How Rubber Bands Are Made

The process of making rubber bands starts with kneading rubber to soften it into dough. This dough is rolled into wide, thin pieces for it to eventually be cut and shaped into bands. Watch full episodes of the Science Channel series "How It's Made" on the Science GO app or The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: />INSIDER on Facebook: />INSIDER on Instagram: />INSIDER on Twitter: />INSIDER on Snapchat:

Cassie Marie
Weird to see how much goes into something so small that we tend to loose in a matter of seconds
“making rubber bands is an intense process” me: *breaks one*
Bless their lungs.
pretty cool. it almost makes me feel bad that we pay so little for something that takes a lot of work to make. also i like how easily that guy pulled the tubes off of the pipes
"We steal footage from how its made"
Nothing like starting your day with a video of how rubber bands are made.
Mathew George
Next video. How to copy footage from other channels.
Dawn Rises
After watching this, I appreciate rubber bands more than I did before
xxBobby Knowxx
Oh you meant rubber bands...😂😂 I thought you was gone show.......Nevermind
It took yall mad long to make something that ima throw away. THATS TUFF
Idk why but I wanna jump into that pile of rubber bands..
NY Nurse
3:27 I’d be fired my first day for jumping in that bin. 🤣
The Making Of The Most Dangerous Weapon On Earth.
This guy is pretty amazing 2:30 👍
G Marru4
For a second I taught It was a how chicken nuggets are made
Samantha Browne
U get a greater appreciation for things esp. when u how it's made
I wanna chew one idk why
I'm socially Awkward
2:14 Those crocs lookin good man!
Andre Newton
I was about to say.. how's it's made already covered this.. then it cuts to how it's made footage 🤣🤣🤣
Meanwhile I'm shooting them across the classroom
Youtube Creator
I want to go through this process so I can become a rubberband as well.
Keiron Kyelo
Bruh, my greedy ass ain't read the title and thought that this was some kind of pastry or bread getting made.
Who r the people disliking this video nd y ?
Ellie White
Isn't this just a "How it's Made" video
꧁naked snake꧂
Isso sim e um bom vídeo recomendado..
Logan Chadwick
*Me after seeing this* Nothing changed...
Primus Odyssey
Those people are probably all under payed employees...
Kuen Nanakuen
الله يخيلكم كولولي شنو هذا شعريه او اساور تاهت علينه اشو يدوسون برجليهم
Deepak Jain
0:31 r u sure that is dough🤔
Rachelle Craig
Not even sure how I got here but here I am
Why am I watching this at 4:30am
Wu tang pusheen
"and here is domak, domak secretly eats the rubber while it's still a dough. Domak was recently asked to leave before airing this video"
Conor Burke
the leftover dough goes to mcdonalds
Not Olivia
This dude sounds like the fitness gram pacer test guy 💀💀🤦‍♀️
Madeline Smith
When I saw the piles of rubber bands I only thought “pollution”
JUST beat IT
That's how Mugiwara No Luffy made.
Romero Say10
Can’t believe I just sat through this but it was was cool so I’m satisfied 😃
angie úwù
My hungry ass thought this was noodles Edit : Can you all please stop writing Army in the comments?It annoys me and others,and don‘t wonder why we are hated gosh.
Now how to put an exact number of rubber bands into its packaging
Memelover 234
How the ultimate weapon is made
Mr Andrew HD
I’ll rubber band this video
Art of Anarous
3:28 I WANNA DIVE IN THERE 😭😭😭🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍
Nevada Steele
*the fitness gram pacer test is a multi-*
Lia’s Toy Reviews
It must sneak so bad in that room 😱 but this is so cool
Aliya Props
This is so interesting!
Brenda Byrd
WOW that was takes so much work...and its Hard work as well...THANKS 4 SHARING💌
Roxxi Mtz92
Poor workers... :(
Aoibhe O'Donovan
Forbidden pasta
Ahmed khamis
many unsafe conditions and machines here
An Mwey
Wow. I never thought about how they are made. Can I live without this knowledge?
