My Best Friend's Wedding Trailer [HQ]

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My Best Friend's Wedding Trailer [HQ]

Mila Djordjevic
spoiler alert; I think Michael DID love Jules. You could see it in the way he looked at her when she used her gay friend George to pretend to be her fiancee. Michael looked at her with a certain look in his eyes when he was trying on his suit in the store and saw George there. He also looked like he was in love with her when he and Jules were on the boat and slow danced together....he even hinted at her to tell him she loves him when he said "if you love someone, you just have come out and tell them right then and there" but she "let the moment fly by" and didn't tell him. When Jules was at their wedding and said "I don't have a gift for you, but here is a song on loan for when you find your own song" and Michael got tears in his eyes and he either looked super grateful, happy, or sad....he looked sad AND happy at the same time....I think he loved Jules but didn't know it quite yet. He did marry the wrong woman, he even said so in the subway scene when he went to the subway station because that's where he proposed to Kimmy. But Kimmy wasn't there and Jules found him sitting on a bench and he said "thanks for not letting me marry her" aka he was RELIEVED!! He said "I was crazy to think I could marry her without even knowing her well enough". How does that not look like he loved Jules even a little bit??? He had to have loved her!!! :(((
Stephanie Sanchez
I can relate to this
Is this a good movie its on netflix debating if I should watch it
gobert hermart
Enormous..... Great movie love it!!
Ellie Walker
love this movie so much
Saw it last night on MOVIE Network on Demand 10/10
piper scout
I love sweet innocent Kimmy
Why have I not seen this movie yet