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Hulk Hogan has bad hair. Also he kills people. HEY GUYS LISTEN TO THE DEVCAST

Is it me or does Carl keep looking at Hulk like... 'Your not Arnold'
Michael M
That's almost as bad as the reporter interviewing Samuel L. Jackson on TV and asking him about his part in "The Matrix" which character was played by Laurence Fishburne.
Elizer Solis
I am shut up
Arian Harris
Action Jackson getting old!!! Lol
Michael M
Lando Calrissian was played by Billy Dee Williams.
stanley tijdmeter
Thanks but no thanks, that wasn't pain and gain, it's 96 minutes, it sucks man.
Warren Real Muleta
I love this movie more action.
omar carpintero
que buena película man
stanley tijdmeter
anthony house
Don't remember this movie
Terolene Terri
Omg hulk hogan acts in this movie it is probably a nxa movie
george coleman
It is a good movis
george coleman
It is a good movis
Kareen Virgo
Hulk Hogan
Thangh Awi
Marios Barn
poli kalo
Uncommonfavour Mercy .K
Nice movie
elgin miller
I love it was soooo good
ruben svensson
omg crap
Gulzar Brar
Good entertainment
Abed Abega
aman reiqaby
I like that its so good movies and the action was very good good.
Bruce Elsdon
Warren Real Muleta
I love this movie more action.
Patience Adam
Nick Reiter
Lando Calrissian!
Angel Manuel
Hanifrta Hanif
Bagla gan
mohamed adil
allah has dread locks
abod alsaudi
Very stoped Move with large budget
Haneefa Pokkakkilath
nice movie
greg crosby
good movie
Hulk Hogan is not any worse than Arnold S. - decent action movie with mediocre acting by the star.  Wouldn't recommend it, but it was okay viewing once.
Laura Masters
I thought it was a pretty good movie! :) But as far as looks go, I too was NOT impressed with Hulk Hogan! :( From the neck up, he has the image of someone addicted to crack or meth! His face looks too gaunt and his hair looks too "straggly" like--- well, a crack head or a meth head. I hate to say these things but it's the truth.   :( All the other actors looked really good-- especially Shannon Tweed! :) I will NEVER understand how Gene Simmons from KISS EVER won her over! UGH!!! He looks like-- goodness! Like chop suey--- compared to her and how could ANY guy who has her as his woman EVER want to play around with any other chick? SERIOUSLY???? GROW UP, GENE SIMMONS! Anyway, about the movie... it was entertaining enough, though a bit cheesy. :) I give it 3 stars.
dj smithy