Andrew Bayer - From the Earth (Alternate Video)

After winter's bane is over, we shall have glee No one will be happier at it's coming than me Flowers blooming, bringing color to this dismal world So that it looks like the pleasantness of heaven is unfurled As each blossom blooms an angels sings a merry song So breathtaking, you could watch all the day long One day winter will return but that is out of your mind For spring is God's gift, oh he couldn't be more kind As fast as life ended in the fall and winter scare Life begins twice as fast, and all the more fair Colors had been gone so long, we have forgotten their beauty To be deprived of those wonderful colors so long is a sad cruelty Spring is a time to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives inside. * * * This is what I imagined while listening to this pleasant melodies. Let's say welcome to the spring in this promising Equinox day. Special thanks to Andrew Bayer for making such great melodies that symbolize the spirit of the spring best. Support the artist and buy the album here: