Prince - Let's Go Crazy (Official Music Video)

Purple Rain Deluxe is out now! Buy or Stream Purple Rain The Movie here - /> />Get Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded here: />Get Purple Rain Deluxe here: /> Follow on Facebook: /> Purple Rain remains one of history’s most important, indisputable, and influential albums, but you’ve never heard it like this before. Purple Rain Deluxe boasts the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the original tapes overseen by Prince himself in addition to a new “From The Vault & Previously Unreleased” disc with 11 unheard gems from the storied vault. This is Prince’s final word on his definitive masterpiece.

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Ruben Delgadillo
Who else wishes Prince was still alive!
LeQueen Enchantresse
Prince Fans 2018 💜 ?
Anyone else here because its a damn good song
Prince *never* got enough credit as a guitarist.
Neil Tipton
I do believe the 80s were the best decade
William Crowe
Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Kate Bush were all born in 1958 and only a month or two apart. Some weird aliens must have dropped some neat cosmic seed or DNA that year! All four make enigmatic. otherworldly music.
Jerry Maldonado
How can anybody hit the dislike button.. This man is a Legend RIP
Tim Begg
RIP Prince. Undoubtedly one of the best guitarists in history!
ronnethe berry
This man is my first love, got a chance to visit Paisley Park, i almost cried when entering the doors. What an amazing bucket list!!!!!!
Ponyboy Curtis
See, why cant music be like this today.
Nathaniel Anderson
whoever didn't live through the 80's seriously missed out!
Kid’s this is the album that Beyoncé Jay Z questlove, Pharrell Kendrick Lamar, the Foo Fighters, adele Janelle Monáe, Kanye West, Childish Gambino and many many others All cut their teeth on when they were babies. You may not be a Prince fan but more than likely your favorite artist or band most likely is one or at least have respect for his artistry.. And that includes almost any genre of music you can name.
brian centi
Prince was excellent, what an incredible talent, God rest his soul... appollonia was one incredibly gorgeous woman...miss these times.
Mr. Bubblegum. jr
Anyone here because of Kingsman?
J.L. F.
Every single time I hear that electric guitar and that bass at the end I hold my breath. I just wish it would never end. RIP Prince💜
Antione Braxton
Best Artist Ever in the History Of Music!!
Truth Stalker
*I've been a Diehard fan of Prince since 1982 when '1999' & 'Let's Go Crazy' first debuted on the radio. You'll forever be missed, Mr. Nelson. Rest in Peace, Your Majesty!!* 😎👍😢💞💖
Abel Ramos
Not a true fan of him but no question the dude drops some serious masterpieces
Mike Weber
Vikings play this song after a touchdown, Wild play this after a goal and Twins play this after a homer! Prince you are truly missed.
Darcy Larson
"Are we gonna let the elevator, Bring us down, oh, no let's go." So sad and ironic that Prince died in an elevator. This is the reverse of art imitating life. R.I.P Prince you were a God in life and now an Angel in death never to be forgotten.
It's a shame that so many talented singers have left us.
Supashya Roy Chowdhury
Tammy Rabb
1:00 "We're not going to let the elevator (devil) take us down" Prince died in an Elevator.
Hayden Martini
Happy birthday to Prince rip
Kevin Brown
Dearly beloved we are gathered today to celebrate the life of this genius. 💜
Vws Vas
My favorite Prince album, i think it's his best too. Nice to notice all uploaded songs until now are from Purple Rain.
Hayden Martini
Rip Prince
First song played in Kingsman The Golden Circle. Charlie vs. Eggsy
Beth C. Brown
Very hard to choose which video of Prince's is the best. This what high school was all about 1983 and still sounds good today 5/7/18💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
OG Sweets
Few music videos better encapsulate what the 80's were like. RIP Prince
Unlike everyone else who's here because of Kingsman, I'm just here because of the Japanese figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu, who used this song for his short skate program in 2016 Grand Prix final 😂
Melody Sanger
Natoya Jones
Hayden Martini
Rip Prince you my favorite singler singer and writer to
MTV top 20 countdown September 28 1984 ####### 1 video that weekend !!! I'll never forget it . Beginning of my junior year of High School and 90 day anniversary with my girlfriend 34 years and 26 years ( june 20 ) my wife !!! R >I > P SIR !!
500 Vbucks With Nothing To Choose
Kingsman The Golden Cirlce anyone?
St. Paul
Damn, I wish they would have put more clips of Wendy in this video. She was looking really HOT!
OakTree Brannon
I'm just here for the guitar solo.
Gigi Du Hermoine
My teenage "CRUSH".....! I remember seeing this movie on VHS back in the 1980's..My late parents had fallen off to sleep and I watched it.. !! This man was .........oh so S.E.X.Y. When he died in 2016 that April.. It was just after my Birthday....and the dis-belief of hearing it on the radio... that he died..? I was in a state of .....Shock..!! !! I will miss his presence on this earth....
Big Willy Style
Khamis X
80's magic 👑
megan m
My favourite Prince song. Just makes me want to get up and dance.
Big Bird PH
The Minnesota Wild brought me here!
