50 Best Plays From the 2018 NBA Playoffs

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San Simeon Koizumi
How was tatums dunk on Lebron not in here, oh and what about Oladipos dunk on Bron also?
barney stinson
No Tatum posterizing LeBron? okay...
Da Juice
So they not gon show any guy Tatum dunking on Lebron?
Dav Slowski
No Tatum on LeBron, Marco belineli shot, no LeBron blocking terry, this list kinda sucked.
Kelvin Cruz
Where's Jayson Tatum dunking on LeBron James?
Fang Chen
No Tatum dunk on LeBron, No Capela block Green, you call it top 50?
Darwin Stately Jr
That first shot by KD was one of the most cold blooded daggers in NBA history
Lars V
They should have really given out a two Finals MVPs this year.
Steph was robbed of FMVP
Big Gucci Guwop Sosa 1017
Bruh yall trippin tatum postered lebron was a easily a top play
No Chris Paul shimmy three over Steph? Harden dunking on Dieng???
LOL Âmnésià
Tatum on LBJ????????
Samir Huq
Where TF is: Wade over Simmons Wade steal in the clutch Wade fadeaway over Covington Winslow block on Embiid
Nick Curry Zero
Y'all talking about Jr got robbed from MVP Tatum got robbed by not even being in this video SMH
Self Made Trilliń 2⃣
Steph already got as much rings as LeGOAT which stands for LeGoingOnAnotherTeam 😂 #Factz
golden sTAR Liner
nba don't show the lbj's poster by tatum
Jordan Clifton
So Tatum and Rozier not on here for dunking on LBJ y’all gotta do better smh
Steven Nguyen
Wow no Tatum dunking on LeBron?
Giannis Kon
So you are telling me Oladipo's or Tatum's poster dunk over LeBron did not make it? Yeah right..
Salva Alcón
Steph should’ve won FMVP come on
John50 Beach
I thought Steph deserved fmvp. His stats may not show it but those circus threes broke the defense's morale. Charles Barkley was right, NBA is becoming ruled by analytics geeks that don't love the game
Kut ee
Lmao all the Stephsexual’s crying. Just cause Steph can shoot some 3’s in the 3rd quarter doesn’t mean he’s the MVP. Scored 11 points in game 3 but he got “robbed.” 😂😂
Season just finished but while watching this i already miss the NBA :(
Ultra Instinct Goku
Steph should have 2 FMVPs
James Carter
number 1 JR
Either steph was robbed of finals mvp or there should've been a co finals mvp this year. KD did good 1 game and gets the award makes no sense.
CK Dormanović
Oladipo and Tatum dunk on LBJ? r u protecting Lerbon's dignity NBA?
Aiden Luchian
Indian Baller
Steph got robbed
vince poni
For curry I have been training all my life to be just like you. This is Xavier.All my life I have been dreaming for years to have your otigraph .You are my favorite basketball player!Please coach me every single Saturday from 8 am to 11 am! Please come to my house one day so I can get your otigraph.on 60 skyline drive. Adress number 60 color of the house is blue.please have this come true.
Sets NBA record. Doesnt get mvp. RIP
Alpha Omega
Curry 3 rings, Lebron 3 rings
Andrej Nikolov
This video just proves Steph was robbed of FMVP..
Guy Fisher
As a neutral NBA fan it was way more entertaining to watch LeBron carry that Cavs team to finals,and to have 2 CLOSE GAMES vs this juggernaut(and I would argue they really got screwed that first game),then to see Warriors win it again.. Just look at the news,they just won back to back rings,and yett, ALL WE TALK ABOUT IS WHERE IS LEBRON GOING NEXT ?!
SeanTheSavage Gamer
ok curry should of got mvp i like kd but steph was better idk it’s just my opinion
Ced lol
where is curry clutch and one in game 1 most underrated play of the final
Bming King
#GSW Champions For Years to come
Curry is the real final mvp
Peter N
Wow yall getting lazy its not even in order smh
Nana Gyambibi
How many times did Baynes get dunked on this postseason? Sheessh
Anik Jodha - Erin Centre MS (1319)
Wheres Tatum dunk at?. But Yanis!!!! The Greek freak in town!
Val O
Livingston crossing out Harden has to be my favorite lmaooooo #GoWarriors
Ariel Sharon
Cp3 breaks curry ankle?
