How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

In a world where movie theater attendance has slumped to a 25-year low, more people are watching movie trailers than ever before. These promos are “that one form of advertising that you actually want more of,” explains Jon Penn, CEO of the National Research Group. And thanks to an increase in online availability, they’re also easier to find, watch, rewatch, analyze and share theories about. This trailer boom has lead to an increase in the number of trailers being cut and a robust job market for professional trailer makers. More work can mean more competition, too, as a studio will often hire several vendors to work on the same trailer, picking their favorite as the face of their film’s campaign. That means trailer makers are constantly one-upping each other to be the most eye-catching and innovative of the bunch. “We’re constantly hustling,” says Carrie Gormley, president of Theatrical Advertising at Create Advertising, one of over 100 “trailer houses” operating today. It's having an effect on the milieu. Trailer industry mogul Mark Woollen says that these days, “trailers have become their own form of entertainment” that can be enjoyed “the same way they listen to a song." In fact, there are now premieres, critics, and even a version of the Academy Awards, called The Golden Trailer Awards, focused solely on trailers. VICE News attended the ceremony to find out what it takes to craft two minutes that will make you laugh, cry — and maybe even cough up $15 for a movie ticket. Subscribe to VICE News here: /> Check out VICE News for more: /> Follow VICE News here: Facebook: />Twitter: />Tumblr: />Instagram: />More videos from the VICE network:

“Trailers have become their own form of entertainment” that can be enjoyed “the same way they listen to a song." WATCH NEXT: Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Wears Supremes And Is Friends With Justin Bieber -
Dawid Noel
Whoever worked on Suicide Squad trailer should get an Oscar. They tricked sooo many people into watching a mediocre film...
The guy at the end said it best. "I have better experiences watching these movies without seeing the advertisement for it first."
Eric Champlin
I knew a LOT of work went into making a trailer but I didn't know an entire industry was built around them. So cool!
I have to admit it. The Suicide squad trailer tricked into going to see that mess of a movie.
I think most in the comments are being way too hard on these people. You’re asking a salesman to be honest, reserved, and measured when there’s a line of other salesman ready to pull out every trick in the book, it’s a cutthroat business like any other. Their job is not for you to enjoy the movie, it’s just to sell as many tickets as possible. This can and will not change. These cliches and annoying techniques are used because they are undoubtedly what is most effective or they would not be used. Once you accept this you can watch this as an interesting look at what appeals to the lowest common denominator, and be happy that you are not in that category.
Aidan Rogers
So these are the people who reveal too much in the trailers?!
Every trailer has that mechanical fart from inception now
Some One
"If you have an explosion, you can put in the sound of an eagle." -Ryan Foster, the most american person to ever live.
Mai Balanay
Everyone suddenly a trailer critic now lmfao
Mark Wedzielewski
7:40 please remove bumpers forever. If I’ve already clicked on your trailer, I’m watching it. If I’m in the theater, I have to watch the trailer. Just like reading a plot synopsis of a movie, having a trailer for your trailer embedded in its beginning ruins the suspense of it (looking at you, Venom trailers and SpiderVerse teaser)
Bond, Chemical Bond
Jesus these guys look like the stereotypical white studio executives called Josh and Clark
What golden age of trailers? Trailers these days aren't cut properly at all and reveal practically everything in the movie's storyline! Horseshit golden age of trailers (sarcasm) feh.
Battle Of Trenton
If someone is singing "I Wanna Be Sedated" in a somber, quiet tone I think they're already sedated.
Suicide Squad had an amazing trailer, one of the best I've ever seen, but the film was horrible. That was one of the few occasions the trailer deceived me lol.
Number Eight or Nine?
The movie is the trailer now, no need to see the movie when the story is given to us in 90-120 seconds.
Even a trailer got a trailer now, jeezus...
Renald Music
People always complain about trailers telling the whole plot. I only watch 30-40 seconds of it so it doesn't ruin my experience. improvise adapt overcome
Eric Striffler
I agree with the guy that makes the movie trailers: watching a movie without seeing a trailer is a better experience 10 times out of 10.
Jerome W
So how DO trailers manipulate us? The experts told us the statistics of what happens in trailers and Vice told us the history of trailers. Boy this was really boring - like listening to a car mechanic talking about what kind of screws are often used in engines. Thanks
Shazil Salim
I get all the people who are criticising the trailers but you should try and make a trailer for something. Let it be a short film or full length film. Some will say its easy but it takes skill to condense something
Hola Burger
Thanos only had 2 stones in the trailer, while in the movie he had 5 at that time.
