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The iconic cop duo Riggs and Murtaugh are back in the all-new FOX Series LETHAL WEAPON. Don't miss them as they work in a crime-ridden modern-day LA. Subscribe now for more Lethal Weapon clips: /> Watch more videos from Lethal Weapon: />Catch full episodes: /> See more of Lethal Weapon on our official site: />Like Lethal Weapon on Facebook: />Follow Lethal Weapon on Twitter: />Follow Lethal Weapon on Instagram: /> Like FOX on Facebook: />Follow FOX on Twitter: />Add FOX on Google+: /> LETHAL WEAPON combines action and drama with friendship and humor, as it follows DETECTIVE MURTAUGH (Damon Wayans) and his colleagues in the LAPD – CAPTAIN AVERY (Kevin Rahm), SCORSESE (Johnathan Fernandez) and DETECTIVE BAILEY (Michelle Mitchenor) – working a crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles. Entering its third season, LETHAL WEAPON introduces Seann William Scott (the “American Pie” franchise”) as DETECTIVE WESLEY COLE, a former international CIA operative who has been everywhere and seen everything. Cole will find himself navigating a new partnership with Murtaugh, as he adjusts to life in Los Angeles. The series also follows Murtaugh’s family, including his wife, TRISH (Keesha Sharp), and children, ROGER MURTAUGH, JR. (Dante Brown) and RIANA MURTAUGH (Chandler Kinney). Official Trailer | LETHAL WEAPON

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Daily Exclusive
One Of The Best Remakes Ever....The haters doubted this show now it's one of the highest rated on TV. The Wayans brothers always have a good production team, cast members, and writers.
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Ryan Turner
Funny how everyone was quick to judge this. Now look at it, fantastic show.
Rick James
Watched the first episode, surprisingly very good. It felt like watching movie as opposed to another glossed over TV series.
Before 8 months i typed a really bad comment.I deleted that comment.I started to watch the show and i was really impresed.Lethal Weapon in the modern era of 2017.Not bad at all!!!
Steef H
This series is actually really good.
Jared Mitchell
I hate when people criticize a show they haven't even seen yet!
Chris Applegate
the show is pretty good so far . people need to pull their head out of their asses and move on . ya the original movies are better, but again , this show is pretty good so far .
Shekhar Pawar
The trailer was okayish but i am hooked to the is awesome....riggs and murtaugh both are great.....great chemsitry...great acting
this show is amazing nearly every episode has made me cry. its heavy with the laughs and feels!
DON'T CARE IT GETS ALOT OF HATE. I loving the show.
Why is it when it comes to reboots people are so closed minded ? I think it has promise.
Danny Glover & Mel Gibson don't look that old in this? I guess you can do a lot with make up and CGI now... they do look slightly different so I guess it's not perfect right?
How is it that Always Sunny could make a better version of Lethal Weapon reboot/sequel on a small budget than... Oh right, it's on FOX.
This is a great show 😂 haters will hate.
Dave Shields
This will never replace Shane Black and Richard Donner's legendary creation but i still think it's worth a look, think of it this way you get to see a crazy Martin Riggs every week. Yes folks (for those who didn't know) this is a television show, personally i like the look and feel of it but there's another side of me that's saying WTF, why can't Hollywood leave legendary movie franchises alone, i am pretty conflicted but i am still going to watch it.
The Legendary One
HELL NO. Thats why this genration sucks. They have no creativity to come up with a new idea and ruin classics.
If it isnt Danny Glover or Mel Gibson, it isnt Riggs and Murtaugh, it is simple as that.
Nicole Gone
This is honestly one of my favorite shows. It really deserves more views
Nick A
just stop! this needs to stop! look at the time! u need to stop! ... go home fox u r drunk.
stuckonyou tube
The long list of cancelled Fox shows is about to have another addition.
well going to rewatch the original movies with Mel and Danny.
ManOf1005Holds ArmBar
What's next? Bad Boys TV Series
Just Seizure Aleks
I was so excited for this until I realized the actors are different. :/
Fullmetal Asian
cause the rush hour tv show was such a success right?
First off I don't watch a lot of TV shows A few friends said I should watch Breaking Bad I did best TV drama for a very long time. I was crawling with hate when I spotted yet another classic film destroyed, Lethal Weapon But I have to say who ever cast the actors, and the writer have made a really great entertaining show. Just like mini films each week one thing that makes it better than than 90% of new TV shows, is you can watch it with others. nice change . I stopped watching TV shows ten years back Because every show, is now made for the gay population. which is not my cup of tea. Lethal Weapon 9/10 well done A TV show worth watching, Fun with a gun, sexy women one other show I enjoyed was Dexter.
