The Story of Darth Vectivus - The Sith That Did NO EVIL

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Not all Sith Lords are evil, there are some dark lords of the Sith that have gone through their entire ives without committing evil and today we will share the story of this Sith Lord! Business: [email protected] Twitter: @StupendousWave I believe all content used falls under the remits of Fair Use, but if any content owners would like to dispute this I will not hesitate to immediately remove said content. It is not my intent to in any way infringe on their content ownership. If you happen to find your art or images in the video please let me know and I will be glad to credit you. Edited by: Chris Zimmerman @filmsquadchris

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Khaela Mensha Khaine
Well no said that all dark side users have to be warmongers and nazis. They seek order, power, wealth and knowledge, they are more human than the jedi. Not all Jedi were pure, righteous monks and not all sith were crazy lunatics.
Anthony Morales
Darth Vectivus for President 2020
Jinny Suarez
darth Vectivus finding an apprentice Sith Apprentice candidate: Dark lord I want to be you apprentice. I have studied the dark arts and immersed myself in the dark side of the force. Darth Vectivus: Thats neat. Now sell me this pen.
So basically Vectivus achieved the coveted balance between the dark and light and nobody decided to follow this example....
Karu Rosu X3X
Darth Vader could learn a thing or two from this sith... dying a good man around his family.
I like this sith, he had unimaginable power, could destroy and bring darkness to the galaxy and rule it, but no. He wanted to teach, he wanted to create something bigger then himself. To unite, that is a goal the jedi did not achieve.
Sounds like he became a sith lord just to say he did, had friends and family, and was literally a business man who liked learning. This man is probably one of the only sith lords who did not harm, or war with anyone.
Scottius Maximus
He's almost a grey Sith lol!
Vectivus seems quite the gentle-sith. He had a open mind and what I found mind blowing, he had a heart, metamorohically speaking, and obviously a physical heart too. He seemed like a man that a Jedi or even a casual being wouldn't mind standing next to, doing business with, or even going for a drink with as a friend or co-worker. A casual Sith Lord that knows no evil. Well, has no need or want to do evil. Right on. Pretty neat. Do, or do not, there is no try. Yoda's lightsaber.
PUG King
This is the kind of Sith Lord that I would follow and I am happy he died a peaceful and happy Darth Vader's lightsaber
Well, there's nothing in the Sith Code that mandates acting like you start each morning with a mountain of cocaine. It's a rational response to an environment like Korriban's where there is simply not enough resources for everyone to survive. Peace is a lie - there is only so much to go around and therefore there is conflict. Passion: Do I want to live more than the environment and my neighbors want me dead? Using passion effectively and with focus gives the strength and power to survive and maybe even thrive, but there will always be another challenge or limitation to overcome, a chain to be broken, with the promise of freedom with the Force. The Jedi mentality works for a place like the Republic where there is plenty of resources, but cooperation and compromise is needed to make use of those resources, but it doesn't work for Korriban.
Cool Coyote
so wtf did he do ? why did he have a lightsaber then .yoda and him could hang out' ?
Roland DuSon
Dark Side: "Come chill?" Vectivus: "K." Dark Side: " bad!?" Vectivus: "I'm gucci."
Little bit like Plagueis. He knew his role was not one of combat but of gaining knowledge and influence.
Kemet Comics
It’s interesting to see the evolution of the Sith over time. They went from a race of warriors to a Skull & Bones type entity for the rich and the powerful.
I've always been anti-jedi . . . they basically cuck whomever they pretend to protect. They become holy figures that become bearers of power.
Vampire Count
Being sith its not being evil as being jedi is not being good. The sith is all about egoistical emotional desires, but in your egoism you can help people and use your emotions for a good cause, after all being an emotional person doesnt make you evil. The jedi in the other hand try to control their emotions and be altruistic, but in doing so they can let some terrible things happen in the name of the greater good. In general its true that most sith are evil and most jedi are good. Lets not forget the sith started as a rebelion of jedi who didnt want to submit to the jedi dogmas.
