Top 50 Impossible Shots of the 2017 NBA Season

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3:05 how tf do you miss a wide open rebound?
Jimmy Butler III
Should’ve had DeAndre hitting a free throw
Spike Jr
6:16 was that the cover for NBA 2k18?
Stefan Donevski
Curry's shots are overrated af.
Honestly number one should've been Westbrook 40 ft game winner eliminating Nuggets from playoffs or LBJ turnaround 3 vs Wiz
Me trying to get a rebound: 3:04
El job Compay23
With 40 of age and can do 360 the best doing dunks
Unlimited Cruz
If these are 50 impossible shots how did the players do them🤔
Rishi Krishnan
10:49 you're welcome
Srm2008 YT
#40 isn’t impossible I’ve done it before
NBA is illuminati for that thumbnail
Walka Seasonn
SPOILER ALERT: Lebron turn around 3 vs Wizards is number one #TrueFactsNotOpinions
حوارات باللغة الفرنسية
Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas!
Vince Maine
1:19 my boy d rose every game
Prime Time
So apparantly, reverse layups are impossible
Welllll they aren't impossible, because they've been done. Well done NBA 🤦🏼‍♂️
agnwstos XD
20 was the moment that they take the picture for the 2k18 cover.
Lamaan Haq
You should do a: Most important plays in the 2017 NBA Season
agnwstos XD
10:00 64-63 ???
0:55 Nr. 8 is like "Whatever, I'll take the assist"
Janmarcos Lara
Where's Lebrons tying shot vs wizards
Patrick Star
Top 10 impossible shots *shows shaq making free throw*
Movies r Awesome
Lebron turnaround 3 vs wizards wasn't number 1??? This is blasphemy
Haddy Barghouti
Gotta remember vincanity
Doc McStuffins
2K Hall of Fame CPU cheese
I'm gonna troll you Read More
Young Sinatra
40 year old vince carter still doing vinsanity like things
Peep the Thumbnail
Daniel Moser
Change the thumbnail.
Manny Deol
Kyrie Irving>Stephen Curry. Now everyone hand me W's
I don't think it's possible to make a vid for Top 50 impossible shots, when they're clearly done. Seriously, call it difficult for reals
Danielle Mottor
RIP thumbnail😂😂😂😂
Mike M
My favorite move was Vince Carter's. Most of these shots were pure lucky crazy shots that shouldn't have gone in. Vince spinned twice on everybody at age 40.
So many travels....
Coded Decipher
The thumbnails the two people that got traded hmmmm..
Clearly not impossible...?
André Setnof
so we'll just ignore Jamal Murray's travel?
JP Alberto
those 2 guys in the thumbnail are with the Cavs now 💪
Crazy Luigi
So Boston traded away Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the Nets' 2018 first round pick to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving. Guess you got to change that thumbnail now, huh?
Maybe it's just me but the Kyrie layups were he double clutches and stuff aren't circus shots. They are just crazy layups
Pęrcocet Y
When thumbnail shows jae crowder and isaiah thomas in there celtics jerseys
Thumbnail feels awkward asf
There not impossible if they can do it
Anthony Alvarez
If they are impossible then how did they make em
That thumbnail is ironic
Raymund Ordoyo
U cant have an impossible shot compilation witu only 1 derozan clip cmon. He sone of the best at making a tough shot. Im not even a raptors fan like dat im just saying
Savageson Football™
Stop using me for the thumbnail
Lou Snaggz
How is Vince Carters spin layup better than Tag Gibsons Full Court Shot?
Ethan Yang
It said it was impossible,but it looks like it is possible
Evan Plays
This has to be the best youtube channel cause they didn't ask for likes or subscribers MVP MVP MVP
They're technically not impossible if they were done 😏
1121-823-90 iLLEST EVER !!!
Aye Nba I respect what y'all do for upcoming artist 👨‍🎤Go peep my Freestyles it's wavy for real let me know your thoughts ❄️🚀❄️☃️
Where was LeBron's fade away?
Escarne Desrameaux
like so OSN should react to this
And then the jelly came along
Where is Lebron's three vs wizards??
thunder 03
If Taj Gibson's isn't on here.. Underrated shot asf
Gelo Adan
And somehow flight took an L
Brook Nega
Waiting for Osn reaction
Dominik No
Finally some reasonable shit from NBA , showing some love for Vince Half man-Half amazing Caaarter 💪💪🔥
rl lee
i counted 7 white player in total
K-Rock Productions
the 34th one was travel wtf smh
1:07 walking
The guy on youtube
Thumbnail is trolling
Lippie Fredd
That thumbnail... out of all the people that could be on the thumbnail, the exact players traded from the Celtics for Kyrie.. hmmmmmm
Top Baller
Where is Jae Crowder's out of bounds full court shot?
It's funny that the thumbnail is Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas
All these Kyrie plays make me sad about him leaving the Cavs...
Ahmad Diallo
So you're telling me that D.Rose only had 1 "impossible shot" all year??
Lu Trendy
I still can't believe Kyrie transferred to Boston
One team is called maverick Logan Paul lol
Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black
Breaking news! Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder has been traded to the Cavs for Kyrie Irving!
how is it impossible it it was made...
Montez Demarrco
Gasol traveled like a mf
Jeffrey rivera
How are the shots impossible if they made them
Shawn Burger
Love how the thumbnail is 2 guys who don't even play for their team anymore
Matt Conklin
Lebron's turn-around clutch 3 isn't even on the list? Damn
Adrian Garcia
6:09 number 20 is the 2k18 cover
Click read more if u wanna see real curry Read More
LeBron James=2017 mvp
Mr Klutz54
How are they impossible if ur showing them making it
LeBron > every player combined
Jodylynne Simpson
wow lebron wizards wasn't on here
tenica williams
Grizzlies best highlights!!!
Mr. V
It's not impossible if they made it
Shady_ E
38 was like 4 steps Oh I forgot the NBA doesn’t call those anymore
cringy videos
The first one had me like 😑😑😑😱😨😑 howww
LeBron's buzzer vs Washington ?
Reymundo Alvarado
Apparently it's possible.
How can they be impossible if they made them?
Hoop Kingdom
This thumbnail is now ironic
Keshava Shanker
Crazy shots👌👌👌👌
master yoda
2 is the impossible shot
Trey 2002
Number 20 is the cover athlete move
Super Sports
they are not listed right
Piggy Knight
But it became possible
Feed Chaos
Lmao #10 Wasn’t even a foul
Justin J
-the thumbnail tho-