AVGN TMNT Cartoon Series Review


Joe Morrell
I thought the UK being cucked was a new thing. Nope!
dylan bellerose
I watched the 87 series and the 2003 series and from seeing both of them I say the 2003 version of the shredder is definitely a lot more terrifying than the original.
Maria Luisa Alcala
THE VOICE TALENTS OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Cam Clarke as Leonardo-Rocksteady Barry Gordon as Donatello-Bebop Townsend Coleman as Michaelangelo Rob Paulsen as Raphael Peter Renaday as Splinter-Vernon James Avery as Shredder Renae Jacobs as April Harriet O'Neil Jennifer Darling as Irma Langenstein
S. Nifrum
Finally I find this in good quality again The first was horribly out of sync The second was removed on copyright claims It's bullshit
Raph Sav
41:55 - James' definitely a man of culture
XK Productions
Mikey's voice was different in the 1st movie's trailer.
Deep Ghoul
James doesn't like Usagi Miyamoto because he's way too similar to Leonardo, his least favorite Turtle. I guess James likes goofy characters, and not the leader and best ninja of the group. Well, Splinter can't lead forever!
Wally Gator
Slash was better in the Archie comics, the IDW comics and the 2012 series!
David Curtin
the chinese version of the fly was called the fry
Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
I still love April. She was very funny, attractive, and had a great personality. I also really like Irma. She's very much like April, but more dorky. That's why I was pretty bummed out when in the 2012 show, she was just a Kranng in disguise. Season 3 was my favorite, as I watched it the most as a kid.
this show was like the spongebob of the time 3 great seasons then it went all down hill 
gmail account
3:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ronald henson
teenage mutant ninja turtles started with comic books TV show and video games
Nicholas Cole
26:14 That's not a miscellaneous odd moment, James. It was part of the plot to that episode. They were disguised as humans to fool the people at Channel 6. Idk why Bebop used a telephone to call Shredder though. They usually have communicators for that.
I wish they would release an OST of the original series. So much good background music.
Omnicidal Clown
32:40 You know, I've watched and studied the Trans-Farmers multiple time, and I still have no idea how that robot can configure into a tractor. If someone can somehow make an actual toy from that..... Good on you.
Uhm your wrong, in the episode Turtles to the second power when Lord Dregg and Co. Goes back to Dimension X it's with Shredder and Krang to. You hear Shredder loud saying "I don't wanna go baaaaaaaaack !!!!" so they are to back in Dimension X
Ice Fire
James Avery was grinding.... Uncle Phil and Shredder!! Wow. Rip
Dan Hodgson
Do another TMNT movie and have the voices done by Wu Tang Clan.
Asmosis Jones
how do you steer a steer lol got to give it up that's funny 03 tmnt is way better
Eric E.
I've been waiting for this to be uploaded as one vid for a while...
Andrew Shea
28:00 how can he not hear the "es" sound
Itz Trikki
chrono... accessed with time... Chrono Trigger
Mauricio Mesa
the0vermind the two lost episodes once upon a time machine and planet of the turtleoids are on dvd as bones episodes on season 10
What's Mum-Ra's Mom's name? Ra.
Megasystem !
What if in the future we could have sentient robots and they could think all those old cartoons are pretty offensive with all the robot killing.
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols
Erma can get BUNKER BUSTED🤣
Antonio M.S.
That voice is clearly Krang.
S. Nifrum
28:27 oh sure he can say it Just kidding that's not actually what I'd say not right away at least I'd get to know her allow the relationship to develop and all that crap but why am I even bothering to think that through I'm never going to get any kind of chance anyway
Michael Randol
the people that were used to make bebop and rocksteady were them mutated but I think its the other way now as I've gotten older my viewing of turtles forever the people have a blink and you miss it cameo so. I just am curious what other people thought were bebop and rock steady mutant animals or humans?
Gage Peruti
28:04 He's saying "possum pusses", as in faces.
Raman Aycox
Avgn you did an amazing job with this review
William White
AVGN and I have something have something and that is our favorite turtle is Michaelangelo.
William Tadeo Palacios
yobo yobo d...ugh flintstones
Sarah McMann
Megavolt that’s the same name as the villain in Darkwing Duck
gatchy watchy entertainment bieber brothers
Me thinks the voice came from the krang
Vern reminds me of Don Flamenco from Punch-Out
ashley pyatt
He would do drugs lol mikey mikey
'Snow job' predates 'blow job' as a term, it means to make someone trust you by preying on their ego, giving them excessive compliments and such.
Joshtox 2000
17:17 MAMA
S. Nifrum
2:49 this builds up to something hilarious
Ninja means assassin, so yeah, it's a dark word.
Michael Jeremy Richards
I'm watching this video,and it doesn't mention the voice actors,or their weapons(even though the nunchucks are mentioned).
well, if you want to see Krang, go find "casey Jones, the movie" that is more  TMNT then any of those movies/series.
Joshtox 2000
Maria Williams
You forgot to mention the voice actors of TMNT:Cam Clarke(Leonardo/Rocksteady),Rob Paulsen(Raphael),Townsend Coleman(Michaelangelo),Barry Gordon(Donatello/Bebop),Peter Reneday(Splinter/Vernon),Renae Jacobs(April O'Neil),Jennifer Darling(Irma Langenstein),Pat Fraley(Krang), and the late James Avery(The Shredder). I like the 5-part mini-series.
ashley pyatt
Leo had to be the leader cause there all still young and need to be keep in lie
La Chilindrina
Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? Leonardo,Raphael,Michelangelo or Donatello? Mine is Michelangelo. COWABUNGA!
