Best Hits 1986 ♛ Top 100 ♛

malcolm campbell
AHHH The 80's When Muslims lived in the desert and our women were safe...
jeff king
In ‘86 I was 16....never heard 3/4s of these songs
Bll Suppa
Love 1986 songs. Best year of my life
Jjz Daboss
who knows italo disco? 80s song with turkey birds? samples in it? such a big hit and i cant find it
Andrea Vivaldi
I need a time machine.
Киса Воробьянинов
Что случилось с миром?Почему тогда молодость проходила в радости ?Создавались и музыкальные шедевры и знакомились друг с другом проще, незамысловатей. Понравились, познакомились . Полюбили, поженились . Что произошло?Коллапс какой то мировой . Даже у детей и молодежи нет радости никакой.
Lukas Maysterx
Bad Boys Blue, Fancy, Silent Circle, C.C.CATCH, Madonna, Erasure, SANDRA, Alphaville, Modern Talking, EUROPE, BON JOVI, Eddy H.... *Super* *Top* *Hits* :))...
Leonardo Barreto
INXS ????
Modern Talking-Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) 1986 No.1 Song
Modern Talking-Brother Louie 1986 No.1 Song
Why the music of the 80s still alive and still the best music ever Made?
Modern Talking-Geronimo's Cadillac 1986 No.1 Song
Sarah sankey
Eddie Murphy pmsl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Modern Talking-Give Me Peace On Earth 1986 No.1 Song
Christian henriques vieth
I need a Delorean ...
The SickNeeds
How the hell on earth is Walk Like an Egyptian number 100? are these in no specific order? or was that just done so morons like me would get the comment section going?
Alex Coldwell
Absurd rating. Brother Louie is No 1. Not 31. C.C.Catch is higher than Modern Talking? Sandra is on the first place? No trust.
Спасибо за подборку. Мне тогда 16 лет было, на C.C. Catch кочерга дымилась.
Aleksandr astafev
Это было время европейской музыки!
CC Catch was such a pretty and attractive woman.
Happy to see Sandra on top ( even if 'Don't cry wasn t a single unfortunately) .
Silvia Colnic
Forever young! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
mariana abromoviz
Modern Talking and C.C Catch , I love <3
Omar Gajardo
Samantha Fox 😍
Румен Иванов
The interesting thing about this collection is, that it combines in one place the mainstream hits from the formal charts with the italo / euro disco hits.
filippos kapsalakis
Thanks for this fantastic work! All is great and full of memories ....
BiH 1972
Again Sandra love this song
Tripper Harrison
Wait , what??? Was the poster of this video even alive on “86”? Or is this just some delusional grab bag of “worst of 86”???? There might be 5 songs here that I would put on the top 100 . Lol
долбоеб на нахуй ты это все вставил в меленький телевизор
yana h
Falco Rock me Amadeus?!
Bananarama - Venus Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Pp Lime
Euro disco Forever
Ercan Yildiz
What a shame no Duran Duran Arcadia song in 1986 🙄
Dimon Великий Комбинатор
Modern Talking Joy and C C Catch the best
Luke I
This is beautiful European disco collection. Half of these songs were unknown in Australia. For example all the Europe continental groups or singers: Modern Talking, Sandra, CC Catch, Desireless, Alphaville, Silent Circle, Albert One...
Mocro Boy
All these songs remember me at my time at school
Nestor Sanchez
Only anti-music lovers (rap, hip hop, reggaeton, metal scream, justin, etc...) can dislike this masterpiece.
Whoever compiled this list is an idiot.
Great post DJ Crayfish! I want to jump back in that time! Great music, great time! The good times where women where women ;-)
This reminds me how much I hated that awful Modern Talking, they made the same song over and over again, yuck!
мои первые дискотеки!!))86 год...мдя...((
Adriana Suarez Cotal
I love *36 Paninaro *35 Love comes quickly and Suburbia *5 of Pet Shop Boys 😍😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖
Міша Балега
Where michael jackson?????????????????
Fredo platel
super !! que de souvenirs... bien merci .. ;-)
Gregory Palaccio
RIP France Gall
Bll Suppa
1986 had the best songs. Great year to fall in love like I did
Emese Papp
Bad Boys Blue the very best!!!!
Rene Salcido
Crappiest songs of 1986.
mortens_Hamdan Fazza
A-ha forever!