Cybermedia Works Corp.
Vectivous was like the MGTOW of sith lords going his own way with the dark side *cue fleetwood mac: go your own way* (Darth Maul's lightsaber)
Vectivus for the rest of us! Gather round younglings. it's time for the airing of grievous..
Dominique Martinez
>did no evil >wealthy business owner Pick one
Well that's me if I'm becoming a sith
Dani Molina
Interesting how so many people catalogue a person that is actively helping a violent and radical group a 'good man' because he never killed anyone or was violent. If his knowledge was used by the Sith to keep plotting and overthrow the Jedi and bring darkness to the galaxy, he is as responsible for those deaths and suffering as Darth Bane or Sidius or Vader. He never fired a weapon, but he kept a loaded gun ready to be used against the galaxy when another person felt like using it.
So basically, he brought balance to the force. Then why did we need to go through the whole Anakin debacle? Oh right, the books aren't canon...
Roberto Blake
This is essentially how I would approach using the Force
David Beaulieu
Both extremes go too far that's why I like the gray Jedi as far as lightsabers go though Darth Vader's red saber would be awesome.
Benjamin Connor
He could have been the first true gray force user. Incrediable
darth blacc
Who was Darth vectivus's master
Alcino Acosta
passion has many branches, it can create and destroy.
Vault Boy
This isn't what a sith is, they don't follow a peaceful existence. What someone tried to do, was change some aspects of what a sith is in order to create the idea of a peaceful sith, which isn't what would happen, its the kind of lie that sith would tell Jedi to make them feel its OK to give into the darkside. Anger, hate, fear are the ways of the sith, this individual shows none of that.
Mr.Knight The Detective
Double-edged Maul saber pls.
Aidan Sanders
Mace windu’s lightsaber is my favorite keep up the good vids
Kai Arseneau
Ahsoka’s Dual sabers are the best
Sith recruiter : What is your name ? DV : Darth Vectivus. Sith recruiter : Why did you became a sith lord ? DV : I was just curious. Sith recruiter : What ?
Boss Doom
is he really a sith maby he is just a dark side user he had no apprentice
Yoda's Lightsaber is my favorite.
Vectivus has been my all-time favorite SW character for YEARS! Great to see this video coming out. I've always been fascinated by the dichotomy between his power and his restraint...not only can I not think of a single other Sith who could live that way, but even the Jedi who I think could, I could count on one hand. It's interesting to think that if this guy was indeed a Sith Master under the Rule of Two, then it's probably safe to say he was a fair match for somebody like Plagueis, Vader, or even Yoda if he was truly as learned as he claimed. But he made his choice anyway.
wulfgar 49
Cool story never heard of him
Did no evil? Sounds like my light side sith inquisitor from TOR she was like that.
Max B
he was weak
Κατερίνα Αγγελιδου
My favorite lightsaber is anakin skywalker's from episode 3!!!!
Wort Wort
Not trying to insult you or nothin' but is that really how you talk. Because It's kinda annoying.
I didn't recognize his name, but the more you talked about him, the more I started thinking "This guy is sounding like the person Lumiya told Jacen about." Guess I was right.
Brandun Armer
I hadnt heard of darth vectivis. He almost doesn't sound like the standard definition of a Sith, though so long as he passed all he had learned on he still served as a Rule of Two Sith Lord by simply expanding the knowledge of the Sith of the time. Favorite lightsaber is Count Dooku's lightsaber FTW
darth blacc
I love the story of the Sith series
Jake Rakelaker
Is this canon?
