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GET MISTER POMPADOUR'S SCULPTING CLAY: />USE COUPON CODE: DIYDAN15 for 15% OFF all orders! (: Yo, yo, yo! back in the building with OH-EM-GEE, a ZAC FREAKIN' EFRON Hairstyle tutorial! With all of the Zac comparisons (which are a huge compliment!!), & the fact that he's sportin' a pretty dope new Hairstyle lately, I figured eh, why not showcase it in this video! :p Enjoy! Don't forget to Comment, Rate, Subscribe & Share! Your boy, Diydan SUBSCRIBE SO YOU WONT MISS ANY OF MY CONTENT - />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FOLLOW ME Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook:

Nitzan Amichai
your eyes are like diamonds
MemA :
I think he Looks a lot better than Zac efron
Kevin de Leon
Can you pls do a Zac Efron face tutorial because apparently you also has his face and we kinda need it, badly. God bless you and those genes.
jay k
you look like a mexican zac efron
U should do Zayn Malik hairstyle
Hailie Delgado
the fact that he looks like zac efron made it even batter
Chicken is fun
U sexy af no homo
Paola M
better than Zac Efron
Cleminka Tatum
Wau 💞
Jeremy Velez
Nice vid! is your from the sides and back blended into the top?
how long is your hair?
Adel Papp
RN vMzg
lol u look like zach efron
You look like Dante from DmC
These Biscuits
i knew he looked like zach effron
Tropical ™
No one commented about the song? XD
your the best diydan
I want to have skin like him god please
saul diaz
what's the name of the song? I love it
Hacker 123456
hi where are hair cut
Lmao xD guy
wew you have lucky eyes lol
Panha Pich
grow your hair longer for us to see plz
Joseph Nieves
How ironic, dealing with the fact that he looks like Zac Efron.
Vancity Youtube
hey what's your hair cut called
One Number
song so good😂😂💕
mandy bro vevo
Hi bro can you do the hairstyle like justin bieber that he done in the boyfriend song please please. .....!!!!
Christine Caballero
where do you cut your hair?
MJ Salenga
How did u get ur hair? Please make a video about, basically i want to have a hair style like urs but i dont know what to tell to my barber
Lucas h
if I had black hair and Darker eye browns I'd look like him
dick bicycle
my phone screen cracked because of your amazing face
Damn!! you lucky boii! god blessed you in all ways i think :)
Troll Face
This guy's a legend at doing hairstyles
Cy Lopez
can you please make that happen
The Legend 27
do a hair cut vid
Lmao xD guy
yes teacher
Akhil Tijoob
Troy Hanley
Zak Efrons stunt double in The Movie BAYWATCH
Adam hd
sahil kajani
Grow a beard it will look good on YOU
Ethan Hassane
Please put the length in your videos, of your genitals
pabitra mondal
I love your videos so much
Hey diydan you got any tips on guys like me that have trouble making these types of hairstyles cause we have wavy hair? Please let me know bro! I figure your a freaking pro 👌🏻
Im Yobama
Steven Degli Angeli
Diydan, sono innamorato di te. Vorrei suchiarti il tuo pene eretto ed ingoiare la tua sperma.
under scored
i wish i had skills like this :(
mythius lopez
he actually looks like him
bro I like how your hair looks what do you get when you get a haircut
Big Bozzy King
i like the song it goes with your serious face cool video btw
Zoe Fuentes
King Gaming
if I was to go to super cuts what haircut Luis yours didyan
Are all of his hairstyle tutorial has the same haircuts?
Jason Martinez
Where do you go to get your haircut ? And keep up the great content!
Nick Dickens
Please do a tutorial without a hairdryer
saul diaz
name of the song is : Minions - Banana (TISB Trap Remix)
Adiba Ahmed
Can you please do a video of getting to know you :)
Giselle’s Life
you are so perfect ! I love you so much diydan !
I shoved a lollipop up my ass then sold it
link to where u buy your earings?
Denise Zeder
Hi How many cm and mm is the hairstyle long?
Is Mail
can u make family hair style?
Awesome video! 😊
Anthony Velasco
do a live stream
Ellie Binch
damn your eyes tho!
Nathan Shaw
Mary Garcia
Gorgeous 😍😎😘😙