Why is Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" #67 and not #1.
Sound Max
Modern Talking and Silent Circle is the Best
Michael Rawson
WOW! There really is some crap on this list! Loads of great records too, but some of the more europop stuff really WAS tripe!!! 86 was a brilliant year for music, but there's a few not on here!
REGER.F.S SantoroRoger
very very perfect 80s.
Michael Spruill
I don't remember half these songs.
love 1980 para sempre
Helena Guterres
Madonna papa dont preaach
Jiří Kojál
Díky moc za skvělý výběr. V té době mi bylo 22, studoval jsem na VŠ a amatérsky dělal DJ. I teď v pokročilejším věku poslouchám současnou music, ale 80 desátý léta jsou prostě moje léta a ta nejlepší hudba. Stejně tak, jako to co se hraje teď bude ta nejlepší hudba i za 30 let, pro ty kterým je teď kolem dvaceti.
Iracema Capela
É muita saudade dos anos 80 , uma seleção dessa e de dá muita saudade . Melhor época e inesquecível nas discotecas era contagiante essas músicas
Harry Williams
FAIL! This is NOT the top 100 of 1986. How is Kim Wilde "You Keep Me Hangin' On" not on here? That song was a SMASH HIT.
Julio Correa
Ano que nasci 1986🇧🇷
Nail Yamac
grat songs but not listed ın ther rıght order
That Guy
HOW I LOVE THE 80s!!!!❤
Modern_Retro Современное_Ретро
Let me see you stripped!!!!
Richard Greenleaf
Who came up with this list? Maybe it's 75 songs too long, but I think that's being generous. Probably more like 85 to 90 songs too long.
Ermanno Bissacco
I miei 16 anni...le più belle musiche di sempre!
Rose Pereira
Não lembro de nenhuma música dessas só dá Madonna.
Claudio Reis
Lots you italo disco on 1986 top :)
Carlos Estevam
Those songs all seems to be the same. Romantic hard-rock mixed with auto-drums. Frenetic hysteria under synthesized music everywhere. Too kitsch emotion.
francisco quero
me gustan todas esta grandes cancione viva la música de los 80s la mejor
luiz antonio costa
tem musicas de epocas diferentes e outras que nao tem nada haver,tanto em sucesso como em ano que fez sucesso
Vitaler Sikovich
super music 80s!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
osbanglo Romero G.
Yea!! I Love BANGLES since 1985!!
Alphaville aaaaaaaaa <3
Лена Семёнова
1986год хороши прошлое песни времен
Yuri Borodkin
80s... when music meant something
Viktor Best
Where is London Boys??? But Modern Talking best band all time. Dieter Bohlen father 80% music 80's!
Hamish MacMonster
Top 100? No! Random 1986 songs? Sure. No way this is a top 100 based on anything at all.
Mauro Zanini
Very Gooood Sound Music +80 Hits Selection !
Ivaldo Silva
caro amigo DJ Crayfish faltou a melhor de 1986 HANDS OF LOVE DANCE TO DANCE
I enjoyed the video a lot.
kevin singh
Touch by touch
Some real rubbish in there that I've never heard of, most of them good though.
Very good. Even with title and artist. Well done
Great work. Of course there are some songs that could be present. But I enjoy hearing the songs selected...
Tudor Renegade
Some of these songs endured as timeless hits while others just washed away never to be heard again.
Ca rappel des bons souvenirs !!
Sergey Vanushin
Who is FALCO-Coming home???
in 80's German songs were amazing
Karel Tuček
moje osmdesátky, nostalgie....
Harry Garson
Radiorama супер! Всё супер... мне было 15 лет... 😁😁😁👍👌
Malik Leroy
And Sabrina with sexy girl, was not on 1986 but in 1987
Fabio Oliveira
Where was Michael Jackson in 1986?
So many execellent songs. Could be the best year for music.
1985-1995 best times of my life! I want back to 1989
Pet Shop Boys 💖🎵 Paninaro 16:44 Love comes quicky 17:01 Suburbia 26:01
Just Me
So cheesy, but good:)
gonzalo jimenez
Michael cretu.
Great video. Thank you! Can you do 1981? Grace Jones Pull Up to the Bumper, The Specials, Madness, Two Tone, Selector, Bob Marley, etc.
Theodore McGee
Good to see the Blow Monkey's on here.