The Dark Knight Rises - Batman's First Appearance[HD]

The Dark Knight Rises - The Return of The Batman[HD].

I was thrilled after watching this scene. Especially the moment when the lights in tunnel had turned off and he showed up himself from the darkness...... what a great direction.
Aadhil Rizwan
Christopher Nolan's Directing and Hans Zimmer's Music sync in perfectly.
Christian Bale's Batman: The Batman that everyone wants. Ben Affleck's Batman: The Batman that everyone fears.
I'd give anything to see a 4th Nolan/Bale Batman flick. One with a Riddler perhaps.
Logan Graham
In theaters the moment the tunnel lights went out the place went crazy
Batman got like over 5 GTA Stars and didn't even kill anyone. xD
4 years and the chills are still the same absolutely breathtaking.
Epic Movie Compilations
This five minutes is better than the entirety of Batman V Superman.
Rodrigo Mirra
"You are in for a show tonight son"
Eat your heart out Iron Man. This is how a superhero makes an entrance.
Elias Rivera
"You might have the wrong animal there sir!!!" That quote had everyone in my theater including me dying hahaha
Siddhesh Hemade
I hope someday Christian Bale's Batman returns and says, "I'm not wearing Hockey pads!" to Ben Affleck's Batman.
Azhar Bin Halim
This is the only true Batman for me
I got so pumped in the theater. Superb direction Nolan!
Embrace Entertainment - SuperShah201
Sure, Batfleck is bigger and the fight choreography is better, but TDK trilogy has the best live action Batman; story wise and motivation wise
Kartik Gola
" He's got a lot of fire-power! " " And you don't !? " lel
Sure, the Batfleck fight scene in BvS was a better fight scene than anything the Dark Knight trilogy had but the Dark Knight trilogy was actually better at making scenes that make Batman look like a hero... like he's supposed to.
Andrew Hong
Nolan + Zimmer = Legendary Masterpiece
damn i gotta rewatch this movie a 9th time
goosebumps everytime. Sorry Snyder, you will never come close
I recall a few years ago seeing this in theaters. As soon as the lights went out in the tunnel and music started to swell, EVERYONE in the theater knew what was coming and they went insane. I myself felt like standing up and yelling "HE'S BACK BITCHES!!!!!" The scene is absolutely perfect, from the cinematography to how the music pitches and climaxes when Batman hits the first thug off his bike then stops with his cape billowing behind the pod is absolute genius and cinema perfection.
4:18 if you look closely you can see bat eyes glowing
Vinu Vijayan
this scene gave me goosebumps!
kevin texter
when Jim sees batman again...goosebumps.. and then batman walks into frame...there were cheers in the crowd in my theater
Alpha Magus
When the theme song plays, I just get chills.
Sachin L
"boy you r in for a show tonight son "
Anyone else really like the musical theme that starts around 1:40? I think it's really cool.
Hall Network
when batman turned on the bat man that was the loudest sound ever in imax!!
Supa Copper
I replayed 0:28 for so many times~
Ikhlaas Mj
This batman is more badass than the one who plays in Justice League
Dashawn Mitchell
Definitely one of the greatest trilogies of ALL time
David Butler
I've always liked this movie the most out of the trilogy.
0:28 this is the moment everyone on the planet been waited for :)
That moment when the "rat in a trap" evolved into a giant bat.
Won't lie shed a tear when i saw this the first time
Derek Gorman
This Batman sure has a way of making the cops looke like fools!!
By far one of the greatest chase scenes in film history.
Is it a coincidence that the hostage is dressed like Patrick Bateman?
the part when batman steps over the crook and when the spot light hits bats and he looks around as he's getting surrounded gives me damn chills
Isuru Nanayakkara
Goddamn, I love this scene. The music makes is infinitely better.
When the cop says 'your in for a show tonight son' I swear I reverted back to being 10 years old
i remember watching it on cinema three times in one week.loved it so much watched it like 50 times in of the best movie,if not the best eva for me.the only true batman...
Hriday Ranjan Bora
Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer = *masterpiece*
this is legend way better that bvs
The Boxer
No one will ever replace Christian Bale! He, definitively, was the best who portrayed Batman.
Taurus Guy
"Boy, you are in for a show tonight son."
Salman Memehood
Warning: Eargasm detected at 0:58
The Burger King
1:45 when you make a bad decision in a telltale game
Fc Slavik
0:59 best soundtrack everrrrr
Police Commisionor: Like a rat in a trap ! *Bat mobile lights shines* Police officer: You might a wrong animal there sir. Lmao
Eddie Márquez
Bane as the Red Hood!😌
Zain Sardar
damn police guy sees a black figure coming to help and his first reaction is to shoot before asking lol
1:55 Bane be like. He Stole My Pursuit!
Mike Burden
During the scene where hes looking at the ipad thing,You can see the disappointment in batmans eyes when he sees his city turned against him
Brandon Cazares
The dark knight rises is a good movie
james carlo ragada
Heh...moral lesson don't mess with the batman :)
Robbie Quinlan
god how did ths movie turn 4 years old so fast. feels like i just saw it yesterday!
