Who Is Atticus The Poet?: Anonymous Internet Sensation Tells All | Instant Exclusive | INSTANT

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Anonymous poet and internet sensation, Atticus, opens up about his poetry and the meaning behind his most popular pieces. SUBSCRIBE: /> About Instant Exclusives: Anything and everything from birthday celebrations to exclusive interviews, only on INSTANT. No matter if we’re at VidCon with Tyler Oakley, dishing on Lilly Singh & Liza Koshy with Eva Gutowski, or getting the lowdown on Ariana Grande and Casey Neistat with Mark Dohner, INSTANT’s exclusive interviews take you behind the scenes with some of your favorite social media stars and online celebrities: /> From Ricky Dillon, 13 Reasons Why's Brandon Larracuente, to [email protected]'s Lia Marie Johnson & Claudia Sulewski, the Hey Guys podcast brings you some of the biggest names and stories on the internet right now: /> Once the Kings of Vine, to become instafamous, now Logan and Jake Paul are taking over the internet! See some of our best stories, compilations and interviews with Logan and Jake Paul: /> Fit Club brings you some of Jen Widerstrom’s best workouts and tutorials to get into shape and seize the motion. No matter if you’re trying to loose weight or are just looking for tips & tricks to get strong, Jen Widerstrom’s crossfit inspired exercises and weightlifting moves will help you do so: /> Dance Off brings you some quick and easy dance tutorials for beginners and aficionados, looking to learn some of the best choreographies by Dana Alexa, Kaelynn ‘KK’ Harris, Deirdre Barns & more: /> About INSTANT: ALL VIDEO. MOBILE-FIRST. DISCOVER THE “NEW FAMOUS” ONLY ON INSTANT.ME. Powered by People/EW/Hello Giggles. From life hacks to feel-good tunes and snackable news, INSTANT delivers the exclusive, on-demand content you crave. Whether you're looking for cute animal videos, a glimpse into another culture, or the latest up-and-coming social stars - we've got you covered. Connect with INSTANT Online: Visit INSTANT WEBSITE: />Like INSTANT on FACEBOOK: />Follow INSTANT on TWITTER: />Follow INSTANT on INSTAGRAM: /> Who Is Atticus The Poet?: Anonymous Internet Sensation Tells All | Instant Exclusive | INSTANT

Zoe Macera
he looks hot....
Anna Ott
i adore him. because of his soul, when i cant see his face.
the black fedora
Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. Oscar Wilde
he seems to just write poetry that appeals to what girls want to hear. In one liners.
Those aren't poems, those are bumper stickers
Karmen Zhang
I don't even think he is the guy...
Cosima T
You can tell he's hot even with the mask on lol 🙃💕
James Sanchez
His name is Duncan Penn.
Kerbs Walton
Loads of FreeVerse Poets out there.
K Lo
He sounds handsome
First lolol
Sask Sky
Why the hell would anyone promote such an immature and un-Christian love???
Rolling Stones
Wow ! The world really sucks if a loser like him is a poet today !