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JJz Worldz
Still better than justice league
Spoke Fists
*_Then, you have my permission to die_*
Optimus Prime
Strappy Mask Salesman
2:45 is absolutely insane, Tom Hardy completely nails Bane here. He doesn’t hold back any longer, something he criticized Bruce for. He becomes pure carnage fueled by hatred, pain, and now fear, snarling as he throws every punch. He’s at his strongest, but also his weakest, because nothing is held back. Admirable, but mistaken.
Autobot AvengerXL5
“No. I came back to stop you.” XD
Soldier 76!
You know Christopher Nolan's batman trilogy movies were good when they had no need for crazy fictional fantasy CGI. They absolutely did a beautiful job in making the batman universe as realistic as possible.
Rosh Zuriel
0:33 looks like 3rd person video game
Ali Zain
Goddamn it! I wish Batman had said, "no, I came back to break you!"
3:26 when your roommate hides the TV remote
Barry Wheels
Notice this is one of the only if only times we see Batman out in the daytime. It's because when he climbed out the pit he escaped the hole he fell into as a child when his dad had to come down and pull him out. Climbing out the pit was a metaphor for escaping the darkness, risen again.
The Stark Knight Returns
The guy at 3:06 is like "quick, have this gun, I'm not gonna shoot you with it!!"
Worst Teammate
I don't get the hate for this film. It's the most realistic amongst other comic book movies. This is probably what super hero/villain would be like in real life. If it were to be exactly the same like the comic book, why would anyone watch it when they can read or watch animated movie?
Bruce Snow
What I love about this fight scene - Batman in their first fight went all in, giving all his energy, but it did nothing and Bane won. In this fight, Bats goes for more "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" approach. He slowly searches for an opening, makes Bane attack him more, and then BAM and he cuts one of Bane's tubes. Then he starts constantly taunting him, for example in 2:42, he does an arm lock, has an opening, but instead of hitting him he pushes his hands back and it makes Bane go insane and completely lose control, that's where Bats goes with combinations of counter attacks and wins the fight.
Stewart Watson
Mr. Eye
I absolutely LOVE how Bane goes mad when Batman breaks his mask. All of his calm and collected fighting techniques from their first battle go completely out of the window, and he just becomes a raging lunatic letting loose a flurry of furious, uncoordinated punches that ultimately lead him to lose the battle. Just goes to show that you should always keep your cool!
Hudson Navarro
2:01 It's over Bane! I have the high ground!
Edward Kinsey
Dark Knight Trilogy is better than all the Avenger films
Veyvovv Sapkota
Ra'as Al Ghul - Tested Batman's morals. Scarecrow- Tested Batman's fear. The Joker- Tested Batman's mind. Two Face- Tested Batman's emotions. Bane- Tested Batman's strength. Cat woman- Tested Batman's love, AND Talia- Tested Batman's DICK.
Marvel Hunter
2:46 when someone says this fight sucks
Surya uploads
Nolan's trilogy better than whole marvel universe..........
Josh Babcock
I love how Bane gets more desperate, sloppy and almost animalistic in his fighting style once his mask is broken. Really shows how much it helped him... then at the end when he crumples to the ground, you can hear a groan of pain. Good acting from Tom Hardy!
i love the way bruce roars at 2:10 he knows that he have to give it all to win,he has to win this or it all over
Sun The Video Bro
I love watching the ridiculous fighting in the background 😂😂😂. Look at 0:32 the female cop throwing the most fake punches at that guy 😂
“Then you have my permission to die” Ladies and gentlemen batman right here
God dam it nolan why'd you have to switch between IMAX cameras and regular cameras 3:05
Rak z parkingu
2:45 Each of Bane's punch is about 2 tons of force
Nathaniel Yu
Good Revenge for Batman. Better than when Bane broke him in the sewer.
0:12 The silver hair man behind batman teleports behind bane at 0:14
Flare Robloxian
2:39 throughout sounds like Superman theme in man of steel. Thank you Hans zimmer
Arthur Anakotta
Bane : who are you? Batman : i am deadpool
Utkarsh Rastogi
*Bane* :How did you come back? I broke you. *Bats : Because I'm Batman*
Jose Cuestas
2:45 Ironic, Bane is doing the beatdown maneuver of arkham games against batman.
alex chalakee
She reminds me of my ex's.
Jeremy Thompson
2:45 berserk mode
JRA Tu Amigo
The Dark Knight Rises was awesome
Bizzare Channel
This movie much more better than the whole justice league movie
The move at 2:53 really looks like an epic punch right out of a comic book. Very nice cooperation between choreography and cinematography there.
batman vevo
does bane ever ate food?
alexander nillo
Even though the fight scene were kinda shit you gotta admit this was badass!
Omowàle Zaquir
The way he slapped that dude with his shotgun... that shit was brutal 😂😂😂
Red Warden 19
I'm pretty sure if the fight choreography was improved. This would have been the best movie in 50 years
William Cruz
"But. We totally had sex!"
Who came here after watching *Venom*
Ramiro Garcia
great fighting scene
Jonny Dreaden
This fight doesn't portray how Batman fights. This whole movie fails to show how Batman fights. He's a pure martial artist, he should be faster and more able to counter bane And it shouldn't be 1 minute if bats winning then 1 minute of bane winning. It should be equal
Unknown Youtuber
My God the fight scenes in this movie were terrible
Untitled Document
I'm a boxer and the amount that Bane telegraphs his attacks is shocking. They do it this way in a lot of respectable action movies because it makes the punches seem stronger (they're not) but if Batman had any sort of defensive movement Bane would just miss and miss and keep on missing.
