My Best Friend's Wedding - Trailer

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Julia Roberts makes a pact with her best friend and former boyfriend Dermot Mulroney that if they aren't married in ten years' time, they will marry each other. Years later, Michael is about to marry someone else. She's asked to be the maid of honor and agrees with a plan to break up the couple. © 1997 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Philip Bosco Dermot Mulroney Cameron Diaz Rupert Everett Julia Roberts

Brandon Unruhe
To this day, I still think Jules and Michael were meant to be. #teamjules #NOTOKIMMY :)
"That's our maid of honor... she's from New York." "Ooh."
Serafin G Leon
Probably the best rom-com of the 1990s.
Amazing how well the producers offer a reason for skipping their movies because in 2 minute previews they manage to give up the entire story, thus destroying any surprises whatsoever.
Jason Hillstrom
I like this film because it's realistic. When someone steals your mate, you have to accept it and learn how to cope. Move on. We don't always get a happy ending. But if you don't find the One, then I think God compensates you for that in the next life.
Wow, every bad rom-com cliche in one trailer. That's art, man. That's art.
Zeyneb Abbasova
i love this movie
Javier Rodriguez
Out of all of the romantic comedies I've seen, this ranks up their with notting hill, object of my affection, the notebook, four weddings and a funeral, and another thing, I'll take Julia Roberts over Cameron Diaz in a heartbeat
What a stupid trailer! It gives away all the important scenes!!!!
Dan Mac
Song? 1:16
Zeyneb Abbasova
how can i get full version of it? pls
Sahira Naz
This was well made and just brilliant
chelsea spencer
I saw the Chinese version. Reallllyyy good
Love those 90's rom com movies.
I hated Julianne all the way through this movie.
Cherilyn Hannen
I'll like this movie huh????!!!...I got it at Goodwill for a dollar and I like Julia Roberts...I have the soundtrack .....and I have two of Julia's other films Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride
Sara verales
it's sad thought... but I love this movie
Mirtha Grossman
Nancy Paloalto
believe it or not julia was a very very camera shy person in her teens :)
Andrew Wilson
This was released in theatres on June 23, 1997 when I was still 15 and a 10th grader and on vhs on December 9, 1997 when I was 16 and an 11th grader.
Anonymous Annoying Mouse
probably what gave me confidence to stay gay, cause its a choice, and i chose rainbow farts, and men
Joyce Sotto
Just done watching it. 😊 I don't know but I love watching old movies and I find it more interesting than the new ones. 😅😂 I cried a lot for Jules and Kimmy. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂❤️
Dino Con
I remember this commercial from the Men in Black video cassette.
Burda Ellis Comics
yep you're the bad guy julia roberts. XD