Regional Express (REX) Saab 340 Flight Report - Sydney to Lismore

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REX Flight report - Sydney to Lismore - Saab 340 Join me on board as I fly from Sydney to Lismore, in NSW's north coast. Regional Express (REX) offer several flights per day, some directly to Sydney while others go via Grafton. It's a 1hr and 20min flight. Airline: Regional Express (REX) Aircraft: Saab 340 Seat: 10C Camera: iPhone 6S Video editing program: iMovie #rex #regionalexpress #saab340

Aviation NZTG
What a tiny airport
That back seat in the middle gets the most legroom!
Very nice video, excellent footage!
AJ Aviation
Amazing video mate! You did a sin cronies take Off! That looked cool! A bit of turbulence into Lismore. Great video! Liked and subbed for sure!! ;D
wow the memories. did that flight 20 years ago. 28 years ago flew to Casino by F28. some things don't change
REX are a good airline. They have a 'country feel' to them. I've always found the flight attendants friendly and, as you said on FFA, the first officer (I'm assuming because of their age) greeting you at the stairs is a nice touch. The 340s are decent birds although there seems to be less room inside than in the ATRs and Dash8s (which, I'm guessing, are physically wider?)
Excelent video mate! █▐▐▐█ Well done!
Keith Smith
Always warm in Summer with no APU ! until start up. Real flying ! although I do worry about REX with an aging fleet and, at least unpublished forward fleet strategy. Great company for Wagga Wagga & surrounds.
Lodia Moore
Altitude was pretty low for the flight. Surprisingly so.
That seat configuration was like a bus
My god, the image quality is stunning straight away! The best I have ever seen in many many aviation flight videos. Loved the route on the map at the beginning. Loved the captions. Loved the two scenes of the aircraft moving in parallel to other aircraft (during taxi and takeoff). Loved the footage of the scenery, helping this American travel Australia vicariously. Well done! Subbed!
Michael Brodie
Perfect length for a nice brief flight review. Just out of interest, what was the cruising altitude!
Aviation NZTG
So cool to go on a Saab 340 and a cool little airport at Lismore to
Tom Richardson
yesterday there was an incident with rex
Nice video. Northern NSW (and southern QLD are great places to fly over as the scenery is spectacular!
Riley Graham
The northern rivers is such a beatiful region.
Great video!
Jake Doogily
I went on a 50 min flight I had to walk to the plane and I got a packet of chips and I had the exact same seat number as u were in this vid
Awesome video. Was the cabin noisy?
Marc Russell
How long was the flight?
ElliotL- CBGSpotter
Epic review! Liked ;)
Haven't been on a REX in years but it always reminds me of the plane that they flew in the Madagascar movie cause I felt like it was gonna crash lol, thanks for the review :)
Kenneth John Ocampo
Wow this is an amazing video
Yota Takeshima
What is your website link called?
This is honestly one of my favourite aircraft
DFW Aviation
Spectacular footage! Great scenery of everything!
Awesome flight report, well done! Liked a lot! :)
Australian Flyer
great flight review
Great short report on this cute little airliner and Rex airline. Great shots with the parallel taxi and takeoff. Service looked good for this short hop too. TFS
Great job, nice footage!
Patrick Donnolley
Hey I go to Uni there.
Another nice video mate. It brought back some memories of the Hazelton days.
Yannis Moutafis
Great to watch a Saab onboard video.Not many in the web.Very beautiful regional indeed.The interesting part is that the pilots didn't extend the flaps on take off at all.Great landscape views.
Dj's Aviation
Brilliant video my friend!
Great video!
Stefan - TravelFlow
No music...? Anyway Rex is about to start in Perth and it doesn't look bad! Three flight reviews today by random people my sub list (including me)
Prince Kyran Pabate
are you uploading your videos there in the west coast of US at this moment.?
riaz joel mradabi
Very nice and interesting video, thank you!!!