Daniel Lye
Where's Connor McGregor when you need him?
Ahh yes a movie that doesn’t need a cgi crowd
Das Dessinateur.
Imu Abd
Wow this movie is like long way back 2012 but the Scenes looks soo like yesterday Got to admit those IMAX cameras are something else 🙌
Andi Haris
If bane recast, dave bautista'd be fit to be bane
Shia Syndicate
3:40 ROAST.
Welsh Raccoon
you can only imagine how much pain Bane was in when his mask was damaged
THE Joker
2:46 is my favorite part of the fight.
flash zoom
Super man could wreaked ban with just one punch 🤜 😝
Victor Moreno
once batman finds your weakness its over
Frank Underwood
2:01 The Dark Knight Rises
Joker may be Batman's most famous enemy...But its Bane that makes Batman doubt for a second and grab those extra smoke-grenades along before leaving Bat-Cave.
Siotame Palu
What is that pillar made out of? Paper? 😂
Looks like a PUBG lobby 😂
0:32 "no. I came here to stop you." Immediately starts getting his ass beat 😂😂😂
Most realistic epic fight in superhero journal 😍😘😎👊👊
Best scene of dark knight rises
Mr Oof
Batfleck could’ve beaten Tom Hardy’s Bane so much faster
Bret Armstrong
You know, if Batman just shot all of these people, he would actually prevent a lot of deaths. Imagine how many people would still be alive if Batman just shot the Joker in the face.
s k r r r t エリキシル
they fight like fat heavyweights tbh.
Mr. Whisper
Joker TRIED to take over Gotham and fill it with fear and chaos, Bane actually did it.
Best scene: 1:13 - 1:21
Derek Kane
Batman in daylight! Love it!
Batman:"But... we totally had sex. Like... hardcore. Three times!" CollegeHumor anybody?
What a wasted opportunity to have Batman show up in a white suit as a not so subtle way of saying "Hey, Batman was the white knight all along".'d be better as camo in snow I suppose. As for the explanation..uhh I dunno...Fox could have come up with some movie mumbo jumbo about it being a prototype outfit or something.
Kind Ken105
3:14 - 3:28 Batman, you sound a little drunk
i rememberd when i watched this movie in cinemas it was epic omg i cant stop watching this scene
how shit is batman at fighting. Where’s the gymnastic speedy batman. He got beaten up by a terrible slow puncher.
T Shields
Who else just keeps rewinding to 2:45
Shayed Hasan Shohag
"Then, You have my permission to die" sound effects, no voice changer...Bale gave goosebumps with his voice.
I did it in an order that would surprise you
Jake Grene
Watching this immediately after watching Bane destroy Batman is extremely satisfying
Imagine Ben Affleck’s batman fight with Bane, he would toss bane like a rag doll
Gogo Sun
0:20 The most powerful punch in the history of films. (guy in the back)
Josh Whitaker
I loved this movie series for one reason, not a damn thing seemed like it came from a comic book. It felt real and not ridiculous, like everyone has to have a stupid costume, scarecrow is just a mask, joker doesn't have a bunch of bombs with his face on them or gag weapons like acid spitting flowers, ect. There were only 3 things that were iffy but it worked magnificently. 1.) Joker wasn't burned with acid with a permanent grin, but just had scars and paint. 2.) Baine isn't on venom like in the comics or shows but is still really strong and can still break batman's back. 3.) Raj Al Goul wasn't an immortal man using the Lazarus pit for regeneration, but instead, much like the dread pirate Robert's from the princess bride, passed the name of raj al goul down to successors so he can be immortal that way. These movies moved away from ridiculous comics and went for as real as possible.
Imu Abd
I wish Christopher Nolan could Make Justice League Franchises 😖
I like everything about this movie except for Bane. That guy is way too small in size and kind of fat too. Surely they could of hired a better guy. The same for the Venom in Spider-Man 3 (That guy was too small to play Venom).
Those punch weren't working earlier at the sewer. What the hell, Batman?
Toilet Paper Mountain
3:06 Batman sign my gun!
Will Brock
Better than batman v superman and justice league
Daequan's Toes
Best ending for best trilogy still one of my favorite Nolan movie
Jeff Lio
Batman's favorite interrogation technique is screaming "WHERE IS IT/SHE/HE" while punching at the guy.
junior morales
This is a better fight than Batman vs Superman
Jacob Sheley
Who else thinks Christian Bale and Tom Hardy should've been nominated for an Oscar
Sushi Trash
0:27 " so you came back to die with your city" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ethan Rodriguez
Wow..does the whole scene look fake.
jared chenklov
Maybe not the best of the trilogy but this fight scene was shot and edited so much better than any of the ones in Batman begins and the dark knight
i wonder how this scene would of looked at night
0:35 I came back to return some video tapes.
Peter Hunter
The whole feud between Bane and Batman came down to one masterful piece of dialogue that finally showed an intimate and emotional side to Bane. A Man who could not believe that his enemy was unbreakable. Almost a salute of respect to Batman, for rising from the darkness, for the better. “I broke you. How have you come back?...”
Triton 23
My brother saw this movie a few weeks ago, and he is very young. So this is what he said when he saw commissioner Gordon about to say that speech at the beginning of the movie. 'What's Winston Churchill doing on that alter? Getting married?'