Unpopular opinion: 2012 is just as good overall as 1987
Omnicidal Clown
I'm hoping someone, someday reviews the TMNT 2003 series. Hopefully the Nerd can do that one day.
Well, Krang is back in the IDW comics, the 2012 toon (voiced by ROSEANNE) and maybe even BayTurtles. Just like Rocksteady and Bebop. Life is good.
15:35 let tokka be the judge
Raman Aycox
Michaelangelo is my favorite too
Anthony Barratt
April o Neil isn't a reporter she a lab assistant
William Tadeo Palacios
krang is girl
Ice Fire
Chris Pratt can play Casey Jones
Daniel Olynick
From the nerd's review (if you have never seen the cartoon he's making the review for) you would have to assume that the 87 TMNT cartoon is either one of the most ridiculously awesome 80's series ever made or that it's one of the schlockiest children's television show ever made. Either description would do the cartoon justice either way.
Blaque Link
Burne Thompson. Donald Trump was in the tmnt.
Obviously James made these before the release of Season 10 and the missing episodes.
ashley pyatt
Tmnt is my fav superheroes
There's a funny thing about the European title: in the Hungarian version of the theme song lyrics, they were called _Tini nindzsa *harci* teknőc_, which is literally Teenage Ninja *Martial* Turtles. And somehow, it was always called almost by it's US name (of course as Tini Nindzsa Teknőcök, which lacks either the Hero or Mutant, 'cause it wasn't necessary somehow) so until James' video, never heard about the European alternate title at all.
XK Productions
Orc Warboss73
I wish he checked out the 2003 4Kids version of this franchise.
ashley pyatt
Avgn is a gangsta
Ricardo Reyes
I used to think Krang was a utrom
miamimagicians magician miami
This and Batman the animated series along with X-Men the animated series are the most beloved cartoons
So in the older Mutant Ninja turtle shows, I have to ask I look at April and I can't help but think she is not wearing anything under her zip-up also I atleast appriacate the 2003 show where they make Shredder a decent and semi threatening villian but even then its just played up as the killer of Splinter's master also as a side note Michael's weapon change from nunchunks to what looks like a grappling hook was because that was his weapon in the original original comics, and its not a grappling hook but some weapon similar also some times I always liked Casey Jones as an anti hero while everyone else turn their headswith the usual "dude seriously" and I remember at one point there was a poor attempt at making him into a full on hero, but that is old memory
47 episodes for one season! That's ludicrous! most animated shows have 15-30ish episodes so damn!
Joshtox 2000
chip Entertainment !
Actually planet of the turtleoids was on the season 10 dvd also cowabunga classics
Just a minor observation, but this is James, not the AVGN reviewing. It's not like, say, the Ricky movie review that the AVGN character did.
polite critique
How do turtles get money for pizza
Lord Prince Zuko
6:03  yes they made a toy of him  too 
Patrik Sjöberg
I love this cartoon even that this is kinda childish
ultimate plush fan TNT TNT
Wrong show Michelangelo 32:38
Megatron 2000
Why isn't this on AVGN'S main channel
Why was the sky red?
ultimate plush fan TNT TNT
TheNightmare JCK
I remember (as a kid) seeing the nickelodeon TMNT show on television It was dark, funny, violent, i loved it but i “grew out of it after i believe during season 3 but now I’m gonna rewatch it and catch up 👍🏻🥋🐢
Lord Prince Zuko
friendship is magic is like today's equivalent of the 80's tmnt 
ashley pyatt
Ice Fire
Taylor Swift can play April O’Neil
the 2003 cartoon is way better... it got rid of the stupid goofyness! :/
ultimate plush fan TNT TNT
Vader's disciple
if you think about it teenage mutant hero turtles work better for the 1987 cartoon as the turtles rarely weren't that good as ninjas as soon as they got to the surface were seen immediately and are always seen and never really sneak around you know *like actual ninjas* even the bay films got the ninja aspect right
11:53 Hilarious
Candy Rhodes
B*stard stackman
J Dirty
The voice is krang
Blaque Link
We hear of mama robotnik
Torkel Svenson
40:50 I guess the reasoning was that nunchucks would be fairly easy for kids to make for themselves or something.
Robbie Walker
40:57 - 41:17: I didn't see those episodes, but I feel that Timothy from the Nick Turtles series is worse than that.
aunt jenifer
I think "Carter" was passable as keno but really he was more of an affirmative action type character seeing as the time frame in our history that he was introduced😉
S. Nifrum
You know I actually have my own vision of the shredder (I'm typing this because potatoes) The 87 cape The 87 leg armor The 87 shoulder armor The 87 forearm armor with the predator style wrist blades from out of the shadows The mask and helmet from the 1990 film Everything else from out of the shadows The personality from 2012 cartoon I don't give a shit about the voice
Matt Jenkins
I liked April o Neal in the original turtles I had a crush on her when I was little I'm 33 I think she's still kinda hot
Krang is not a brain. he is a liver. that's why he burps so much
XK Productions
"Cartoons are only for kids!" You couldn't be more wrong.