Andre Agassi 8 Grand Slam Championship Points

Andre Agassi, former world No. 1 who was one of the tennis' most dominant players from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. In singles tennis, Agassi is an eight-time Grand Slam champion and a 1996 Olympic gold medalist, as well as being a runner-up in seven other Grand Slam tournaments.

I didn’t realize Aggasi won the career slam his first four wins! Thanks for the upload.
Scott Swenson
Andre was always my favorite player growing up...I always thought it was an absolute class move for Stich to come around the net and congratulate him like that.
Robert Johnson
He skipped the Australian Open about 7 times in his early career. May have had a shot at more than 8. Never know
vivek kolambkar
He is a true champion. He is a legend. Love you always Andre
Sam's Movies
notice how every player he beat gave him the warmest of praise and respect. Agassi when on tour was probably the most respected player among all the players because he was just such a genuine and nice guy.
Gold Wolf
Man, 8 slams used to be a lot. Now we have Roger and Rafa and to a lesser extent Novak moving the bar. Amazing how Roger is into the 20’s and Rafa 5 years younger at 17 slams. Those guys are ridiculously good.
Read his book ‘Open’. You just fall in love with the guy; he has so much heart it’s unbelievable
shane p.
He was never the best player.. But he was Always the fan favorite.. I'm lucky i got to see him live.. What you can't see is how much of a showman he was.. He would talk to the crowd in between points. Tennis misses him.
Robert Hurley Jr
Don't know how Someone could dislike this. Anyway this makes it easy to remember his 8 slams.
I always rooted for Andre. His first US Open win his celebration was excessive though. Too much hollywood on that one.
mark Landis
eight grand slam titles is as many as connors. the only person who hit the ball harder was courier.
Robert Hurley Jr
Agassi only player I know of to finish more of his championship points with a winner than errors of his opponent. He was 5-3 Nadal. 4-13. Including double faults from Djokovic Federer 7-13 Djokovic. 5-9
Denis D
Fun fact: Brad Gilbert also competed in the men's draw of the 1995 Aus open. Went out in the first round.
Bichr Salhi
The evolution of an amazing hairdo
Adam Blister
Game, set, championship??????? Never heard that before.
Adriano Milano
My favorite player !
Kyle Myers
Anyone else still get teary-eyed watching his wins?!?
Shawn McDonald
I was in front of my television when he completed his career grand slam back in 1999.
Khan Tut
Avatar Roku
I mean this in the nicest possible way because I love this guy, but every time I see him it looks like a random dad threw on a T-shirt and some shorts and went out to play tennis lol
Probably the most likeable character ever walk onto the tennis court. His counter punching style are sorely missed nowadays on the tour
Pascoe Braun
we now know what an Actor he was on those match points, but what a great player, should have more than 8
Robert Marston
One of the best returners ever! Anyone else agree??
Elmo Blatch
Andre hated the game. He stated that explicitly in his autobiography, and he did not use other words. He used "hate." However, he appreciated his achievements and he appreciated the talent he had and the work he put in. Both mindsets can coexist and did.
I always gave Agassi the benefit of the doubt, had a hard time liking him, but now I know he took banned substances he is out
Robert Marston
One of the greatest players/returners ever!!! ANYONE else agree???
Metal Head
Only 8, pfff. Andre was the best for me. He desserved more...
You could love or hate Connors and McEnroe, but Agassi was always considered to be the star of tennis.
The Las Vegas Showman, what a terrific champion!! Great ball striker and picked up length so quickly, great eyes. 8 slams is a wonderful legacy, think about it, it’s 2 years worth.... fond memories of him smashing returns back from Becker in the year he won Wimbledon.
Aleks the Great
The win over Sampras in 1995 AO final was really great, Pete was the man and I think it is the only final he lost since 1992 till 2000,something like 12 wins in 13 finals.
Mp r Mp r
Roland Garros👍Wimbledon🎯US Open✌Australian Open👌Olimpic Gold☝Master💪 DavisCup👏 BEST PLAYER EVER 🌎 !!!! That's all.
Seriously @ 4:19....
Leslie Rosado
Most beautiful backhand ever!
billy smith
I don't remember young Brad Gilbert being so tasty!
He could have won more but he kept running into some guy named pete
Danny B
Agassi was of Armenian origin just like my mom and Sampras of Greek origin just like my Dad. I was an Agassi fan though.
The Crypto Token Bull
That backhand 🙄🙄
kid gloves
Pete may have 14, but Andre won the French and Pete didn't..
Paul Daniels
Agassi was an egotistical dwarf who wanted to be a celebrity because Britain’s at Wimbledon never seen a hairy man before , and then he went bald, 😂😂
I like Andre, but most of the guys he beat in the finals he was expected to - all good, none great except Sampras. He had more impressive wins during these events prior to the finals. Probably should have won a few more than he did like the French vs Gomez
Vijayaragavan Vibin
Most profilic tennis player ever. Just love him.
