Vienna Freestyle Football Masters 2017

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Last month we had the chance to invite eight of the top European Freestylers to compete against each other in Vienna, Austria. Thanks so much to the supporters for making it possible and all the invited players who performed on a world class level despite bad weather and really difficult conditions. Personally, it was a great experience for me and I will do my best to make this event bigger and bigger in the Future. Last but not least a huge shoutout to Sven Fielitz for the recap video of the event!

I have a new top 1 video on my freestyle football edits 😲 each second is special !! Thank you again and again and again to my friend Martin for the invitation ❤️
Woooooow! THAT IS AWESOME! Sven did amazing job again. Really like it and i am so glad that i am part of this great video and i could compete in Vienna with these amazing guys =)
Mike van de Streek
Awesome video! Do you know the song Martin?
Yousif Freestyle
Beautiful Video! Sven killed it!!
What an insane video!
chris jerahun
sick edit amazing skills
Erikos-Ertil Fs
BySofiane TH
My Channel have a lot of freestyle Football vídeos ⚽