How Rubber Bands Are Made

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The process of making rubber bands starts with kneading rubber to soften it into dough. This dough is rolled into wide, thin pieces for it to eventually be cut and shaped into bands. Watch full episodes of the Science Channel series "How It's Made" on the Science GO app or The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: />INSIDER on Facebook: />INSIDER on Instagram: />INSIDER on Twitter: />INSIDER on Snapchat:

How American pasta is made.
Idk why but I wanna jump into that pile of rubber bands..
Gatechar B
Cheap rubber bands exist thanks to these people who work hours 7 days a week just to get pocket money.
FNAF and Undertale can be friends
3:27 please tell me that someone else wants to jump into that.
Why does insider steal videos lol
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pretty cool. it almost makes me feel bad that we pay so little for something that takes a lot of work to make. also i like how easily that guy pulled the tubes off of the pipes
“making rubber bands is an intense process” me: *breaks one*
Bless their lungs.
Would always tie my balls with rubber bands and play with them, big saggy white balls I had even young.
hobis snakeu infires me but without jams
My hungry ass thought this was noodles Edit : Can you all please stop writing Army in the comments?It annoys me and others,and don‘t wonder why we are hated gosh.
Beatriz Perreras
I hate the smell of rubber bands
Who else thought this was how it's made?
*how are these workers not tempted to eat them*
"We steal footage from how its made"
Laine Jones
Omg it looks so weird lol
Madeline Smith
When I saw the piles of rubber bands I only thought “pollution”
nNikka H
0:24 is it alive?
I wanna chew one idk why
S a t u r n l e g ღ
0:30 weed but it's rubber
Kim Rodgers
Give me those noodles!
Loving Jessi
shehnaz begum
1:14 trickshot
Favian_gamer nullzerep_fan
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Eli lee
I'm so fat that at 0:30 i thought that was fried chicken
Average Fan Girl
is it bad that... I want to eat it... *so so, baaad*
Memelover 234
How the ultimate weapon is made
Art of Anarous
3:28 I WANNA DIVE IN THERE 😭😭😭🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍
Sulfur... talc... and is that a normal surgical mask they are wearing...?
Testostxrone V2
I don't know what kinda powers are invested in these... But when my ex used to tie her hair up with rubber bands, her sex drive skyrocketed lol
Jane Doe
I did not know that I need to watch that
Now how to put an exact number of rubber bands into its packaging
Joyal Johnson
I'm Already Coughing from all the Talcum powder in here
This, word for word, sounds like the Plumbis bit from Rick and Morty.
01:00 .... sulfure and other chemicals.... 2:35 then they go within these chemical basins without the necessary equipment, not surprised if they get a cancer later
Arya verma
Idk y they look disgusting😂😂
Eli Jinn
0:06 yeah sure it is, insider
This video has taught me a valuable lesson, I need my self a pair of giant scissors.
Alex Adamson
Wow so "intense..." every vid same description lmfao
Ok at this point you’re just stealing videos
Nothing like starting your day with a video of how rubber bands are made.
Nitro Esio Trot
New spaghetti hoops look weird
Mark Hillary
“Where do you work?” “I️ work at a rubber band factory.” “Oh Sorry I️ have to go...”
I never knew it was that hard to make *_rubber bands_* 😂
And yet when I tie up my hair they snap.
somethincan .-.
you can smell ruber that's little bit stinks and how about this ??
iiShadow l
I don't know why by i have a sudden urge to eat that.
Avia K
-intense process-
mentari aulia
im hungry...I NEED SPAGHETTI!
lam pei mei
Imagine how it will smell
Ellie White
Isn't this just a "How it's Made" video
Shinix :D
I want to eat it.
Adam Haj
2:22 employee of the mo-.. Ye-.. Employee of forever.
Ronny Hawk
this makes me hungry idk why
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Forbidden noodles
Meanwhile I'm shooting them across the classroom
Jaskirat Lidder
*my brain read **_how rubber hands are made_*
Lillian The Dog
Who comes up with this stuff?
is it bad that i want to consume the rubber
Roblox Girl Chelsi
COOKIE DOUGH I said my mom is like it’s rubber ;-;
Panda Girl Panda 123
This reminder how mc donfles is made sorry about spelling
So satisfying 😲😲😲
Jullie Norva
It's looking something like noodles🤔
Andrew Eldredge
not very intense to me
Pollution machine.
YơơŋKíʍ ʝɱ
i thought it was a blanket
Beatriz Perreras
That is really smelly
Conor Burke
the leftover dough goes to mcdonalds
I'm socially Awkward
2:14 Those crocs lookin good man!
Mr Bacon
Rubber dough ummmm yum 😋
Kuku Kaka
Gomuchul tarigii
Polar Apple
Cassie Marie
Weird to see how much goes into something so small that we tend to loose in a matter of seconds
Aaron Goh
Machine of le Meme
I've broken so many of those
music muzik
Omg soo cooll
Imagine how that place must smell.
pEeWeEdA pOtAtO
Interviewer: What is your worst experience? Worker: I ate the rubber. Me: why the fuq would u eat this? It looks like shit. I can’t believe I played with with this stuff ☹️
Salaam Farhan
*i wanna eat it*
Dawn Rises
After watching this, I appreciate rubber bands more than I did before
Adam Kawache
Thats what ive been putting in my mouth as a child.......
Super K
Made in China
I litteraly have a rubber band next to me 😂😂
Borfameme BLOO
This is one of the things that look like food, but until you bite it and chew it, you won't stop craving the need to eat it. For example, the rubber looks like chewy caramel or cookie dough. It will probably taste bitter though.
Wow, this is AWESOME!
rainbow chan
Didn't know I wanted to know till I watched this
Paradox Apollo
from rubber
Stolen content
Its Cherrry
0:32 so rubber looks like dough?😂🤣😅
Gomujuuuuuuul Darigi~
Fire Woodd Gaming
That's some weird spaghetti
Anju Somu
the dough looks like a huge poop..!! lmao...😂😂💩
Vic The Snowball
so the fact is people with braces like myself are forced to put, and keep something as in the rubber bands in our mouths for several years and those rubber bands have had so many chemicals and bassically poisons on them that if the machines or someone either purposely or accidentally forgot to wash or clean them that person that for some reason had to put a rubber band in their mouth they could potentially get very sick from that. why did i write this. i forgot. welp im leaving. very educational video though. its also very interesting how rubber bands are achually made.
Lucky Luis
This almost reminds me of that time 15 million Africans we’re slaughtered in the Congo
Riot -
L_ovely !
I used to think they just make rubber and get cookie cutters to make the shape. But those were my childish days. Now I'm an independent woman who actually knows how rubber bands are made
It’s a pool of rubber bands
Magic Mobile
Come on am I the only one who thinks that the workers have rubber band fights?
Hody Bruv