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ORDER "Libertine": />4th Solo-Album from the LEAVES EYES' Vocalist Liv Kristine LIV KRISTINE's career as a full-time composer and performing artist began in Norway in the mid-nineties, being the first angelic voice in the Gothic Music revolutionary scene worldwide. The greatest inspiration for her compositions and lyrics has always been the supernatural, dark romanticism and the beauty of nature and poetry. LIV KRISTINE's up-coming release "LIBERTINE" is truly a milestone in her career; it sums up her most important artistic experiences in her life-long creative journey. Her own lyrics and melodies are exceptional through her enormous live and studio experience since her early youth. After her successful further co-operations with male singers like Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) or John Kelly (Kelly Family, Elfenthal), Liv recorded a duet with Platinum-Gold-awarded artist Tobias Regner, winner of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", the German version of Pop Idol, for the track "Vanilla Skin Delight". "LIBERTINE" was produced by Alexander Krull, Mastersound Studio. The album's official release date is September 7th, 2012. LIV KRISTINE's musical achievements are numerous, e.g. a GRAMMY AWARD nomination for the song "Nymphetamine" in cooperation with Cradle of Filth, 500.000 records sold with her former band Theatre of Tragedy, touring more than 40 countries on four continents, repetitive hits in the official charts with her former band Theatre of Tragedy, her follow-up band Leaves' Eyes and her solo releases, as well as European club, DJ, Dance, Rock and Alternative charts. Moreover, singing the title tracks for popular TV series like "Tatort" and "Schimanski" and song features on television like in Germany's most successful daily soap "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" and Heidi Klum's "Germany's next top model".

Alexandra .Martins
Well, though i'm a girl i listen to death metal and black metal. The point is, there is too much musical harmony in this album to call it garbage. The lyrics are kind of futile, but, yeah this is pop. I mean, compared with today's pop/rock, this album, this songs, this lyrics, are indeed inteligent and really well-done. Didn't said metalheads had to enjoy it, even i can't say i fucking adore it, but please don't call it garbage cause this girl is a diva, not Britney Spears.
It's not a question of being metal purists. It's a question of having a sense of taste and a formed opinion about things. You can't force (majority male) metalheads to be open-minded about a girly-girl song like Paris Paris, when they listen to death metal while drinking coffee in the morning. It's just not going to happen. It doesn't have to be brutal and over-the-top in technicality, but the content/message counts, and the Paris Paris lyrics are just cliché to the max. Vain and rubbish. IMO
Alexandra .Martins
Ever heard about Theatre of Tragedy or Leaves' Eyes or Cradle of Filth? She is the metal queen
Alexandra .Martins
No no no. The album is ok, songs are catchy and very emotional. Your problem is that it's not fucking gothic metal, it's pop/rock, which means garbage for all of you even if it's amazing. There are only a few metalheads who are open-minded enough to accept that a real musician can do whatever he/she wants with music, even turn pop shit into pure art. Liv amazes me with her versatility, she can sing any fucking genre! stop being metal purists, oh please.
For once, it's a pop album done by actually talented musicians. Some of the songs are just beyond garbage, however some songs are actually quite good. The thing is, the ones that sound good, are the ones that have symphonic metal influences. The rest is just garbage. Then again, she has the entire metal community behind her, supporting the album, because she is in Leaves' Eyes. Any other singer that had gotten this album out, wouldn't have even been looked at by the metalheads.
Vi-king 0936
Why the fuck is she on a metalchannel?!!!
Joerg Baermann
Ever heard of photoshop? :D I can tell you, there is not a single gram of Botox on her face.
napalm record thank you for selling yourself compeltly like whores
Ryan Mills
Tiwanakotas Inca Vikingos
WMG deleted the same video that was uploaded by Liv Kristine .... :( Thanks for uploading this video and share it with us .... :)
Why are comments/ratings turned off for the Paris music video?
I didn't hear it until now, but I'm so exited :D I adore her since I was a child of 12 :)
Wow. Her face is just Botox galore.
Wow, can't wait for the album. It seems to be very interesting.
Alexandra .Martins
Oh no I cant believe she's real... She's so amazing and sweet and cute and... I dont know but she seems to be a great person... Her music makes me feel good... She's the only singer in the world who makes me change from deep sadness to pure happiness... And this new disc seems to be just like amazing... It's a shame her albuns never come to Portuguese shops...
Bogdan Botezatu
She is. That's the attitude that keeps a true artist on track.
Sounds like some porn movie i like it.
I love her!!!!! But I miss the old theater of tragedy!!! R.I.P!! best band ever! Got the final DVD it's fucking awesome
Indeed she is sweet when there show in Mexico was cancelled literally 10 mins before they went out to play the audience went crazier than usual, I got to backstage and she was so sweet. She had tears in her eyes for the cancelled show, a band before em burned some cables and amps :/
If you guys like this video, check out the soundtracks for Silent Hill 1-3. It's very similar to this.
Motör Bembel
its not bad...but not metal
Lindsay Paris Meester
Liv you rock <3
António Pedro Santos
Liv Kristine drinks Portuguese Red Wine - Reguengos...Good Choice...Love your work...
We need more ladies in metal!
Miha Grasic
Leaves Eyes <3