williams
1:51 "what are you a guys bunchs of sissies" LMAO ...NOT in 2019 April O'neal!!
Emily Marie
I admire April. She's a reporter and she can keep a secret. She never sells out the turtles to further her career, something modern day reporter s wouldn't think twice about.
Alchoholic Viking Jarl
April is T H I C C
Ryan Cox
The rope was made in Japan? The only possibility is ninjas. 80's logic
THis is the real ninja turtles not the new stuff that is fake.
Chris jT
WAY before the time of youtube. The fans of THIS series are in their 30's now. It's funny how the 2003 series has more views than this here on youtube. Whatever, the Ninja Turtles (1987-1996) is one of the most popular animated TV series in all of history. It was HUGE at the time. It's because of this series that the turtles became worldwide famous!
fahd s
Damn! New York streets must have huge sewer drains for a large breasted adult woman to fit easily through them. Little kids and toddlers must fall through all the time
B Rich
These cartoons were so dark back in da day. I luv it
Belvedere Jehoshaphat Honeycutt
I had forgotten how snarky the early episodes were. "Oh we're dealing with a real mind here" Also, it's very interesting to see that Bebop was originally black! I didn't remember that.
This was one of my favourite cartoons when I was a kid 👍
2:09 The music that starts around here is awesome.
Ben Geiger
April: And what does all that equipment do? Scientist:...🤔...I have absolutely no idea. 😆
Leanna Jackson
LEONARDO is my favorite one
Kevin Daly
2:52 hi April, don't you wanna ballon?
Andy Szwejda
Really liking the background music beginning at 2:08.
Ken Hollis
Do any of my fellow 80s babies remember getting the VHS tapes from Burger King?
Yogesh Dolas
Yes yes yes ...I grown up with this. .
What I love about the first five episodes of this series is the VERY anime-ish look. It stands out because they were done by Toei Animation Co., and very few episodes after the first five were done using any Japanese production facilities --- the producers switched to cheaper options in Taiwan and Korea, where the training standards don't seem to have been as high at the time. The Turtles' character models are still a bit raw compared to the cuter look they'd get shortly afterward, but that fits with the grittier tone of the animation in general, as opposed to the lighter tone the series assumed over time. Also, April never looked better than she did in these first five. Something about they way the Toei artists drew her was just extra cute, somehow.
brandon bentley
This is the episode the 1990 Jim Henson movie was based's nearly identical!
Im poking the hornet's nest, asshole
This episode is dear to me. I had it on VHS and as a latch-key kid who went to sleep alone, I would watch it to doze off... Freaking flashbacks lol
احمد الخزعلي
I'm 12 I just wanted to see the the old turtles I was curious 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
I was born in 2001 but we had a VCR and a tape of this.
Victoria Ferrarini
OMG! I totally forgot about this cartoon! This was one of my favorites growing up in the late 80s and early 90s. Michelangelo was my favorite. Let’s hear it for turtle power!
Guy Sky
When I see incisions and a rope that is made in Japan, the first thought that pops in my head is a ninja, the foot clan in fact, clearly....
Music here is so solid! Such a great opening to introduce a fun cartoon of the TMNT. This was my personal favorite version, then the 2004 one.
James Morris
Definitely before it's time. This generation today ain't ready
The memories
miamimagicians magician miami
Back in the day this was the most popular and beloved cartoon I've ever seen
Jack Black
Nostalgia on level one million! I remember every word of this - every sound. I watch soooo many times as a child. I completely forgot about. This is insane...I'm 35.
Wayne Wood
So many AWESOME memories.
Mario Enrique
Ninja turtles 30 anniversary in 2017
Deonte Merritt
I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I love Raphael I love Donetello I love Leoanardo I love Michelangelo my turtles forever in my heart ❤ 😢 🐢 Cowabanga.
Morningsky Omeasoo
Man. I used to be a big fan. I had DVDs, VHS Tapes, Toys, Weapons.
The Heiky11
First season was the best and more action-packed. Great video 👍🏻
Man I love these cartoons. Born in 92 and Saturday morning cartoons was my life.
Eternal drakkon
Woa real cartoons makes me wanna cry human ppl with colors on that my kids watch aint cartoons... 34 now wow too fast....
Rojo S.
Always come back for this
Mustafeez Ahmed
O M G ! I used to watch this whole movie on video cassette daily, Yes! Freakin Daily in my summer vacations.
Smokey 420
"Wise men say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."
DA MotoNeko
02:53 Shoot. April was an octopus mutant before meeting the turtles. How else can you explain her legs slipping through the bars from that angle?