Cinematografía Heróica
2 years without you :(
Twin Star ASMR
Happy Birthday Purple Prince RIP I miss you so much, I hope you found the afterlife
Corey Scud
Such an underrated guitarist
T-Bone Hubbard
This one goes out to the Minnesota Vikings This song was played when Case Keenum connected the GW 61-Yard TD Pass to Stefan Diggs to get postseason revenge on the Saints GET FIRED UP!
Keenum, steps into it...pass is CAUGHT, *_DIGGS! SIDELINE, TOUCHDOWN!_*
Hayden Martini
Rip Prince
Larry Roberts
They just played this song after Vikings spectacular comeback victory. Fucking brilliant
Jennifer DiCerbo
What?! I can't believe I'm seeing this! Prince official videos on YouTube?! This is amazing! Hello to all you Prince fans and welcome to the party! 0(+> ♡♡♡♡ 0(+>
Monique Franklin
Prince the powerhouse!!!🎤🎶🎶🎶
TK Escariot
3:40 (the look EVERY woman gave Prince when he entered a room) RIP Prince! Forever immortalized! *still listening in 2018*
can we talk about the amount of ENERGY there is when those drums kick in at the start. they don't even make that much of an entrance but dAAAMN
Hayden Martini
I'm one fan of Prince he from Minnesota man
Pat Tanackered
There is not an ounce of fat on that guitar solo. I bet if Hendrix had lived to hear it he would think OK this kid can play
Alphonzo Moody
Its A Victory Song Cause Vikings Beat Saints 29 -24
I'm learning this in band class
Anthony Millington
Cause in this life Things are much harder than in the afterworld In this life You're on your own. RIP Prince
EddieRay VanLynch
LOVE this song! HATE the chopped intro. About the only thing bad about 80s music was unnecessary song edits. Otherwise, excellent!
The Hero of Time
Vikings won! 💜
JhonDavid AgudeloMateus
Ese solo de guitarra del final va directo a mis mejores recuerdos.
Bluegrass Sisters
This video is iconic🤙🏼
Irak Isai Calamaco Arenas
80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's, 80's,
jim dartouzos
Love that Epic Guitar Solo at the end...Prince was AWESOME.
Nathan Viebranz
Not even a Vikings fan but that win has me jamming to this
DeAndre' Truesdale
It will NEVER be another... R.I.P.
Hope on the Street
That ending guitar solo 😍😍
Absolutely fucking fabulous - we will never see the equal of this great man's talent again in our lifetime,great stage presence,fantastic guitar playing, and that beautiful smile! What a guy,sadly missed .
sign o the times! Those were the days!
Eric Johnson
kool dawg
Rip Prince Rogers nelson
Whelp, hope my neighbors like Prince!
Edward Jacob
Anybody in there right mind would know Prince is just so awesome.2018.
Aiden Damien
This Album should be listed Number 1....of all time.
Nikole Ayala
Prince is and was the GOAT in all categories, hands down!!
Toshiba Easter
One of my favorites!
timothy nelson
Justin Timberlake brought back memories
B-Tween B-Tween
Harshit Prakash
There were way better songs and artists coming in the 80s
Open His Vault and collaborate for the idea of giving among his parting bequethments upon humanity
Once upon a time it took real talent to have an album
Patrick McHale
This is a great song & album.
Johnetta Goodlowe
There'll will never be another one like him! I will miss him forever! RIP my sweet Prince.
Bullet Proof Ranger
Let's go CRAZY!
D.I.P (Dance In Piece)
Theron Simpkins
It still shocks me that we live in a world without both prince and bowie.
Miss Understood AngelaWalker
Let’s Go Crazy! PURPLE banana!
Kiki Miki
Thanks to Yuzuru Hanyu for bringing me here ~
Margie Bautista
Love love love this song and the movie, Purple Rain. Soundtrack was genius. Watched this the other day; loved how Prince portrayed The Kid and all the beautiful scenes he had with Apollonia. Those two had chemistry in an electric way. He was handsome in his unique charismatic style and she was his beauty by his side that mirrored him to a tee. That's why he liked that fire about her. Today Prince would have turned 60 years. We lost one of the greats and a true genius ahead of his time lyrically, fashionably, and in his choreography. Prince Rogers had such an amazing deep voice. Very sensual, and sexy cool. His music, videos, movies, and his memories live on. Rest in Peace, your Purple Majesty, Prince.
Xenomorph Biologist - XX121
This a nice video but this is definitely the audio of the song
At last now these 21st Century kids can see Prince's genius officially. They need to see what we were denied for so long. Like osmosis, his awesome charisma oozes out of the screen. Whoever you are just thank you from the bottom of my heart 💜
Ninjas Hyper
Where ever you ever your a legend and we love ypu
Cedric Gregory
they was scraping like a mf to this song on kingsman
Jimmy Daly
Super underrated guitar outro
Charles Conner
My love for Prince and the Minnesota Vikings comeback victory brought me here
Vikings heading to the Championship!!!!!
delvin delvintumbling84
Skol Vikings a tribute to the Vikings and prince rip