J Krah
Mel cant be replaced.
niki somvong
finally a show that's worth watching! best show on TV now! people who think it sucks haven't watched a single episode! just judging for no reason!
Mr T
all is lost for hollywood
SpeedTurtle Blerd Life
potential just not on Fox this is where shows go to die I agree HBO or Netflix would be a better home
I wonder who will play Leo Getz. Oh, who am I kidding? Like this show will stay on the air long enough to introduce Leo Getz.
Oladele Olawaiye
The guy playing Riggs looks like the 80's wrestler Ravishing Rick Rude!
Matthew Benedetti
WHERE THE HELL IS THE SAX???!?!?!?!????!!!!?!?!?!?!?
Julie Hipsley
TERRIBLE!! Why does it have to be called Lethal Weapon. I hate when they try to create a show from great movies. FAIL! Why can't they come up with original shows....ever!!! Christ.
Tushar Sinha
The show is dead now 👏
Jason Erasmus
looks pretty cool, well done guys. Haters gonna hate
God awful premise, and a redneck for Riggs, GTFOH!..
The regurgitation of already made entertainment, continues.......
i'm just glad it's not mel gibson anymore
Junior B
Hmm, what else can Hollywood want to ruin? Let's make a remake of the Big Lewbowski, a TV series of Boyz n the Hood, and hell, a sequel to Saving Private Ryan.
this looks awful
Wayans isnt right for this part. We needed someone who looked older
Absolutely amazing show, watched all 7 pepisodes in one day.
Hah! He's an ex-SEAL. Of course...
Maria Eduarda Herrera
They could change the names of both of then,Rigs and Murtaugh are and always will be Glover and Gibson
Adonai Perez
Best Show EVER. It's funny, has a theme, and now there is a possible conspiracy. Fox, you better not cancel this show as this is your ticket to success once again.
J Hops
Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are probably laughing at it...I love Wayan but he can't replace Glover's character and I really don't know about the other guy that plays Mel Gibson's role. He just looks awful...
I know this shows first trailer got a lot of heat but I think it is now this show is one of the best shows out there
lethal weapon 5 is better
Shows like don't work. It wasn't the concept of Lethal Weapon that made it successful but the actors, take that away and it'll fail. Same was true for Rush Hour.
I don't know who thought of this going "you know what the public wants? lethal weapon as a show" this won't last. if it does I will be shocked. but I see this running longer than that mcguyver reboot show.
Elizabeth Trouillefou
amazing show!
"Even sharks need water" !!!
hated it
The problem with this, is that they don't seem to understand what made the originals great......
Jason Bettencourt
Please. Why don't you try the Han and Chewie show next. I mean if your gonna take extremely iconic characters and try to bleed some more cash you might as well.
Jacob Scull
WOW. I thought this a fake parody at first. ITS THAT BAD. FOX needs to cancel this and not ruin LWs legacy.
Linda K.
Love the movies. Love this show. 😘😎
Ditronics DFS
I just cant take Damon Wayans serious at all. I think he is the weak part of this show. I also think that Clayne Crawford doesn't have that Martin Riggs feeling to him.. Gonna pass
Ridhwaan Mulla
One of the best shows I've seen
Neef Rage
Great show, really.
bunch of babies in the comment section
Anyone following Damon Wayans on Twitter would see that he was solely responsible for getting Clayne Crawford fired. Due to Wayans' ego and jealousy
Lethal Weapon, now available in a special castrated edition.
Kris S
Damon Wayans must be VERY hard up for cash
this is an excellent show
does anyone know what is the song when LETHAL WEAPON title shows up?
Manny In Lo-Fi
I'm a big fan of the Lethal Weapon films (even the 4th one) and I'm gonna be willing to give this a shot. However, based on what I saw in this promo, I'm not so sure I'm liking the chemistry between this new out of Riggs and Murtaugh. I'm so used to the chemistry between Glover and Gibson that it's hard to give into these new guys. Also, the Los Angeles depicted in this show seems very artificial compared to the Los Angeles in the films. But as I said, I'm willing to give it a shot. Maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't.
Treena Metallic
Love this show - awesome casting!