Wayne Wood
Just remembering how much I loved the music of this great show!
Frenie Newbear
I remember watching this when I was kid. I had no idea who the turtles were until my mother brought me the first few seasons on DVD. I've seen just about every series and movie sense! Leonardo has always been my favorite! 💙💙💙
Thats sweet how you can still buy the first season on youtube, now i feel alot better.
Cason Allen
4:11 my favorite part in Ninja Turtle history
Eden Grabner
Looks awesome! i wish i could of been born in the 1900s ;-;
Bryan Watt
Shredder voice is uncle Phil from the fresh prince of bel air rest in peace uncle Phil
Mark Mullins
0:50 The guy who does the voice of Raphael
Junior Amador
michealangelo: weird lookin dudes.. raphael: yea,they dress funny too. 😂😂
Randy Kimberlin
damn april look so hot and sexy as hell lol first episode of tmnt
Carlos Chulito
Can you please download this episode in full
Michael Mathers
I've always loved the first 5 episodes (season 1). They look so cool. It was season 2 and onward that the animation suffered. Not anyones fault really, but it really didn't help they did 40+ episode seasons
Ryan Ortega
I haven't been this old since I was a kid! These are pre-Trump days, when turtles ruled!
CrimsonXFrost Gaming
Loved how the movie followed this in such a dark and serious tone.30 years old and still loving the cartoons!
Dragon king
I ❤ TMNT 1987.
jessica direito
Anybood love shedder more in this tmnt?he is a boso but more funny!
Tyhronn Asbury
Love the Turtles, not one scratch on any of them after beating the gang up
Mr Vic
This video is for entertainment pursues and HISTLORICAL
2:21 Cam Clarke-voiced newsie there. ;*P
jessica direito
1987 tmnt forever!
I know a totaly different Turtle Tracks episode, this is definitely not the original one from 1987. This episode is THINGS CHANGE and it's a new remastered version.
2:18 Rob Paulsen-voiced newsie there. ;*P
My childhood, my heroes. nostalgia.
Anthony Matthews
"Yeah, uh...I've got to go to the,!" at night LMAO
Jaden Thurmon
I never understud why it’s New York that has all the villains
Cameron Jones
I’d smash April, she’s so hot 😂😂😂😂
Brute Oni
Somebody please tell me the track in the 1 second of video 😭😭😭😭
This rope is from ninjas cause it says japan on it and japan only makes things for ninjas
Ismail Oguz
After learning the Japanese alphabet finally figured out that the old not so wise sensei says 6:59 おぞこごかい means Great.
Shredder just had cameras in ninja turtles hide out that they somehow never know about
Jason Mata
Nice DK intro and yes TMNT old skool 🤘 wow retro flashback
wait, so he was reading a bunch of books, all titled "ART"...…… English???
Joseph Clegg
I'm surprised April wasn't afraid and run off when she first saw the turtles and scream when she first saw Splinter.
The Real Drunkard Hu
"made in Japan" NINJAS!
S. B.
What’s with the DKC Fear Factory intro
7:01 I like how a would-be assassin is only "a bum" to him, like people making attempts on his life is nothing new to him!!!!!! You'd think he'd be desensitised to it by now, wouldn't you?????
Scott O'Drowsky
"I must be on to something really big if they're trying to kill me!" Clearly, you do not have your priorities in order, lady! Sheesh.
Matthew Lucas
I like the classic
Yorky Gonzalez
April is not bad she just drawn bad. Jessica Rabbit
still the best cartoon just wish it would have looked more like 2003 ver
Michelangelo was my favorite
Uncle Phil. The Shredder!!
Chris G
Lol I was born 1988. This is older than me! Still remember tmnt though!
Ryan Knox
I never had a favorite turtle i liked them all
What's the music in the intro?? From 0:00 to 0:04 Someone please reply
Artel Miller
As a kid watching tmnt back in the day I use to love the smell of pizza and watching the ninja turtles LOL smh
Arlandza Wilson
Sam Yelts
Brings back my childhood 😱😎😄
Shahrooz Shadbakht
Oroko Sake! What a gangsta name
gabriel sylvestre
Where it all started as a kid to be into the NINJA
Jay Nicks
This opens very much like the first movie. And that’s great!
Kyle Aarsen
Haha the news team 666
Kellena Kroeckel
...why do all of the classics have girls fainting?
Mizraim Steen
Shamar Willie Long way poppa pooda Smurf dontello baby Dela Max b silver surfer biggavelli beamon