Wandrea M.
Probably the most effective (for me) trailer I’ve seen was the theatrical trailer of Mad Max: Fury Road. I went to the movie theater knowing absolutely nothing about the story (I had never watched the previous Mad Max movies) and the trailer was beautiful,with an interesting song choice,kind of a classical song and the scenes chosen were perfect to not spoil the whole plot. This trailer made me want to watch the movie,cause I wasn’t interested before. It’s interesting to know there is a whole industry behind that.
2 flowers
Oh so one guy doesnt make all the trailers? Couldve sworn it was just one guy theyre all the same
Dood Bro
Every trailer is the same now
Anthea Johnson
*New Idea: We should have them react to movie trailers....*
Jarvis Coleman
These turds need to get in touch with Japanese OST composers and creators.
All these people need to be fired
Guacamole Work
Am I watching Vox now ?
Ben Ranson
I always assumed the 5-6 second "bumper" trailer was to grab your attention before being allowed to click the "Skip Ad" button if it appears as a YouTube ad. They're still annoying though!
In the background, is that the last picture from The Shining?
Eddie Nomadic
David Lowery is in this one! dope.
Mike Jones
They didn't talk about the iconic air horn sound but did play it at the end lol
The revenant trailer was so intense with Leo’s breathing it really encapsulated the intensity of the movie
Jeeva Jacker
1:58 rising 2:21 power down 2:36 interesting sound 3:23 nut punch 3:44 trailerization 4:10 moody cover 5:36 click click boom
Series Consideration
Two things I'm sick of: 1) Those 6 second bumpers. I'm already here to watch the trailer. You don't need to show a commercial for it. 2) Teasers for trailers. Seriously. Just release the trailer.
Dat Jabroni
My first experience of a Red Band Trailer in a theater, I whispered to my friend, "Ohh... How special?" I was so used to Green Trailers, I thought "Pfft, whatevers." I think it was the trailer for Pineapple Express made me say "What the fu(n)k?!" out loud because I never thought of seeing a Rated R trailer in the big screen.
Kron Hertz
Also another trick that professional trailer makers use is using deleted or cut scenes that are not in the theatrical release. I can't count the number of times I was duped into watching a movie just for a scene that never existed in the final cut/release.
I don't watch trailers. They spoil critical moments! They show you the most exciting parts, then when you watch the movie you already know what's gonna happen in a moment. Sometimes these moments are gamechangers for the plot. And the best part here? Even the guy who makes them, doesn't watch them, because the best movie experience is without spoilers.
yani nanreh
Idk if I’m right, but I look at it like this: the trailer industry is Vine, and the movie industry is Youtube. 🤷‍♂️
Dante Crottogini
Do directors have any say in the trailers?
Sarii how do movie trailers manipulate me?
Petitio Principii
There should be also a Golden Raspberry award for bad trailers. Those who make you think, "okay, thanks for giving me this full summary of the entire movie and spoiling even the conclusion and major twists and everything", those that try to sell you the movie as something very different from what it actually is... there are probably other possible categories.
Trailers should stop having those "2 seconds trailer" you see right before the actual trailer spoiling the best parts of the trailer for you.
Shrek T
you forgot, reveal the final move / scene thus ruining the movie and enjoyment
2:37 when the eagle came in I laughed lol
Pink Sands
15 bucks for a movie ticket? it's 15 for a box of candy last time I went was 4 years ago each ticket was 28 small popcorn was 18
tranquilizer agent
I just cringe at trailers nowadays...
This felt like a VOX video.
"In a world without gas..." BWOOOOOOOP. Nah, man, you got gas bad.
Sandra R
My problem with trailers is that lately they reveal so fucking much. So often we basically see the last scene in it. It makes me not wanting to see it. Good exception would be trailer for Gone Girl. I remember seeing it in the theater, it was so mysterious, it made me so curious and I was not disappointed.
Stop the madness, end all the bass drops!
These are all the things that make trailers seem repetitive and obnoxious... "jungle cat goes to the cool factor.." Lol no, it does not.
The Inroad
I've been saying for years that trailers give away WAY too much of the movie. I look at my wife after a trailer and say, "I now know the plot, the problem, the set up, the major action scenes, and roughly how it will end." I try to only watch flicks I've only seen teasers for, not trailers.
