The Dark Knight Rises - Batman's First Appearance[HD]

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The Dark Knight Rises - The Return of The Batman[HD].

Aadhil Rizwan
Christopher Nolan's Directing and Hans Zimmer's Music sync in perfectly.
I'd give anything to see a 4th Nolan/Bale Batman flick. One with a Riddler perhaps.
When the cop says 'your in for a show tonight son' I swear I reverted back to being 10 years old
SuperShah201 - Embrace Stories and Films
Sure, Batfleck is bigger and the fight choreography is better, but TDK trilogy has the best live action Batman; story wise and motivation wise
Eat your heart out Iron Man. This is how a superhero makes an entrance.
I was thrilled after watching this scene. Especially the moment when the lights in tunnel had turned off and he showed up himself from the darkness...... what a great direction.
Technical Calculator
I prefer Marvel over DC..........but I prefer Nolan over Marvel..... Like if you agree.
Hriday Ranjan Bora
Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer = *masterpiece*
Ikhlaas Mj
This batman is more badass than the one who plays in Justice League
Is it a coincidence that the hostage is dressed like Patrick Bateman?
Christian Bale's Batman: The Batman that everyone wants. Ben Affleck's Batman: The Batman that everyone fears.
I would pay again to see this movie in theaters.
0:28 this is the moment everyone on the planet been waited for :)
Fc Slavik
0:59 best soundtrack everrrrr
Police Commisionor: Like a rat in a trap ! *Bat mobile lights shines* Police officer: You might a wrong animal there sir. Lmao
I got so pumped in the theater. Superb direction Nolan!
Dysfunctional Bat
Believe me I like Ben afflecks batman but his performance can never beat Christian's batman, it's something about Christian's batman that made us all attached to him because these movies have a human feel
Taurus Guy
"Boy, you are in for a show tonight son."
Michelle Suarez
2:42 I love that soundtrack
Sean Lennon
They should show this series in theaters again.
Salman Memehood
Warning: Eargasm detected at 0:58
1:55 Bane be like. He Stole My Pursuit!
4:29 that guy was born to play these kind of parts, where someone looks up surprised and heavy win is blowing. He has done that in a ton of movies.
debkamal mullick
Hans Zimmer = Goosebumps. Best music in entire trilogy
Hall Network
when batman turned on the bat man that was the loudest sound ever in imax!!
Wesker JHG
To be honest they could’ve done a 4th movie with Riddle, before the third movie came out I thought Riddler was going to be the villain when it got announced, wasted opportunity in my opinion
If the Dark Knight Rises had more of the "Batman" I bet it would've been able to surpass the Dark Knight. We didn't get to see enough of Batman in this film. But that entry is brilliant. Remains my favourite superhero introduction the way the "dun dun dun dun" that Batman theme starts playing the moment Batman emerges from the shadows on his Batpod. Incredible stuff.
Gotham Promos & Clips
Best scene
King Khan
Hats off #Hans Zimmer
Vinu Vijayan
this scene gave me goosebumps!
Damn, I remember this scene in the theaters, everyone was completely silent when the lights went out in the tunnel and then the music started. BAM! Damn, everyone started cheering then.
0:15 I love how happy the long-time cop was to see Batman again.
How bad ass do you have to be. For a police officer to have shot at you. Then immediately regret and apologise.
Ignacio Varga
0:14 that smirk on the cops face was ALL OF US when we knew he was back.
Logan Graham
In theaters the moment the tunnel lights went out the place went crazy
Vibhum Pandey
This cannot have better music than this. Hans Zimmer at his best
Jobs mine
This shit is still good for 2012, Nolan gave the people a rare gem 💎 that’s not in the right time. Only few ppl appreciate this kinda franchise.... it’s not about the materials used in this movie it’s the thrilling story that makes it great 👍. 👏🏻
I'd absolutely love to watch the 3 movies in theatre again. Run them in a row, special event, it would make a killing again.
Vasanth Prabakar
02:40 the moment helicopter searchlight shone on him. That's a goose bumping masterpiece.
Batman got like over 5 GTA Stars and didn't even kill anyone. xD
Kyle Blank
The cop trying to take down Batman is "Private Joker" from Full Metal Jacket.
my whole cinema cheered when the lights went out in that tunnel
Michel D'souza
That moment when lights went off and batman passing by his batpod is simply awesome.
George Hamilton
Why did they just give up as soon as Batman flew away? They had helicopters.
4 years and the chills are still the same absolutely breathtaking.
2:42 Goosebumps.