N Cami
GREAT TV show!!! Loved the first 2 seasons. Sadly the "bosses" messed up really bad... so NOT gonna watch Season 3 since they fired Crawford (angry face). They should have cancelled it instead! Respect to Damon Wayans but this show is nothing without Clayne Crawford (Martin Riggs)! Don't care how his on-set behavior was, his acting and his character were the best ever and without him the show is trash!!!
Abadah Iqbal
Who’s here after they kill the main character
Hounddog Qix
Ok. Like many, I was a little annoyed that Lethal Weapon was being rebooted into a TV show. So I refused to watch this... until now. I just saw the pilot and OMG!!!! 15 mins in and I'm an instant fan. Fox tends to drop shows way too quickly before it even has a chance (Firefly is the classic example). Whoever is in charge of the life of this show needs to keep this on air. The characters are a bit different from the movies but it actually works very well here.
Billy Burge
Riggs and Murtaugh are NOT back. Just a couple of dudes LARPing as them. Seriously, why do companies think this is ever a good idea? You're not 'cashing in' on an established brand. You're opening yourself up to a ton of hatred from an established fan base who are nostalgic for the original work, not a half-assed re-imagining of it. This is NOT going to inherit the fans of the original film series, it's just going to piss them off. And anyone too young to know the original movies is not going to have any idea or appreciation for what the 'Lethal Weapon' branding means. So, who is this for?
Green Hornet
This series is good keep up the good work .....for all the haters lets just say its not another csi series that should have left tv a decade ago
i wanna check it out actually. but the one thing i wish was for it to be called something else. putting too much pressure on it too early by calling it lethal weapon
Clayne crawford's BIGGEST FAN
I'm here to remember the good times WITH CLAYNE AS RIGGS!!!
looks horrible
Steef H
This TV show is actually pretty good.
Show is actually pretty good
Really not a fan of taking old movies and making crappy tv shows of those and also vice versa by taking old tv shows and making crappy movies out of those.. Come on Hollywood and tv producers, you need to stop.
Андрей Ищик
ok haters. what yuo said now?
Pat McTallica
Every physisicst must get headache watching this Series. Leaving buildings from 5th floor in 10 seconds, Riggs pulled on the streets from a vihical on his back for a while. After the stop, he stands up like a model leaving a disigner shop, crashes, fire, jumps, everything perfect against all physical rules and watch without a second to think. AND: They can do their best Job, but to exchange the great acting of Danny Glover ist just impossible. Who replaces unbeatable Rene Russo? Only Clayne Crowford is on level.
RyzenKurt Ritchie
Mel Gibson and Danny Glover! No one can replace that duO! Period!
Ememobong Nkana
I loved the movie 🎥 franchise, don't know how I feel about the series though??!! 😱 🙌 😯
Se7en Stones
I like the idea of a Lethal Weapon series, but talk about the wrong stuff. They seem to have messed with the formula too much. We'll just see how far it gets. I am not sure even Damon Wayans can pull off a good Roger Murtaugh.
martini stirred
The death of originality has come.
One year later, waiting for season 2! I can confirm that this show was indeed a tremendous success, and the way it's not blatantly trying to be exactly like the classic movies, makes it more than forgivable to love this show! 9/10
Bernardo Gonzalez
hey Fox, instead of embezzling money on this shitty show, why not resurrect Mad TV and make it better?
Dingle Barry
The movies definitely sucked, maybe they'll get the show right.
Anthony Smith
enough of this bullshit remaking movies into tv shows and remakes of great movies think of something new so uncreative
steve cheevers
The worrying thing for me is they are leaning more towards the comedic side rather then the brutal and darkness of the first two films, although they had the comedic parts here and there. I'm not a massive fan of part 3 although its not awful and Part 4 was a little silly. I'm worried for sure.
I dunno Riggs this looks pretty thin. Anorexic...
why would fox make this into a show... the movies are great!! you cant make it work on TV. ... i wouldnt even want to see this!
just done watching it. I LOVE IT!!!!, I always been a fans of the franchise since I was Little Kid, Love Lethal Weapon. REALLY LOVE THE SHOW. IT'S AWESOME!!!. You got my view Fox and Warner Bros.
The kid Ralph
I'm just worried it'll get cancelled when it gets good. Fox has a terrible history of show cancellations in cop genres. Fast lane and almost human were good ones
Armando Batista
Having grown up with the movies, this is jarring.
They've tweaked the scripting a bit since they made this. The pilot is great. Loving it so far.
Josh Langston
The guy playing Riggs is crazy in the sense that he's basically Steve Stifler with a gun.