Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 - Part One

See Blur, The Killers, Muse, and The Cure in this the first part of the NME Awards 2009 Show...

Bring the NME TV channel back!
manda fitzsimons
lizzy N.
lol at 9:26 brandon just looks like he's saying who the hell are muse ? either that or he was a little disappointed that he didn't win but the killers dont believe in bullshit modesty so you wont see brandon doing a fake losers smile.
Jamie George
love robert smiths little wink after elbow finished :D
MUUUUUSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333
brianna hughes
i fing love grace jones she's a boss
ema's were boring and no one that got a award had even half the talent of the people who deserved it (i'm talking to YOU kedollarsignha..) can't wait for the NME awards! :D
Chloroform Juice
Soo glad it is on youtube. Defo not the same as in America where shitty awards are presented.
@drumandguns no, he said he didn't Know any elbow songs. but that was the first thing I thought about when I looked at this clip and saw elbow.
Kings of Leon, best live band - pleeeease! Best live bands are Muse, Killers, and Kasabian aren't too bad either
noel (fielding) must have been wasted , coz' on never mind the buzzcocks he said he's never heard of elbow , but he was at that nme award's and they performed ?
Liz Apartado
robert smith and mathew bellamy GRR!!!!!!!!!!
got tickets too! excited as fuck
Nahh, Killers are good (I actually LOVE their music) but they shouldn't have won it!
@flipflopip That's so cool. I'll be the one in the top hat lol.
Me too! :-)
I just got tickets for this years show! So happy!
Lucas goo
grace aways amazing and aways on coke
Rachel Christie
Did he kiss her hand? Was it while Dom was talking, or...?
Michael Zegarra
Definitively the best awards ever not rubbish like Mtv, NME should have his own channel not only a TV chart
Tony Egan
shit presenter.
6:41!!!! MATT!!! they deserve that award, the RAH gig was amazing, and for those who say its all in the big lazers and lights that hypnotize, they could shut their mouths cuz that gig was so stripped down and it still blew everyone away, Muse ROCKS!
MUSE> everything else>Oasis
imagine if blur's full band played, only a libertines reunion performance wud get anywer near that
Luis Chávez
WTF!!!!!!!! You cant compare the live show that Muse offers. I like the killers, but Muse are from another planet when we talk in live performances. Sorry for my english :(
we are not talking about who is the better band..This is thebest band to peform live and without doubt The killers should have won that..Im a big fan of muse, kings of leon and radiohead but With lead singer Brandon flowers on his top they are one of the best livebands..the only band in my min who could beat the killers would be Coldplay wich is not even nominated..cant take it serious
Josh Heymer
muse should've played a song after they got their award, and owned the entire night
baz luc
as if the killers would win with muse radiohead in there! also kings of leon and oasis are better!!!
Justin .S
how did radiohead not win
Alex Sarwar Rana
The Libertines, The Killers and Radiohead <3
John Pyun
Did she just say "Musche"??? What a douche. You have to pronounce them right. ITS MUSE
lol if radiohead was a nominee were they actually present at this thing? also lol at the way dom says that elbow dont normally sound good but tonight they did because of the venue haha.
Luis Chávez
I like Muse, and they deserve that prize, but why they put Supermassive Black Hole!!!! They can put a lot of better songs that are amazing live, well all the songs of Muse are amazing live, but for example, Butterflies and Hurricanes its fucking amazing live!! Cheers!! xD
6:41 Mathew bellamy!!!! that's all care about when watching these awards, MUSE!!!
Lloyd Hackett
haha, its what they do to you!
Michelle Adelman
that's so weird! a few weeks ago i had a dream about muse too! i was so HAPPY in the dram and i was going crazy and i was video tapping like crazy thinking "this has to go on youtube" andi talked to them and everything! ...then i woke up and had to go to school.
Luv MUSE n Radiohead.. But Radiohead suck when live perform...
Verônica Sampaio
Love Muse!
thanks for putting this NME! love from across the pond.
Egon Eisenberg
Muse are shit? wow that makes PERFECT sense..muse won best live act because they are shit? wow your smart
1st time hearing elbow and they are damn good, there are others i havent heard yet cause i havent seen the video in full like glasvegas and some others but elbow is quite good
Egon Eisenberg
How the fuck did oasis get best british band and not muse? I'll never no
What's the song playing in the very beginning? The electro sounding song. Damn, it sounds SO FAMILIAR.
You'll never know but the rest of the world will...they already do
You should've stuck about for a bit of Elbow
is it me or did the killers look a little miffed... yay MUSE!!
Personally I love Muse, think they're amazing original, unique the best! But i understand that other people have different taste, but you can't go around calling them rubbish, coz as far as i know Muse Tours sell out in minutes, and Muse is most often headliner at big festivals... so obviously a fare amount of people like Muse. and hopefully most people watching the nme awards consider Rn'B and rap a load of rubbish.. :)
Fer G
haha you wish you dont even know what critique means do you?
Caitriona O Donnell
haha dom couldn't stop talking and matt was so edgy, he rly wanted to speak! then his voice broke a little at the end when he finally spoke..! haha
Caitriona O Donnell
grace jones is a woman!
Lloyd Hackett
i hope im not the only one that thinks this, but KOL are pretty over rated.
Tyler Shumate
Muse deserves it. ANOTHER live band award in their pockets! ^^
i love how dom is always the first one to speak. you got to love the dude :D
the "presenter" is a comedian, yeah he does seem nervous. but fuck this shit, muse won? over radiohead, the killers and oasis? seriously? i want what they were smoking
Fer G
Was that Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand on 0:43?
Fer G
Are you retarded? If you dont like Muse go listen to the Jonas brothers
oh...poooor mark...he was sooo nervous! i still love him though. and im glad muse won. but dissapointed bloc party didnt get anything. they totally deserved best album!
your face is boring
Joe King
bands who put their own stuff out.
Anna W
Well, I think that Muse is an absolutely amazing band. You know, you have different taste, just because you don't like a band it doesn't mean it's rubbish. Show some respect.
Joe King
muse have the most ugly fans in the world and they are the most ugly band. i feel sorry for them, but i think its cool how they dont fit in at all, but they still come to these awful things. but i'll always like them for helping out cave-in. anyone who supports DIY bands deserves praise.
Joe King
muse are basically just radiohead and rush. what a load of rubbish
Leonardo Toma
you brits and all of your amazing little music festivals... jealous...
Lloyd Hackett
also, matt, i had a dream about you the other night, you didnt give me your autograph for somereason. possibly becasue i made you miss yuour flight to the north pole? hmm, too much wendsleydale before bed. cant wait for the new album and i will see you at the NEC THIS YEAR I HOPE!!!!!
Lloyd Hackett
Sweet Jane
elbow were amazing!
Louis Garbutt
Well excited about going to see Blur in Hyde Park!!