Razak Idris
4:12 - Is like rat in trap gentlemen !! Batman : Like a B0S$ 4:24
Tyler Durden
Hans Zimmer is such a genius for the bgm. Top director+ fantastic BGM+great story+ great actor,,,Batman trilogy is always my No.1 super hero Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Albanee World
Did anyone else notice it went from day to night in a matter of second's.
Rodrigo Mirra
"You are in for a show tonight son"
The Judge
Snyder's Batman is better than Nolan's P.S. You know I am kidding, right?
Jolly Ann Diaz
thag guy in the police car shouldve use his bike messenger skill he is from Premium rush anyway 😅😅
mohamet khadavi
batman is christian bale is handsome
Loki Batman
Way better than entire MCU film
The Boxer
No one will ever replace Christian Bale! He, definitively, was the best who portrayed Batman.
Booty Boots
Even to this day I'm still wondering, is that biker wearing red helmet bane?
Udayan Chauhan
794 dislikes ? Must be marvel ! 🙄
labzo labzo
bro... batman is the best hero in the world.. the coolest guy and the main thing is that he has NO SPECIAL POWERS.. like he is a real human and just learnt this fighting and that. Christian bale with batman begins, dark knight and dark knight rises is the best. He is the best.. the other actor in SvB is just so shit and his armour is ridiculous.. he got no skill as well lol. I soooo hope another one of the batman movies come out with christian bale.. like a batman dark knight part 2 or something. BATMAN FAN
This part reminds me of the dark knight returns
Vincent Choi
Rich boy show off lol
mukit rehnum
: Like a rat in the trap gentlemen *a light turns on : you have got the wrong animal sir
Barney Smith
2:43 - Absolute Eargasm !
Dark Knight
This scene >>>> Marvel
Alesso Vermudi Galán
Because ... ... I'm Batman 😎
Dheeraj Kumar
Bateman dark knight rises.. best movie as ,😗😗
Yangzaj Awesome
What playing GTA with five stars be like.
Krishna Chandran
😘😘😘😘😘👌👌👌 Love from India 🇮🇳
The Desi Knight
Anyone remember "backup" scene at Arkham from Batman Begins? I wished Batman utilized army of bats to scare the cops @ 4:10. Then @ 4:25, Batman escape in Batwing and actual bats following him. That would have been epic!
Aw Hann Haur
i like when his batmobile run away by jumping higher to other way. (batmobile jump up at highest point).
Man even until these day... That suit still cool af
AiolioS 117
Man , the sound effect of the Bat Wing is just badass , i don't know why
General Grievous
This is what it feels like to be on 5 stars in gta v
Dexter Morgan
3:49 what an amazing scene the score all the police its perfection.
Ankur Debbarma
That particular scene never ceases to give goosebumps and chills
I just don't know how they can top Nolans Batman saga with Afflecks, "The Batman"
Epic Movie Compilations
This five minutes is better than the entirety of Batman V Superman.
Jacob Belcher
3:03 Thats my first car same color and everything this is awesome!!
• •
Lil Banana peeps
That music though
Superior Snake
Am i the only one who CAN'T STAND MATTHEW MODINE???
Mike Burden
During the scene where hes looking at the ipad thing,You can see the disappointment in batmans eyes when he sees his city turned against him
Ron Budd
Christian BBBBAAAAAALLL!!!!!!
Valerie Winter
1:20 - your face when your friends come calling you to join the party, but your mom says you have to clean your room and do the dishes first XD
biman ghosh
You might got a wrong animal tehere, sir...Lol
Everyone left to go boating on the 4th of July, I stayed back grilled some chicken and watched DKRises in Dolby Surround Sound. Great 4th!
I don't care what comes out next....this is the only Batman for me.
Son Arata
God when Batmans theme rolled in...goosebumps.
Kerry Smith
3:25 Eleven from Stranger Things: PAPAAAA😭
The Sadist
0:38 i like how the car in the back and a few lights gets affected aswell
1:44 Always gives me chills when that music starts
Elias Rivera
"You might have the wrong animal there sir!!!" That quote had everyone in my theater including me dying hahaha
Hal Jordan
Nolan is a genius. He knows the deal. Nobody gets chills over fat affleck throwing people like superman. Make it real
0:58 one of the most badass parts of this movie
RocK StaR KilL YoU
Cool man 👍
Kyrie Irving
1:00 chills
Detective HoodBruh
Robin: “You sure it was him?!” Classic...”
Jose A. Lucas
This Batman with Henry Cavills Superman would've been the best.
J Lshw
3:51 that manoeuvre...that bike!!
Siddhesh Hemade
I hope someday Christian Bale's Batman returns and says, "I'm not wearing Hockey pads!" to Ben Affleck's Batman.