Brooks Barrett
Wait a minute.... This looks like the video “How Hotdogs are Made” Coincidence...I Think Not
Brandon Smith
I honestly thought this was dinosaur chitterlings....
Fire Woodd Gaming
That's some weird spaghetti
MLC - the_skrllex aka LACK4ANAME
When you steal a how its made video and get away with it
Beatriz Perreras
I hate the smell of rubber bands
Mei chan
Imagine the smell 😷
Hannah H
And people carelessly just go and break them..
yee yee
Didn't know I wanted to know till I watched this
prameela p
They are working hard to make rubber bands
Hun Lim
Speaker: This action creates heat, softening the dough. Also, we have a giANt rOlLiNg pIn. Me: Is this making really big pieces of bubble gum or rubber bands? They have a giANt rOlLiNg pIn. They even add chemicals and rubber.
Shanika Stephenson
That looks delicious
Imagine how that place must smell.
SeeU Vocaloid
Imagine the smell
I got weirdly aroused watching this video and I swear I am not into any kinky rubber/latex fetish, I am genuinely confused now xD
Abdul Haleem
Worker 1: How about we make an original video that actually educates people and put a bit of effort into it? Boss: That's a stupid idea, Larry! Worker 2: How about we steal a How It's Made video and slap our watermark on it and republish it? Boss: You're a genius, Linda.
How American pasta is made.
Артем Слюсарев
Резиночки для денег?
*Deliciosa Maruchan*
Mia Bollella
it’s not good for the environment
Bands Bands Bands (Comethazine voice)
Plague Knight
making rubber bands is an *_intense process_*
They took a lot of effort to make and they break so easily
Alejandro Preciado
Yo solo entre para saber que significa rubber
ian port
Up 'the workers'
FNAF and Undertale can be friends
3:27 please tell me that someone else wants to jump into that.
**me sitting there still not understand what's happening**
Sacha Ginger
All that so the rubber bands can get Snaped 😭
King Rich !!
One of those YouTube videos in your suggestions that you cant pass up wondering how it's really made
Joyal Johnson
I'm Already Coughing from all the Talcum powder in here
Kim Rodgers
Give me those noodles!
Shrek is love Shrek is life
Idk why..But watching this vid is so satisfying..
Health hazard
Captain 98
Imagine half a billion pieces in just an hour and it takes how many years to fully decompose. ☠️☠️☠️
gavyn young
So clickbaity Making x is an intense* process* * = catchy colour
I just looked at my rubber band ball with much more respect
Who else wants to eat the rubber dough? Just me? Oh, alright, I’ll shut up now. Yeah, uhhhh, ummmm. Byee
This, word for word, sounds like the Plumbis bit from Rick and Morty.
Cee Dee
This little girl I know calls them "Burry ands" not rubber bands bwahaha😂
Alex Adamson
Wow so "intense..." every vid same description lmfao
Ani the arctic fox
It’s interesting how so complex some of these are. I’d never expect there would be this many steps.
Mohmd Mohmd
عبالي حلاوة طلعت لاستيك هي وين الفلوس 😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gamergoat! !
when ur friend asks you where work *i work at a rubber band factory...*
Diya Mistry - James Grieve PS (1495)
"So what do u do for a living?" "I make rubber bands.." 0.0
Nur Alisya Nizarrozani
Can't be more creative than taking Nat geo's how its made videos than doing it on your own. Good job Insider 👏 👏 👏
L_ovely !
I used to think they just make rubber and get cookie cutters to make the shape. But those were my childish days. Now I'm an independent woman who actually knows how rubber bands are made
Ronny Hawk
this makes me hungry idk why
XD• cancio
When you know it perverts only under stand what I'm saying
I never knew it was that hard to make *_rubber bands_* 😂