Rohit Ghale
He was first to win all grand slams and an Olympic gold medal....
Sollvi H
Why are people bashing Federer for beating guys like Philoupoussis, Baghdatis, Gonzalez, Safin, Hewitt, Agassi and Roddick in slamfinals but none of them are talking about Agassi beating Clement, Schuettler, Stich, Kafelnikov, Medveded, Ivanisevic or Martin? Those guys are not significantly better. Not in the slightest.
Alessandro Machado
Andre Agassi , one of the greatest ! Huge fan !
Matías Jiménez
5:11 qué grande Antonio Rios
2:20 Match Point and 5:58 Match Point. 100% same :D
Michael Laverty
Best of all time
PopCorn Al Caramello
agassi 3rd best tennis player
Agassi beat taylor hicks at the 99 us open?!
Milla Tankero
i respect agassi, but i ve just realised, he beat once time in final a very competitiv player (sampras)
Ivan Garcia
AGASSI, one of the best tennis players in HISTORY.... He’s a top six in history along Sampras, Novak, Roger, Rafa and Laver.. The father of power tennis...
King Trawal
Nobody cries when they win the Australian open LOL
Ah, yes, good old Rainer Shuettler.
Edgar Panganiban
Even having 6 back then used to be a lot in terms GS. Now, Federer had 20 and counting lmfao. Thats why Federer and Nadal will always be the best players,and we got lucky they played almost in the same era. Its like Ali vs Tyson fighting in the same era...
JC3 Slots! Check it out!!
Went through that 94' draw like a hot knife through butter!
Damn, Gilbert has so many slams as a coach
should've had like 12.
anthony habchi
If agassi play in now days Federer Nadal djokovic will not stand chance
jose giklk
Agassi won 4 ou, 2 us, 1 w, 1 rg.
oscar muñoz
Uno de los grandes de todos los tiempos y muy carismatico.
8:22 Steffi was like "Mmmm you gonna get it tonight baby"
Some of those guys Andre beat in finals, never won anything. Medvedev, schuettler lol, clement, Todd Martin. Cmon. Nice solid players, but none won a major, or ever came close again.
billy smith
Stich's haircut is amazing.
anthony habchi
The goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Tennis died for me when he retired
nfltrrr qwsa
3:42 Rosol's dad
Mike SpinstoWin
Shuettler and Clement?
Ciprian Ghenghea
He could have easily 14-15 slams.He didn't participate like 7 years at Aus if i remember good.
Robert Hurley Jr
Todd Martin= class
Battista Verardi
seems like he beat a bunch of tomato cans to get his victories.
Javier Li
Grand slam Federer 22, Nadal 18, Djokovic 20
Fábio Pontes
Jogou dopado
Chi Yan
My childhood.
Big Simon
Byorn Borg
Sheeza Mann
i'm thirsty....for ....a...............COKE
Jeff Stranks
Just how awful were US crowds? Man I've seen some crap crowds here in Brazil but these yanks ... appalling. Go watch some of the Connors games in the US too if you want confirmation.
Omar Téllez Elgueta
Aero Bars
Meth helped him. He should have to give them back.
Paul Daniels
Agassi lacked humility and only found it in his comeback at 29 with the French open
pradeep kumar
It is sad that you rate Federer above Sampras. may be because you donot like him personally and he beat you on every court except French open . It is totally unfair.Pl mind that sampras had to play 8 wimbledon champions and 14 french and austrailian open champions. federer had to play only one Nadal, one jokovich and ever inconsistent Rodick and Layton Hewit.Sampras had to play 10 Nadals and 10 Federers to sustain the top ranking for > 280 weeks. Also mind it Federer won French open when nadal did not play due to injury or otherwise nadal would have won 20 grandslam titles now.After the arrival of nadal, Jokovich and Murray Federer lost the top ranking often.
Tovar Estrella
Q Jugador tan mas Nacote Y corrientote
I love Andre but many of those came against so so players.
billy smith
I think Todd Martin was in his 50s when he was in his 20s 😝
Darshu Dada
He was the most charismatic player of that decade. His luck was The king Sampras entered . But he never give up and a fighter like Connors. He too was in tough competition as there were 14 French open champions and 8 wimbledon champions where sampras never allowed in Wimbledon . His match against Goran iivanovich in 1992 was thrilling match. .Great player truly and still he could win 8 grand slams which equal to 30 grand slams to day as there is no competition to day . Now tennis is atrocious ,Only one Federer, one Nadal, one Jokovich and Murray . All three have injuries . Woman circuit is much better as seeded players 7 out of 10 were knocked out. Serena and Venus play great tennis. men tennis is boring .
Saeed Qanei
I hear he hated his Persian background. Why?
Mohammed Juma
He takes his time to express his joy over winning. He should greet his opponent first then celebrate. Disrespectful!!!
tamilvanan velusamy
He is fraud, used dopes
Dragi Hristov
Andre Agassi is worst tennis player ... But so Lucky ...Similar to him if he play today is Fabio Fognini...