alex kuhn
I think Darth Vectivus was the smartest Sith as he didn't seek conflict, not necessarily the wisest or cleverest Sith but definitely the smartest. I like how he is the only Sith who learned about the Dark Side not for power but for Knowledge although you could argue that because knowledge is power he did join the Dark Side for power, just a different kind of power
Thehandsome1 In
Mace windu purple light saber
Carlos Castanheiro
This makes no sense lol. A Sith that did no evil? You literally CAN NOT use the Darkside without full negative evil emotional content, it's how it works. The Darkside isn't something you can study either, you train your mind to use negative emotion and your body to keep your midichlorian count high, that's it. Seriously who was the retard that wrote this? This will NEVER be canon, it's just dumb lol. Also the rule of two is not a rule at all, the Darkside is a sentient being in itself and there can not be more than two because they would have to share the power and would kill each other. Every Sith master has a slave, they call them apprentice, but it's actually a slave they feed on. The 'apprentice' willingly gives it's Master energy in return for money, economical power, political power, knowledge, not Force Power. The Master takes energy from the slave. Darth Sidious fed on Vader. Like energy vampires. Force users are like avatars, the Force uses them as vessels to keep the balance in the universe. Every living life form has both Light and Dark energy. The Jedi and Sith are just chosen by the Force because they have midichlorians, which in other words are the 'strings on the puppets'. Both Jedi and Sith are puppets of the Force. Only non Force users have free will. If the Darkside had more Sith, the Light wouldn't stand a chance of surviving and without Light there is no Dark either.
Every single Red Number is now an enemy of my balance sheet.
khabib record
Darth trump
Clayton Spears
I always wanted more sith like this. I feel like the iconic sith are so weak because they are just so enthralled by their anger that they lose control and power entirely. If I where a sith that’s how I would be
Is this the burger king foot lettuce guy??
darth blacc
And Did vectivus kill his master
The Pink Hamster's Wheel
Darth vectivus is in the dark side of the force...that’s being evil
Excellent job. Showing the light of us "oddities".
Zack Johnson
Stupendous Wave, I'm not going to lie, your voice kind of sounds the same as Star Wars Reading Club's! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's noticed this.
Howard denaven
Just cus your a lich doesn't mean you gotta be bad kisses kitten without lips
Ramone' Detroitguam
if he helped a new sith rise??? and did no evil???
Ray Bandi
red saber
Syafeeq Said
Have you heard the story of Darth Vectivus? It's not a story the jedi would tell Hell, even the sith barely heard of him.
Chloe 24601
best sabers un my mind are shotos
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Vectivus the Neutral?? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you.
Robert Jensen
so he basically achieved something that no other sith or jedi has managed to do period. He became one of the single most knowledgable and powerful force users ever without succumbing to the temptations of either side. Yes the light side has temptations as well.
Steamy Hot Djent to the Face
Lamest sith ever
Vectivus is the ultimate NEET. Unlimited power!! Still doesn't do shit
The Journey with Nick and Nate
John Goritski
hey what is the light saber you talk about giving away couldnt hear the name of it
did he not kill his master ? did he not pass the teachings of hatered towards the jedi to his apprentice ?
favorite lightsaber is definitely maul's, stereotypical i know, but that thing is so cool!
Passion Strenght Power Victory These aspects arent inherently good or evil, its how you pursue them
If the story of this Sith Lord is real, doesn't that prove that the Force, dark or light isn't inherintly evil or good? Its what the wielder does with it. Dependending on how they use it, either corrupts them or enlightens them.
M'aiq The Liar
Knowledge is a tool, it may be used for good or ill. It is up to those who use it to decide which. Therefore it was not inherently wrong for him to further the study of the dark side. I’m certain he would not care who had his knowledge, only that it be bestowed upon those with the will to seek it. Anyone could attempt to possess that knowledge, and secrets known by your enemy become worthless. This is the fault of the Jedi, not Vectivus himself. They do not attempt to know their enemy, and so they will always be unprepared in their ignorance. He may not have been a hero, but he was fair, and did not cruelly step on anyone to further his own ends. Arguably as close to a “normal” and decent man as can be reasonably expected compared to reality.