Super Fleymez
Curry didn’t deserve FMVP. He averaged less Points, assists, rebounds and a 10% worse shooting percentage
Guan Quan Ong
Where is the warrior play where jr took the ball out?
Patrick Porter
No OKC highlights cuz they straight up trash.
Isaiahjb 1
4:47 that looked like bron's game winner vs lebronto
Edward Leo
kd new signature celebration: the snake hiss
Amaury 0678
Por K nada mas asen las repeticiones de Cleveland y de los wuarion no LA asen
T Nolen
The past 3 rings for the warriors weigh about as much as a grain of sand
This is trash....its not ordered and tatums dunk on bron isnt here...... damn OKC and Minnesota were in the playoffs 2 come on NBA u couldn't find anything?
joe fontaine
8:26 why did i never see this. That was nasty
King Jordan
No OKC barely ?
Duke Brazy—
No Jason Tatum posterizing LeBron James?? Or LeBron blocking Terry Rozier?? That’s tough🔥🏀🤦🏾‍♂️
Taaha Dandia
JR Smith's play was the clutchest play ever, even beats Ray Allen's 3pointer in game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals
Tyler Vuong
Haha embiids dunk on Baynes who didn’t even jump was on here and a rookie dunking on “The King” isn’t? Smh nba, so biased
Darnell Yiadom
I wonder if JR's play from game 1 will be here, that basically won the warriors the series
Slotsky Korkavsky
For the jazz fans, 4:19, 8:54, 10:26
Jason Murdock
50 Best Plays from Warriors, LeBron, and Celtics playoffs
Ninad Mohite
No JR's fantastic maneuver?
Andrew Williams
this guy really said giannis caught a body.. does he even know what that means lol
Clutch 3 by Kevin Durant is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bryan Zachery
March madness > NBA playoffs
Markus Ip
3:15 Pacers fans are celebrating too haha
Love's face at 0:35 just sums the play up
Shouldn't Anthony Davis be 2019's MVP
Lakerfansince July 1,2018
Incoming salty lebron haters
Titouan Nicol
not even one play from the thunder, means sth
Guy Fisher
7:55 Curry,does backcourt violation,travel and carry and then hits a three..
Put the kids to sleep 😂
oke mantao
Amazing golden state warior
Team Marshall
How many times are you all gonna comment the same exact thing on every video . KD didn't have no F performance game
Poison UFK
8:42 curry,camina?
Urban Factory 13
For Saken
If there was a Playoffs MVP, it would undoubtedly go to LeBron
Mae Allarte Deo
Beau Aspinall
JR for MVP
Aditya Kadiyala
Lebron To Philly #TrustTheProcess
Siyamese Gaming
*U forgot to show hardens disappearing act after game 1 vs the warriors.*
mr Stourdebjoern
Abtisam Hussein
Fast Furious
Top 5 NBA GOAT 1. Lebron 2. Wilt 3. Jabbar 4. Jordan 5. Bill
Zakarie Reghis
68 68
Oh my Got…
Christian Gabz
"No IT"
Iohann Bokatola
Good night Cleveland. This sweep is for you
KD had a far better series, Curry fanboys are annoying
Kolz J6
Middleton's 3 is very UNBELIEVABLE and UNEXPECTED
? ?
99% of the comments "nO tAtUm oN lebron"
*i feel like my jumpshot will go in **10:27**.* Vid: 10:28 😂 😂
David Faker
0:36 kevin was just smiling.. He knew it was going down
LeBron James 🔥🔥 The best
Shane Eichler
Why isnt jr smith number 1?
Joemar Poniente
Missing in this vid Tatum posterizing LeBron Oladipo posterizing LeBron Chris Paul contested 3 over curry Anthony Davis highlights Marco Belinelli 3 Donovan Mitchel poster vs houston game 5 Capela's 5 blocks in the 4th q vs UTAH Draymond Green on the wrong huddle J.R. Smith running the ball coz he taught they have the lead
This should be titled cavs vs warriors higlights
Joseph Sumter
That thumbnail doe😍
Mr. Magic Potato
Damn everyone wanna see Tatum killing lebron
Rito MaZashito
to many unbelkieavble shots… somethin aint right !