Harikrishna Nair
2.58 that Kevin guy reminded me of livingston dell from Ocean's 11 :D
-insira piada sem graça aqui-
>The advertising industry is growing as ticket sales plummet. Uh, it's kind of obvious that this is unsustainable?
Sumanth Mehatha
I hate trailers. They ruin the movie 🤷‍♂️
So the conclusion is: don't watch trailers. Thank you! :D
Excuse me, waiter? Umm, there's an Eagle in my explosion. Can I get a new one? Thanks.
Ya playa haters you should love yourself Brr
0:47 "In a world without gas" ~huge fart~ (Forgive me for foing that XD)
Sourish Saha
everything's a business now...I don't trust this
You want to improve trailers? Try not showing all of the best parts of the film while simultaneously mapping out the plot.
yous f
Best trailer i've ever seen : "Au Poste" Quentin Dupieux. 👌
ZeroCody One
3:49 The original. sounded way better
matt k.
"Home Alone" had the most deceptive trailer. The movie should have been reedited to match the editing of the trailer.
Nova Sky
The new SW EP9 trailer did all of these
Filmflicker Cinema
So...they're proud of this? I'm sorry but personally I think trailers are horrendous now, the pandering "dramatic noises" and rising tension and stupid nut punches, its just not good. There are good trailer out there but everything these guys are describing they're proud of is everything me and my friends make fun of in modern trailers.
Just remember, you could be LIVING in a trailer...or a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!
Sebastian A
Moonlight has the best trailer That piano is bomb
Ashley drouin
I love how the awards for trailers have little trailers on top lol
Melissa Kates
I don't even care, I LOVE when trailers have those "moody" covers of popular songs.
John Smith
So these are the idiots responsible for trailers sounding not only the same as other trailers, but alien to the movie itself.
Artemis Wolf
“Once it becomes a trope, you gotta move on and do something new” Oh my god, a Hollywood company actually understands this.
The Armchair Philosopher
I've seen so many trailers, that even pointing out the techniques beforehand, I have to re-watch to identify them.
Now I can't unsee these things lol or unhear them, I suppose.
Thanh Tran
Lens flare from Star Trek Noiss from Inception... Shtap!
Jonny Villa
Hate when they do nut punches with special effects or those forced laughing parts of a movie.
John Smith
We may have gone too far in a few places
Me Miss Marie
Okay now I can never not hear the "60 voices Rising" 😧
Cry Wolf
trailer become shittier. it's basically a spoiler now.
Me Snake
Vice - Masters of manipulation ✌️
Rolling Stone
Don't show the whole movie
C Delany
Over 100 companies making trailers and they all manage to be the exact same.
Fiona Williams
I love it when trailers don’t actually spoil the film... to the point I usually avoid them...
Sagar B
best part of the video Computer Table @5:35....
This is so fascinating. I love Behind The Scenes! Stuff I thought no one cared about,(trailer cliches), its now a video! (Then again, Cinemassacre's channel did it ages ago in his video "Top 10 Worst Movie Cliches"..... he also mentions the Fade To Black transitions every 2 seconds when youre trying to find a seat 😂. Hes an OG on Youtube).
I never watch trailers anymore, they give away the whole movie.
Kylin Burtrum
In a world, without gas! *BLARING BAND INSTRUMENTS*
Derek Lang
"You know those slow, creepy versions of songs we play in movie trailers? We invented those" *Homer Simpson punches the two people in the face* "Haaaaappens all the time"
Cassie Barns
Polygon Pictures is by far THE BEST studio that makes trailers (for games at least)
The fact that this type of video is on a channel labeled news shows pretty much how I feel about Vice
These guys explained bad trailers. Tropes people hate.
"Whenever you see somebody reacting to something, that's the emotion that we're trying to give you" ... "Those are all things that are being done deliberately" NOOOO.?? really??
Tori Grant
This was one of the most interesting videos I've watched in a while
Nichole Vasquez
The US cover of “I’ve got 5 on it” is gold.
kitty _
My favourite trailer is Bohemian rhapsody's trailer. I watched way too many times before I saw the movie...and I had goosebumps every single time. The sound mixing was on the top. A masterpice.
Bravo Kilo
Can you show me the individuals responsible for teaser to teasers? I have an "enemy list" I need to update.
Bruno CR
Mark Woollen is a master in terms of making movie trailers, glad to see him here. If you check out his work you'll realise he is the best out there and only works with certain kind of movies
Ben G
$15 for a movie ticket? Y'all need to find another movie theater. I don't pay above $5 for matinee.