CrazyNathan: Legos, Minecraft and More
"Dumb as he dresses." Must be pretty smart then.
James Ferraris
play this at 1.25 speed thank me later 10x times epic start at 2:40
De ath
Man, not seeing any bale batman for 4 years and then seeing this scene in the theaters just gives you goosebumps and makes you shed a manly tear. Wow the theater experience was ridiculous
Dysfunctional Bat
Believe me I like Ben afflecks batman but his performance can never beat Christian's batman, it's something about Christian's batman that made us all attached to him because these movies have a human feel
Dark Knight
This scene >>>> Marvel
Gotham Promos & Clips
Best scene
What's the name of the song in the soundtrack at 2:43
Jobs mine
This shit is still good for 2012, Nolan gave the people a rare gem 💎 that’s not in the right time. Only few ppl appreciate this kinda franchise.... it’s not about the materials used in this movie it’s the thrilling story that makes it great 👍. 👏🏻
Alexander Canpunar
3:40, when you have 6 wanted stars in gta.
Damn, I remember this scene in the theaters, everyone was completely silent when the lights went out in the tunnel and then the music started. BAM! Damn, everyone started cheering then.
my whole cinema cheered when the lights went out in that tunnel
broken brillance
i remember watching this movie 4 times and when batman apears for the first time people cheer like crazy every single time and the soundtrack epic as fuck
Ayman Kashlan
better than super man Vs batman hit like if that's right
Ben Wasserman
Remind me why people bash this movie? Not as good as TDK but still a great conclusion to Nolan's trilogy
AiolioS 117
Man , the sound effect of the Bat Wing is just badass , i don't know why
Michel D'souza
That moment when lights went off and batman passing by his batpod is simply awesome.
This suit is the best one
Adrian Castillo
like a rat in a trap gentlemen. sike!!!! 😂 batman was prolly like : Ha noob.
can people quit comparing this to batfleck? they are different versions of batman
I would pay again to see this movie in theaters.
Tyler Hussin
I really tried to like the new BVS and Batman was the best part, but that Batman just could make me feel anything close to the feeling I get from scenes like this.
Krishna Chandran
😘😘😘😘😘👌👌👌 Love from India 🇮🇳
Vibhum Pandey
This cannot have better music than this. Hans Zimmer at his best
Jay Kelly
Sure, the Batman warehouse fight was a better fight scene than anything in these movies had but the trilogy was actually better at making scenes that makes Batman look like a hero....exactly like he is supposed to, I hope you are listening Hack Snyder.
Sachin L
hey guys can someone please remove this video because i cant stop seeing this video, like some 20 times a day i mean this gives me goosebumps
Adam Crawford
the energy in this scene is so electric: Batman riding through the tunnels; the heart pounding music; the enthusiasm of the cops; THE LOOK ON JIM GORDON'S FACE "thats my boy!"; Bane's admiration; the look on Batman's face "I'm baaaaack!"; this is seriously my second most favorite Batman scene, my NUMBER 1 character intro in a film; and probably one of my top 10 Superhero scenes in general! I still bob my head to thr music, smile like a fan girl, and get goosebumps watching it. BRILLIANT!!
I don't care what comes out next....this is the only Batman for me.
Hal Jordan
Nolan is a genius. He knows the deal. Nobody gets chills over fat affleck throwing people like superman. Make it real
Free Your Mind Films
Still think about how Bale's Batman would react to Superman. Probably would have been an actual world's finest with a young and misunderstood Superman and a dark but heroic and likeable Batman.
Tyler Durden
Hans Zimmer is such a genius for the bgm. Top director+ fantastic BGM+great story+ great actor,,,Batman trilogy is always my No.1 super hero Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Booty Boots
Even to this day I'm still wondering, is that biker wearing red helmet bane?
Tanvir Hanifa
Times like this, its great being a nerd!
Dark Knight Rises was the best batman series ever! even BVS i already come out after watch it i still feel the dark knight rises is better
David Butler
Love how the cop apologizes
Sean Lennon
They should show this series in theaters again.
Vasanth Prabakar
02:40 the moment helicopter searchlight shone on him. That's a goose bumping masterpiece.
"Put that thing away before you hurt yourself." LMFAO. xD
Not gonna lie, this was my best cinema moment of all time
kakibackup2 Koujo
2:42 damm still gives me chills
Armaan Singh
When he showed up and the music in the back started playing I watched this movie on opening knight in NYC and everyone started screaming it was awesome
I just don't know how they can top Nolans Batman saga with Afflecks, "The Batman"
J Hallenbeck
The music makes these movies.
If the Dark Knight Rises had more of the "Batman" I bet it would've been able to surpass the Dark Knight. We didn't get to see enough of Batman in this film. But that entry is brilliant. Remains my favourite superhero introduction the way the "dun dun dun dun" that Batman theme starts playing the moment Batman emerges from the shadows on his Batpod. Incredible stuff.