Zack Ya BOI
my favorite saber is the dark saber
DeVonn Tracie
Daryl Wright
Powerful in the dark side, but not a true Sith Lord. Sith are not dark Jedi, finding a balance between light and dark. But at the same time, if he understood that the Galaxy would not belong to him, and he did his part in the rule of two, then I cannot deny that he was a Sith Lord
Justin Burns
Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku's lightsaber. His moral grey mindset reminds me of Darth Revan. I wonder what if Dooku lived long enough to turn back to the light, like Revan did...?
Henry Paleveda
for the givaway: I like the "hand and a half" lightsaber which is a normall lightsaber but smaller, and I like the color yellow (for reference the short lightsaber is maent to be used as a side arm and to be used at the same time an a normal ightsaber).
William Ritter
Luke Skywalker green.
It's good to know at least one Sith Lord was essentially a good person, proving that being a Sith doesn't have to make you insane, evil, or otherwise bad. Luke Skywalker's Green Lightsaber.
Eric Redmond
The most hated lightsabers Darth Maul's lightsaber.
nick butter
As a business man, Vecti' dont got time for that .... He tryin' to dis money... Even though as a Sith he has the potential to rob the galaxy of all its gold.
Władca Wymiaru
Instant RESPECT for this guy! Oh man! He was WORTH all powers!
aye that sith lords pretty good
Sith like him are really interesting, better than a sith brute. Darth maul's or kylo's lightsaber.
Samuel Hannah
This was the sith that made money and gained knowledge not an emperor or destroyer. I agree with his practice but I still would rule the Galaxy with an iron fist
The Deathmancer
My favorite saber, is definitely the Dark Saber, just because it’s a more practical and cool looking saber.
Dead Meme
I strongly suspect that Vectivus was nothing more than a story Lumiya made up. The Sith aren't exactly known for their honesty, after all, and she seems to be the only source of this information in setting.
Michael Christopher Iroth
Everything alive is capable of doing good and bad. Being sensitive to the dark side doesn't necessarily means evil. In my point of view the Sith seeks freedom because of oppression while Darth Vecticus already have that freedom. What he seek is knowledge that kept him becoming power hungry.
My favorite saber is Luke Skywalker's green lightsaber. I never heard of Darth Vectivus before. He is unique.
Wow, this guy sounds like a pretty cool dude, even though I'd never join the Sith for any reason whatsoever, I'm glad he didn't let the Dark Side consume him, he just wanted to learn from it. That shows a great amount of self control, and I admire that. I'd like to talk to this guy. :)
I'm one of those Star Wars fans who follows the Jedi no matter what. Deep in me,I'm an anti-villain so I definitely would not side with bad guys such as Thanos,Darkseid,Sinestro,Disney, or even in the video game world such as Bowser and Ganondorf.The Sith Lords of the Star Wars universe is in it too.However,Darth Vader might be the only Sith I'm ok with since he was once a Jedi Knight-turned-Sith Lord and later redeemed himself as a Jedi once again before he died. Hearing of Darth Vectivus and his deeds, I would side with him only in terms of the Order of the Sith
Very interesting video I'll have to keep an eye out for more keep up the good work
Kgd fvgxfh
The Jedi would still label Vectivus evil because he has force powers but retains his powers selfishly rather than actively helping everyone selflessly. Extreme Jedi philosophy kind of turns good people into broken individuals who loose everything (poor Obi) and sacrificed every part of themselves for a very ungrateful galaxy. The Jedi's problem was that they expect their members to give up so much that some like Anakin broke under the stress.
Darth Stalker
Interesting Sith..
this points out that neither the light or the dark has an effect on any force sensitive person, it all adds to who that person is and how he or she sees themselves within the universe
Kimani White
Willingly providing assistance for others to do evil is doing evil. He's still a bad guy.
Cameron Hall
Favorite saber is the Jedi temple guard foldable yellow saberstaff
Donovan Delaney
Cool. We need more of these guys and ladies in Star Wars.